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It was another beautiful week in Fort Lauderdale. We have had some rain–most fell over Miami–but it came at ‘convenient’ times here!

We had the air show this weekend which, after a year, brought the chairs out to The Point along with the various boats there and up the canal. I was able to watch most of it from my window and I certainly HEARD all of it!! And as always whenever I look out my window there is some floating vessel going by! Also, never surprising, a bird to two though this one didn’t look familiar to me.

With the chairs out at The Point we are sort of hoping they will be reopening the pool again soon as the weather has been perfect for swimming and sun-tanning.

Little by little things are returning to normal or a new version of that which remains to be seen.

Movie theatres are opening again and we are hoping the touring Broadway shows will once again be stopping in South Florida.Life is good–even if I have to go to the cardiologist today to arrange to go to the hospital for the procedure to fix my outdated aorta valve!

Posted May 10, 2021 by greatmartin in FLORIDA, FORT LAUDERDALE

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