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“FIREBIRD” is a love story that takes place in Russia during the Cold War.  The cinematography is top rate as is the acting particularly between the two male leads.The first hour is very slow moving as it sets up the story of Sergey, (Tom Prior) a private in the army who is impatient to get his service over with, to serve as Lieutenant  Roman’s, (Oleg Zagorodnii) driver and guide who plans to spend his life in service as a pilot and is new to the base. They start off sharing an interest in photography and Luisa (Diana Pozharskaya) a friend of Sergey’s and possibly a love interest for Roman. The latter, an important part of the story is not gone into (possibly because the true story book it is based on was written by Sergey Fetisov) though it takes place at a time that many men who knew or suspected that they were, or might be homosexual, got married to prove they weren’t and/or to make an appearance of being a family man to get promotions at work. It, also, could have held an interesting aspect that is very seldom approached in films.

Before I go any further let me say that I didn’t understand all the raves for this film which doesn’t handle sex problems and/or sex scenes that haven’t been handled before  better–especially the sex scenes–that first hour but then all of a sudden something happened but I can’t explain it! I was completely caught up in the lives of not only Sergey, Ramon and Luisa but, also, those around them, good and bad, and , yes, there are a couple of ‘villains’ in “Firebird”! I know I was crying the last 15 minutes—and I never apologize for crying in the movies–and was intrigued to the ‘what happened’ after credits!

This is basically the story from Sergey Festsov’s point of view and I would love to have known how Luisa felt after her discoveries or did Roman see what was happening to him  and did he care? With all that they were facing an epic love story turns into a melodrama and the slow pacing kills whatever emotions the people are feeling. The KBG officer who threatens Roman comes off as a comic of yesteryear and the flying scenes are wasted and the drama teacher who Sergey encounters in his pursuit of an acting career in Moscow adds nothing but ‘ham’ to the romance at the center of the film.

The film hits the romantic stride it was aiming for at the 1 hour and 15 minutes point and grabs you quickly into the story the film was trying to hit from the opening scene which is repeated and is meaningless the second time it is shown.

“Firebird” is not a ‘must see’ movie and I think it might be better on the small screen even if the scenic views yell for a theatre screen and it just might spur someone else to tell the story with a screenplay worthy of the leads but until then make time to see this version.

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1) “Book of Love”–Prime Amazon–romantic comedy movie–1 hour & 46 minutes–man meets woman–they are complete opposites–man falls in love with woman–woman falls in love with man–man loses woman–man and woman live happily ever after together–come on–that is NOT a spoiler–the movie is filled with every cliche you can think of  and yet we love it every time wherever it takes place–here it is in Mexico–Veronica Echegi reminds me of a younger Penelope Cruz (though the latter isn’t old by any means–a mini romantic getaway

2) “The Weekend Away”–Netflix–a whodunit thriller–1 hour & 31 minutes–it is an old-fashioned ‘who did it?’ and it really doesn’t matter because it is fun–a lot of twists without a lot making sense but makes you hang in there–trashy but watchable with Ziad Bakri playing a smaller role as a friendly taxi driver–of the 5 possible suspects I guessed the 4 wrong ones!

3) “Sense8”–Netflix–a Sci-fi series–season 1–12 episodes–10 hours & 46 minutes–in chapter 4 one person says to another, “You are now 7 people but if you don’t save Nomi you will only be 6!”–I saw him change into different people talking to each other (talking to himself?) except he is talking to her(? Or is it him?) in English and she is talking in Korean–I said that’s enough and in the middle of the 5th episode I completely gave up–Sci-fi is not for me

4) “A Very British Scandal”–Prime Amazon–season 2–3 episodes–3 hours–AND

5) “Anatomy of a Scandal”–Netflix–limited series–6 episodes–4 hours & 28 minutes

In 2018 Hugh Grant played a Liberal Party leader who murdered his gay ex lover in 1979 in a 3 part series called “A Very English Scandal” based on a true story. “A Very British Scandal” is also a true story which is based on the theory that because a woman gives a man oral sex she is a slut, a wanton woman. In this case she is a Duchess and the Duke takes her into public divorce proceedings giving her an out by staying with him which she refuses. “Anatomy of a Scandal” is the only one that is fiction but seems as real as the true stories with a British politician being accused of rape by a woman who works for him and they had an affair. We watch him on trial being faced by the woman while his wife seats in the gallery thinking of their past and their life of privilege. Oh yes, there is a twist to this whole story that is definitely British! (And sort of mild for David E. Kelley.)

