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On Saturday October 1, 2016, Mr & Mrs Shtick will be making their debut at Art Serve 1350 E. Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 The actual exhibit is October 5-November 4 and 

(ArtServe Mission:To provide programs, events, business opportunities, and facilities that help local and emerging artists turn their art into business.ArtServe Purpose:To create valuable cultural experiences for artists as a means to creating vibrant communities and creative place making.ArtServe Vision:To continue being the leading provider of cultural arts support programs in Broward County, stay ahead of the curve, offer innovations and measurable impacts.)

John Black, a local Gateway resident, a remarkable artisit that I have written about before made the 4 foot tall wooden sculpture to be used as a center piece for Halloween but stands on its own as a work of art all year long!

In between doing his volunteer work for the world famous televised Broward Baptist church Christmas Pageant making all the stage settings and props plus just recently doing a stage set for a local Boca Raton theatre he started a new project of what I call spinning tops, each a work of art of its own. Taking wood he finds here and there he has made the following pieces sanding, buffing, shining works of art that with a touch of the finger will send a major piece of the owrk spinning.


With the holidays coming up they make great gifts. If you are interested get in touch with me and I will send you his email address as he has never thought of selling them but they are taking over his place! :O)

If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area be sure to go see Mr & Mrs Shtick–you might want to buy it!!! In any case be sure to vote for it as a winner!!

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There is so much talent among our community residents and it shows up in many ways whether it be in growing a garden, nursing a plant, painting pictures, modeling various forms out of wood and even at pot luck dinners!

I have already posted slideshows of Irene and Bill’s gardens and some of John’s artwork. This slide show is an example of just some of Chuck’s work. Whether it be a birthday, a get well or just a happy card he is there sharing his work. From pop up cards to a postal cards he is working away.

For many years he has done the artwork for the “Celebration of Friends” gala and he work is all over San Francisco and Las Vegas from his younger days.

Below are just a few examples of how I have benefited from his artistry.

1. A sign for our country store.

2-10. From taking the Harvey Milk stamp and making a series of cards to popup cards covering all occasions he is an artist at work.

11-15. I opened my door the other day and there was this ice cooler all decorated, his not even knowing that I would have to get a cooler for the Oscar party I am throwing on February 28, 2015, in our community room as just one of the ’specials’ celebrating my 20th Leap Year birthday on February 29th.

The slideshow is a little bit long but even then you will miss a lot of the detailed work he puts into his efforts!

Thanks Chuck for sharing your life and your work with me.


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In talking about Bill’s garden I briefly mentioned the artwork, the wood carvings, the birdhouse, that John contributed to the garden. Though it may be hard to see there is a lot of detail in his work. Did you notice the actual bird house is in the shape of a bird’s head? With the exception of the first piece which is in his apartment, and that someone recently bought, John’s work can be seen all over Gateway, not necessarily in the form of wood carvings but in the fact that he is very handy and has done a lot of work for residents to make their life easier from putting up shelves to even making a bed. I don’t know whether it is recent or he has been doing it for awhile but a lot of his art is African oriented.

Before I put the dresser in front of the east window in my living room with a ‘door’ on top to display my plants he had extended the two window sills by putting a wider shelf on each. When I decided to stop using my oven/stove top he had the idea of using an old cupboard shelf so I could put my blender, crockpot, electric can opener and coffee ingredients on top of it. Along with that he put up my blackout drapes in the bedroom.

He has made shelves for people to put their microwaves on and right now is working on an open floor cabinet, like I have in my kitchen, for someone else. I know he has done a lot of work for others here and he basically just charges for the materials he has to get and throw the labor in for free.

Along with the many art talents he has such as doing all the set decorations every year for the world famous nativity show at his church John is one of the very few true Christians I have met. He does not look to convert anyone but to live his life as close as he can to what G-d asks of him. I have never heard him be negative about anyone and he helps anyone he can, just recently helping me through the whole 6 weeks with my broken knee

John is a man who everyone should have and needs to have as a friend. Add his natural artistic ability to his persona and the fact that he also has a very talented twin and you have a winner BUT don’t tell him I said so! LOL


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