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The Good—Part 1–February 2022   Leave a comment

The ‘Christmas Cactus’ wasn’t aware that I don’t have a birthday this year bloomed anyway–the pictures of the Mother plant and the two ‘babies’ were taken February 27th and 28th. They never fail to acknowledge me no matter if February has 28 or 29 days!Though we had a few days where we hit the 50s overnight in January and, at the beginning of February, we had one or two nights that the temperatures went below the 60s (and I moaned and groaned about them though I knew it would warm up a two or day later) I was surprised that we have had at least 14 days reached 80 degrees or above and March will start with a high of 83 degrees, with low humidity! When we had rain the past two weeks it was a light rain or happened late at night or early morning with the days being warm and sunny!
I am curious to see what the Spring and Summer will bring to South Florida weather wise except for all those people running away from the bad winters they had to clog our beaches, streets, restaurants, etc. but, to end this part—the good part–I will admit they do bring a lot of money so I’ll smile and welcome them (you)!
Part 2–the bad–I needed at least 24 hours to believe it really happened!–tomorrow

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Streaming Reviews February 27, 2022   Leave a comment

1) “Anxious People”–Netflix–Scandinavian crime series–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 51 minutes–a comedy thriller that is not funny or thrilling–the solution to the crime is interesting but way too late–I suffered through all 6 episodes so you wouldn’t!

2) “Bird Box”–Netflix–movie–2 hours & 2 minutes–watch the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes and you have seen the movie–I love Sandra Bullock but……use the 92 minutes between the beginning and end to do something with your life
3) “A Madea Homecoming”–Netflix–11th(?) Madea movie–1 hour & 47 minutes–I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry as an actor, director, writer, producer, etc., but, sorry, I can’t stand his Madea character and movies–I did laugh—once–near the end at the sheep ‘joke’ and, yes, dropped a few tears , also near the end, in the graduation speech where he got his message across–if you have to, watch the last 20-30 minutes–I gave Madea another chance but never again

4) “Harlem”–Amazon Prime–series–season 1–10 episodes–5 hours 45 minutes–about 4 girlfriends making it in the Big Apple–they live, laugh, love, have sex, fun and are interesting–of course, the 4 are completely different so why they are friends are not really explained–it is fun and interesting to watch and I will probably tune into season 2 without feeling I am wasting my time (See 3 movies above!)

5) “The Edge of Seventeen”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 44 minutes–I was/never will be a 17 year old girl so I can’t identify with Hailee Steinfeld–for that matter I wasn’t a typical high school teenager as I was too busy living my other life but this gives me a good idea how ‘the other half’ lives/lived–a better than average teen story with Steinfeld a good lead–enjoy!

6) “Munich: The Edge of War”–Netflix–movie–2 hours & 10 minutes–a very timely movie–it is also a very politically and talky film about Hitler & Chamberlain a year before they would be at war making an agreement not to go to war–the love story/personal stories could have been eliminated for a much better film–a historical drama very timely with good acting and, considering what happened, an ironic true story, definitely worth seeing

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She was ‘bad’ but I didn’t send it back!!! LOL   Leave a comment

As most people know I ONLY celebrate my birthday ON February 29, not the in-between years which is why/how I will be ONLY 22 years old on Thursday, February 29, 2024!!A couple of years ago a group of us decided to stop sending Christmas, Birthday, etc., gifts because postage was going higher and higher and all was well. Oh, once in awhile, we would see something and just send it–no occasion necessary–and an unexpected surprise is always fun.Well, lucky me–one of the ‘group’ was ‘bad’ and I received an ‘unbirthday’ gift yesterday–and it happened just a day or two AFTER my appetite returned!It was a large basket of ‘treats’ from chocolate to cheese to crackers, cookies, ‘mix’ and even olives!! All in an attractive basket. (I had a brief thought of what it must have cost in shipping but I quickly forgot that and started unwrapping–and yes, tasting, all the treats!)All I can say is save the date–an invite (and my tacky ‘suggested’ gift list)–to help me celebrate my 22nd birthday–in case you forget it is Thursday, February 29, 2024–don’t worry–I’ll only remind you at least 2,024 more times!!

