Summer/rainy season in Fort Lauderdale 2021   1 comment

We are having a HOT day here–‘feel like’ over 100 degrees–but that is expected in Fort Lauderdale in the summertime—only problem is the older I get the less I can handle the heat!! And you can’t jump in the ocean because the water is warmer than the air temperatures and the sand burns your feet but I LOVE living here!!This afternoon:  


2:25 PM90°F RealFeel® 102°Real Feel Shade™ 98°

The ‘rainy’ season is from May to September while the ‘hurricane’ season is from June to November so we have a double whammy from June to September. You’ll often hear ‘Well the rain will cool it off,” but that’s not true as it raises the humidity.

Mother Nature keeps in mind that we have many tourists here so it usually ONLY rains in the morning OR evening so they can go out and spend money!

I, usually, get up at 10 AM and by that time if it has rained everything is dry except for the water around the trees and in the driveway outside our building door! Another good sign that it has rained are the birds out on the fence looking for their meal whether it be fish from the canal or worms from the land.

By the way rain or not, morning or night you can always spot a few canoes in the water.

We have been pretty lucky in Fort Lauderdale as we have only had 2 hurricanes that have caused damage in the past 16 years and we can do without another one for the next 16 years!!  It seems Miami and north Florida get more hits than we do.

Time for a walk down to The Point.

Posted July 31, 2021 by greatmartin in FORT LAUDERDALE, WEATHER

One response to “Summer/rainy season in Fort Lauderdale 2021

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  1. Ugh, you can have it. This weekend has been perfect in Maine. Dry, sunny and 75 degrees.

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