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There are many things I love about Mother Nature including the changes of seasons and we have now, subtly, gone from Summer to Autumn. How do I know? Easy, as the high temperatures are no longer in the 90s–only the high 80s! Also, the humidity has dropped to lower than 60%! Go ahead and laugh but WE know the difference!!

Regarding the first picture, top left; I have a planter at the end of my desk and in it are odds and ends which I throw in there and yesterday I noticed a green pepper dead center and I don’t even remember throwing seeds in there!!Then there are the birds!! You can see the 3 different pictures and they were all taken after a rainfall as that is the only time we see the birds. The first 2 on top are the grounds behind my building and the one on the bottom is in front of building C. I don’t know where they go when it doesn’t rain for many days/weeks/months but we only see them AFTER a rain!

On the other hand there are canoes going up and down the canal every day/week of the year!There are 5 Holiday cactus pictures of which the two on the second row on the right and the second on the left on the bottom row are the ‘mother’ plant already blooming while the ‘pups’—which I planted by breaking off a piece of the mother plant–are starting to get buds and will probably bloom next week, just in time to welcome October!

Last, but certainly not least, is the mysterious orchid in the tree outside my window. We have no idea who originally planted it or when but every year, like clockwork, it blooms. There is a white one and a purple one and in a week or two they will be huge and all in bloom!

Life is never boring with Mother Nature outside my window!! (And plants inside!)

Posted September 28, 2021 by greatmartin in MOTHER NATURE

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  1. Change of seasons… in Florida? You’re funny!

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