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I can just sit in my apartment and watch the world whether it is seeing 4th of July fireworks (see the first picture and the one under it–my camera doesn’t show it but the fireworks were up closer and huge!) and then a week later the full moon (second picture) stopped by to great me.

I don’t have to go out to see the world as I have it in my apartment with peppers growing, (picture 4) geraniums blooming (pictures 3, 7, 8) and the bright yellow flowers of the Cuban plant (6,7,8,10, 12) surrounding me. All the blinds, except in the bedroom, are up 24 hours a day and I can see the moon trying to come up as the sun goes down or the rare shooting star. I see huge yachts coming and going or people riding in their canoes and kyacks and I love grabbing my camera and taking pictures of them laughing, enjoying themselves and life.

which overlooks Karen Bay and on the north end you can see busy Sunrise Boulevard but in the evening nothing distracts from the sky reflected in the water or being able to see the stars so clearly as if you were in the country. Sitting in a chair, whether during the day or evening, and hearing the quiet of the waves every once in awhile disturbed by the motor of a boat speeding, looking up and seeing the sun or moon brings a peace, a smile, a joy of life that I feel no matter what is happening around me or the world!

Come on down!


Posted July 14, 2022 by greatmartin in LIFE

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  1. We have very different window views but enjoy them equally.

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