You either like movies/series about British parliamentary members, their sexual peccadilloes,  all having underlying themes and if you do you will like both of these “Scandals” and don’t forget to watch “a Very English Scandal” that started this series!


I was really looking forward to seeing “The Duke” for many reasons from the fact that it starred one of my favorite actresses, Helen Mirren, and her co-star, Jim Broadbent, always gives a good, sometimes great, performance. They were the leads in this film based on a true story and was being billed as a British comedy which is always a plus when it comes to movies! Also, in its favor it was only 1 hour and 36 minutes which meant it had to move fast. Last, but not least, there was included a story about one man fighting against the system with social overtones and, to a certain degree, showed how the British government did, or didn’t, work.

I was ready to relax and enjoy all the above.

The true story is interesting but not worth 96 minutes! Oh yes, that 96 minutes seemed like 4 hours. There was only one time I, or anyone else, laughed but I won’t tell you because might as well leave you something to look forward to. There is a twist that unless you know the story you won’t see it coming and might not believe.

Mirren and Broadbent are good but there is a whole story between them that is only touched on and could have made for a more powerful story.The trial section is entertaining to a point but not as funny as the spectators, the lawyers, judges, court personal and the prisoner to to think it is.

“The Duke” is really slow moving, not funny, not dramatic and not really a movie worth seeing on TV as it certainly is not worth paying admission to see it in a movie house!


This is the first time I have reviewed a series on streaming individually because I was so impressed with it!  It is Season 1–8 episodes–3 hours and 53 minutes—on Netflix

Season 1


Critics Consensus: An inclusive romance told with striking sensitivity, Heartstopper is so effortlessly charming that viewers won’t dare skip a beat.

2022, Netflix, 8 episodes, View details

Heartstopper is a British coming-of-age romance streaming television series developed for Netflix based on the webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman. The series was released on 22 April 2022 to critical acclaim.

I usually don’t go for teenage coming out stories because I never went through the so many things they go through–hell, I never questioned my being gay going to the bars and baths in NYC when I was 13 & 14 BUT I was in tears through so much of this—happy tears, sad tears, heartbreaking tears–I mean I couldn’t see the TV screen the last episode–I wish they would show this in every high school AND LIBRARY in the USA. This is only a fraction of what the series is all about–I don’t want to give anything away–I want you to discover the kids as I did–as individuals–some knowing who they are, others guessing and still others having no cue–if you aren’t one of these teens then you knew them or of them

“They have done a really good job with casting teens that look a lot like how they are illustrated in the comics.  The series definitely has a British feel, which works really nicely. I am definitely looking forward to see if they stick with the plot all the way to the beginning. It is a a really well done romance that folds in some of the horrors teens face as well as the role social media plays in their lives.” (AJ Librarian)

If you don’t get Netflix get a trial period and watch this!! The two guys playing the leads Kit Connor and Joe Locke are dynamite!! And I was surprised to see Olivia Colman, in a smallish role, as Connor’s mother.

Ahead are just the headlines of the many positive reviews–to read the full reviews just go to


Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love.

Starring: Joseph BalderramaKit ConnorSebastian CroftJoe LockeFisayo Akinade

Avg Tomatometer 


Avg Audience Score 


Saloni Gajjar
AV Club


Apr 25, 2022

Heartstopper aces this portrayal of the bashful hope and gutting anxiety that accompanies young love. But the show isn’t just aimed at an adolescent crowd.

Full Review | Original Score: A-

Drew Gregory


Apr 22, 2022

This show is lovely. Charlie and Nick’s friendship and possible something-more-ship is a joy to watch in a simple kind of way that will melt as many hearts as it stops.

