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THIS ‘N THAT SEPTEMBER 2022   Leave a comment

1) The much needed rains have come–7 inches in Miami and 4inches in Fort Lauderdale yesterday and the rains are coming today and where the rains are the Herons follow! It seems the only times we see them is right after a heavy rain as if they know there will be insects for them nibble on!
Talk about ‘nibbling’ I try to get to Big Louie’s a few times a month for their pizza (2)–it is the only restaurant that I have gone, and go, back to eat that I have worked in–am seriously thinking of having my 22nd Leap Year birthday party there in 2024! Hard to believe that I retired 20 years ago and I must admit I don’t miss working though I did enjoy being a waiter when I did. (Only mistake I made was NOT declaring all my tips–would be getting more Social Security now!)

On the subject of food someone sort of indicated that it seems I am always eating out but not true–I usually eat out twice a week, generally on Thursday & Friday, though restaurant prices seem to be going higher and higher and portion sizes smaller and smaller! In any case I usually cook/make 5 dinners and 5 salads (4–the dinner plates on the bottom shelf and the salads on the middle shelf) on Saturday for the week so all I have to do is heat the dinners. As a rule I do ‘behave’ myself Saturday through Wednesdays–won’t talk about the other 2 days or the other meals!!

Talking about eating out–last Thursday Allen felt like having something light so we went to IHOP where I usually will have a cheese omelet but this time I decided to have a cheeseburger (photos # 5) and, trust me, no way did it look like the one on the menu! For the burger and coffee it was $14—no, I won’t be an old man and say I remember ‘in the old days’ when a cheeseburger cost a dollar and change!! :O)

Before the rains came we had record breaking heat (3) for September with Miami reaching 93 degrees when the normal is 90 and Fort Lauderdale was 94 degrees when the normal is 89 with only Key West being lower than normal. Today, with the rain, the high was 82 when the normal is 9 degrees and in 2019—no rain it hit 95 degrees. When it gets above 90 degrees it usually means we have ‘feel like’ temps of over 100–now though cooler the humidity, because of the rain, will be over 75%

.Food and weather–guess I covered it all! LOL

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Birds, flowers and rain!   1 comment

It’s no secret that I love Mother Nature and she never ceases to amaze me.  From now until November we will have rain, usually early morning and evening, with sun in-between. All I have to do when I wake up in the morning (well, late morning) is look out the window and I know 1) if we had rain and 2) if it was heavy or light. If you look at the lower right picture with the 2 birds and the picture on the second row, second left, with the one bird you know we had a sun shower, a light rain while the other pictures (you can only see 3 of the flock in the second picture on the right) we had a heavy rain–a rain heavy enough for the birds to walk and peck at the worms, seeds and insects that the rain has brought up.  Oh, yes, the puddle the 3 birds are walking, and eating, across, which is out my front window, also lets me know it was a heavy rain!

Then there are the flowers! Indoors I always have blooms whether it is gardenias, geraniums, holiday cactus or Cuban yellows.  The Cuban flowers are very easy to grow as I originally started with a small branch I took off  an outdoor plant and since then, taking little bits of the ‘mother’ plant I now have 6 plants throughout the apartment that are constantly blooming. Sadly the bloom only lasts a day and has no aroma but they always add a little sunshine to my place.

Last, but certainly not last, I mentioned the orchid in the tree outside my rear window that has bloomed again a year later. It tells us it is Autumn every year right on time. It is a deep purple but today when I went outside I noticed a white bloom on the lower side which hasn’t been there before so I am keeping an eye on it–to see if it is a new plant, an offshoot of the old plant or??????????

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Boats, Birds, Burgers and more!   Leave a comment

Inline image
Top row starting from left:  It being Pirate Week of course we have to have a sloop docked at the entrance of Karen Canal! And then we have the usual and various floating vessels.

Second Row: don’t know why I go to Burger-Fi as they have the worst burgers in town and the prices are ridiculous! Maybe because I had a ‘$5 off $10’ coupon but the check still came to $11.03 Only plus is looking out the windows! The fourth picture is hard to see but the water is filled with minnows.

The third row we start off with Izzy the Iguana–beautiful but we have too many wild ones running around. The next picture is an example of ‘King Tide’ season–the water covers the walk! The third picture is the orchid growing beautifully in the tree and last, but not least, 2 snowy egrets that either have come in advance of their flock or were left behind not forget they could be a warning of heavy rains coming.

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Benny the bird versus Seymour the squirrel   2 comments

Hindsight is always better!!!
I was near the outer entrance to my apartment door when something caught my eye and turning around I saw Benny the beautiful bluebird standing on an outside branch of the tree which he rarely does. Usually, he is further in the tree where his wife and chicks are. All of a sudden I saw him dart at something in the tree and because Seymour the squirrel blends in so well with the wood it took me a second to recognize him.
I immediately got my camera out and took a few shots of Benny sort of playing a game with Seymour as if to attack him but all the latter did was wrap himself tighter around the bark blending in and almost invisible. There wasn’t any actual contact between them and I started to think if I had ever seen squirrels and birds fight but I hadn’t! Soon both disappeared and so I went in.
As I looked at the pictures I realized I should have turned on the movie button and maybe I would have seen more! I know for sure that is Benny in the second picture and Seymour in the 4th but I have no idea who is in the first. My instinct was that it was Seymour in the first but then again I wouldn’t bet on it. I, also, know both were/are in the tree in the 3rd picture but where I couldn’t tell you.
I was interested in the birds versus squirrel fight that I googled it, binged it but except their fighting over birdseed I really didn’t find an answer!! Besides what birdseed would be in a tree without any feeders??
Next time I will make a video and get some answers—maybe–and some better shots of the fighters!

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