Empire Pizza Cafe plus comparisons   Leave a comment

Coming out of CVS and it being lunchtime plus I like trying new places we decided to give this place a try being it was right next door.

Entering the ‘restaurant’ the feel, look and layout were negative and the lack of response from 3 people behind the counter was nil!$32 for a pizza with 3 toppings (and 2 sodas) served in a box with paper plates, plastic forks and only interaction with ‘staff’ is giving order and picking it up. Only 3 size pizza choices: individual or large with the former too small and the latter too big for just 2 people for lunch or by the slice and the slices in the showcase were very unappetizing!

Comparison, for example, with Big Louie’s where we paid $21.55 for a medium-sized pizza, 4 slices each, including 5 toppings, plus 2 sodas and full service including dishes, real utensils and glasses plus a $5 tip!

Sorry but nothing positive to say about the Empire Pizza Cafe!

Another comparison–the next day we went to the Quarterdeck–Allen had the Jambalaya ($17) and I the All American Burger ($14) with complete service and with tip & tax check came to $40.Service, ambiance, food at both Big Louie’s & The Quarterdeck well worth the money PLUS I got a free dinner plate size freezbee at The Quarterdeck—hey it was the 4th of July weekend!!

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