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Let me start off by saying see it!
Luckily I am–it seems–incapable of walking out of a movie no matter how bad it is! Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane have been everywhere advertising “Bros.” as a picture that will change the world but that’s not the case! I don’t know how long it took to get to the location of the film moved to Provincetown–seemed like hours–but I wanted to leave until that point and then the movie seemed to make a complete turnaround and took me over.

We are all used to Hollywood films where boy meets girl–boy and girl fall in love–boy and girl have a fight–eventually boy and girl get back together and live happily ever after. This movie follows the formula only it is boy meets boy and you know how it is going to end, here it is with a slight twist.The screenwriters Billy Eichner and Nicholas Stoller get a little preachy now and then and the comedy in this romance comedy isn’t that funny but it is a sweet love story along the lines of “You’ve Got Mail” or “Pretty Woman” or any other Hollywood romance movie except here it is a gay love story and gay people will shout ‘stereotypes’ (not true) and be disappointed in the sex scenes while gay friendly non-gay people will sit back, enjoy and, just might, learn something about their friends, family members and next door neighbors.Bobby (Billy Eichner) is a fully out guy who has a thing for gay history and will be curator of a new LBGTQ+ history museum while Aaron( Luke Macfarlane) is a lawyer who organizes wills and estates and out to a certain extent but not at his job or with his family. With misunderstandings they flirt with each other but both are not into relationships for different reasons.

Okay, you can take it from there except a few diversions you may not be ready for or expect.

It probably won’t surprise you that the soundtrack has been arranged by Marc Shaiman who was responsible for the music in “Sleepless in Seattle”, “When Harry Met Sally”,  “Beaches” and other award winners.

There are many surprise cameos by famous people of all shades of the rainbow and those who are their friends while a couple have major roles.

I will admit I had many tears flowing in the last quarter of the movie but I am a crier in the movies. I identified with three characters in the film so that may be the tears but then again I cried in the aforementioned films!

While Eichner seems to want this to be a landmark in Hollywood—and I do hope it does great at the box office–it just misses the mark though I hope it will bring more true to life gay romantic comedies.

An aside: I am currently reading Harvey Fierstein’s memoir “I Was Better Last Night” and he talks about how he set his award winning “Torch Song Trilogy” pre-AIDS and he was attacked by many gays for that and though “Bros.” makes a passing reference to AIDS at the museum, with all the different people represented I don’t recall any living on PREP seen, talked about or mentioned, even in passing.

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1) “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist”–Netflix–Documentary–2 episodes–2 hours & 4 minutes–Synopsis: a man is ‘catfished’ on social media–I had never heard of Manti Te’o but seems to have been  huge news story in 2012 and shows a lot of damage the Internet can do–American media and the public crushed the life of an innocent man–my heart goes out to this man who lost everything because he believed and trusted people!

2) “Love in the Villa”–Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 55 minutes–Synopsis: Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy, is compromised when she finds out the villa she rented is already occupied by an attractive, annoying Englishman–you have seen this a million times before and you know how it ends–run of the mill, enjoyable and forgettable romantic comedy with beautiful Verona scenery!

3) “Echos”–Netflix–limited series–7 episodes–5 hours & 22 minutes–Synopsis: twins with very different personalities have exchanged lives many times since high school–both are married–one has gone missing–Michelle Monaghan is excellent but I couldn’t tell when she was Gina or the twin sister Leni–in the ‘old days’ when Bette Davis played twins you had no problem knowing when who was who–very confusing for me but did hold my interest for all 7 episodes

4) “Sins Of Our Mother”–Netflix–Documentary–3 episodes–2 hours & 19 minutes–Synopsis: Lori Vallow went from being a member of the LDS church to being on trial for murdering her daughter and son–harrowing to watch but made too soon as her trial isn’t until 2023 so no ending unless there is a sequel.

5) “It Takes A Lunatic”–Netflix–Documentary–2 hours & 6 minutes–Synopsis: life of an acting teacher & theatre producer–I have honestly never heard of him before though I was familiar with his founding American Place Theatre–the title is misleading because far from being a lunatic he is a warm, caring man and teacher who cared for his (some very famous) students and those he worked with.

