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Gene and I have been friends for 51 years and I think she has been involved with the Jane Austen Society longer than that. She is responsible for me READING Jane Austen books!

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When I was young, about 1996 when I was 60, I had a collection of over 500 books and a collection of VHS tapes exceeding 400 movies plus I had taped all the Oscar and Tony award shows every year. One day I realized that I only read 7 of the books a few times each and, maybe, watched a dozen of the tapes more than once though I would watch the same movie if I saw it while surfing television.

As I learned when people get older they want less ‘things’ and when I was ready to move in 1999 I was tired packing, unpacking, building shelves, putting books and tapes in alphabetical order and decided that was it. I proceeded to sell all the movie tapes and all but those 7 books on eBay. I kept the award tapes and a bunch of  gay themed tapes. A few years later I gave my mailman’s son all the award tapes as he was going to film and theatre school. I still have the tapes but that is another post.

I don’t remember which was the first DVD I bought but I got those I wanted to see again and some I never saw and knew wouldn’t be on TV. Before I knew it I had 25 dvds and I knew it was time to stop because most of them would just be on the shelf collecting dust. I haven’t bought a DVD or taped a show in a couple of years now and that’s okay. One friend bought me some books and another bought me a collection of Rodgers and Hammerstein films.

My collection of DVDs and maybe a remark or two are:

The R&H collection consist of Carousel, Oklahoma, The King and I, The Sound of Music, South Pacific and State Fair.

Dreamgirls–I fell in love with the movie and saw it in the theatre about 15 times. I have watched the DVD about 10 times and have seen it on cable when surfing and coming across it.

De-Lovely–a good bio about Cole Porter starring Kevin Kline. I saw it in the theatre and watched the DVD once.

Every Little Step–whenever I need “A Chorus Line “ fix, and I refuse to watch the horrible movie version, I will watch this. A first rate documentary about my favorite ever Broadway musical.

Sordid Lives–one of the funniest films ever made with a first rate cast.

The Big Knife–a sterling cast at their best in an Odets’ play brought to life on film. 

A Beautiful Mind–Russell Crowe at his best

Boys Don’t Cry–a powerful film that seems to be forgotten

Stage Beauty–missed it in theatre and thought I should see it–bad thought

Angels in America Part 1 & 2–and DVD collector should have this in their collection.

Elaine Stritch At Liberty–if I didn’t buy the DVD I would never have seen it and I am glad I did.

Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows–Judy Davis in a brilliant performance

Vera Drake–missed it in the movie house and wanted to see it.

Chicago–one of the better musical films

Steal Magnolias–a classic film with excellent performances

Running On Empty–an unappreciated, underrated, moving film

Monster–Charlize Theron gives THE best performance ever on the silver screen.

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer  The part Theron played in Monster and after seeing this made me appreciate her performance even more than I did.

And that’s it folks–not buying anymore DVDs and might even sell/give these away– any offers? :O)

Now about those VHS tapes I have!

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