Full Review

Rebecca Nicholson


Apr 22, 2022

Heartstopper may not quite live up to the dramatic promise of its title, but this adorable teen romance is a heartwarmer, at the very least.

Full Review | Original Score: 4/5

Lovia Gyarkye
Hollywood Reporter


Apr 22, 2022

A coming-of-age story notable above all for its sweetness… Heartstopper’s dulcet tone is addictive.

Full Review

Carla Meyer
San Francisco Chronicle


Apr 20, 2022

“Heartstopper” captures the joys and agonies of being a teen, when every stray text can make a profound impact, and being able to announce you are “going out with” someone means everything.

Full Review | Original Score: 3/4

Apr 15, 2022

Heartstopper is a truly comforting, uplifting teen dramedy that’s so loaded up on subtle moments of friendship and romance that your ticker will likely cease functioning at points.

Full Review

Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper is a beautifully poignant graphic novel about identity, friendship, crushes, and the flush of first love. Most people in school seem to know that Charlie is gay. Heartstopper Vol. 1 definitely lives up to its hype of being a cute comic that is quick to read, one with diversity and a good representation with LGBT+ characters

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1) “Heartstopper”–Netflix–British series–season 1–8 episodes–3 hours and 53 minutes–A MUST SEE–DESERVES A SEPARATE REVIEW WHICH I WILL POST DURING THE WEEK–WANTED TO GIVE YOU A HEADS UP!

2) “Servant of the People”–Netflix–Ukrainian–season 1–23 episodes–9 hours & 35 minutes–truth stranger than fiction? “Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko (played by Volodymr Zelenskyy–who also wrote the series), an absent-minded high school history teacher turns into an overnight sensation when he is elected President of Ukraine–the series running from 2016 to 2019! That is fiction while the truth is comedian and actor Volodymyr Zelenskyy  became the 6th president of Ukraine in 2019! His leadership and standing up to Putin, Russian leader’s invasion of Ukaine has won him international admiration and fame–watching the series today you have to wonder which is truth and which is fiction–if the former it is not as funny as if it is the latter but you will laugh at what goes on ‘behind the scenes’!

3) “Goliath”–Prime Amazon–season 4–8 episodes–6 hours & 35 minutes–this, the final season, is a mixed bag and nowhere near the sharpness of the previous seasons–it takes 8 episodes to have 1 hour be like the previous seasons–J.K. Simmons is excellent but Nina Arianda isn’t given near enough time as she had in the past to bring a lightness to the final chapter–Billy Bob Thornton delivers as Goliath even if the script doesn’t–he makes streaming all 4 seasons worthwhile.

4) “Cobalt Blue”–Netflix–Indian film–1 hour & 52 minutes–a brother and sister fall in love with the same guy each finding out something about themselves–there is a gay teacher who explains why it is so hard to be a gay person in India–a lot of ‘artsy’ cinemas scenes–Tennessee Williams’s “The Kindness of strangers” is said very early in the film and later he is referred to–art and writing is a secondary theme–Sachin Kundalkar directs the film based on his best selling novel about anyone not following normal sexual expressions staying in the closet and/or domestic abused and abuser can be manipulated.

5) “The Outlaws”–Prime Amazon–British series–6 episodes–3 hours & 50 minutes–a story about a supervisor of 7 low-level people doing community service for minor law infractions and the latter binding together to help one who will be facing a high crime charge–8 different people–some interesting, some not, but a lot of low level comedy makes for a somewhat enjoyable series.

6) “Dancing On Glass”–Netflix–Spanish film–2 hours & 19 minutes–Oh! The Drama! A wicked, evil ballet mistress, two ballerinas fighting for a role when the former lead commits suicide–all that is missing is a gay scene! Let’s all sacrifice and give up all for our ‘art’–Spanish melodrama in the American “Black Swan” genre but the best ballet film is still “The Red Shoes”–see that instead of this.


