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Restaurants & People # 11 Last but not least   Leave a comment

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This is the last of the restaurant movies–now I just have to figure out how to slow the frames down so where the writing is you can have enough time to read them! :O)

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DoughBoys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Review—and sobriety!!   2 comments

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If I’m not mistaken it was in March of 2015 that I was here last. Though I am a man of habit I am not rigid, pretty flexible if a change is required. As an example every Thursday I go shopping at the Dollar Tree on 17th Street, then lunch at a full-service restaurant.
For some reason (Alfredo talking about it is THE reason!) I woke up this morning wanting chicken cacciatore which I haven’t had since January 1981 when I gave up drinking alcohol. After all this time I decided I wanted to go to either Big Louie’s, Bistro Mezzaluna or Cafe Vico but riding down to 17th Street I remembered DoughBoys being in the area. Doughboys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has been in business for over 30 years for good reason.
They have a huge, varied menu which offers different size meals for different people. All over their menu you can see: “can serve two”, 4 different size pizzas, “mini, small, large” Calzones and Stromboli’s, 2 different size wraps, ‘half and whole’ subs, cups and bowls of soups, ‘huge’ salads, ‘Smaller versions by specific request only’. They have 19 different categories of food such as Italian Specialties, Combination Entrees, Seafood, Fresh Pasta, Homemade Pasta–okay I don’t know if the fresh pasta is different from the homemade pasta but that’s for another day. They have everything BUT NO CHICKEN CACCIATORE!!
Instead of leaving we decided to stay. With all the above the food doesn’t disappoint and things run fairly smoothly I remembered why I haven’t been there in 4 years! I prefer going there after 5 PM instead of for lunch. The exact same menu is offered for lunch, dinner and late night bites BUT you don’t get table service for lunch. You line up at the counter, give your order, pay and then wait for your name to be called. I don’t understand why it is full price at both the evening and day time but not the full service.
I had their chicken Sophia (small $15.50 which surprised me as for $2 I could have had the larger one! It is a baked chicken cutlet topped with ricotta, pepperoni, ham and sausage covered with sauce and mozzarella. Though it was supposed to be baked the cutlet certainly tasted fried. In any case, I don’t think anything would have satisfied except–yeah, you know what. It was a large portion and served with a large salad and big portion of spaghetti along with a fresh salad All were certainly enough to be shared by two though Allen got his own which was a White Albacore Tuna Antipasto (small one for $9.95). My only major complaint was the lack of full service.
The folks behind the counter were friendly but it was lunchtime with people lined up to order and dirty tables all around with their looking/acting a little ‘in the weeds’ . Though there is no way of knowing it you are expected to clean up your own table as you would in most fast food places the staff does that with the dishwasher helping. Parking is free but if you don’t know the area chances are you will wind up having to make a U-turn if you are driving east as chances are you will go right by the end of the shopping plaza they are in. Going west it will come up surprisingly so you might find yourself taking a last minute right turn.
The cry of most restaurants is “Location, location, location” and after 30 years Doughboys proves that isn’t a must just as they show cutting back on service along with small inconsistencies doesn’t discourage business. (I still haven’t had my chicken cacciatore but writing this I realize I am celebrating 38 years of sobriety–hurrah for me!)


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4 of these restaurants have closed and 3 are on my 10 best restaurants in South Florida list.

Trying this new video making site–takes a few seconds to get started so have patience–let me know what you think of it.

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Restaurants & People #6   Leave a comment

I did learn it is hard to ‘write’ with a mouse!! :O)


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Learning a lot and this is only #5–already at least 130 restaurants plus a few repeats and way too many pictures (selfies) of me!! Also, in future, better pictures of the restaurant’s name and, maybe, only 1 or 2 food pictures.
A couple of these places are out of business, including one of my favorites, The Old Seafood House which had a good run!


Okay, haven’t even gotten to the last 3 years of new places!

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They show know how to hit when you are down!!   1 comment

winn dixie chocolate


The whole world–whether they need it or not–goes on a diet January 1–probably the biggest New Year’s resolution made.

I walked into our local supermarket and, yes, that table was the first thing you saw when entering it!!

Is that playing fair??????

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green bar restaurant 8 april10 2014

32 more restaurants–just glancing over the pictures I know 6-7 have already closed (1 a week after they opened!) Most admit we have eaten in a wide range of foods and restaurants from fast food to fast casual to 5 star dining from Brazilian to Indian to Italian, American, Thai, Mexican and a lot more to go. I think it is nice of me to test restaurants before visitors come to Fort Lauderdale so they know which to go to and which to not go to and waste their time and money!



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