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TURKEY WEEK   1 comment

Due to the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement on Tuesday, November 16, my energy level has been way down and recovery is slow–doesn’t help that I when I mentioned to my doctor that I had recovered a lot faster in 2008 when I had the whole aorta valve replaced he said, “Remember Martin you are 13 years older”!!–so I had to cancel a dinner invitation I got and accepted.

I knew I would have to stay home a lot and figured the first week would be easy enough with it being Thanksgiving.

Six years ago I cooked the turkey in my crock-pot and was really impressed in how tender it was so I have been doing it that way every year. The only variations I have done is what kind of stuffing I made but this year I decided to do something completely different with this year no stuffing. I cut the 14 pound turkey in half and cooked it in two parts. Over the first half I emptied a package of Knorr chicken flavored rice and pasta and cooked it for two and a half hours and the next day I cooked the second half with a package of teriyaki chicken stir fry sauce also for two and a half hours.

Over the past 4 days I have tried both and was really surprised how tasty they were. I add a sweet potato and various vegetables to each serving plus a salad then finish the meal off a cup, or two, of Luigi’s ‘real’ Italian ice.I can survive this for another 3 days—if the turkey lasts that long!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2031   Leave a comment

As far as I can remember I only got ‘dressed’ once for Halloween and that was when I worked for Wags in 1986–yes, I’m the ‘cat’ guy! And with me are two of the waitresses that I worked with.In the upper right hand picture were taken at a bar that used to be on Davie Boulevard that was on the north side just west of I-95. It was a piano bar/nightclub and restaurant where I had my 1980 Leap Year birthday. The pictures were taken there during Halloween 1981.

The picture on the left is our local channel weather forecaster Bette Davis–yes, that’s her name–she is really a delight and very accurate. This is her official weather report for Halloween this year!I post this every year–read and enjoy–I edited it a bit.

Gay Holiday

Halloween: Our American LGBTQ Holidayby Irene Monroe on October 26, 2016Halloween is America’s gay holiday.In the words of the lesbian poet and scholar Judy Grahn, Halloween is “the great gay holiday.”And this weekend of lavish costumed theatricality will attract everyone, but especially lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) revelers.

Back in the day Halloween, the night before All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), was linked to the ancient Celtic festival “Samhain” in the British Isles, meaning “summer’s end.” And because the celebration is associated with mystery, magic, superstition, witches and ghost, the festivity, not surprisingly, was limited in colonial New England because of its Puritanical belief system.

But today it’s an LGBTQ extravaganza that rivals — if not out-showcases — Pride festivals.Long before June officially became Gay Pride Month, Halloween was unofficially our yearly celebrated “holiday,” dating as far back at the 1970s when it was a massive annual street party in San Francisco’s Castro district.

By the 1980s, gay enclaves like Key West, West Hollywood, and Greenwich Village were holding their annual Halloween street parties. And the parades the night of Halloween did and still do draw straights and gay spectators out to watch. (WATCHING THE PARADE IN KEY WEST RIGHT NOW ON THE NEWS!)

Gay cultural influence on Halloween has become such an unstoppable phenomenon here and abroad that anthropologist Jerry Kugelmass of University of Florida published a book in 1994 on the new trend, titled “Masked Culture,” describing Halloween as an emerging gay “high holiday.”Nicholas Rogers, author of “Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night,” points out that while Halloween is enjoyed by everyone, “it has been the Gay community that has most flamboyantly exploited Halloween’s potential as a transgressive festival, as one that operates outside or on the margins of orthodox time, space, and hierarchy.

Indeed, it is the Gay community that has been arguably most responsible for Halloween’s adult rejuvenation.”As Halloween flourishes as a gay cultural phenomenon, so too flourished a backlash by the fundamentalist Christians with their “Hell Houses.”And these Christians targeted our children.(Believing Hell Houses are no longer up and running in 2016, I’ll speak of them in the past tense.)Hell Houses were a contemporary form of both anti-gay bullying and witch-hunting. Created in the late 1970s by deceased fundamentalist pastor, the Reverend Jerry Farwell, Hell Houses were religious alternatives to traditional haunted houses.

They were tours given by evangelical churches across the country design to scare and bully people away from myriad sins. And one of those sins is homosexuality.In 2006 the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) put out a report titled “Homophobia at ’Hell House’: Literally Demonizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth” explaining how hell houses specifically targeted youth.

