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Fake News from the weather channel?!?!   1 comment

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Look at the date and time on the upper left hand corner in the left picture and then the right!It wasn’t this cold during the Ice Age when I was born in Fort Lauderdale!! Now this would qualify as a cold wave in South Florida yesterday or could it be the definition on Fake News?I may have to go to Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island to warm up or even better to New Zealand or Australia where it is summer!

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King Tides   1 comment

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King tides are sort of a look into the near future as sea levels rise. Combine closeness to the moon, rainy weather, wind and near-hurricane conditions and we get floods. 

Each year the tides get more severe along with the flooding and traffic becomes completely hazardous as our streets aren’t ready for the water that quickly becomes curb high–where there are curbs!

I love Mother Nature–especially when I am inside and dry!–even when she gets a little nasty like today (and the next couple of days!) yet combines everything to make the area surrounding us look so different.

And, yes, the snowy egrets are back for their snacks!

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Boats, Birds, Burgers and more!   Leave a comment

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Top row starting from left:  It being Pirate Week of course we have to have a sloop docked at the entrance of Karen Canal! And then we have the usual and various floating vessels.

Second Row: don’t know why I go to Burger-Fi as they have the worst burgers in town and the prices are ridiculous! Maybe because I had a ‘$5 off $10’ coupon but the check still came to $11.03 Only plus is looking out the windows! The fourth picture is hard to see but the water is filled with minnows.

The third row we start off with Izzy the Iguana–beautiful but we have too many wild ones running around. The next picture is an example of ‘King Tide’ season–the water covers the walk! The third picture is the orchid growing beautifully in the tree and last, but not least, 2 snowy egrets that either have come in advance of their flock or were left behind not forget they could be a warning of heavy rains coming.

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Geraniums, orchids, a lost pepper and lizards!!   Leave a comment

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1) Don’t know how I missed this pepper when I was picking my ‘crop’ the other day!!
2 & 3) I forgot to fix picture 2 which has Lori on the top and her kid Leonard on the bottom while in #3 is Larry the father/husband! They are their every time I go over to John’s apartment!#4) There is a tree right outside my window that every once in awhile pops up with a mysterious orchid no rhyme or reason. Mother Nature at work.And then there are my Geraniums all in full bloom with more blooms ready to open in 4 different colors.
We had a ‘feel like’ temperature yesterday and then the rains came and it dropped down to a ‘low’ of 79 and right now the storm clouds are gathering and the wind is increasing so it should get a little ‘cooler’ shortly! 
Summer in Fort Laudedale!

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Blueberries, Peppers and Nature   2 comments

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Let’s discuss the Blueberry muffins first-(#2)! I have a friend(I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) in Maine who wrote this post about all the blueberries she has picked from the bushes on her place. She also had pictures of blueberry pie and cobbler that she baked and then talked about having so many blueberries she didn’t know what to do with all of them–even mentioned giving them away to people. Now, this is a friend! Do you think she would send me any blueberries? Do you think she (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) would make me a blueberry pie or cake or cobbler and send it to me? NO! I had to go into Winn-Dixie and buy blueberry muffins! Mini ones at that! I may have to rethink who my friends (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) are!

On the other hand, I picked my crop of peppers today (#5) and the first thing I did was give most of them to my neighbors! (Not that it is a bribe for them to continue cooking homemade dinners for me, plus ‘goodies’ every now and then!) I am amazed by how all these peppers, for months now, all started with a few seeds from ONE green pepper! I don’t understand why they are different shapes and colors and still taste like the original bell pepper! (Granted a picked a few before they fully developed but I use those in meals I make after chopping them up.)

We have been having a lot of HOT weather even for South Florida with a week of ‘feel like’ temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity up in the 90% range. Also, this is rainy and hurricane season but we just dodged 2 tropical storms and have had very little rain IN Fort Lauderdale. Seems the surrounding cities, towns and counties are getting rain but not us. We have lizards sunbathing (#1), birds picking for food after lawns have been sprinkled (#4) and when I look out my window (#3) I see green trees and sparkling water!

