A week in Fort Lauderdale September 2021   1 comment

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I don’t know how/if this will work but I am giving it a try. It is a video made up of photos I took this week from the day it rained so hard for 5 minutes I couldn’t see outside my window!

Five minutes later the sun came out and 10 minutes later it looked nothing happen! The weather for the week is typical for September–over 90 every day–rain, usually in early afternoon or at night.

Not having pets I have to depend on my calendar dogs–different pets every month.

Ate out at JMark’s where I had mussels in a not too good sauce and today at THE TOP HAT where I had a combo corned beef and pastrami sandwich.

No movie today as I was held up at the dentist!

Rain, heat, snow or what have you all I have to do is wait a few minutes and there will people going up or down in the canal.

Oh yes, between looking at the canoers and the rain I will, surprisingly see an orchid come back after being gone for a year—year after year after year!

Last, but not least, the latest grandson of Gateway–the kid will not smile unless I take the camera away and then he shines!!

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  1. I couldn’t see a video and the links just took me to a log in screen.

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