1A) “VITO”–Prime–documentary–1 hour & 33 minutes–Vito Russo was known for his book “the Celluloid Closet” but is one of the most important people as an activist in the fight for Gay Rights–this is a powerful and must see film who should be known by every Gay person, especially Gay Republicans to see how they helped destroy a whole generation of their friends and are doing it again today–yesterday by not fighting their leaders regarding AIDS and today regarding the laws they want to pass and, once again, take our Rights away–1B) I am very proud of this donation I made to make a film of “The Celluloid Closet”–“VITO” is a MUST SEE film who shows what Gay Pride is and can be done joining with others

2) “Gay U.S.A.”–Prime–restored documentary–1 hour & 18 minutes–shot on one day by 25 different camera crews of nation wide Gay Pride parades when the future looked hopeful–a lot of people, interviews, answers to “Are you Gay?”–people in all sorts of dress and undress–a wide look at who a ‘Gay person’ is and there is no one answer–this is a must see by all Gay people, especially now, when our future is in doubt again and we will have to fight to retain those Rights we won and continue to fight for other Rights

3) “Queen”–Netflix–Polish series–4 episodes–3 hours & 19 minutes–Silvestre is a star drag queen in Paris who is also a famous suit and costume designer–he left the small Polish mining town he was born in without seeing the daughter he had and now has heard from her daughter, his granddaughter, asking him to return to donate his kidney to her mother–the first meeting between him and his granddaughter goes fine but his daughter wants nothing to do with him including getting the kidney that can save her life–sounds ‘heavy’ and it is in parts but it also funny, campy and you’ll drop a tear or 2 but you know how it will end before the end comes–it is fast moving, entertaining, casual and there to watch whenever you want–I watched all in one evening and hope there is a second season

4) “City Of Queens”–Peacock–documentary filmed in London–1 hour & 22 minutes–can you define the difference between a cross dresser, a drag queen, a trans and/or a gay person? Back in the 1960s I had an ‘affair’ with a person I thought may be a drag queen or cross dresser but now, decades later, I realize he was transgender (that’s a whole other post)–sadly he committed suicide 3 years later as he just couldn’t deal with it or did he have anyone to talk to in the 1960s–a lot can be learned by watching this–if nothing else how strong these people can be not only doing what they are doing but surviving how badly they are treated, what they have to put up with–you may or not laugh, cry with/for them but you will feel the love in  community that shares many hardships within and outside of queer spaces–more important it is their way of life and they give hope to a new generation following in their footsteps

5) “Closet Monster”–Netflix–Canadian film–1 hour & 29 minutes–we meet Oscar when his parents are breaking up and he is 7 years old–next we see him as an 18 year old virgin–he had witnessed a gay bashing and it has stayed in his mind ever since–he has a girl friend, not a girlfriend–he meets a /’wild’ guy his age at a Home Depot like job and ‘something ‘ happens which is left to your imagination–he wants to go to makeup school hoping to go into the movies working on ‘monsters’–there is a horror scene that may make you lose sleep–I didn’t quite understand how he ended up where he did nor whether he is or isn’t gay–it is a complex movie but the cast is first rate and this is far from a ‘regular’ film on any of its various subjects

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