ER horrors start at home!!!   1 comment

Wish I could have video taped the day I came home from the hospital walked into my apartment, saw all the IV bags stored in my refrigerators along with all the accessories needed including the IV pole—only one thing missing AND THAT WAS THE NURSE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO HOOK ME UP TO GET THE NECESSARY ANTI-BACTERIA TO FIGHT THE INFECTED BLOOD!!
I was told it was necessary that I get the IV every 24 hours without fail (though I was never told what would happen if I missed a period.) Who goofed up? The Cardiologist who was supposed to get it set up? The social worker? The Head nurse? The insurance company? At this point it didn’t matter as I had no idea what to do after I called everywhere to find out that those who could help me were away for the rest of the New Year’s week.
The only decision I could come back to since I couldn’t find a doctor to admit me to the hospital was to go to the ER!Oh what a mistake that was though I still don’t know what I could have done instead! For 5 days I spent between 8-10 hours in the ER room seeing people being taken care who had come in way after me not matter what time I arrived.
Logically I could see the degree of emergency would enter the picture upon who was taken first but after 5, 6, 7 hours sitting, reading, listening to people literally groaning out loud, seeing people coming and going knowing your treatment would only needed 30 minutes things started to build. Add all the ‘discharge’ papers you gave to go through, the waiting for wrongs that never came, getting home around 11 PM and Midnight only to have to immediately go to sleep and once again arrange a ride back to the ER.

I had to go to my HMO insurance transportation to get a ‘early trip’ ride and sometimes they didn’t have a ride for me or even arranged one but no driver showed up and as had already mentioned there was always the Uber $46 one way ride.
I won’t get into the amenities, or should I say the lack of them in an ER, but one doesn’t except luxuries though it would be nice to have a little comfort, not  very hard chairs, better, quicker attention paid to patients!  It was the unbearable wait, the not knowing how long before YOU will be taken care of, paid attention to, some recognition.
No, I wasn’t in pain but after 6-7 hours waiting I was ready to walk out and that was only the first day!!
I will say the doctor on duty and 2 of the nurses got to know/recognize me and the last day they took me in almost immediately, gave me the 30 minute IV and even dispensed with the multi-page discharge papers that I already had 5 copies!

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  1. What an utter nightmare.

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