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Brooklyn Water Bagel Restaurant Sept 4 2017

Taking over another fast-casual spot, Italiano, I hope the Brooklyn Water Bagel does better though my experience today was not a good sign. It started off fine with an enthusiastic greeting from both people behind the counter of which one was a working manager, a rarity.

I ordered a turkey on an everything bagel with a slice of onion ($9.99). Possibly my fault not ordering the bagel toasted but whoever made it should have asked if I would like it toasted as they could tell from cutting it how hard it was. Had the bagel been sitting too long? It certainly wasn’t fresh. It came with Cole Slaw, too ‘wet’ and a good sour pickle. I also ordered a small soda which was $1.99 on the menu but $2.49 on the receipt. (A personal peeve–why order the larger 32 ounce size soda when you can refill the 24 ounce small one as much as you want and 24 ounces isn’t ‘small’?)

Anthony had the Chicken salad melt on Sourdough bread (($8.99) and an Iced Tea ($2.49) He didn’t comment on the salad but he did say the tea wasn’t good.

After you give your order you get your drinks and condiments and go to a table where you place a placard with a number and you eventually are served your food.

By the way, this was new to me–a dispenser of individual plastic utensils.

When we walked in the first display you see is of huge muffins and cookies so how could I say no? I ordered the Banana nut chocolate muffin ($2.99) and after one bite I decided to take it home, heat and eat it later. Whether eating it in the restaurant or at home it was dry, with a very (not good) chocolaty taste. I should have said no.

The check, with tax, came to $27.96–Anthony paid and put a tip in the jar.

I had really been looking forward to eating at the Brooklyn Water Bagel restaurant whenever I passed their first one every Thursday in Fort Lauderdale downtown and when this one opened I was ready. The former one has already closed

Sorry but I guess I like Bronx bagels better!


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NY Marina Deli–a restaurant review   Leave a comment


I use to come here when the original owner ran it and a couple of times after he died and his wife took over. The last I heard it had closed but it seems she just sold it to new owners. I became aware it was still open after seeing a coupon in a coupon book.

I go every Thursday to this shopping center so we decided to give it a try and was pleased to see it was basically the same.

Allen ordered the Reuben (Hot corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand Island dressing and swiss cheese on rye) $11.50 with a side of Coleslaw ($1.25) and a diet fountain cola ($2.50) while I had the Rachel (Hot Pastrami, sauerkraut and melted cheese on rye) $11.50, Coleslaw ($1.25) and a cola ($2.50)

We decided to split the sandwiches. They were both piled high, in the center, making it a little difficult to handle but we managed. The Meat was, at best luke warm, was tasty.

Though not a complete service restaurant the food is delivered to the table. You place your order and you pay at the cashier’s just telling what you had, which is, as far as I can tell, the honor system though the deli guy does write up a check when taking your order.

I don’t get the shouting of “Sunway” whenever a tip is put in the jar at the register–a reference to NYC? Or just advertising the Subway restaurants, which is what it made me think of when I heard it! LOL

Our bill came to $29.66 plus a couple of bucks in the jar and a “Subway”.

The New York Marina Deli does live up to the style of the Carnegie or Stage Delis in NYC but not as loud or crowded!

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What was cheap yesterday is expensive today!   Leave a comment



New York magazine July 10-23


As soon as I saw this article I was transported back to New York City in the 1960s and buying a book about eating in New York for $5 and under and working my way through the book.

One restaurant I definitely went to even before the book was ”Paddy’s Clam House – 215 West 34th Street – The lunch at this seafood favorite across from Penn Station changed daily, but it consisted of soup, an entrée and side dish, a dessert, and a beverage for $1.29.” When I joined Weight Watchers in 1967 this was one of the places I always went for fresh fish.

I remember a Spanish restaurant in New York where we were seated next to Barbra Streisand. We traveled all over the city eating in all sort of ethnic restaurants which I am sure don’t exist anymore.

