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Signs of May 2022   Leave a comment

First sign of May at Gateway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are the Queen Myrtle Trees start to bloom! We used to have dozens of them but many were taken out not to mention other signs of May that I miss like the blooming hibiscus that were all around the property.

Of course another sign are the weather predictions when temperatures in the 90s start appearing but considering we have been in the high 80s since February it isn’t a surprise.

What would May be without Cinco De Mayo which is celebrated more in the USA than in Mexico where it is acknowledged as the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the battle of Puebla in 1862. I believe it is also celebrated more in the South then in the North but then we have so many Mexican restaurants in this area not to mention any excuse to drink Margaritas!!

We went to the Tequila Sunrise restaurant where they were preparing for a big party outside and it was busy, as always inside! We had a Chicken Chimichanga which is a tortilla filled with meat and then fried. It is always served with refried beans and brown rice and is delicious, not to forget filling!

Also—I think it got mixed up–my Christmas cactus bloomed  to help Mexico celebrate!!
And who are the building C cat, and me, to not enjoy the sun, warm weather, he looking out the window and me strolling along the walkway to my apartment?!

Welcome to May, 2022!

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Dogs, a baby, weather & Mother nature October 2021   Leave a comment

1) Dark clouds are the warning we will be getting our daily rain–for 10 minutes or, maybe, longer!

2) My October Calendar dogs

3) Gateway’s latest charmer–Payton’s baby brother

4) Bette Davis changes her outfits as much as Mother nature changes the weather—and both are right!

5) Jeff, who is legally blind. is in the process of having his guide dog trained–she is a beauty but, I think, a little too big for a studio apartment–hopefully he will be able to move to  a larger bedroom though it might be easier for him to handle a smaller space–right now she is too friendly with all the neighbors so I guess that will be part of her training–it is an interesting process to observe.

6) The purple and white orchids are really a standout on the tree–hope no one picks!October is starting off beautifully and hope it continues that way but until ‘hurricane’ season is over we don’t know.

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MAY 1, 2021 AT GATEWAY IN FORT LAUDERDALE!   Leave a comment

And, once again, Mother Nature puts on a show, indoors and outdoors, for the first day of a new month, May 2021!

1) Who else could provide red, yellow AND green peppers on the same plant?

!2) And except for flowers who else offers such a variety of dogs, including ‘mutts’??

3) No matter the month or the day or the time of the year my “Christmas” cactus has bloomed!

4) Let’s not forget looking out my window and seeing new people enjoying the water OR

5) A bird just strolling along looking for a worm or two

6) Last, but not least, a little May Day celebration by having Jambalaya at the Quarterdeck!OH YES–A HAPPY 91ST BIRTHDAY TO OUR BOY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE–ALFREDO ROSSI–ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY LUNCH & OUTING!!

Sunday April 24 2021 at Gateway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida   Leave a comment

Another day in South Florida–today’s temp is 92 but it will ‘cool’ off starting tomorrow!

If you look at the second picture down on the left you will see the first Queen Crepe Myrtle tree in bloom kicking off the season and though we have very few left they will all be in bloom soon–the only color in Gateway since the new owners took over and took out all the flowering plants, bushes and trees.

The third picture from the left in the second row is Lucy, my neighbor, always looking out for us.

Whether it is spotting canoes through the trees from my apartment window (third picture from the left, second row) or one of the many million-dollar homes across the canal (top row, far right) or people in yachts, motorboats, being dragged over the water and, of course, eventually falling in or just enjoying looking over The Point no matter what is going on in the world it is peaceful here.

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Video testing!   1 comment

  These are videos I made on the ‘new’ youtube—I forgot to ‘talk’ on the first 2–and the third is the first I made on my phone and forgot to show the last view before I walk into my door!!  All 3 will only take about 4 minutes–let me know what you think—does Hollywood have to worry?

Movie 1 Aug 11 2020 1

Gateway Movie 2 Aug 11 2020

Walking from the elevator to my door on a cloudy day 1

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One never knows!   2 comments

We never know what is happening at Gateway and have to keep on guessing. The day finally came when they were breaking up the cement around the dumpster in front of building D and we thought finally they were going to fix the flood that happens every time it rains around the dumpster.As they were working on it we all started coming up with what it could be to glamorize the place. Could it be a kid’s sandbox? Okay, we don’t have kids here except visiting great-grandchildren–let’s face it most grandchildren of the folks who live here are already adults! Maybe a mini dog park? Hey, an aquarium? You think that is silly how about the suggestion of a Jacuzzi? When the trucks came in we could imagine a water slide for the old folks but that was not to be.For almost 2 weeks the residents watched the slow process of what it was to be until we finally decided maybe they were taking care of the problem since day one that was the original idea, not having a swimming pool around the dumpster when it rains. When it was finished (is it finished? Are they going to leave it open like that?) we wondered how that was going to solve the water problem as the dumpster has been raised up but the water will still run down around it and be stagnant making it difficult to get to the dumpster doors, having water up to our ankles and attracting mosquito. Now we are waiting for the next rainfall to see the results!
By the way between pictures 2 and 8 can you guess who is the mascot of Building D?

