April comes in like a lamb!   1 comment

1) Except for falling and hitting my head April has come to Fort Lauderdale but looking back over the years April hasn’t always been a good month for me–in 2016 I had to have a finger cut off!!!

2) We had a catamaran named Semper Fi visit and every Marine at Gateway had to stop by and say hello!

3) When people ask me how can I afford to eat out, go to the theatre, the movies, etc., all I have to do is show them this BUT sometimes it is just better to have a car like having to go to the doctor 10 out of 14 days but that is a whole other story!

4 & 7) Say hello to my 2 calendar dogs and, in #5) a beautiful heron stopped by to say hi!

6) Couldn’t ask for better weather the first week of April–now we have to hope April remains a lamb!

And on the 7th day of April I got my stimulus money!

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One response to “April comes in like a lamb!

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  1. You can keep the 87 degrees, anything above 75 is a heat wave to me.

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