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1) “Knock Down The House”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 26 minutes–from her first appearance on the political scene I thought of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as just another loud New Yawker  particularly the way she is misrepresented by the media and by other politicians, including those in her own party, but after seeing this and listening to what she has to say then and recently I am very impressed–A MUST SEE FOR DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS

2) “Cousins”–Netflix–New Zealand movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–set among the indigenous Maori in New Zealand concentrating on 2 cousins and how each is affected by a third who has been lost and is homeless–AN EMOTIONAL STORY THAT IS A MUST SEE

3) “Hampstead”–Amazon Prime–British film–1 hour & 43 minutes–over 50 years Diane Keaton has been playing this role (& wearing these clothes) and could do it in her sleep but she doesn’t–she makes you believe in ‘Emily Walters’ and Brenden Gleeson is one of her better acting partner in years–his Donald is based on a real man–one you would want as a friend–A FUN, PLEASANT MOVIE WITH ACTORS YOU WILL GET INVOLVED WITH

4) “Heist”–Netflix–6 part documentary–3 heists (each 2 episodes)–total of 4 hours & 17 minutes–some with people who were involved, with one who evaded capture for 12 years, while many scenes are reenacted–WELL DONE & CERTAINLY INTERESTING

5) “The Last Letter From Your Lover”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 50 minutes–if you are a sucker for an old fashion love story (I am)–you will love this film (I did)–the major, to me, love story is the one that takes place in London’s 1960s while the one that takes place in present day London, while ‘cute’ doesn’t come close to the former in being moving and why did they have another actress play Shailene Woodley as the older woman?–IF YOU ARE A SUCKER FOR AN OLD FASHION LOVE STORY (I AM) YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM (I DID)

6) “Gunpowder Milkshake”–Netflix–1 hour & 54 minutes–a female mob assassination action picture–DOESN’T MEAN TO BE A COMEDY BUT IS VERY FUNNY IN A STUPID WAY–DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

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