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Inline imageBeauty in Gateway November 10 2018
Look at these pictures and ask me if I miss the 4 seasons and I will tell you NO WAY!!

Oh, we are going to dip into the 60s this weekend for a few minutes and I can deal with that because it will go up to the high 70s or low 80s in the afternoon!

Okay so we have summer 9-10 months out of the year with maybe a total of 7 days of ‘winter’ but we also have a Fall with leaves changing colors and Spring is any day when the humidity is low BUT no snow, sleet, freezing, ice on windshields, slipping and sliding on the ground, etc.

I’ll take the heat, humidity and tourists any time!!


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Restaurants October 2018 Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

It’s no secret I love eating out just as it is no secret that I can’t afford to eat out as much as I want.

I can eat out because I had to give up my car in 2004 so between insurance, repairs (it was a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice convertible), gas, oil, license tags, registration fees, I was saving enough money to eat out is spite of prices of food, let alone restaurant prices, going higher and higher.

One way I can afford to eat out is buying/using coupons from groupon, localflavor, Sunday papers, mailers, in most cases being 2-4-1 or 50% off.

In October things were really looking up as I got to eat in 3 of my favorite restaurants including Bistro MezzaLuna where so far it has been impossible to get a bad Italian dish plus Quarterdeck which has 5 star Jambalaya among other items plus, yes, a fast food place, Subways which have great breads and sandwiches.

We did discover a new restaurant which I thought was a franchise but is just a concept put to work by Joe who owns Press&Grind. There is no doubt that he, and everyone he has trained to work for him, knows the customer is important and takes care of them.

Last, but not least, we discovered Burgerstop and their above average cheeseburgers that run a little high in price, though they are worth it, so it will be a once in a while go to place, definitely looking forward to going!

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October 2018 Movies and Broadway Season   Leave a comment

The big theatre news is that the Broadway Across America has arrived for the 2018-2019 season starting with the 5th visit by “Phantom of the Opera” and will follow by “The King and I” in Fort Lauderdale and “Fiddler on the Roof” in Miami November 20 and, oh yes, some little show called “Hamilton”!

I am flabbergasted that an important, new, excellent movie “The Hate U Give” is not doing smash business. Come on, it is being beaten by “Venom”!!  “The Hate U Give” and the performance by Amanda Stenberg is a MUST SEE!

While “A Star Is Born” is not quite as good and entertaining as the Judy Garland version, which is considered a classic, Lady Gaga acquits herself in both the singing and acting  while Bradly Cooper makes a good directing debut.

And don’t forget the entertaining “Tea With The Dames” which is like spending time with 4 friends who tell it like it is whether talking about each others, themselves or other people in their lives!

BURGERSTOP–restraurant review   1 comment

First and foremost this is one of the best, juiciest cheeseburgers I have had in a long time, including it being cooked to the temperature I like!

The facts: Allen had the ‘Fu-Ghet-About-It’ burger ($14.95) and a Mint Chip White Chocolate shake ($8). He really liked the shake but found the burger a little hard to handle. I had the Under Construction Burger ($13.50) and a bowl of vanilla ice cream ($5). I had the burger medium rare with cheddar cheese, raw onion and tomato. It was thick on a good seeded bun and came with a side of thin fries which really didn’t thrill me. The $5 of ice cream was for 3 scoops and I have been charged about the same for a lesser amount in many other restaurants.

Gabriel, the server, did an excellent job except for 1 slight mistake. When we paid the check we did it with a credit card which he was able to take care right at the table but when handing the machine for me to sign he had added a 18% tip and didn’t say anything about it. I just happened to catch it when I saw the total and explained to him that I preferred leaving a cash tip—I was a waiter for 38 years and other waiters will understand why. He showed me where I could enter ‘no tip’ which I did and asked for a receipt. Our check with tax came to $43.94 and we left a $10 tip.

Though there are legitimate reasons for adding a tip to a check, and I still won’t/don’t like it, it should be a rule that the customer be told when the check is given.

Basically, the lunch check came to $26 each which is way too high for my budget and wouldn’t allow me to eat there very often but when I am ready for good burger, a treat, and having it the way I want to I will go to BRGRSTOP.

Another negative: the ever annoying televisions!

It was fairly empty being 3 PM with a couple at the bar and 2 other couples at tables but I have an idea it can be pretty noisy when even at half capacity. The place has an interesting but very ‘busy’ interior.

Bottom line? I loved that burger!

My September 2018 Life Part 2   Leave a comment


Movies, Me and restaurantsMovies September 2018

September and October 2018 dartboardDining out restaurants September 2018

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My Life September 2018 Part 1   1 comment

Inline image
Some things in my life are constant such as the beautiful, day or night, good or bad weather, of The Point overlooking Karen Bay at the east end of our Gateway community. Though we are situated in a busy part of Fort Lauderdale you would never know it because it is always quiet, serene there even with yachts, jet skis, canoes, paddleboard, kayaks, motorboats, etc., in the water and planes of all sizes overhead.
As I do every month I tried new foods, enjoyed eating out and, after a few years, bought a new robe to loaf around the apartment with.
Also, it looks like I was one of the lucky ones who got the U.S. Census form to fill out–anyone else?
One of the negatives living in an ‘old folks’ community is the arrival and sounds of ambulances coming and going at all times of the day and night. You learn, very quickly, if you haven’t seen anyone in a few days not to ask about them! I’ve taken a few trips with the Medics to both Broward General and Holy Cross hospitals and they are a great crew but it sort of makes me think when they recognize me!
I know life is going on and is good every time I look at my Geraniums and, like every month for the past 6-7 years, they are in bloom–this month it was the pink ones and I can already see the red ones getting ready to bloom in October.
Life is good folks!
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A year ago on this date–Hurricane Irma   1 comment

Notes from my diary
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September 10 2017 Sunday  Hurricane Irma landed—electricity went off at Noon—it is 11:30 PM now—no a/c—don’t know if I will get any sleep—took a walk—winds still heavy—I have ‘floods’ in 3 places—2 panes were blown out of east window—water leaking in from air conditioning and defrosting fridge is leaving water all over kitchen floor—I think Irma is over—now we wait to get electricity back

September 11 2017  Monday  Hurricane Irma gone as is my roof—the only Gateway building to lose one (It would take 10 months to get it repaired!) A lot of trees down.

September 12 2017 Tuesday  Still no electricity—hot day—at 10:30 PM I called 911—thought I was having a heatstroke (long story)—medics came—no room at the hospital—they gave me a few ice packs!!

September 18 2017 Monday  Jackie’s car totaled— 8 th day without electricity—finally came back on at 6:30 PM

Looking over my notes for that week I see: John loaned me his fan—Mac gave me a table light—Shirley brought me 2 slices of pizza—Winn Dixie closed—movie theatres closed for a few days—window panes replaced the next day—temperatures were in the 86 and higher range the whole week.

Video I made of Hurricane Irma

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