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The Old Gateway Theatre

Over half a century ago when I lived in Miami Beach we used to come up to spend a day in the country–then known as Fort Lauderdale–and would, occasionally, go to the Gateway Theatre to see a movie. When I moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1979 it became a ‘tradition’ to go to the Friday matinee at that movie house and then in March 2020 an epidemic came and it closed. For more than a year I’ve been waiting and FINALLY got this in the news so donate to their GOFUNDMEPAGE (I did and I can’t afford to but then I can’t afford not to! Hey, you can always make a donation in my name!)

Can’t donate money–any sum accepted–then volunteer your time and get some free food and a movie–too late today? Maybe they will do it again! HELP MAKE “NORMAL” NORMAL AGAIN!

THE PLAN There is much to do! Here are our Renovation Priorities:

RESTROOMS Well they’re better than a bus station’s facilities, but not by much. We want to improve the appearance. Add some nuance to the Ladies Powder Room, move the sinks to create more space, burn the orange stalls, add a stall or two to the Ladies’, and generally revamp the Men’s

BAR/CONCESSION Presently it is just a concession that George Jetson would like. We want to get rid of the whole Mothership, and replace it with an actual bar with bar stools on one side and the other side Movie Concession. We will feature good wines and upscale spirits. And possibly add some small plate offerings to entice you to stay for a double feature. LOBBY Needs good cleaning, recarpeting, new ceiling (something celestial!),

LED flat screens. FIX MARQUEE & FIRE UP TOWER The beautiful marquee is still beautiful – we don’t want to change it, but much of the neon was destroyed when the building was tented a year or so ago. We want to re-do the neon in LED to achieve the same effect but cheaper to install, operate, maintain & power. And brighter. The Tower has not been used for decade, we want to restore it, re-wire it, paint it, add LED plus a searchlight atop.

EXTERIOR ENTRANCEWAY Love this area. We envision Red Carpets and paparazzi! But we could redo the sidewalk itself. In Cannes, surrounding The Palais, they cast hand prints & signatures of the stars that have attended. And it looks really cool! FOYERS of HOUSES 1 & 2 These could be enhanced also to make as separate areas. Perhaps a couple Tall Cafe tables, new carpeting and ceiling.

CENTER HALLWAY Maybe its just me, but this always reminds me of going into Star Wars HyperSpace. Not sure what we’ll do here, but throughout the entire cinema… We will maintain the existing curved walls and amplify the tie-ie with the beach.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: All the Interior Design will be created by Daroff Design. They are finalizing a LOA for us and we look forward to finalizing next week, I’m asking you to JOIN US and your friends & neighbors in this campaign to Restore & Reopen The Gateway! R

RESTORE & REOPEN GATEWAY CINEMA HE’S BAAAAACK! George Kaspriske, newest FLIFF employee is also The Gateway’s longest serving manager, beginning in 2000 (which ironically was the year FLIFF was hosted at Gateway – and The Galleria).. With so many people wanting Gateway to resume as it was, we didn’t want to blow it and put the wrong person in the job. George knows everything about the building. Not only all the important stuff like how to turn on the lights, but also, and most importantly, we looked up the definition of the Polish word Kaspriske, and were delighted to learn it is a one word response meaning The Very Best Popcorn. Done! He’s back!

GoFundMe Page to RESTORE & REOPEN GATEWAY CINEMA Here is the link to our Official Page. Any and all donations are appreciated! RESTORE & REOPEN GATEWAY CINEMA And to those who have not contributed, Join Us:


This Saturday, May 8, 10am – 8pm, FLIFF will host a Volunteer Clean-Up Day at The Gateway Cinema. At 8pm, volunteers that pitched in at least 90 minutes of help, will be treated to a Free Movie plus Pizza and Soft Drinks. Come grubby and help us get The Gateway reopened! If you have questions email Please sign the Volunteer Log when you arrive at The Gateway. We will have pizzas and sodas about 1pm – some kind of dinner at 7pm, and we think 3 different movies for you to choose from at 8pm. If you work 3 hours or more, you’ll get a FREE T-Shirt too! If you can. please

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