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the Royal Poinciana and Queen Crepe Myrtle trees which last for a couple of weeks before the blossoms fall, get everywhere and turn the streets whatever color they are. The Poincianas are mostly orange but every once in awhile you will spot a different color from off orange to a deep purple. They are in the park, in front of houses, lining streets and every block your car drives down!

The Queen Crepe Myrtle trees, the 4 bottom pictures, are the very few blossoming plants of any kind we have on the Gateway driveway and whereas we used to have about 20 of them we now only have 7-8 and a few have been so butchered by the tree maintenance crew cutting them back for hurricane season I am sure they are doomed to be pulled out! To my knowledge I have never seen them anywhere else. They always remind me of Lilac trees but they have no aroma! Both trees love the heat and humidity of Florida and while the Myrtle blooms will last for months the Poinciana, as mentioned above usually has only a two-week span but both have leaves all year long.

When they blossom no matter what the calendar says it is summer!

Posted May 30, 2021 by greatmartin in MOTHER NATURE

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  1. Beautiful!

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