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1) “Julia”–HBOMAX–limited series–8 episodes–6 hours & 6 minutes–Synopsis: Julia Child’s rise to stardom and the hurdles she had to get over to get there–when I saw Meryl Streep play Julia Child I saw her acting as Julia–here Sarah Lancashire IS Julie Child and I got to know her–Lancashire is surrounded by a really first rate supporting cast starting with David Hyde Pierce–with so many stage actors and a soundtrack from Judy Garland to Nancy Walker “Julia” is a really delightful series.

2) “Gaslit”–STARZ–limited series–8 episodes–7 hours & 3 minutes–Synopsis: revisiting Watergate with the emphasis on Martha Mitchell’s role in it–from Julia Child we turn to Julia Roberts and she does a superb job as ‘the mouth of the South’ and is missed when not on screen–Sean Penn, as John Mitchell, is unrecognizable and does an excellent job–no matter how familiar you may be with Watergate this is a new look and a star-powered drama that grips you just as Julia Roberts does who is fantastic.

3) “Meril Sapere Aude”–NETFLIX–Season 2–8 episodes–5 hours & 55 minutes–Synopsis: the continuing story of Pol Rubio seeking a career in philosophy, his life at the university, his trying to figure out his sexuality and one of his professor’s, Maria Bolano, who has an alcohol problem, a daughter with Down Syndrome and constantly challenges Pol in and out of school–a standout of the cast is Maria Pujalte as the professor–unlike most series with many characters in this series each person has a story that is interesting and moves the story along–Pol says to Alex, “I don’t want to cry,” and Alex replies, “I want you to cry,”–I CRIED!!!, a lot during this series, both seasons.

4) “Sweet Life: Los Angeles”–HBOMAX–Season 1–10 episodes–5 hours & 38 minutes–Synopsis: wealthy young people, mostly 25 years old, and Black–the show basically revolves around 7 of them–there is a lot of humor as we watch them pursue their dreams but there is far more drama–too much drama, especially since I don’t empathize with 25 year olds and find they are wasting a lot of their lives on silly things.

5) “Topsy-Turvy”–HBOMAX–Movie–2 hours & 40 minutes–Synopsis: in 1884 the most successful partnership on the English stage, Gilbert & Sullivan, were in trouble–a very British film in a good way–we see Gilbert & Sullivan actually make “The Mikado” come to life after they have a falling out–“The more I see of men the more I admire dogs”–if you like that and/or identify with it you will love this film! :O)

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Inline image

The ‘old’ Gateway theatre has new owners and they are redoing the theatre–this is the ‘old

The Gateway Theatre opened March 24, 1951 with the world premiere of “Up Front” starring David Wayne. It was operated by Wometco Theatres as a single screen venue with 1,500 seats, all on a single floor. The theatre had its own 500-car paved parking lot. Sunrise Cinemas later operated the the theatre and has converted it to a fourplex. “Where The Boys Are” had its premiere here in 1960.It runs the latest in fine art, foreign and independent films. It is noted as one of Fort Lauderdale’s landmark theatres. Much of its original style has been preserved in the conversion to a fourplex. The new owners—Paradigm company–has started their renovation.

They are starting a complete renovation and, hopefully, their current prices will be in effect when they are finished–the daytime  $6 for seniors and the $5 Tuesdays look good! (Bottom left photo.) They have replaced their old seats (for which I had brought a neck pillow to be comfortable will not be needed anymore!) with recliner, high back comfortable chairs– sorry but it was too dark to get a good shot (bottom right). I just hope they keep some of the mementos they had previously such as the comment board, old motion picture stills, newspaper stories from the ‘old’ days, etc., in the lobby/concession area (top picture on the right.) Will keep you up to date with the changes–they might even fill Allen’s wish with a new modern marquee!!

“The Good Boss” with Javiar Bardem–2 hours–at the Gateway Theatre–Bardem is one of those actors who never gives a bad  performance whether playing the good guy or the villain and in this film he is a combination of both being the owner who cares for his employees but still has an eye on what’s good for his business–it is a Spanish film with English subtitles–I lost count of all the marital affairs going on and I felt a little more explanation could have been given regarding the intern’s subplot with one not too plausible–Bardem, as the boss, thinks he is in control but really isn’t and the actor looks and acts the role just right and he is supported by an excellent cast–the film is a low key comedy and it’s good seeing a film on the large ‘silver screen’!!


