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Tropical Storm Watch Issued for South Florida as Potential Tropical Cyclone One FormsA Tropical Storm Watch was issued for South Florida as Potential Tropical Cyclone One formed Thursday evening, according to ..

Meanwhile life goes on in South Florida!

1)  The two wolves on the June calendar welcome you to summer, the rainy & hurricane seasons, in Fort Lauderdale!!!

2) The Gateway Theatre was recently taken over by new owners and started a GoFundMe page to spruce it up a bit. The first picture was a year ago and the second today’s lobby-a lot more to come. Here’s more of the history of The Classic Gateway:”The Gateway Theatre opened March 24, 1951 with the world premiere of “Up Front” starring David Wayne. It was operated by Wometco Theatres as a single screen venue with 1,500 seats, all on a single floor. The theatre had its own 500-car paved parking lot. Sunrise Cinemas later operated the the theatre and had converted it to a fourplex.The World premiere of “Where The Boys Are” took place here in 1960 which is where I saw it before I moved back to New York.
It runs the latest in fine art, foreign and independent films. It is noted as one of Fort Lauderdale’s landmark theatres.”

3) And then what’s life without food? That is why the Quarterdeck is here! I have been going there for over 20 years and just last week had the BEST jambalaya ever and I have been recommending it there for years but this was pure heaven.Well if the electricity and power doesn’t go off with the 8 inches of rain expected I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Lasagna, an alarm and a Geranium!   1 comment

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1) It is so great to have an Italian neighbor—an Italian neighbor who loves to cook–an Italian neighbor who loves to cook and is a good cook–an Italian neighbor who loves to cook and thinks of her neighbor!! Yes, that is Cathy and just today she brought me a HUGE pan of lasagna–enough that I may even Allen half–(he is just lucky that my primary doctor said my potassium is a little too high and she wants me to come in for a lab test next week and that I should watch what I am eating–she has no sense of humor because she didn’t laugh when I said that I always WATCH what I am eating whether an apple or a carrot cake!)

2) Talking about my primary and doctors and labs–after close to 20 years with Aetna I switched my Medicare Plus insurance to  Health Sun because of the many benefits including a free ’emergency response system’–after my ‘falling’ off my recliner in December I’ve been looking into an alarm system–this one wouldn’t have helped me because you have to push the button to get help and I was out cold for about an hour and a half but this is at least a start–I can wear it around my neck (as in the picture) or like a wrist watch. I’ve been wearing it around the neck without any problem when I am in the apartment and in bed. I am trying to be careful as I walk around but…….So far, so good!

3) A little brightness near my computer–the sun shining on the Geranium giving it a white look when it is actually a mix of red and pink–love it!Now to MY lasagna!!!

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Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill

I’ve always considered Gilbert’s 17th Street grill one of the better places for a good cheeseburger but I found myself disappointed this time.

I won’t make a big deal out of getting Sweet Potato fries for regular French fries as that could have been quickly fixed if I had wanted to change but it wasn’t an important item for me.

The burger itself was thick on a small bun, medium-rare as I ordered, and by the time the cheese, lettuce, tomato and the slice of onion I requested it was too thick to take a reasonable bite. The burger flattened a little and put on a slightly larger, not thicker, bun would have been a lot better to deal with.

Removing the top part of the bun, using and knife and fork it was a good meal but not a cheeseburger! :O)

By the way, the ‘runner-busboy-server was excellent!

Cold Stone Creamery

Haven’t been here for awhile so decided to go in for an ice cream. There were 4 customers in front of me and 2 came in right after I did.

Looking over the selections—many as usual–I decided to have one of the

‘Signature Creations’ called Chocolate Devotion consisting of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, brownie bits and fudge served in a waffle cup with chocolate around the edge but I had it in a plain cup.

Could have done without the last 2 items in it but it took care of my chocolate ‘fix’ for a few days!

There was one person behind the counter and she was doing it all–waiting on 8 people, making their orders, working the register—with a smile!

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A WEEK IN APRIL 2022   1 comment

#s 1 & 2)  Things you learn as you get old–an 86 year old man shouldn’t move a bed around even if to do some Spring cleaning! I had to get some ‘bed stoppers–for those that can’t lift heavy things’—don’t get me wrong as once you get them around the wheel they work great but don’t try to take an easy way out–don’t lift the bed and lose a wheel! Actually just don’t lift the bed!#s

3 & 4) We have been very lucky with weather since the beginning of March! In the mid to high 80s during the day and in the low to mid 70s overnight. Oh,some–a little–rain here and there and an occasional dip into the 60s overnight but Spring Breakers, tourists and the Easter & Passover visitors have had great weather!

#s 5 to 8) All my pepper plants are beginning to sprout–green, red and orange. They all started from seeds about 5 years ago and I get a ‘crop’ of peppers twice a year!