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Finally! (And a rant!)   1 comment

Virus test finally

In order to live in the Gateway Terrace apartments, you have to be 62 plus (though there are a couple of exceptions). I believe there are 260 apartments mostly 1 person per apartment except for the 2 bedroom apartments for married couples. (Now that I have never understood–are they so sick of each other by the time they have been married 30+ years they need separate apartments?!! LOL)  The total of people living here is about 300 with 99% over 60 with a lot in their 70s, 80s, a few in their 90s so when the CORVID-19 virus came along the immediate thought was how long before someone here gets it.
2 weeks ago we got a notice that ‘someone’ had the virus and they—whoever ‘they’ may be–was in quarantine in their apartment by doctor’s orders. Needless to say the rumors started on who and where the virus was! Supposedly it is against the law to tell anyone who is not a family member if someone is sick, has the virus.  Whether it is or isn’t we weren’t being told.
Last week we got another notice that ‘several more persons’ in Gateway tested positive. My immediate thought was for management to arrange people who live at Gateway tested. Though there are places to be tested most are drive-through and many don’t have cars plus those places you can walk to are out of reach as public transportation is not readily available.  Most had the requirement that you had to have symptoms of the virus so our thought was “Sure, get the virus first, go to the hospital and die” so many here were unhappy.
Finally today we got the notice that on Friday testing will be done between 8:30 AM to 11 AM (which you know doesn’t thrill me but……). That’s a small-time frame for 300 people if all show but who cares as long as we get tested! Or will we??? Okay, okay, no negativism here—I’ll get up at 8:30 AM.  Of course, it seems many people who have had the test say it takes 2-3 weeks to get the results (coincidence? The problem is being talked about right now on the TV news with the laboratories not having the capacity for all the people being tested) while others say it only says you don’t have the virus that day.
Bottom line? I am getting up early (so if I am grumpy you know why) getting tested and will wait for results to know if I have the virus, had the virus or maybe, am symptomatic. Whatever the results I will be happier getting it.
40 years ago I wasn’t concerned about having AIDS because I had a lot more control of whether I had and/or would get it. COVID-19 is another story as a lot is still not known about it and a mask is not a condom but why a man won’t wear a condom is as puzzling as to why a person won’t wear a mask if it will help someone else! We don’t have a vaccine for AIDS nor one for cancer so why does anyone think a vaccine is around the corner for COVID-19???

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And it all happens in one day!   1 comment

Gateway June 29 2020

Sad, glad, mad and funny all in one day at Gateway!
1) Sad–Biscuit was an old dog and one of the sweetest you will ever see/meet. She was an unofficial mascot to everyone but she had a good life and was a longtime companion to Richard.
2) Funny–Don’t know if you can read it but due to the epidemic there won’t be the usual 4th of July celebration in/at the Community Room and the BBQ burgers and hot dogs so they are taking your order now to have 1 or the other with ‘accompanying sides’ delivered to ‘your door’!
3) Mad/sad–It finally happened though it was expected way before this and may have happened but now it was announced.  “Someone at the property (Gateway) has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus…” but we aren’t being told who, which seems to me to be the wrong thing to do. We should know who the person is so we can be aware if we had contact with them or not.
4) Glad–just look at that scene and it says it all.
By the way, I haven’t seen any sign of the Sahara Dust we are supposed to be getting–the sun is clear as is the air.

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Almost finished!   Leave a comment

Repaving driveway Sept 24 2019
3 years of making improvements and Gateway is almost finished. Aside from replacing the old–very old–wiring in the apartments and not sure if that is even on the horizon all the inside work has been done. All the buildings have been painted all that is left is the lettering of the building and apartment numbers. It would be great–and add some color to the blah look–if the letters were a bright color but I am not holding my breath!
The past two weeks have been spent redoing the driveway through Gateway and this coming week they are working on the parking lot across the street and the 3 that are in alcoves between buildings and that should be it.
Parking resident’s cars has been a problem since I moved in here as there have never been enough parking spots for all the apartments and now I believe there are 25 ‘reserved’ spots for people who know how to work the system and received ‘prescriptions’ from their doctors for their own private parking spaces besides there are 5-6 public handicap spaces
There are many abuses by residents regarding parking but this company really isn’t as stringent as the previous owner was.
This is really not a problem for me as I don’t have a car. Of course, with my 21st Leap Year birthday coming up I just might get a car (with a year of automobile insurance) and then it will be a problem! LOL

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It’s ‘almost’ done!   4 comments

Inline image
I prefer to think I have lived so long that my brain is overflowing with information and there is no more room for anything rather than think I am just an old man who doesn’t remember. This is all a reason to explain if I am wrong about dates!
A couple of years ago—early 2017–the new owners started working on changing, improving and, using their words, make things ‘uniform’ at Gateway. After tearing out 99% of all the flowering trees, bushes along with resident’s gardens that many had worked on for years and we didn’t/don’t know if and/or what they would replace them with.  Banana plants, orange, lemon, Birds of Paradise plants 3 stories high along with dozens of palm trees, Queen Crepe Myrtle trees were gone but more about that another time.
There were a lot of great improvements inside the apartments such as the wide hurricane windows that replaced the old ones. In the kitchen and bathroom we got new cabinets along with sinks in both along with a new toilet–guess where?– and we also got vertical slot blinds in all the rooms. Among other things, we got a new electric fan/light in the bedroom and while we had air conditioners in the bedroom and larger room it wasn’t exactly an improvement because they took out the bedroom but didn’t replace it so we now had 1 air conditioner doing the work of 2 and not nearly being as effective.
It took them some time but eventually finished that and then went on to painting the buildings and having problems with a few companies, if not still having them! Our building was one of the last ones to be painted on the outside and looking around they are certainly uniform and, let’s see, oh drab would be the word. Next came painting our individual apartment doors of which I have 2. So far it has taken 10 days, 2-3 people working and they still haven’t finished on 2 doors.
Seems our owners have been picking many bad contractors but the work is getting done and now MY main concern is starting to take place–the landscaping! Mulch has been placed around all the buildings and remaining trees and I hope they don’t stop there. Right now Gateway smells like—what is the word to use in 2019?–oh, yes, poop!
Will keep you up to date on the ‘landscaping’–keep your fingers crossed for me and the other residents!

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