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A year ago on this date–Hurricane Irma   1 comment

Notes from my diary
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September 10 2017 Sunday  Hurricane Irma landed—electricity went off at Noon—it is 11:30 PM now—no a/c—don’t know if I will get any sleep—took a walk—winds still heavy—I have ‘floods’ in 3 places—2 panes were blown out of east window—water leaking in from air conditioning and defrosting fridge is leaving water all over kitchen floor—I think Irma is over—now we wait to get electricity back

September 11 2017  Monday  Hurricane Irma gone as is my roof—the only Gateway building to lose one (It would take 10 months to get it repaired!) A lot of trees down.

September 12 2017 Tuesday  Still no electricity—hot day—at 10:30 PM I called 911—thought I was having a heatstroke (long story)—medics came—no room at the hospital—they gave me a few ice packs!!

September 18 2017 Monday  Jackie’s car totaled— 8 th day without electricity—finally came back on at 6:30 PM

Looking over my notes for that week I see: John loaned me his fan—Mac gave me a table light—Shirley brought me 2 slices of pizza—Winn Dixie closed—movie theatres closed for a few days—window panes replaced the next day—temperatures were in the 86 and higher range the whole week.

Video I made of Hurricane Irma


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J Mark’s–A Restaurant review   Leave a comment

I’ve never been to the J Mark’s in Pompano but since we were at the Muvico theatre across the way and I had a coupon for a 10 ounce NY Strip steak for $12.99 we decided to give it a shot.

To start off this restaurant is more impressive than the one in Fort Lauderdale as the layout seems more informal and brighter.

In any case from the beginning our server Dyante was a winner, not only with his service but his attitude, small talk and concern with how we were doing.
We ordered the steak, which is normally double the price, and it came as ordered with Allen’s being medium and mine medium rare. He had broccoli with his and I had the French fries. We were served warm, soft good tasting rolls with soft butter. Allen had his diet cola ($3.50) and I had coffee ($3.25) so our check, with tax, came to $34.69.
Basing on what the check would have been without the coupon, and for his service, we left a $10 cash tip. (As a professional waiter for 38 years I prefer leaving a cash tip instead of putting it on the credit card slip.)

Though I have only been to the J Mark’s in Fort Lauderdale 2-3 times since their opening day I really can’t say why I haven’t been there more but I would definitely go to their restaurant in Pompano a lot more!

July 2018 Photo Diary Part 2 : Eating Out   5 comments

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“Lunchroom–restaurant review–Ft. Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Lunchroom Restaurant

l  One of the ‘Be Nice’ restaurant group that also run Coconuts, Top Hot Deli, Red Cow, Foxy Brown and Brown Dog Eating.


We have passed and seen this place many times as it is on the south end of Allen’s primary doctor’s office strip businesses. I have also read some good reviews and considering I goofed trying to find Billy Jack’s Shack—don’t ask—we decided to try this place.

It is a fast casual restaurant meaning you order and pay for your meal at the counter and they serve the meal to you. Now I may be a little ‘picky’ here but a ‘club’ sandwich is defined as having 3 slices of bread and though the Turkey Club ($10) I ordered was made on a tasty roll I still wouldn’t call it a club!

Allen had the Meatball Hoagie (($9) and though he praised the meatballs and sauce he had a problem with the ‘Hoagie’ part. He couldn’t eat it as a hoagie nor did he have an easy time slicing the bread with a serrated knife or pulling it apart.

He had a fountain soda ($2) while I had a large coffee ($3) and the check with tax and tip came to $30.

All the crew was pleasant and with the exception of a very noisy smoothie machine disrupting the place the Lunch Room was ‘oaky’ but nothing special.

Oh yes, Allen ‘snuck’/bought a pastry when we were leaving and all he had to say was that he felt his fingers were filled with sugar!

New York Marina Deli–restaurant review   1 comment

New York Marina Deli

This is a combination of 2 visits. We returned yesterday with a 15% off coupon on Thursdays. This time Allen and I split a corned beef sandwich and a pastrami sandwich. He had a side of potato salad which he really liked and I had a side of coleslaw which is on the dry side. With his diet cola (I am on water—trying to ‘cold turkey’ diet coke) and tax minus the 15% our check came to $21.38.

Between the New York Marina Deli, the Pomperdale and the Top Hat the only I wouldn’t return to is Top Hat for what you may think of as a silly reason but I thought it was a very simple, easy to do request. I ordered a combination pastrami & corned beef sandwich and I was told I would have to order one of each!

Earlier visit

I use to come here when the original owner ran it and a couple of times after he died and his wife took over. The last I heard it had closed but it seems she just sold it to new owners. I became aware it was still open after seeing a coupon in a coupon book.
I go every Thursday to this shopping center so we decided to give it a try and was pleased to see it was basically the same.
Allen ordered the Reuben (Hot corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand Island dressing and swiss cheese on rye) $11.50 with a side of Coleslaw ($1.25) and a diet fountain cola ($2.50) while I had the Rachel (Hot Pastrami, sauerkraut and melted cheese on rye) $11.50, Coleslaw ($1.25) and a cola ($2.50)
We decided to split the sandwiches. They were both piled high, in the center, making it a little difficult to handle but we managed. The Meat, at best luke warm, was tasty.
Though not a complete service restaurant the food is delivered to the table. You place your order and you pay at the cashier’s just telling what you had, which is, as far as I can tell, the honor system though the deli guy does write up a check when taking your order.
I don’t get the shouting of “Sunway” whenever a tip is put in the jar at the register–a reference to NYC? Or just advertising the Subway restaurants, which is what it made me think of when I heard it! LOL
Our bill came to $29.66 plus a couple of bucks in the jar and a “Subway”.
The New York Marina Deli does live up to the style of the Carnegie or Stage Delis in NYC but not as loud or crowded!

Green Bar & Garden Restaurant–review of vegetarian restaurant   Leave a comment

Okay vegetarians and vegans don’t get your knives out yet! In my defense, I probably eat more vegetables every day, 7 days a week than you do. With dinner I always eat a head of lettuce (all kinds) always with tomatoes and onions. I, easily, eat up to a pound of mixed vegetables, all varieties, except for oyster plant, in or with my supper.

I have been to 2-3 vegetarian/vegan restaurants and still don’t forgive Sublime for naming what they serve as carrot cake!

A veggie patty is NOT a BURGER!

I really do love veggies but I need/want beef/poultry/fish as a main course.

All right go ahead slice and dice me if you must. LOL

May 2018 Photo Diary Part 4 Mother Nature   Leave a comment

There was no ‘post’ Alberto because what you see is what we got!

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