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  1. We have a salon on the premises and Nora, who owns it, comes and opens it 3-4 days depending on appointments. I stopped by and she said she had an opening at 12:45 so I took it!She is good and will even trims my beard without my asking–all for $15 and, of course, tip! I get a crew cut 3 times a year :O)

2) The Saturday Evening Post was first published in 1897 and I remember it being a staple in homes and on every newsstand—are there still newsstands?–in the 1940s and 1950s. It sort of faded out just as Life magazines among others did recently and I don’t recall seeing one for many years though every once in awhile the paintings they published by Norman Rockwell were either on the Internet or a reminiscing of a certain time/period in newspapers (which are now disappearing in print) and other magazines.In December, with tons of other ads, I received a mailing from the Saturday Evening Post regarding a year’s subscription for $10 and I couldn’t resist! Hey, they also included a 2022 calendar with 14 reproductions of Rockwell’s paintings of which many are classics today.I received my first issue and immediately was taken with an article:
that discussed what was wrong with hospitals today (a lot!) including doctors and huge pharmaceutical companies (major problems) that was worth more than the $10 I paid for a year’s worth of articles.There were, also, many very readable and worthwhile articles about other subjects not to forget the illustrations all through the magazine.

One of the many smart things I have done this year—so far!

PS   I am tempted to go back to the antibiotic I was taking in January, February and some of March! I was eating whatever I want (which is a lot!) and losing weight but I was having  a lot of side effects, including scheduling the 2 pills, so I had the meds changed to one, that so far I am having only ONE side effect: my weight is going up as fast as I eat!!! ARGH!

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