Another week in Fort Laudersundale!   1 comment

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Bette Davis (#1–and yes that is her name!), our weather forecaster, was right as usual saying we would have a breezy, low humidity, mostly sunny days all week and it has been just like that with temps in the high 80s but that breeze making it feel a lot cooler!

Sadly Fort Lauderdale is on a building craze–more then 80,000 apartments/condos are ready and the building is just starting!! The Yankees are invading us! Every building is trying to take the title of ‘tallest building’.

With more building, more people moving in and more traffic leaving Gateway is becoming less of an option when I can sit at The Point and still feel the city is ‘out there’ not where I am!

Of course walking into my apartment and being greeted by the Cuban plant blossoming keeps the good feeling going!

Medical problems or not it is great to be alive and living here!

Posted May 19, 2021 by greatmartin in FLORIDA, FORT LAUDERDALE

One response to “Another week in Fort Laudersundale!

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  1. It’s funny, you say the Yanks are invading… and yet all summer we see floods of Florida plates. Best of both worlds I suppose.

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