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1) *”Disclosure: Tran Lives On Screen”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 45 minutes–As a gay man it is assumed (and we do know what assumed stands for, don’t we?) that I know what a trans person goes through–I don’t–I do know to a certain extent what any person who is ‘different’ goes though but just because I am human being it doesn’t mean I know what a woman, or for that matter, what any other human goes through–I know hate, discrimination, I know how being ostracized but I don’t know how a man feels wanting to be a woman or a woman who feels wanting to be a man–I never wanted to be a woman, never wanted to dress like a woman–I have liked who I am as a gay man since I can remember–I learned a lot from this movie and so can you–famous, infamous and people like your next door neighbor share their thoughts and lives!

2) “Master”–Prime Video–horror movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–I am not into ghost/horror stories but tuned into this because Regina Hall stars in it–yes, there is a haunted room, witchcraft and other ghost movies must but underlying it all is the racism that has infested this school where it takes place since the first Black person attended the school–If you like the horror/ghost genre movie than this is for you otherwise skip it.

3) *”Queen of the South”–Netflix–series–Season 5–6 hours & 51 minutes–this has been one of my favorite series ever since it started on the USA cable station–I have watched every episode since and now it is on Netflix–Alice Braga is dynamite in looks, talent and, certainly always the center of any scene she is in or missed as she is in the last episode of the series–a lot of wheeling and dealing, trust issues, chases, murders But it is Braga who is the  Queen of the south from the first season, first episode to season 5, the tenth episode–the end!

4) “The Bubble”–Netflix–2 hours & 6 minutes–a silly look ‘behind the scenes’ of a Hollywood sci-fi spectacular made during the pandemic so everyone involved in the making the film is more or less confined to a ‘bubble’–a waste of time unless you want to see some, not many, of the tricks done to make a movie.

5) *”Priest”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–the story is about a young priest going through a painful examination of his life, the community he is new to, his religion, and the world he lives in–at a certain point in the film it becomes emotionally horrifying to the viewer–at 1 hour and 5 minutes what was a 2-3 star film becomes a 5 star MUST SEE film!

6) “Metal Lords”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 37 minutes–WOW! Here’s a new idea for a movie–let’s get 3 misfit teenagers in high school, add some music—like hard metal–that only they like and get them to start their own band–oh, let one of the 3 be a female–mmmm–except for the music nothing new here–not bad–not good–but, oh yeah, a lot of LOUD music.


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1) “Audible”–Netflix–documentary–38 minutes–a rare glimpse into the lives of 4-5 teens  who are still reeling from a suicide of one of their friends–as we meet them the boys of a deaf football team who have never lost a game to other deaf teams are not faring well in this game against a hearing team—-A MUST SEE—TELLS MORE IN 38 MINUTES THAN A 2 HOUR FILM WOULD TELL!

2) “Brad’s Status”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 41 minutes–a father and son are on tour of New England colleges which the son has applied for including one the father graduated from–the father is going through the change of his son leaving home and is feeling he is a failure, especially in comparison to his extremely wealthy college buddies of yesteryear–
why does a director and/or screenwriter feel their story needs to be told in mostly voice over by the main character? It also hinders the story (in this case Mike White is both director & screenwriter)– THE CAST DOES A GOOD JOB AND THE MOVIE IS NEITHER GOOD OR BAD–JUST A MOVIE.

3) “SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN”–Prime Video–East Indian/Filipino movie–1 hour & 57 minutes–funny, crazy, a farce covering a lot of gay issues with parents, relatives, in-laws, straight and gay marriages, couples, arranged marriages–IT IS ZANY, WILD, EMOTIONAL SHOWING HOW MORE ALIKE PEOPLE ARE THAN NOT!

