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Fat Boyz BBQ–Fort Lauderdale–Restaurant Review   1 comment

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It has been a bad week for movies and restaurants! As creatures of habit, we usually go to Quarterdeck before attending a show at BPAC but they are closed while making a transfer to their newly built location so we decided to go to the newest of 4-5 restaurants that have been in this location before.

It doesn’t look much different than the last two BBQ places there and as they did at the end of their run Fat Boyz BBQ is also a fast-casual restaurant which when you are paying $15.50 plus tax seems to say that they should be full service but that’s not my main quarrel with this place.
I ordered the 5 dry rib bbq which came with 2 sides. The ribs are served on paper on a tray with the 2 sides in small plastic cups and you help yourself to plastic knives and forks and get your own soft drinks.

On the plus side is the order taker, Tatty according to the receipt, who was pleasant, told us to take our time and after paying handed us a number stand to take to the table. (That’s the first trip the customer has to take to the table, then you go for the drinks, then you go for plastic ware, etc.) Oh, by the way, there are menus around but most customers will get a crick in their neck looking up at the written menu on the board above the bar.

The ribs were good and there are 3 sauces on the table. The two sides I ordered were Cole Slaw and mac ‘n cheese. The slaw tasted as it came out of a gallon premixed bottle and, the nicest way I can put it is the mac ‘n cheese was the worst I ever tasted! It was like a ball of glue so I didn’t say anything as at least it was only a small scoop!

I wonder what will be the next food place in this location?


Miami Grill–Restaurant Review–Ft. Lauderdale   Leave a comment

The last time I went to a Miami Grill I believe it was called Miami Subs and was located on East Sunrise on a site that is now a bank so it has been quite a while and, sadly, this restaurant now on West Sunrise has probably the worse food either of us had.

For Allen to not finish his fries is unheard of but he remarked had bad they were not to mention that his ‘chicken wings’ were the size of a marble engulfed in a heavy breading.

I had the meatball sub–well there were 3 round tasteless things in an absolutely oblong of tastelessness what I think was supposed to be bread.

The only nice thing I can say about the place was the woman behind the counter was pleasant.

DoughBoys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Review—and sobriety!!   5 comments

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If I’m not mistaken it was in March of 2015 that I was here last. Though I am a man of habit I am not rigid, pretty flexible if a change is required. As an example every Thursday I go shopping at the Dollar Tree on 17th Street, then lunch at a full-service restaurant.
For some reason (Alfredo talking about it is THE reason!) I woke up this morning wanting chicken cacciatore which I haven’t had since January 1981 when I gave up drinking alcohol. After all this time I decided I wanted to go to either Big Louie’s, Bistro Mezzaluna or Cafe Vico but riding down to 17th Street I remembered DoughBoys being in the area. Doughboys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has been in business for over 30 years for good reason.
They have a huge, varied menu which offers different size meals for different people. All over their menu you can see: “can serve two”, 4 different size pizzas, “mini, small, large” Calzones and Stromboli’s, 2 different size wraps, ‘half and whole’ subs, cups and bowls of soups, ‘huge’ salads, ‘Smaller versions by specific request only’. They have 19 different categories of food such as Italian Specialties, Combination Entrees, Seafood, Fresh Pasta, Homemade Pasta–okay I don’t know if the fresh pasta is different from the homemade pasta but that’s for another day. They have everything BUT NO CHICKEN CACCIATORE!!
Instead of leaving we decided to stay. With all the above the food doesn’t disappoint and things run fairly smoothly I remembered why I haven’t been there in 4 years! I prefer going there after 5 PM instead of for lunch. The exact same menu is offered for lunch, dinner and late night bites BUT you don’t get table service for lunch. You line up at the counter, give your order, pay and then wait for your name to be called. I don’t understand why it is full price at both the evening and day time but not the full service.
I had their chicken Sophia (small $15.50 which surprised me as for $2 I could have had the larger one! It is a baked chicken cutlet topped with ricotta, pepperoni, ham and sausage covered with sauce and mozzarella. Though it was supposed to be baked the cutlet certainly tasted fried. In any case, I don’t think anything would have satisfied except–yeah, you know what. It was a large portion and served with a large salad and big portion of spaghetti along with a fresh salad All were certainly enough to be shared by two though Allen got his own which was a White Albacore Tuna Antipasto (small one for $9.95). My only major complaint was the lack of full service.
The folks behind the counter were friendly but it was lunchtime with people lined up to order and dirty tables all around with their looking/acting a little ‘in the weeds’ . Though there is no way of knowing it you are expected to clean up your own table as you would in most fast food places the staff does that with the dishwasher helping. Parking is free but if you don’t know the area chances are you will wind up having to make a U-turn if you are driving east as chances are you will go right by the end of the shopping plaza they are in. Going west it will come up surprisingly so you might find yourself taking a last minute right turn.
The cry of most restaurants is “Location, location, location” and after 30 years Doughboys proves that isn’t a must just as they show cutting back on service along with small inconsistencies doesn’t discourage business. (I still haven’t had my chicken cacciatore but writing this I realize I am celebrating 38 years of sobriety–hurrah for me!)


BURGERSTOP–restraurant review   1 comment

First and foremost this is one of the best, juiciest cheeseburgers I have had in a long time, including it being cooked to the temperature I like!

The facts: Allen had the ‘Fu-Ghet-About-It’ burger ($14.95) and a Mint Chip White Chocolate shake ($8). He really liked the shake but found the burger a little hard to handle. I had the Under Construction Burger ($13.50) and a bowl of vanilla ice cream ($5). I had the burger medium rare with cheddar cheese, raw onion and tomato. It was thick on a good seeded bun and came with a side of thin fries which really didn’t thrill me. The $5 of ice cream was for 3 scoops and I have been charged about the same for a lesser amount in many other restaurants.