In Fort Lauderdale, except for fast food places and even then, it is hard to buy a dinner for less than $25 or a lunch for less than $15 including a soft drink or coffee! (And that’s using a 2-4 1 coupon or a groupon.)

Heck it is hard enough to find a cola or coffee for less than $2.99-$3.50

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Tequila Sunrise–Fort Lauderdale–restaurant review   Leave a comment

Allen, Anthony and I went for lunch here as I had a groupon. I have been coming here for close to twenty years as when I moved to Gateway the mother of the owner of the restaurant lived here and mentioned it. I would go 2-3 times a month as I liked their fajitas but it had been a year or so since I was here last.

The 2 male servers were excellent getting our drinks right away along with chips and salsa, bringing extra napkins before we had to ask for them and all in all were all that servers should be.

The salsa served with the chips had too much ‘juice’ which made dripping all over a major problem. I had decided to try another dish that I use to have when I when worked at Who Song and Larrys—now closed. I had the dinner portion shredded beef Chimichanga ($13.95) while Allen had the lunch size with chicken ($9.95) and both were the same size. Since the diet cola news we decided to stick with water.
Anthony had the Enchiladas Rancheras ($11.49) with raspberry iced tea ($2.79) without ice which always cracks me up.

All the dishes were served with refried beans and rice topped with sauce and cheese. Though the Chimichanga was okay I should have stayed with the fajitas.

They have a small, very unappetizing salad and soup bar that comes with the lunch menu.

For dessert Allen had the Flan ($4), which he wasn’t too impressed with and I had the fried ice cream ($5) which was good and presented in a striking way.

The check came to a total of $50.01 and with the $15 groupon I paid being good for a $25 discount (actually a $10 total discount which is not a deal as they have a $10 coupon in whatever ads they take) so the actual check presented to us was for $25.01

Though the restaurant hasn’t changed much as far as décor goes but it is clean and contains mainly Mexican restaurant clichés.

The main difference from the previous owners to the new ones was the lack of welcome, feeling like a friend or a member of the family, which is what made the old Tequila Sunrise an above average Mexican restaurant and makes the current one just another Mexican restaurant.Tequila Sunrise 2017 Collage

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Indian Harbor Restaurant–review   Leave a comment

I went into the restaurant for lunch knowing little of Indian food except curries and I left knowing even less. Reading a couple of reviews here, and on a local site, I thought ordering the buffet would give me a selection of different tastes. It did but I have no idea what I tasted.


There were three people working in the dining room. I am not sure what the ‘titles’ of the young man and woman were but I’ll guess the female was the server and the male was the busboy though the busboy did most of the serving.. After waiting for awhile we finally sat ourselves and I stopped what looked like the owner–turned out to be the manager–to ask him about the buffet. He said it was $13 (and, I thought, it included a soft drink) and that was the end of the discussion.


Nothing further was explained about the buffet and it wasn’t until later when I asked about dessert I found out that the first thing I had tasted was a round ball of something so sweet I couldn’t eat it which was the dessert on the buffet. There were about 8 different hot dishes and I recognized the rice and next to it was a combination of spinach and mushrooms. The rest of the dishes, though having Indian names and one saying vegan, are still a mystery to me. There was a chicken dish in a heavy sauce and I think a tofu dish. By the way the hot dishes weren’t hot.


I wish I had written the names of the dishes down so that when I got home I could look them up. Oh yes, I know we had chicken tandorri or at least I think we did, from a review I had read but it tasted more like dried out meat. I did take pictures of the dishes I ate and tried to match them to the pictures the restaurant has on their web site but I didn’t do too good a job.


The place had a nautical theme, nothing Indian looking about it. The restaurant looked clean and sleek with butcher sheets on top of white tablecloths and linen napkins. Service was good in the realm of removing used dishes and refilling the water glasses.

I had a diet cola ($2)  and Anthony had a Masala Chai, which he liked, so for the 2 lunch buffets ($13 each) , drinks and tax our lunch check came to $33. 92 plus a tip.