4) “All The Old Knives”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 42 minutes–a thriller–8 years after the fact a hijacking of a plane is being revisited by the CIA team investigating it again never solving what happened at the time–2 agents, who were on the case, Henry (Chris Pine) and Celia (Thandiwe Newton) are ex-lovers who are still, strongly, attracted to each other even though she is now married (to someone else) and has kids–director Janus Metz and screenwriter Olen Steinhauer (based on the latter’s book) have 2 stories to tell and the one of the investigation is given more importance for the movie’s good but leaves the audience wanting more of what ignited the couple’s love and many sex scenes that, if eliminated, would have cut the movie to a lot less time–A SLOW MOVING INVOLVED THRILLER WITH A LOT OF ‘R’  SEX SCENES BETWEEN 2 ACTORS WITH A LOT OF CHEMISTRY!

5) “The Protege”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 49 minutes– a violent thriller–I lost the count of those killed in the first 10 minutes–yes, that type of movie–there is a lot of violence, mainly by the lead actress, Maggie Q, and then there is a lot of violence against her–oh, let’s not forget Michael Keaton giving and getting a lot of violence–ANYONE FOR VIOLENCE THIS IS YOUR MOVIE–IT IS A QUICK MOVING FILM AND I ONLY COVERED MY EYES A DOZEN TIMES!

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From what I understand the term Mothering Sunday has many meanings from being the day people gave their servants a day off to visit their family or in church the 4th Sunday of Lent or what was to become Mother’s Day to honor Mothers. I don’t quite know what it has to do with this movie though it deals with 2 mothers who are far from the title characters.

The movie is basically about a maid,(Odessa Young), who has an affair with a rich young man,(Josh O’Connor), both knowing there is no future for them. (Oh yes, both seem very comfortable with their full frontal nudity!)

The story seems to be about 3 different stages in Jane’s life–Glenda Jackson, at 86, playing her as an old woman in a very small role–and we are constantly going back and forth in time which seems to be very popular in movies these days and I only find confusing! Though there is a lot about a writer there is more voice-over than writing or story telling and that combined with the constant change of time only makes for a confusing story. I still don’t know who O’Connor’s parents are!!

The editing doesn’t help the movie but I think that is more of the director and screenwriter’s fault.  The story is all over the place and making it even worse some scenes are just fillers because without so many it would be a very short movie.

This is the second movie in the past year that Olivia Coleman is in a movie that constantly goes back and forth in time but here she only has a cameo and one quick scene with tears that would be effective if we knew more about her (instead of knowing she is the mother of 2(?) dead sons!) Her husband is played by Colin Firth, who I found for the first time not inhabiting a role. For most of the film I had thought they were O’Connor’s parents but wrong

I had suggested to Allen we go see this movie because I had thought it was along the lines of Downton Abbey, Sandition or Bridgerton which is his sought of go to film but we both agreed the major word for the movie is boring, even in spite of the  nudity!

An aside: I might becoming impatient with movies in theatres as I would have fast forwarded through this and seen a good 45 minute movie plus is it really fair to pay $9+ for a movie when you can pay $8.99 for streaming and see 100 movies? Oh, I will never stop going to movie houses to see a movie  but I think it will be more in the genre of “The Lost City” which was made for a HUGE screen, saw last week and enjoyed much more than this!

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1) “Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days”–Netflix–Standup–Finally a ‘clean’ comic–I have not seen and/or heard him in awhile–I loved his ‘You might be a redneck if……’ routines–what a pleasure to see him again—not a single time did he use THE ‘f’ word though he did say fart once–sure, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and he likes the words pee and peeing, especially in his last bit, but he is very funny using it—yes he refers to his ‘junk’ but 95% of his act is funny and clean–HE GOT ME TO LAUGH OUT LOUD A FEW TIMES WHICH ISN’T EASY FOR A STANDUP COMIC–A MUST SEE!

2) “Bridgerton”–Netflix–series–season 2–8 episodes–7 hours & 14 minutes–you know what to expect for ‘Shondaland’ productions and she delivers–a classic costume drama that takes place in the Regency era, early 1800 s–we have mothers wanting to marry their daughters off for monetary reasons–we have wives addressing their husbands as ‘My Lord’ in the privacy of their bedrooms–and we have Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte who wigs alone make this series worth seeing–the series hits all the right buttons and though you know where it is going you don’t want it to go there yet are happy when it does–you must see Golda!!!

