Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Fort Lauderdale   1 comment

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If it wasn’t for the birds–and the water!–one would never know it has been a rainy day in Fort Lauderdale today.

My “Holiday Cactus” has decided the last 2 weeks of April are a holiday and started to come into full bloom this week from the mother plant to the ‘babies’–then again maybe it is getting ready to be in full bloom for Mother’s Day May 9–will have to take pictures of that day!

The calendar for the week is showing warm temperatures and chances of rain every day but they usually don’t interfere with the afternoons on the beach.

Of course, the rain doesn’t stop the bathing suit-clad boaters from passing by my window on the canal! Can’t tell if that is a dog or a monkey on the blue boat!

The only negative note was my doctor had given me a med–sulfamethoxazole–that really knocked me on my butt for 5 days. He changed it today to Minocycline which is not as powerful and though it may not work as fast, I feel, on the whole, a lot better.

Seems the infection I have–Nocardiosis–is VERY rare!–caused by plant/dirt/dust!

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One response to “Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Fort Lauderdale

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  1. 90 degrees in April? Ugh. I’d need medication as well…

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