#s 9 & 10) My ‘Christmas Cactus’ bloomed again just in time for Passover & Easter.#s

11 & 12) We go to Big Louie’s about 3 times a month for a pizza with pepperoni, meatballs, onions, mushrooms and olives plus once in awhile—just for Terry–I will order garlic rolls and eat them in his honor! I’m such a good friend!

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Canary/Canari Melon and an update on my meds   1 comment

1) It is no secret that I love food and will eat anything (except oyster plant!) at least once if not more.  Going to The Pantry once a month is like having Christmas once a month—the Christmas of Santa Claus. They receive goods from Trader Joe’s and from other stores, which is passed on to us from beef, chicken, veal, fish, vegetables, fruits, salads, breads, desserts, etc., and, my favorite time there is the ‘extra room’. You are allowed to pick two items from the shelves as there aren’t enough of these items to give to everyone and I, eventually, got the idea these items came from local stores/groceries that dealt with foreign goods like Italian Torani sugar free classic caramel syrup or local Tarazi Falafel mix and Mike’s Huli chicken dippin’ sauce–those weren’t even the exotic items!

When I got home last Wednesday and emptied the boxes I saw a Canary/Canari melon and after putting everything away (including a Cookies & Cream bar cake made with Oreo’s)  I googled the melon and then decided to go for it so I cut, sliced, peeled off the rind and ate a few chunks. It was a little bit more white than honeydew and tasted a little bit and found it to be sweet with sort of a pear taste. I then remembered in google it said something about acquiring the taste of fruits around it and it had been in the bin with pears! I haven’t tried it yet with other fruits but then again I don’t think I would buy it.

2) I had an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor with a list of questions and without going into too much detail, just a reminder or if I didn’t tell you: I was in the hospital for about a week after falling in my apartment and it seems I got infected blood from a cut in my big right toe. I was given a IV in the hospital of anti-bionics and when I came home it was continued until the end of January when I was switched to 2 pills a day, Minocycline,  which the doctor said I would be taking the rest of my life.

Among the side effects, aside from the crazy schedule of taking one every 12 hours I couldn’t take them 2 hours before or after eating and/or taking other medicines and/or vitamins, I was itching and scratching all over my body, my skin was drying up from head to toes, I wasn’t sleeping well but the craziest part was that I had lost my appetite for 2 weeks in early February and though I liked losing weight I had lost over 20 pounds since I started taking the medicine I was getting concerned because since I got my appetite back in March I was eating like I did 40 years ago, and I mean EATING, and I kept losing weight. I never thought I would complain about losing weight but I continued to lose a pound or 2 a week and, no, I am not fading away to nothing but I am still above my old Weight Watchers goal and my own goal but it doesn’t make sense and I am worried health wise.

Long story short—I start a new med tomorrow taking 3 tablets a day and I don’t know about side effects yet though she did warn me about diarrhea and that I should stop the pills and call her immediately!!

I have all the fun!!!

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Weather and Food–I can talk about both all day every day!   Leave a comment

1)  The charts talk for themselves–except for one day with rain it has been great down here for the kids (and adults) on Spring break and today is another warm, beautiful and sunny day!

2) One win and one loss—Organic Apple Banana Crush can be either frozen or not but in both cases neither are good! The Mozzarella and Tomato salad is very good but a bit high on the calorie side. Both are from Trader Joe’s which I got at The Pantry—love the latter!!

3) Allen and I eat out lunch on Thursday after going to the Dollar Tree, CVS, Winn Dixie and, occasionally other places and we need to replenish our energy so it is off to lunch usually alternating between full service and ‘fast’ food. This is a favorite spot of ours, Big Louie’s, and generally we have a pizza but Allen had pasta with meatballs, a salad & garlic rolls (Yes, I stole one!) and I had Stromboli which is a pizza rolled up in disguise!!  And Sheila is still one of the best servers in town!

4) As most of you know I didn’t have a birthday this year being born on February 29 but the ‘freebies’ came in anyway! How could I refuse any sandwich of my choice, fries and shake at Arby’s? They have one of the best Reuben sandwiches, including those in delis! We had 2 shakes, 2 Reubens, 2 fish sandwiches, 2 fries and 2 sodas (and with other coupons) the whole bill came to $18+ change! $9 each for lunch? Unheard of these days!! More important, the meal was good and Darlene behind the counter with a long line waiting to order and the drive through lined up with cars did a great job!

Have you ever had a Canari Melon from Guatemala? That’s new to me and trying it tonight –well let you know in the future how it was. Another ‘gift’ from The pantry!

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I did NOT eat it ALL at ONE meal! :O)   1 comment

When I was in Winn-Dixie I saw a 3 pound Angus beef roast on sale for $7 which is really a great price these days. Sure, it had a ‘use by’ date ending the next day but with nothing planned I decided to get it and cook it in my crock pot (1), timing it so it would be medium rare–I was off about an hour (3) but it was very tender.