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1) “My Daughter’s Killer”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 23 minutes–Synopsis: A father fights for decades to bring his daughter’s killer to justice in France and Germany before taking extreme measures–we follow the father as he goes through the actual fight he has to bring his daughter’s killer to justice and how the man, a doctor, got away with raping women–heartbreaking and in a way it asks does 2 wrongs make a right?
2) “The Next 365 Days”–Netflix–part of a film trilogy–1 hour & 52 minutes–Synopsis: Laura & Massimo’s relationship hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues–I am glad I didn’t see the first 2 films–when 400 sex scenes are boring what else is there to say?
3) “Spider-man:No Way Home”–Starz–film–2 hours & 28 minutes–Synopsis: Spider-man times 3 fights 3 past villains–a lot of special effects and, I guess, 3 Spider-men will please certain people but I am not one of them.
4) “Girl”–Netflix–Belgium film–1 hour & 45 minutes–Synopsis: A transgender girl training to become a ballerina–the dance sequences add greatly to the fight that Lara is having with a body that isn’t changing as fast as is her need–the more I learn about transgender people the more I want to learn and this added to my knowledge though I still get mixed up with ‘he/her/they’!

5) “A Crime on the Bayou”–Starz–Documentary–1 hour and 31 minutes–Synopsis: a 1966 Louisiana incident that underlines the absurdities of Southern racial justice–a black man puts his hand on the elbow of a white youth and the man is accused of ‘cruelty to a juvenile’–we follow the many cases brought  against the man over several years just to ‘prove’ he is guilty–discrimination is a horror no matter what group it is against and no matter how many films you see about the topic they all affect you if you believe in human justice.

A Note: not streaming but on The CW station, Tuesday nights at 8 PM is an excellent series about “Leonardo”!

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1) “Never Have I Ever”–Netflix–series–Season 3–10 episodes–4 hours & 36 minutes–Synopsis: coming of age comedy/drama revolving around Devi, a young Indian teenager in Sherman Oaks, California, wanting to change her status–teenagers in high school only here we follow 3 girls who want to lose their virginity before they graduate–a realistic look at teenagers, their fears, concerns, doubts–better than most
2) “Sex Club 101”–Starz–Documentary–47 minutes–Synopsis: exploration of sex clubs from etiquette standards to daily life–I was going to sex clubs 70 years ago and they try to represent is as new–BORING!
3) “Barbra: The Music…the Memories..the Magic”–Netflix–Concert–1 hour & 48 minutes–Synopsis: the title says it all–she sings her many hits, talks about Broadway, movies and gives the audience what they came for–recorded in 2016 in Miami–just what any Streisand fan (me for one) wants to see and hear and she delivers though a bit too polished at times–who cares??
4) “Nice Guys”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 56 minutes–Synopsis: a private eye and a tough guy get tangled up in the seamy side of 1970s Los Angeles as they investigate an adult film star’s mysterious death–starts off on a good note and then goes downhill the next 100 minutes–it’s good to see Russell Crowe but I am still waiting for the star he was to come back.
5) “Barry”–HBOMAX–series–dark comedy–season 1–8 episodes–3 hours & 55 minutes–Synopsis: a depressed, low-rent hit man wants to start a new life as an actor but……though it takes a sharp turn in the 7th episode it was too late for me–it’s been a big hit and I am in the minority but have no desire to see seasons 2 & 3.

