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We have passed Henry’s for years when it was on the other side of the railroad tracks and I went to The Pantry and would always said that someday we would have lunch there but parking was a big problem. I had heard they opened north of the railroad tracks and were now in the large Sistrunk Marketplace with many different restaurants and plenty of parking.

I don’t know about your city but here in Fort Lauderdale if you have a handicap parking permit you are allowed to park free at city parking meters. Well, the Marketplace has plenty of parking and parking meters but handicap people have to pay because the property is not owned by the city. I should mention that most restaurants here have plenty of free parking.

Our introduction to Henry’s was parking for $3.21 an hour!

We walked into the Marketplace and there were no directions and/or signs as to where Henry’s was–in fact we walked right by it as that sign is not as visible as it is in the picture as the set up isn’t exactly great for finding a place you want!

The layout for eating at Henry’s is not the best because you order at Henry’s but you eat in the big open hall of the Marketplace with a, you can’t miss it, huge bar. Need want napkins? Maybe a fork to eat the ‘meat’ that falls out of the sandwich? Well you can go on a hunt around the hall unless the people behind the counter tell you where they are. I will say the ladies behind the Henry’s counter were great about helping us out and even delivering our sandwiches to us.

The orange soda that Allen ordered and the bottle of lemonade I had were each $4+–okay, okay, inflation, which I suppose also counts for parking meter fee!

Allen had the BLT and I had the ‘classic Philly cheese steak sandwich’ each costing $15. Allen’s sandwich was mainly bread while I hate to think what kind of ‘steak’ was used in my sandwich! There was nothing, no fries, not even a pickle slice, with the sandwiches.

Our check–and I am not including the meter fee–came to $42+ and this is for lunch. Inflation? Maybe but the sandwiches certainly weren’t worth the price and though I now can say I had a Henry’s sandwich and have been to the Marketplace I can also say I won’t be going back.

I think the 2 signs in the bathroom define the ‘class’ of the whole place!


Posted October 2, 2022 by greatmartin in RESTAURANT REVIEWS FORT LAUDERDALE


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  1. In what universe is that a Philly cheesesteak? Floridians should stick to oranges.

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