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Streaming movies, series and a new Streaming service reviews   1 comment

1) “A Hero”–Amazon Prime–Iranian film–2 hours & 7 minutes–Oscar nominated for best picture 2021 tells the story of Rahim, who is in prison for failing to repay a loan he had taken. After getting a leave from prison, Rahim tries to execute an audacious plan to repay his creditor but faces a moral dilemma in the process–lies are an important part of this film and they come constantly–social media is the ‘star’ of this movie

2) “Dark Desire”–Netflix–Mexican/Spanish thriller series–season 2–10 episodes–5 hours & 8 minutes–sex, sex and, oh yes, sex, soft porn–your choice

3) “The Kindness of Strangers”–Netflix–American film–1 hour & 55 minutes–Clara, wife of an abusive policeman, mother of 2 boys, takes the kids and runs away to Manhattan–without even a nod to Tennessee Williams and certainly nothing to do with “A Streetcar Named Desire”–a different kind of film with many different people to hold your interest,except Clara and the boys, all the characters are ‘characters’ but we only get to know the flimsy surface roles they are playing as if written before the main story was

4) “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”–Amazon Prime–series–season 4–each Friday, through March, 2 more episodes will be shown–if you liked the first 3 seasons you will like the 4th–sort of defeats the idea of streaming versus cable or broadcast viewing

5) A new streaming service REVRY for the LGBTQRSTUVW (just add your own letters) mainly for the Gay & Lesbian community–I, basically, watched 2 examples of their ‘product’ 6) “Steam” the musical–a 19 minute film(?) about a conductor falling for a train robber and 7) “Hot To Trot”–documentary–1 hour & 28 minutes–about the Gay ballroom dance contest scene–I cancelled my 1 week trial and would suggest subscribing either to Netflix, Amazon Prime or HereTV if interested in watching Gay (or LBTQRSTUVW, etc.) content

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A week in Fort Lauderdale 2022   Leave a comment

3) It is now official–I have received my first 2024 calendar from the VA and there it is–THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024, WHEN I WILL BE 22 YEARS OLD–time to get prepared which means looking for a restaurant to hold the dinner!

 Eating out–one of the joys of my life is eating out and these are 4 places we ate out–3 were winners!2) Jalisco Mexican restaurant–has become a regular stop every month–they claim their Fajitas are ‘world famous’–all I know is I like their food and I have tried about 5 different dishes from their Shrimp Fajitas to their Mexican combo platter!

4) Heart Rock Sushi & Thai restaurant–average restaurant but when I am in the mood for Pad Thai this is where I go–this is their “Special Pad Thai”–with pork, chicken, beef and shrimp–the noodles are great while the protein isn’t5) Quarterdeck Restaurant–one of my favorite restaurants–they make the best Jambalaya but, once in awhile I will try something else and this time it was their Shrimp Fajitas (hey, I was on a Shrimp Fajita ‘kick’) and it was good!

6) Jack’s Hamburger Restaurant–I love a good cheeseburger–medium rare–cheddar cheese–slice of onion–I hadn’t been here in a few years and as soon as I got the cheeseburger I knew why–just as bad as back then starting with a well done burger—UGH!

7) It’s fun watching my pepper plant–I never know when a pepper will appear and then I don’t know if it will be a green or red pepper–this time it was red!

8) Last but not least–for 55 years ever since I joined Weight Watchers I have said I will eat anything but Oyster plant–it was one of the ‘free’ vegetables–you could eat as much of it as you want–I lost 100+ pounds eating loads of  the free vegetables BUT after one taste I have repeatedly said I would NEVER eat oyster plant again and I haven’t–I don’t remember what it tasted like or if it even had taste but I don’t want to!

