2 Songs I never heard sung by men before!   Leave a comment

Every once in awhile I have to remind people I am still here! ) (Or I have too much time on my hands!!

And to add to that: https://youtu.be/362zHV05GSA

First time I ever heard it sung by a man and he is as powerful as Jennifer Hudson (in the movie) and Jennifer Holiday (on Broadway)

If the shoe fits wear it!!! Me sarcastic???

Pisces horoscope


You could find yourself in a socially awkward position today. Any unkind or critical remarks that you have made lately could come back to haunt you. Your sarcastic wit can be very amusing, but sometimes you need to watch how you express those sharp Pisces edges. You might need to make peace today and express some sympathy and apologies towards someone. Don’t be afraid to act a little humble!

Posted June 21, 2022 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, LIFE, MUSIC

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