3) “Standing Up”–Netflix–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 38 minutes–French with subtitles–we follow 4 comics from a beginner to one at it for awhile–none are funny–they are actors acting and do fine in the personal scenes but so many parts are of them doing stand up routines they don’t–a comedy about standup comics that is not funny nor are the actors.

4) “In Good Hands”–Netflix–Turkish movie filmed in Istanbul–1 hour & 45 minutes–the first half is a funny romantic comedy and second half a sad romantic drama–both are held together by a 6 year old (Mert Ege Ak)–there is only one thing I didn’t believe (nor do I believe what takes place between mother and son)–Asli Enver and Ezgi Senier are the leads but Ak is the STAR–“My heart hurts enough” is the story–if you are not crying and smiling at the ending I don’t want to know you!

5) “Windfall”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 32 minutes–Nobody (played by Jason Segal) holds CEO (played by Jesse Plemons) and Wife (played by Lily Collins) captive and Nobody isn’t good at this job–just as the people aren’t given names a lot of things aren’t revealed until—-it is rich versus poor–it is comedy versus drama–there’s a gun but…..there is a kidnapping but….there is a ransom but….there is a surprise ending that I didn’t see coming which makes for a good thriller

6) “The Woods”–Netflix–series—season 1–6 episodes–3 hours & 6 minutes–a novel set in New Jersey turns into a film set in Poland–a thriller that is too complex–too much going back and forth in time–interesting enough to keep you watching but by the 5th episode I wanted it to be over–the 5th episode seemed to never end–a teenage girl is missing and her brother is telling the story of what happened—or did it? Other teenagers  are missing–and people, giving their versions of what happened, help and hinder–by the end of episode 6 I didn’t care if the kids were missing, dead or ??? I won’t be seeing season 2 if the mystery wasn’t solved–I really don’t know or care

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Streaming Reviews—April 2022 Part 1

1) “To Be of Service”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 20 minutes–about U.S. veterans , PSTD & dogs–emotions  of the vets are raw, sometimes hard to hear and/or see–the dogs take up little space in this documentary but their worth to these men and women are as valuable as their vets service was to the USA–Listen to the words of the song at the end

2) “King of Thieves”–Amazon Prime–film–1 hour & 48 minutes–based on a true story–take a good group, not of ‘old men’, but of veteran actors who know what they are doing and you egt a thumbs up and salute to good old fashioned heist movies–while not quite as good  it is entertaining hearing /seeing them excel at throw away lines and have fun at their job as actors while in their 80s

3) “Bad Vegan”–Netflix–documentary of true crime–6 episodes–3 hours & 28 minutes–a scam & toxic relationship along with true crime stories all all over TV whether broadcast, streaming, cable , etc. & this is one more but as attractive as the  victim is she seems to be too cold to elicit any sympathy, empathy or caring for her–Sarma Melnqailis, sorry, bored me and I didn’t feel anything for her after listening to her talk to her dog and/or her coworkers talking for her.

4) “Black Mirror”–Netflix–5 seasons–22 episodes–season 1–3 episodes-2 hours & 35 minutes–all stories contained in each episode–sort of  a”Twilight Zone” for the 21st century but not as finely written–many varied themes and good cast of actors in each.

5) “Rescued By Ruby”–Netflix–film–based on a true story–1 hour & 33 minutes–yes, there are awes, tears and smiles & yes, you know from the beginning how it is going to end but all of that doesn’t mean thing —both dog Ruby and the State Trouper get an 8th chance at a life they want–the ‘Hollywood’ ending seems contrived, not quite believable, but stay for the credits and you will see it is true.

6) “the Adam Project”–Netflix–movie–1 hour &46 minutes–I liked Ryan Reynolds in this though I haven’t always been a fan of his–I can see how he became a STAR and all the cast here are of the best–I bet Mark Ruffalo can make anyone cry–I am and always have been a big fan of his–doesn’t disappoint in this film–nothing earth shattering (pardon the pun–you will understand that after you see the movie–see it and enjoy yourself and always read the critics AFTER you have seen a movie!

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