I guess I will have to go to another Indian restaurant to find out more about Indian food but I won’t be going back to the Indian Harbor.Indian Harbor Restaurant July 2017

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El Guanaco a Ft. Lauderdale restaurant review   Leave a comment

El Guanaco Collage

I have never, that I know of, had Salvadoran food so when I saw a groupon for this restaurant I decided to give it a try.

The servers were busy and without hesitation the busboy sat us, gave us menus, took our drink order and brought them. We were served chips and salsa at which time the server came over.

If I had been in the mood for Mexican I would have tried one of their fajitas as I usually judge a Mexican restaurant by that dish and Allen ordered the Seafood Fajita ($15) and it did look good. Glancing over the menu I decided to ask the server, Carmen, for a suggestion  for a guy who wasn’t familiar with Salvadoran food  and she said the Salvadoran Combo appetizer ($14) which I did order and with a choice of steak, pork or chicken chunks, I chose the chicken. The plate consisted of 2 Chicken tacos, Pupusa which I had never heard of, fried Yuca (as spelled on the take out menu) with pickled cabbage, Salvadoran cream and cheese, red sauce and salsa verde.

I can only judge a restaurant by what I am served and it really hurts me to say the only good thing on the plate was the Chicken tacos. The chunks, Pupusa and Yuca was over-fried and beyond crispy and the salsa, red sauce and Salvadoran cream added nothing to the rest. The pickled cabbage was interesting in that it seemed to be between a slaw made with vinegar and sauerkraut.

Allen had the coconut flan for dessert ($3.50), which he said was one of the best he ever had, along with an iced tea (($2.50) while I had (a strong) American coffee ($1.50)

The restaurant looks like a mom and pop operation with 4 booths and about 5 tables plus a counter with about 5 seats with the tables having all black or white tablecloths. There were 6 people working and they were working constantly! And too small a place for two televisions!

Our check came to $38.69 before the groupon’s $20 discount which brought it down to $18.69. 

They do have what looks and reads a good children’s menu.


I don’t know if this will make sense to you but I was disappointed in being disappointed at El Guanaco.

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MidiCi–a restaurant review   Leave a comment

 Midici Restaurant collage

I should have followed my instincts after reading  about Midici–my immediate reaction was that it was another Flash Fire Pizza and/or Pizza Fusion and basically that was what it was! It may be bigger, brighter and newer but, unlike other reviewers I saw no hint of ‘full service available’ which I would have done because I am not into that new trend of in-between full service and fast food.

“Hooked us up with tons of delicious service'”? Not when I was there. “The Staff is super friendly”? They weren’t rude or anything but not even friendly though the cashier, who also brought our pies over, had a nice smile and did check back to see if we were doing okay.

Allen, who uses a cane, complained that the straws, soda machine, condiments, etc., were on the other side of the very long room and should either be placed on each side or in the center, though it isn’t designed that way. (Where is the full service when you need it?) He did love the tree growing in the dining room though he wasn’t sure if it was real even if it was planted in the ground. :O)

Let’s get down to the bottom line which is the pizza we ordered, both of us having the Margarita red marinara pizza ($7.50 each) and diet cokes ($2.50 each)

On a little card served on the plate with the pizza it said, “Our signature dough–light, thin, soft, chewy with a high airy crust’ was all that but, sorry, I like fat, heavy, chewy crust. Also I like a heavy sauce and cheese but was not aware that there wasn’t cheese on the regular pizza–my bad but… To me the pizza was more of an appetizer with drinks, if I was having beer or alcohol.

 At the first I thought the $7.50 was a reasonable  price but without cheese and a very, very cracker thin like crust along with the lightest of sauces I am not sure about that now.

Now don’t get me wrong as I am not saying Midici’s is ‘bad’ but it is just not for MY tastes.

By the way it does have one of the classiest men’s room I have seen in a long time!

In their favor I didn’t see a television though their music was a couple of beats too loud for an almost empty room.

PS I have received a few very nice comments from the manager Mike, not at all combative or defensive.

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