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She was ‘bad’ but I didn’t send it back!!! LOL   Leave a comment

As most people know I ONLY celebrate my birthday ON February 29, not the in-between years which is why/how I will be ONLY 22 years old on Thursday, February 29, 2024!!A couple of years ago a group of us decided to stop sending Christmas, Birthday, etc., gifts because postage was going higher and higher and all was well. Oh, once in awhile, we would see something and just send it–no occasion necessary–and an unexpected surprise is always fun.Well, lucky me–one of the ‘group’ was ‘bad’ and I received an ‘unbirthday’ gift yesterday–and it happened just a day or two AFTER my appetite returned!It was a large basket of ‘treats’ from chocolate to cheese to crackers, cookies, ‘mix’ and even olives!! All in an attractive basket. (I had a brief thought of what it must have cost in shipping but I quickly forgot that and started unwrapping–and yes, tasting, all the treats!)All I can say is save the date–an invite (and my tacky ‘suggested’ gift list)–to help me celebrate my 22nd birthday–in case you forget it is Thursday, February 29, 2024–don’t worry–I’ll only remind you at least 2,024 more times!!

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Santa’s elves did an advance trip!   1 comment

The usual gift for kids for Hanukkah are chocolate coins wrapped in ‘gold’–see below for the story–but Santa’s elves (their names are Chuck & Terry) in Memphis did better than that by stopping here at Gateway in Fort Lauderdale and, via UPS, sent me a package of various chocolates, mainly dark chocolate which, as we all know, is healthy for you!

They are in various forms from a tree to bells not to forget a Santa lollipop! My favorite is the 3rd one in the picture –a dark chocolate pig!!

Oh yes, coming from Memphis how can there not be TWO Elvis bars–one milk chocolate and the other dark chocolate!The elves think I am going to blame them for any weight gain I have in December but I know all these chocolate treats are non-caloric!!

A bonus was the wrappings in the package which was “The Best of Memphis–2020” from the newspaper. Granted it has been 41 years since I lived in Memphis BUT I didn’t know a single place except for the Memphis Zoo!!

Now I can’t wait to see what Santa is bringing me–guess it pays to be a good boy!! Truthfully the epidemic has more to do with that than my not being able to misbehave!

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