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50 weeks of the year I have to depend on uber, lyft, cabs, TOPS (A county service) or insurance car rides to and from doctors! The other two weeks of the year Allen goes to visit his daughter, and twin grandchildren, so I have his car.
Oh yes! No way can I forget Jacque who lends me her car almost once a week so I can go to a movie and some med appointments.This week Allen went up north and on top of that my neighbor’s wife had to go to Argentina as her 97 year old mother isn’t well and that’s where her family lives. He said I could use the car as long as she is away (and when they go on vacation) and they just got her this new used car.So now I have to decide whether I use one car or alternate the cars but at least Jacque’s car gets a rest from me. And you think you have problems!!PS After Wednesday it is back to no car!

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It is hard to believe it has been 11 years. I know time ‘flies’ as you get older but it feels like February 2004 was just two years ago!

I was getting ready to celebrate my 17th Leap Year birthday at the Mariott Hotel and Marina at an elegant, elaborate brunch buffet. Chuck was coming in from Memphis and on the schedule was to go see Bette Midler in person among other things.

I had just moved from a small one bedroom apartment to my larger one that I am still in now. Things were really looking good except for one situation.

I had bought a 1974 Chevy convertible with a 454 motor in 1981. When I got it I had the whole interior redone and had it painted a bright red. I loved that car and did that whole reupholstering and painting thing every 3-4 years. I really took good care of it but in 1999 I had to file bankruptcy and when I renewed my insurance the premium more than doubled. I wasn’t aware that insurance companies could base your car insurance on your credit score. I had never been late or missed a payment in 37 years with the company and I had a good driving record but that didn’t mean a thing.

As things happen the car started to fall apart and I didn’t have money to fix things and along with it gas started to go up about that time. It was a hard decision but I had to make a decision about selling it and so I started placing ads around. Within two weeks of moving into this apartment I sold the car for a lot less than it was worth but I had no choice.

Things worked out for awhile as we had public transportation with the bus stopping right out front and it made stops wherever I wanted and needed to go. It didn’t last long as the economy started to tank and because of that and the Victoria Park Association not wanting buses running by their million dollar homes the bus route was eliminated.

Adding insult to injury it was then that I was hit with PAD that made it very difficult for me to walk up to Sunrise where I could catch the bus . I was lucky as Allen was willing to take me shopping and doing other errands on Thursday and going to the movie on Fridays. He also goes to the theatre with me. One of the residents who lived here lent me her car whenever I needed it before she moved away to live with her daughter. A couple of other people were kind enough to do the same but that all stopped and now I had/have to depend on TOPS, a public transportation for people not living near a bus, being elderly or unable to walk to a bus stop. They charge $3.50 each way but it also involves a lot of wasted time. My health insurance company supplies transportation to doctors free but there are strings attached.

All in all I have had to depend on Allen and still do but aside from that I am sort of a ‘prisoner’ here at Gateway but I’m lucky that I live in such a great ‘prison’.

When, not if, I win the lotto the first thing on my list will be to buy a car and pay 2 years insurance up front! Or, I mean if I am asked, with my 20th Leap Year birthday coming up in a year (Monday, February 29, 2016) I might just tell people I would love a car, and a year’s insurance paid,—well they asked (and even if they don’t I am not too shy NOT to suggest it as a gift!)

I still miss THAT car!

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