Gabriel, the server, did an excellent job except for 1 slight mistake. When we paid the check we did it with a credit card which he was able to take care right at the table but when handing the machine for me to sign he had added a 18% tip and didn’t say anything about it. I just happened to catch it when I saw the total and explained to him that I preferred leaving a cash tip—I was a waiter for 38 years and other waiters will understand why. He showed me where I could enter ‘no tip’ which I did and asked for a receipt. Our check with tax came to $43.94 and we left a $10 tip.

Though there are legitimate reasons for adding a tip to a check, and I still won’t/don’t like it, it should be a rule that the customer be told when the check is given.

Basically, the lunch check came to $26 each which is way too high for my budget and wouldn’t allow me to eat there very often but when I am ready for good burger, a treat, and having it the way I want to I will go to BRGRSTOP.

Another negative: the ever annoying televisions!

It was fairly empty being 3 PM with a couple at the bar and 2 other couples at tables but I have an idea it can be pretty noisy when even at half capacity. The place has an interesting but very ‘busy’ interior.

Bottom line? I loved that burger!

Press & Grind Cafe Review Fort Lauderdale   1 comment

Press and Grind Sept 28 2018

Press & Grind


Only one negative about Press & Grind but we will leave that for last!

The positives:

1) No television   2) Free parking garage with elevators letting you right outside of entrance to restaurant  3) A lot more than just a ‘juicery & coffee bar’ 4) wide selections of sweets, sandwiches, salads, Acai bowls, toast snacks 5) yes a wide variety of smoothies, ‘rx energy shots’, juices, expresso drinks, frapps, etc.  6) a really excellent crew  who work together 7) Joe, the manager/owner who has no problem interacting with customers and whether he believes it or not at least makes the customer feel ‘the customer is always right’. . (I had a 2-4-1 coupon and forgot to give it to the cashier. When I realized later what I had done Joe was at the register and took care of the whole situation, including the fact that we didn’t get the drinks we were suppose to, without and negativity!)

8) We both had the Chicken Club ($9.75 each) which was excellent. Allen had the Iced Tea ($3.45) and I had the house blend coffee ($2.25) Joe was even pleasant and not condescending when we discussed a ‘club’ sandwich having, or not, 3 slices of bread!

9) Though Press & Grind has a maximum capacity of 40 it is a good looking, cozy feeling, good spacing between tables bright restaurant.

Okay, time for the negative and that is just my personal feeling–Press & Grind Cafe isthisclose to being a full service restaurant with the staff delivering the food and beverage plus also cleaning the tables after you get up–no if only they would take the order at the table.

Okay, okay, that’s me, nit picking!

Go to Press & Grind and enjoy!

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J Mark’s–A Restaurant review   Leave a comment

I’ve never been to the J Mark’s in Pompano but since we were at the Muvico theatre across the way and I had a coupon for a 10 ounce NY Strip steak for $12.99 we decided to give it a shot.

To start off this restaurant is more impressive than the one in Fort Lauderdale as the layout seems more informal and brighter.

In any case from the beginning our server Dyante was a winner, not only with his service but his attitude, small talk and concern with how we were doing.
We ordered the steak, which is normally double the price, and it came as ordered with Allen’s being medium and mine medium rare. He had broccoli with his and I had the French fries. We were served warm, soft good tasting rolls with soft butter. Allen had his diet cola ($3.50) and I had coffee ($3.25) so our check, with tax, came to $34.69.
Basing on what the check would have been without the coupon, and for his service, we left a $10 cash tip. (As a professional waiter for 38 years I prefer leaving a cash tip instead of putting it on the credit card slip.)

Though I have only been to the J Mark’s in Fort Lauderdale 2-3 times since their opening day I really can’t say why I haven’t been there more but I would definitely go to their restaurant in Pompano a lot more!

Tom’s Pizza World Restaurant   6 comments

Does the world, Florida, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale need another pizza restaurant? Only time will tell.

Tom’s Pizza World has one main thing against them and that is location! Location! Location! It is in a shopping strip that has already had 8-10 restaurants open and close from full sit down service to fast food to fast ‘casual’. Businesses come and go in this center because it is easy to miss and hard to get into and out of and the bottom line is they will have to depend on delivery orders.

Okay, let’s talk food. Allen likes a thin crust pizza and I like a thick crust. We ordered a small, 12″, 8 slices Pepperoni pizza with a thin crust to share($10.48). Allen was happy and I ate my 4 slices without a problem. Having worked in 5 Italian restaurants, 3 as a pizza maker, this wasn’t the best nor the worst but satisfactory.

Allen likes Wraps and I like Paninis. We each ordered the Turkey Delight Panini ($6.95) when actually we should have split one. It was very good and we each took a half home.
He had a bottle of diet Coke ($1.85) and I had bottled water ($1.85)

We had a $5 coupon so with tax our check came to $24.26 (plus ‘I Hate” that tip’ Jar!)

The prices were good as was the food and John the cashier/waiter did what he could but the bottom line, to me, it isn’t worth going up Federal, making a U-turn and coming back into one of the busiest crossroads (Sunrise Boulevard and Federal) when Big Louie’s and Il Mulino’s is a lot easier to get to while the food (in my opinion) is as good if not better than at Tom’s Pizza World plus both are a full service restaurant.

I wish them luck in that location.

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