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1) “Minx”–HBOMax–series–season 1–10 episodes–4 hours & 52 minutes–Synopsis: Set in the 1970s, a young feminist from Los Angeles join forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first women’s erotic magazine–first off the two leads Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson are a pleasure to watch–looking back at the world then and what they are showing on TV now is interesting–certain scenes may come across as scandalous but though about pornography the series is not pornographic–just fun!
2) “Hacks”–HBOMax–series–2 seasons–season 1 10 episodes 5 hours–season 2–8 episodes–4 hours & 17 minutes–Synopsis:explores a dark mentorship that forms between Deborah Vance, a legendary Vegas comedian and an entitled, outcast 25 year old–
I heard a lot about Jean Smart in this series but wasn’t really interested in seeing it–I decided to watch the first couple of episodes and before I knew I had watched all 18 episodes–Jean Smart is as good as the  critics having been saying she is and the series is interesting.
3) “Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World”–HBOMax–Documentary–1 hour & 36 minutes–Synopsis: Tennis champion who battled prejudice on and off the courts gets his closeup–he was a much admired man and sort of a hero and this is sort of a worship portrait of him produced by his wife–he died of AIDS from a blood transfusion at the age of 49–deservedly gets the spotlight he should get and a lot of interesting bits about the man he was,4) “The Survivor”–HBOMax–film based on the true life of Harry Haft–2 hours & 9 minutes–Synopsis: Harry Haft survived Auschwitz and other concentration camps on the strength of his ability to fight and after the war is a good enough fighter to have a match with Rocky Marciano–this is one of the most difficult pictures I have watched in a long time and should be seen.
5) “The White Lotus”–HBOMax–series–season 1–6 episodes–5 hours & 51 minutes–Synopsis: well to do guests and staff at a Hawaiian–critics are/were raving about it–Murray Bartlett and Natasha Rothwell are excellent–I didn’t care for it though I watched all 6 episodes–sorry but I just can’t stand Jennifer Coolidge’s character.
6) “Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall”–Starz–Documentary–Synopsis: Follow singer, composer, choreographer as he launches an original full-scale original musical Straight Outta Oz–I have never heard of Hall before and if you haven’t here is some background–he is a very talented guy with an interesting background.

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1) “Dominick Dunne: After The Party”–Prime–Documentary–1 hour & 25 minutes–for a man who has seen, done, witnessed and lived through a lot he is a dull man–sadly his daughter was murdered which affected his life and writing–not worth watching.

2) “The Rehearsal”–HBO Max–comedy series–season 1–6 episodes–3 hours & 14 minutes–Synopsis: the lengths one man will go through to reduce the uncertainties of every day life–I’ve done this method over 50 years using, “If I do this what is the worst that can happen?”–the show is getting raves (even from people I admire) and I can’t figure out why.

3) “Nightmare Alley”–HBO Max–Movie–2 hours & 30 minutes–Synopsis: a manipulative carnie and a devious shrink join forces–excellent performances by Toni Collette, Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper–a remake of a 1940s film with Tyrone Power–movie runs 40 minutes longer than the original and is good but was a remake really necessary?

4) “Father of the Bride”–HBO Max–Movie–1 hour & 58 minutes–Synopsis: you are invited to the love, food, music and the fun of a modern rom/com update of the timeless classic that shows the surprising ways the heart can adapt in the name of love from a Latin point of view–every generation needs a “Father of the Bride”–this has Andy Garcia as the father and Adria Arjona as the bride–Garcia (is this sacrilege?) is better than Spencer Tracy was in the original while Liz Taylor is ‘more’ everything than Arjona–Taylor was absolutely gorgeous in this–not a ‘must see’ but enjoyable.

5) “Purple Hearts”–Netflix–movie–2 hours & 2 minutes–Synopsis: an inspiring actress/ musician agrees to a marriage of convenience with a soon to be deployed Marine but a tragedy soon turns their fake romance all too real–if you don’t know how this movie plays out and will end after the first 15 minutes you haven’t seen enough movies–major problem is the soundtrack is ‘off’ and lips and words don’t match–it’s a Hollywood soap opera, tearjerker and romance all in one–a love story full and cliche and trashy plus there isn’t that major chemistry between the leads BUT I loved it–hey, I’m a sucker for romance!!

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(Hate to admit it but the best new show I saw this week was on a network channel The CW–“Leonardo”–yes based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci!)

1) “13 Lives”–Prime–movie based on a true story–2 hours & 22 minutes–still being fresh in the mind and knowing how it ends really takes most of the suspense of the film about the young soccer players and their 25 year-old coach trapped in a cave underwater–director Ron Howard makes the stories of the boys and the divers who save them a good movie.

