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This hasn’t happened in decades!   1 comment

A little background first—I don’t remember when I started drinking diet colas but I do know that I was drinking them in 1969 when I joined Weight Watchers and since then have been drinking a minimum of 5 cans and/or 2 litters every day for 49 years!

There was a study done last year that showed drinking diet sodas could add weight to your body or at least hinder it from losing weight. That is all I had to hear and I stopped drinking them–cold turkey–last September or October. I am good with coffee–regular before 2 PM and decafe after–and water. I, also, started experimenting with tea not really liking green or other similar ones so I started with the herbal teas settling on Chamomile, which I could buy at the Dollar Tree for $1 a box of 20. Every night before I am about to go to sleep I put 2 bags and a Sweet ‘N Low in a cup, pour hot water in and then cover the cup for about 5 minutes.

An aside:  I didn’t lose an ounce giving up diet sodas.

Also, for a month, I have been having a CBD gummie bear which I don’t think has done anything for me, if it was supposed to!

Now for what this is really about! I don’t and very rarely have any problems going to sleep. Yesterday was a regular day–nothing out of the ordinary for a Friday–got up at 11 AM after going to sleep around 3 AM–went to the movies and then had lunch at Big Louie’s, came home, read mail, answered emails,  posted my review of “Cold War”, did some work on the Internet, watched TV, had dinner, read a couple of magazines, had my tea, and about 1 AM was a little sleepy so I went to bed. I remember getting up at 10 AM, looking at the clock and the next thing I knew it was 12:45 PM!!

I haven’t slept that many hours since I was a kid! I wasn’t stressed about anything, didn’t do anything exertive, have been drinking the tea late at night for months now, didn’t have a gummie bear as I used them all up the night before. In any case, I don’t have nor can I find any reason for sleeping such a sound sleep for almost 12 hours. I have heard the older you get the less sleep you need or the less sleep you have at one time which is why old people nap.

I find it almost impossible to nap nor do I fall asleep reading, watching TV, etc. I try to nap but as soon as my head hits the pillow my eyes won’t close!

Maybe instead of researching diet cola they should research me!!

❛When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.❜

Marcus Aurelius


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The New Year started with…   Leave a comment

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with great news! Went to my doctor’s office last Thursday to get blood drawn and today went back to meet with my doctor for the results.

“You’re cholesterol count is that of a 21 year old! I wish mine was as good. What’s your secret?”

“It must be the 4 pound carrot cake John gave me and the big gift of assorted chocolate treats that Chuck and Terry sent!”, I answered with a 21 year’s old smile!

The only thing he wasn’t too happy about, but questioned the lab’s results, was my thyroid number and said he would test it again in April.

I came with a list of questions and/or problems which he dismissed most of with ‘old age’ but still he wants me to see 3 specialists on some of the items I asked about.

Then I was off to have some carrot cake for lunch–told you it was healthy!!

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“But you don’t look 14!”   2 comments

With all due respect, you kids (anyone under 60) shouldn’t believe the lies that old people tell you!

Age is NOT just a number.

You are NOT as old as you feel.

60 is NOT the new 40.

Should I go on? Your body will tell you first thing in the morning when you try to get up that, yes, you are old. The medicines in your cabinet tell you that you are old. Doctor visits tell you that you are old. Now I can go on and tell you all the ways you will know you are old but we weren’t told so why should I spoil your fun (and moaning and groaning) as you find out.

But, and this is a big but (not to mention that most of you will get a big butt as you age!) getting old is great in many ways such as you know that worrying is a waste of time!

Let’s not talk about all the ‘specials’ you get such as reduced restaurant bills at Denny’s or the fact that you can rant and rave in restaurants, after you have cleaned your plates, about how bad the food is, how horrible the service was and the manager will pick up your check just to get rid of you. You can got to supermarkets on certain days and get 20% off. (And there are a lot more financial advantages off-set by higher medical bills!)

Complaining is an art for old people as is telling the young know it alls that they don’t know anything until they become old people who do know it all.

Biscuit, Mimi and Dallas, in the picture, are constantly told that ‘you don’t act 14, as they say out loud, ‘how old you really are in dog years?’. (Let’s just say Rian is over 14! LOL)

I constantly hear, “You don’t look/act like you are 82/83 years old!” in a surprised voice. Then when I tell them I am actually 20, being a Leap Year baby, they are silent!

What does a 82-year-old man look like? I live in a community of about 300 seniors and, let’s say, a third are men. I can line up 5 guys in around 80 and one will have a walker, another will be carrying an oxygen tank, the third will have just returned from a jog to the beach and back while the 4th will be in a wheelchair being pushed down to The Point. I am the 5th–the one who drank too much as a youth and had to stop (January 21, 1981, when I was 45) because I was having blackouts. I’m the guy who smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day for 60 years and stopped (July 21, 2008) when I had to have an aorta valve replacement. I am a guy who ate all the wrong foods for years and lost 100+ pounds in March 1967 when I was 31 and for the last 50 years have been fighting between 11 and 25 pounds (depending on the month of the year).

I have PAD, fight high blood pressure and cholesterol, am a pre-diabetic, have AFIB, COPD, take blood thinners among 13 other meds, see a primary doctor a minimum of 4 times a year plus 6 specialists at least once a year and take a home test every two weeks to get my INR count.

“You don’t look 82!” Thanks but you haven’t seen my insides! I look in the mirror and I see the kid that will be 21 on Saturday, February 29, 2020, but when I get up in the morning or walk the steps up to my apartment or go to climb a step-ladder to hang a picture I know what 82/83 looks like!

Hey keep on saying “You don’t look 82!” and I will say “Thank You” because I have learned how to accept a compliment without adding ‘but’.

Oh yes, I promise to never say “When I was your age…..”.