Inline image

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One Movie Theatre and 2 Streaming Reviews!   Leave a comment

1) “The Worst Person In The World”–Gateway Theatre–Nowegian movie filmed in Oslo–2 hours & 1 minute–as tempted as I am to call this movie the worst film in the world I honestly can’t just as I wouldn’t call the lead Renate Reinsve the worst actress in the world because if it wasn’t for her there wouldn’t be a film and she is playing opposite two strong males, Anders Danielsen and Herbert Nordrum–is the worst person in the world a 30 year old who doesn’t know who she is, what she wants or has  affairs the two aforementioned actors? I don’t think so–the film is told in 12 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue–don’t look for a ‘happily ever after’ Hollywood ending–just look for the chapters to go by but don’t applaud when it gets to 10 or 11–two women in the audience called it tedious while one guy called it boring–I think all 3 were being kind!

2) “My Bride”–Netflix–a Egyptian film in Arabic–1 hour & 33 minutes–the first half is a typical old fashioned Hollywood romantic comedy than all of a sudden turns into heavy drama including spousal abuse–it is a look at arranged versus ‘accidental’ meeting marriages–an old time rom/com/drama done in a fairly short film with bad subtitles–do something else for an hour and 33 minutes!

3) “The Stolen”–Netflix–a New Zealand Film–1 hour & 38 minutes–it is a western, a thriller, a road film, with twists here and there–it is beautifully filmed but that is a fair representation of New Zealand–sadly the stories try to cover too much and with the novelty of it being a female western the villains are men and the women are called ‘whores’–shocking? NO!–if more time had been spent on the women’s stories and the female western angle it would have at least been interesting!Sorry folks but I don’t recommend any of them though getting out to see a movie in a theatre is still fun for me!!

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Streaming Reviews February 17 2022   Leave a comment

1) “Inventing Anna”–Netflix–limited series–9 episodes–10 hours & 3 minutes–I am a fan of Shonda Rhimes series but there is a very big misstep here and that is she takes 9 episodes to tell what could have been a very interesting, somewhat true, story by wasting a lot of time on a secondary story–that of the pregnant reporter–of the many relationships Anna Delvey, a scammer who ‘took’ many wealthy, smart people the one with the reporter was the most uninteresting–she should have spent more time on the 3 women who thought she was their friend–we never do get to know who Anna is!

2) “Holding The Man”–Netflix–Australian movie–2 hours & 5 minutes–Second time I’ve watched this–about a male couple who meet, fall in love, are together 20 years–taking place at a specific time–a true story written by one of the men who died a year after his book was published–a good feeling tear-jerker that will move you

3) “Loev”–Netflix–film from India–1 hour & 32 minutes–another film I have seen a second time–2 childhood friends who have taken different paths reunite–they are in love with each other but love can be shown and mean in many ways–sometimes in violence that the violator knows is wrong–this movie still leaves me very puzzled at the end

4) “My Best Friend”–Amazon Prime–Film from Argentina–1 hour & 30 minutes–2 teenagers discover themselves as they become friends–nothing new here but still very moving

5) “Just Friends”–Amazon Prime–Dutch film–1 hour & 24 minutes– a sweet story about falling in love–a romantic gay movie–mothers know best and in this case their mothers and one grandmother know that they belong together–“You don’t control love–love controls you”

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I did NOT eat it ALL at ONE meal! :O)   1 comment

When I was in Winn-Dixie I saw a 3 pound Angus beef roast on sale for $7 which is really a great price these days. Sure, it had a ‘use by’ date ending the next day but with nothing planned I decided to get it and cook it in my crock pot (1), timing it so it would be medium rare–I was off about an hour (3) but it was very tender.

On another plate (4) I empty, drained and washed  cans of low sodium corn and button mushrooms. I added a bunch of grape tomatoes, heated a bag of frozen ‘rice’ cauliflower to the plate and after mixing it all up I sprinkled some sharp cheddar cheese over the top cooked it in the microwave for about 4 minutes.The only thing I was missing was a salad but since November, for whatever reason I don’t know, I had stopped eating lettuce of any kind.

