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1) “You Don’t Know Me”–Netflix–series–4 episodes–3 hours & 44 minutes–Synopsis: When all the evidence points to his guilt a man on trial for murder uses his closing argument to recount his love with a mysterious woman–a good crime story but how it is told takes away from all the ‘mystery’.

2) “The Gray Man”–Netflix–movie–2 hours & 7 minutes–Synopsis: When a shadow CIA agent uncovers damning agency secrets he is hunted across the globe by a rogue operative–you have to laugh as two guys trying to kill each other have time to make jokes–oh yes, the music as they strangle, punch and knife each other is also funny–by the way a lot of ‘bad a$$ women can fight like he77 but never win a fight–a lot of violence and fighting and, though it is not meant to be funny it is and not in a good way.

3) “Girl In The Picture”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour and 42 minutes–Synopsis: a woman found dying by the side of the road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare–a very twisted story of incest, murder and abuse–sadly a horrible degrading story is told with a ‘beautiful’ veneer–they try to show this as a love story but love has nothing to do with it–it is a tough watch and not worth it.

4) “Alba”–Netflix–Spanish series–13 episodes–11 hours & 36 minutes–Synopsis: a woman is raped by her lover’s friends and, possibly, him–this is the aftermath of the rape on both the victim and rapists–after dealing with all angles of the rape the last hour is strictly “Hollywood”–all in all about 2 episodes too long.

5) “Persuasion”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 49 minutes–Synopsis: 8 years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a dashing man of humble origins they meet again–Henry Golding gets better in every movie and while Dakota Johnson does a good job there is no chemistry between her and Cosmo Jarvis, the latter completely miscast–Jane Austen characters speaking like a millennium? I don’t think so and along with bad direction no thank you!

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