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I love this cat!! I don’t care whether it is DLST or EST (I checked to see what time he took his nap after we moved the clock back–yep it was 4 :30!!!) raining or hot and humid, whatever, he takes his nap around 4:30 every day!! If I didn’t know better I would think he was a senior citizen resident of Gateway–the old folks here take their nap around 4:30 PM!!


The pictures in the four slideshows were taken in November, December and January–you don’t need a watch!! Check by the window and if he is asleep in the window you know it is nap time!!!! I had posted one previously but I made a mistake posting it and no one could see it as I put it with these and that one isn’t all about the cat but just more sides of him!


Like people cats get into a routine and don’t you dare get in the way! If you have ever tried to get a senior to do something at nap time there will be hell to pay–same with a cat!

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