Instead of putting it all on one platter I decided to serve the roast on one plate and the mixed veggies on another serving myself on another plate.  It really was delicious and I was glad I was getting my appetite and taste buds back.

Surprise! Surprise! I decided to eat half one day and save the half for the next–so I was discovering the world of leftovers! (Roast does NOT taste as good the next day—but I ate it all anyway!) LOL

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Streaming Reviews February 11, 2022   Leave a comment

Another Friday and no movie in a theatre I really want to see—except maybe the new “West Side Story” for the third time! I can see where streaming can spoil it for movie going people!

) “Sweet Magnolias”–Netflix–Season 2–10 episodes–8 hours & 24 minutes–picks up where season 1 ended as we follow 3 women in the south who have been friends since childhood and are there for each other whether involving drama, families, love affairs, divorce, humor, working, etc.,–yes, it is ‘cheesy’ but you will love it and/or follow it to the end.

2) “Reacher”–Amazon–Series–Season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 32 minutes–starts off very, interesting especially with Alan Ritchson as Reacher, but after an hour it goes into familiar territory, as we leave getting to know Reacher better and instead goes into the old chases, shoot-outs, nothing you haven’t seen before many times–there is the diversion of his interaction with police officer Roscoe Conklin who will become his ally but is her own woman and won’t take guff from anyone whether a criminal or Reacher–their give and take add sparkle to the series.

3) “My Father’s Violin”–Netflix–Turkish film–1 hour & 52 minutes–a tearjerker–an uncle ‘inherits’ a niece he didn’t even know he had–some excellent music–many ‘cute’ scenes–you’ve seen this story in many a Hollywood movieand the Turkish have learned well–moving but a little too cold to really hit the heart.

4) “Murderville”–Netflix–season 1–6 episodes–3 hours & 17 minutes–UNBELIEVABLE! Even more unbelievable is that actors would get involved with this, even if they needed the money to pay their rent–how this ever got approved to be shown to the public boggles the mind–it must be seen to see how bad, how desperate(?) streaming companies are to fill time!

5) “Tinder Swindler”–Netflix–1 hour & 54 minutes–documentary–One never thinks they can be so stupid as to be swindled out of thousands of dollars, in one case a half of a million dollars, but this shows they are–if not stupid than lonely and willing to do anything for ‘love’–the 3 women who were swindled by this guy still believe they can find ‘love’ as they dream it to be are realthough you will shake your head through this whole documentary it will keep you watching.

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Food and me NOW!   1 comment

Anyone who knows me knows I have always loved food! There is no such things as ‘bad’ pizza even if frozen and I can easily be bribed with carrot cake. In fact in all my years I have only found one food that I wouldn’t eat again which is oyster plant! (I had to try it on Weight Watchers–what I didn’t do to lose weight!)

Strangely, this mysterious illness I have has had a weird affect on my appetite. It was either that or the food in restaurants isn’t tasting as good as it did before I got sick or COVID has invaded what we eat! I do know I have been having ‘sticker’ shock with menu prices! Emir and I went to the 15th Street Fisheries last Sunday–it was the first time I had been there in about 3-4 years and the prices were almost doubled while the portions looked like half the size! Even–and I say this for the first time in 30 years–when Allen and I went to The Cheesecake Factory the food was disappointing not to mention a ‘lunch’ portion costing $21! (Without cheesecake!)

The only restaurant we went to where I wasn’t disappointed (and we had a 2-4-1 coupon so the price was right!) was the Tequila Sunrise Mexican restaurant which I have been going to over 25 years. Their Seafood Medley (see picture) was tasty, varied, large and a reasonable price! 

I have less than 2 years to find a restaurant for my 22nd Leap Year birthday on Thursday, February 29, 2024, but I will continue to look for that special place (though of the last 4 birthdays 3 of the restaurants went out of business so I might not be that welcome by an owner!)

Oh yes, the box of English biscuits that Emir gave me—belated Christmas present–were delicious so my taste buds are still working!

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