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And my movie special–FREE–today only! LOL   Leave a comment

Regal theatres opening Aug. 28 and AMC theatres opening Aug. 20. I keep on getting emails about the theatre chains that are opening and what they are doing to make the places safe and the specials they are having!! On August 20 the AMC will be charging ONLY 15 cents celebrating their 100th anniversary with the price they were charging in 1920! (Coral Ridge is on their list of openings!) Also they will be charging only $5 for ‘bring back’ titles. (Go to for the list of all movies–new and old–they will be showing.) On August 28 the Regal at Cypress Creek will be opening and they are doing a lot of $5 specials from movies to popcorn. (Go to for more information.) And today–FREE–my special–my first video done on my camera! LOL

Walking from my door to elevator

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Video testing!   1 comment

  These are videos I made on the ‘new’ youtube—I forgot to ‘talk’ on the first 2–and the third is the first I made on my phone and forgot to show the last view before I walk into my door!!  All 3 will only take about 4 minutes–let me know what you think—does Hollywood have to worry?

Movie 1 Aug 11 2020 1

Gateway Movie 2 Aug 11 2020

Walking from the elevator to my door on a cloudy day 1

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Martin the Farmer!   1 comment

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I know it sounds silly but I feel like a kid playing in the fields of a large farm. Okay, so it is a one-bedroom apartment and all I have are potted plants but I have 7 potted pepper plants and I have 7 peppers from a bud to a grown pepper.I usually pick the peppers after a week but this time I want to see how large they will grow and/or if they will naturally fall off the stem. Will take another picture before I add them to salads, soups and meat dishes!!Want a pepper? Come on and stop by and pick your own! :O)

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Welcome to my life–again!   1 comment

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(Okay, I messed up the numbers but it is too much work to redo the whole collage all over–bear with me! LOL) EVERY Thursday come rain or hurricane or whatever Allen stops by, picks me up and takes me shopping. We, usually start off, at the Dollar Tree on 17th street but they opened a new (1 & 9) about the same distance in the opposite direction and we gave it a try last Thursday. It is huge with a lot more aisle room and a larger refrigerator/freezer area and selection. The next stop is (8) Winn-Dixie which has just remodeled the whole store and either first or last it is (4) CVS to pick up prescriptions which taking  12 meds a day there is usually 1 to pick up each week. I have tried to get them all at once but it just doesn’t seem to work!
In ‘the old days’ we used to go for lunch sometime between the shopping but since the virus rules we did only once but we are talking about hitting The Cheesecake Factory this Thursday as I have gift cards. (Wonder if I will ever get to use the movie gift cards I got for my birthday!)(2,3,6 and 7) are just some shots of around my living-room which reminds me I have to check for peppers!(8) is one of the aristocratic-looking birds we get after a storm while (11) is a shot of Karen Bay off The Point which is always beautiful looking.Then there are (10 & 12) which are my dogs!! The first is on my desk calendar and the last on my wall calendar and I don’t have to walk or feed them!!
At this point, I really should stop taking so many pictures but then I ask myself “Why?”

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Isaias–hurricane, tropical storm or just a rainy day?   1 comment

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It started last Monday showing the path of a new storm coming directly at Fort Lauderdale. By Friday the path had veered to the west so it looked like we just might get the outer bands of a hurricane. On Saturday it was declared Tropical Storm Isaias and there could be high winds and heavy rain but when to expect all that was constantly being moved.We had somewhat heavy winds and now and then patches of rain but nothing we haven’t seen on a regular day during the rainy season. I believe I may have heard some heavy rain overnight but the parking lot didn’t show that and though we had a few drizzles today we had a lot more brightness if not more sun.
At 4 PM I took the 3 pictures with the smileys and we all know that Larry and Lenny the lizards wouldn’t be out if bad weather was brewing!! There are a family with baby lizards but those little ones are so fast I haven’t been able to get a picture of them—yet!In any case, it is hurricane season and a lot is happening out in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the US so don’t know what the next 4 months will bring. Stayed tuned!

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