On another plate (4) I empty, drained and washed  cans of low sodium corn and button mushrooms. I added a bunch of grape tomatoes, heated a bag of frozen ‘rice’ cauliflower to the plate and after mixing it all up I sprinkled some sharp cheddar cheese over the top cooked it in the microwave for about 4 minutes.The only thing I was missing was a salad but since November, for whatever reason I don’t know, I had stopped eating lettuce of any kind.

Instead of putting it all on one platter I decided to serve the roast on one plate and the mixed veggies on another serving myself on another plate.  It really was delicious and I was glad I was getting my appetite and taste buds back.

Surprise! Surprise! I decided to eat half one day and save the half for the next–so I was discovering the world of leftovers! (Roast does NOT taste as good the next day—but I ate it all anyway!) LOL

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Food and me NOW!   1 comment

Anyone who knows me knows I have always loved food! There is no such things as ‘bad’ pizza even if frozen and I can easily be bribed with carrot cake. In fact in all my years I have only found one food that I wouldn’t eat again which is oyster plant! (I had to try it on Weight Watchers–what I didn’t do to lose weight!)

Strangely, this mysterious illness I have has had a weird affect on my appetite. It was either that or the food in restaurants isn’t tasting as good as it did before I got sick or COVID has invaded what we eat! I do know I have been having ‘sticker’ shock with menu prices! Emir and I went to the 15th Street Fisheries last Sunday–it was the first time I had been there in about 3-4 years and the prices were almost doubled while the portions looked like half the size! Even–and I say this for the first time in 30 years–when Allen and I went to The Cheesecake Factory the food was disappointing not to mention a ‘lunch’ portion costing $21! (Without cheesecake!)

The only restaurant we went to where I wasn’t disappointed (and we had a 2-4-1 coupon so the price was right!) was the Tequila Sunrise Mexican restaurant which I have been going to over 25 years. Their Seafood Medley (see picture) was tasty, varied, large and a reasonable price! 

I have less than 2 years to find a restaurant for my 22nd Leap Year birthday on Thursday, February 29, 2024, but I will continue to look for that special place (though of the last 4 birthdays 3 of the restaurants went out of business so I might not be that welcome by an owner!)

Oh yes, the box of English biscuits that Emir gave me—belated Christmas present–were delicious so my taste buds are still working!

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TURKEY WEEK   1 comment

Due to the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement on Tuesday, November 16, my energy level has been way down and recovery is slow–doesn’t help that I when I mentioned to my doctor that I had recovered a lot faster in 2008 when I had the whole aorta valve replaced he said, “Remember Martin you are 13 years older”!!–so I had to cancel a dinner invitation I got and accepted.

I knew I would have to stay home a lot and figured the first week would be easy enough with it being Thanksgiving.

Six years ago I cooked the turkey in my crock-pot and was really impressed in how tender it was so I have been doing it that way every year. The only variations I have done is what kind of stuffing I made but this year I decided to do something completely different with this year no stuffing. I cut the 14 pound turkey in half and cooked it in two parts. Over the first half I emptied a package of Knorr chicken flavored rice and pasta and cooked it for two and a half hours and the next day I cooked the second half with a package of teriyaki chicken stir fry sauce also for two and a half hours.

Over the past 4 days I have tried both and was really surprised how tasty they were. I add a sweet potato and various vegetables to each serving plus a salad then finish the meal off a cup, or two, of Luigi’s ‘real’ Italian ice.I can survive this for another 3 days—if the turkey lasts that long!

Inline image

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This, that and other things   1 comment

It may say 75 degrees on the thermometer but with the bright sun out and the cloudless sky it feels like a typical South Florida beach day!

Got the November dogs out which reminds me that I have to get a 2022 calendar out as it is just around the corner.

2) All the ‘baby’ holiday cactus plants are blooming

3) Went to Jalisco’s restaurant on Thursday and I had their Cuban platter: chicken, pork, beef, rice, black beans, onions and plantains–plus they serve a cup of chicken soup along with their chips and salsa as you wait–even I leave filled up

!5) Right across the street from the restaurant are just 6 of the new buildings that are going up all over Fort Lauderdale–the city claims they now have 80, 000 new apartments–who they are going to rent them to plus who could afford them (!) is another story!!!  but then homes are scarce and most people can’t afford the down payment!!

4) Many people have told me not to bother with an air fryer and I should have listened to them! There is basically nothing wrong with them, (the fryer–not my friends!) except learning how to get the ‘fried’ taste plus if you have a indoor grill, a microwave oven and a crock-pot, as I have, the fryer just takes up space. Granted the 2 quart fryer I got takes up very little space and is convenient for 1 person but it is still a waste of money and time as most items will cook faster in the microwave or on the grill.Macy’s has it on “Black Friday” sale for $24.99 which is really a good price if you have time and patience—I have time but not patience when waiting to eat!

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