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We have had perfect weather in Fort Lauderdale this week from cool–50s and 60s overnight with high 70s and low 80s during the day–daytime provides a bird overlooking The Point as if he owns it and the sunsets every night are really breathtaking and leave an orange glow over the city as it gets dark.In the center of the collage you will see the Rainbow Bridge which is a symbol of Wilton Manors–next time I will get closer and get a better picture but meanwhile these two web sights will show you pictures and tell you more about the area:

You may have noticed the the 4 food pictures—hey, I’ve been sick and I need substance to get strong! (Mmm–that’s a new excuse for getting fatter!

Cabo Blanco is one of my favorite restaurants and they have a shrimp dish over linguini that I could eat 7 days a week! Talking about shrimp and linguini we went to Divalle’s and after looking over their menu I asked the server if their chef could make me a shrimp scampi as I was really looking for a good one and had been disappointed in the last 3 restaurant’s versions. This chef made a great one!
Yesterday we went to J Mark’s and I wanted something different than steak which I usually have there and I ordered a New Orleans seafood dish thinking it would be along a jambalaya–WRONG! Besides it wasn’t good–back to steak next time I go there! Last, but not least, we discovered a little gem of a place called Ferdo’s specializing in kabobs which we have been going to often for lunch and last week I had the steak kabob which was very good.

Good food, good weather, coconuts on palm trees and lets not forget my 2 December dogs plus rainbow bridges–who wouldn’t want to live here?!?!? Oh yes, my holiday cactus is getting ready for Christmas!

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