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1 to 3) Wilton Manors is home to THE GAY PRIDE PARADE every year and this year thousands showed up to show off! Wilton Manors is a small ‘island’ city adjacent to Fort Lauderdale and is known for   it is also know for its “Love Wins” bridge  It has the Gay Rainbow Flag colors and is near a high school so I am surprised the Florida governor hasn’t signed a law banning it—yet!!

4) No that’s not me but I get a kick out of it every time I see it!

6) A typical weather week in Fort Lauderdale in June–and, by the way, our weather meteorologist is Bette Davis!

7) Indoors or outdoors I never get tired of Mother Nature whether it is growing peppers from seed (first picture) or clipping a stem of a bush and putting it in a pot and growing the Cuban plant and the bright  living 24 hours, yellow bloom or the striking Queen Crepe Myrtle tree outside my window.

8) We have lizards all over the grounds and a lot of the times you can’t see them–this one caught me eye running away from me–the tail starts at the tip of the arrow–can you see it?

9) Last but not least what’s a week without eating out here and there? Ice cream at Baskin Robbins, a cheeseburger at the Quarterdeck and the best pizza in town at Big Louie’s–my last job before I retired and one of the very few restaurants that I ever went back to eat in after I stopped working in it!Now waiting to see what July brings!

Posted June 27, 2022 by greatmartin in FLORIDA, FORT LAUDERDALE

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