2) “The Sandman”–Netflix–series–season 1–10 episodes–6 hours & 4 minutes–the King of Dreams controls the dreams of everyone on earth and turns into a battle between the King and The Corinthian who uses nightmares to kill people–a lot of special effects but I was bored with the story and quit after the 5th episode!

3) “I Am Michael”–Prime–film based on a true story–1 hour & 41 minutes–Synopsis: Michael Glatze a ‘former’ gay magazine editor became a Christian pastor with a girlfriend–the acting by James Franco in the lead  and the direction and screenplay by Justin Kelly are all flat and makes the story very unconvincing.

4) “I Just Killed My Dad”–Netflix–documentary–limited series–3 episodes–2 hours & 5 minutes–Synopsis: is Anthony Templet a murderer or a victim? That depends on who you ask and in the case of a teen who shot his own father there are no easy answers–found guilty or not what kind of life will he have?–there aren’t many frills added to his story but really too much of a one note feel–one line remains with me–a test juror asks, “Guilty or not? But he did kill someone!”

5) “Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99”–Netflix–documentary–3 episodes–2 hours & 23 minutes–Synopsis: an attempt to revisit the ‘peace and love’ of the original festival in 1969–the title says it all in that the documentary is like watching a train wreck and is a mess!

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1) “13 the Musical”–Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 34 minutes–from the opening with various scenes of New York to the last musical number this movie about 13 years olds grabbed me–the Bar Mitzvah scene had me in tears though I don’t remember mine–it’s not great–not the best musical ever but the kids were great whether singing and/or dancing–the songs fit in–I never saw or heard about this Broadway musical and I don’t know who the audience this was made for–maybe it was made for an old man who is still a kid but I thoroughly enjoyed it up to and including the last number which is joyful and fun.

2) “Inside the Mind of a Cat”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 7 minutes–the title alone will sell it to the millions of cat lovers but even dog lovers will enjoy how inquisitive, intelligent, social and teachable cats are–does a cat play favorites? Know their name as silly as it may be? Do they love us? There has to be a part 2, if not a lot more chapters, to this fascinating look into our feline friends.

3) “Look Both Ways”–Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 50 minutes–we follow a woman (played by Lili Reinhart) as she follows 2 different paths in life–one as a single mother who is trying to find out how her life works while the other path is about a young artist trying to break into an industry that is very much closed–switching between both lives is done effortlessly and you never get ‘lost’–Lili Reinhart  does a remarkable job playing the same woman living 2 different lives–I found this to be a good and surprising film–highly recommend it.

4) “Belfast”–HBO Max–Northern Ireland Movie–1 hour & 37 minutes–Judi Dench makes a bad film good and a good movie better as she does in this film by Kenneth Branagh looking back at his childhood in Ireland during the Protestants and Catholics ‘wars’–the interaction between Dench and Ciaran Hinds as husband and wife is delightful–they are grandparents everyone wants–Jude Hill as their grandson and for a young lad almost steals the picture from the professional and veteran actors–though it is in black & white (except for some Hollywood film excerpts in color) I wish it had been made in color to show Belfast but then it was a black and white time–an excellent too brief film!


5) “The Last Movie Stars”–HBO Max–Documentary–6 episodes–6 hours & 6 minutes–the first time I met Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward was when they were starring in “Baby Wants A Kiss” and I was working at the Ham ‘n Eggs coffee shop–I think it was 1964–yes, his eyes were THAT blue and she was more beautiful in person than on screen and he was a good tipper!–we look at the famous, the beautiful people and we really don’t know them–in this series we get to see a little behind the scenes these two people who we have preconceived ideas about–Paul Newman was better known than Joanne but that is mainly due to the fact she chose to stay home and take care of their kids at a time she should have been making movies–her answer to this gives you great insight to this woman–that plus seeing her reaction to Newman’s line “Why buy hamburger when you have Filet Mignon at home?” is worth seeing this series alone but there is so much more to learn about them–it is sad to hear and see about his dying but watching Woodward in one of her last movies playing  woman with Alzheimer’s knowing that she has been dealing with that illness since 2007 but watching them individually, or as a couple, shows fascinating human beings who brought a lot and did a lot for the public–definitely worth seeing and making you want to watch all their movies!

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