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A doctor with a sense of humor!   Leave a comment

On July 21, 2008, I had a porcine (yes, they put a pig’s in a Jewish boy! And I keep reminding him about it!LOL) aorta valve put in my heart. I was told that the lifespan of one was 8-10 years and though I am not a worrier I did want to know what the signs of it starting to fail were so I would be aware. That meant a trip to my cardiologist which I knew would lead to a second trip for an echo-cardiogram—I hate being right about such things! and I have another appointment for that on November 1.

The doc told me that some have been known to last 20 years and that the 8-10 figure was ‘average’. He added that even if something goes wrong they won’t have to open my chest again as there are many ways to fix it without that procedure.

Meanwhile, he was quite pleased with what he ‘heard’ when he listened to my heart. He, also, was happy with my blood pressure reading so all in all things look good.

Talking about being right–on October 29 I go to my vascular surgeon and I know he too will want me to come back for a cat scan of my legs. Why they won’t schedule the appointment before I see him so I won’t have to go back for a 3rd time for the results I don’t know except maybe he wants to buy a new Mercedes only he said next year he wants a Rolls Royce!!

I did enjoy the ‘notes’ in the cardiologist’s men’s room–one of the assistants mentioned more pictures are taken of those 2 signs than they take of hearts!

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My doctor is going to sue me!   2 comments

Robe new

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It is legal in the USA–have you had/tried it?   2 comments

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I don’t remember how I first heard about CBD gummie bears but after reading up on it I ordered a small jar in June which contained 5 ‘bears’ for $16 which seemed a bit much but if it helped why not?

I gave one each to 3 people and only one said they had any effect as far as pain went.


As the Internet goes I was soon bombarded with CBD gummie bear orders and came across this:

One of the most powerful ingredients used in CBD Gummy Bears is called as “Cannabidiol”, as it lends a hand to shoppers by improving various health functions in their body. The cannabidiol plays an essential role in relieving inflammatory signs and symptoms from the body of customers.”

Previously I mentioned it to someone else and she started with the bears but found the oil works faster and better.

I did order another jar of gummie bears, each 250mg, and which has 25 for a sale price on $16.95 I am about half way through the jar and so far I don’t notice any changes.

Anyone have any experience with CBD gummies or drops. It is oil from the cannabis (Marijuana) plant without the ingredients that would make you high.

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Addiction & Moderation Part 3   2 comments

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It is no secret that I would ‘kill’ for a good carrot cake. I still remember the carrot cake a lady in Memphis, Tennessee, use to make for me for my birthday that you needed two hands to carry it and was s-o-o-o-o-o good! See the carrot cake above? A friend bought it for me–so, of course, he is a friend for life–and I decided I would have a small slice, freeze the rest and have some later during the week.  The decision lasted for 2 hours when I took it out of the freezer and ate it all.
It is easier for me to eat 2-3 cookies and throw or give the rest away than to eat 2-3 and stop eating. It is even easier for me to NOT open the package and eat none.
Whether I bring home a pint, a quart or half a gallon of ice cream I know I will eat it all before I go to bed.
I once had a friend tell me I was supposed to let the piece of chocolate candy rest and melt on the back of my tongue. I am still laughing at that of advice/information year later.
I’ve always liked sweets but after I stopped drinking alcohol I became a sugar addict which isn’t easy to handle when you want to keep your weight down so in a sense I have learned some moderation regarding them. I don’t bring ice cream home but I will have a scoop of vanilla ice cream after dinner in a restaurant, even when I know that it will cost more than buying that half a gallon in the store.
As much as I love carrot cake I will only have a CAKE 2-3 times a year but like the ice cream, I will order it (not both) after dinner for dessert in a restaurant. The other day Allen and I went to JMarks restaurant here in Fort Lauderdale and they were out of ice cream (!!!) and when he went over the list of desserts he said the magic words, carrot cake. It was a large piece, it tasted good and Allen had the same coming to $15.90 for both pieces! (See the cake picture up on top? That cost less! ARGH!! Moderation is expensive!!)
Don’t get me wrong as I love many things besides sweets. I don’t have leftovers nor do I share food,  (Why do you think I prefer being single?), and I don’t remember the last time I took a doggy bag home. I love pizza, hot burning my tongue, cold from the fridge, frozen kinds, bad, any kind! I don’t care for coconut but I won’t turn down a Mounds bar or a slice, or two, of coconut cake.
I use to get a pound, or two, of salami and/or bologna, a loaf of bread, cheese, onions, mustard, mayonnaise and just make sandwich after sandwich til everything was gone.
I could go on and on but whether I like(d) a food or not I would eat it—all! Well, there was one exception as I will never forget my first taste and the taste of Oyster Plant! Never say never but I will never eat that again.
I have a cupboard full of boxes of pasta, containers of cooking chicken stock, packages of rice, Jambalaya mix, jars of salsa, mushrooms, cans of soups, vegetables, jars of Planter’s Peanuts, salt-free pretzels, low-calorie bags of popcorn, etc., and all are safe as long as they stay in the cupboard and I don’t open them. Maybe you can get a pound box of linguini to serve 8, as it says on the box, but it will serve me with sauce and other ‘things’ in it.
On the other hand, anything in the fridge is game for me to eat at any time. Okay it is mainly healthy or ‘diet’ food: fruits, bottled water, potatoes to be baked, a plate of dinner for tonight and one tomorrow, bread, cheese, rice cakes, onions, condiments, defrosted frozen foods, fresh fruits, salad and fixings, orange juice, tart cherry juice (for gout attacks) and NOT a pizza, carrot cake or any size of container of ice cream.
I’ve always said that it is easier to lose weight than keep it off and the statistics back that up but whether it is an addiction or having to learn modification it is worth the fight!
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