“Instead of spooking youth with ghosts and monsters, Hell House tour guides direct them through rooms where violent scenes of damnation for a variety of ’sins’ are performed, including scenes where a teenage lesbian is brought to hell after committing suicide and a gay man dying of AIDS is taunted by a demon who screams that the man will be separated from God forever in hell,” the NGLTF stated.

A study published in the “Journal of Psychology “stated that a strong belief in Satan is directly related to intolerance of LGBTQ people.

Religious leaders who supported Hell Houses believed that by scaring LGBTQ youth into “heterosexual” behavior they are saving their souls.

However, the message that “homosexuals” are going to hell can have a deleterious impact on our youth. But with Halloween flourishing as a gay cultural phenomenon our children, too, can joyfully go door-to-door trick-or-treating.Our influence on culture is being acknowledged and celebrated more as we come out.

As Kwanzaa is a black holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, maybe someday soon Halloween will be officially acknowledged as a gay holiday.Happy Halloween!

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An every holiday Christmas Cactus!!   1 comment

You want a plant that celebrates every holiday?? I got it!! 15 years ago I bought a “Christmas Cactus” and it did bloom every Christmas but a little over a decade ago—2008 to be exact–the cactus was in bloom for my 18th Leap Year birthday and each succeeding year it seemed to bloom for another holiday!!

This year it bloomed for Rosh Hashanah and and on Yom Kippur (see lower right picture) one white bud started to bloom! I can show you pictures from Easter, Passover, New Year’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day,, etc., of my “Christmas Cactus” in bloom.

It obviously will be in bloom for the first day of Autumn and, certainly, Thanksgiving. Wonder if next year it will add Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day ‘it’ being the Christmas Cactus as it was introduced to me but I really mean Mother Nature–she is always amazing me!

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NEW YEAR’S EVE 2020   1 comment

Please notice the date and time–I just took the cake out of the freezer where it has been hidden from my sight since December 23!! In approximately 6 and a half hours I will be celebrating the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 by demolishing–not daintily eating–the carrot cake that John B gave me.

It is said whatever you are doing at Midnight on New Year’s Eve you will be doing the whole year—I’M READY FOR YOU 2021!

Happy New Year To You!

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December 25 & 26, 2020   Leave a comment

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The first 5 pictures tell the whole story–it was a cold Christmas Day and day after–remember this is SOUTH Florida–people come here in Winter to get away from the cold weather! At least we had a beautiful sunset Christmas Day.

ALL the naysayers owe me an apology!! Look at pictures in the middle and lower left–more important look at the dates!! I have had this in my possession 4 days and all I did was look under the wrap and, yes, it is CARROT CAKE and I haven’t touched it–didn’t even take off the wrapper and the cover to smell it!!

I remember many years ago I was told whatever you are doing on New Year’s Eve you will be doing the rest of the year–I plan to be eating this carrot cake at midnight on December 31, 2020 and not until then. (It is now in the freezer which wouldn’t stop me from eating it but it is safer!)

In the 11th picture is the last crop of homegrown peppers that I picked today.In the last picture is a ‘shield’ I was given as a present–I prefer a mask.

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Is Santa testing me–still?!?!?   Leave a comment

One of Santa’s elves (John B) handed the above package to me yesterday–notice date on pictures–important! I sort of have an idea what it is (aside from the card he gives me the same thing every year and I am NOT complaining!!)

As anxious as I am to open it I think Santa is testing me–he wants to see if I’ll be a good boy until he gets here because he knows I have been one all year! (With the epidemic what choice do/did I have?)

It is going to be hard but I am not even opening the wrapping! Just in case it is what I think it is I am putting it in the refrigerator and locking the door!!!Is it Friday yet? Has Santa come yet?

I really am such a good boy!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!   Leave a comment

Thanksgiving Day Sundown–After dinner!

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Step 5–The Pressure!   2 comments

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Step 1   Gift arrives in big box
Step 2   Take out big, shiny package from box
Step 3    Take food out of package
              a) 32 ounces of Carnegie Deli pastrami
              b) 32 ounce of Carnegie Deli’s famous sour pickles
              c)  9 ounce jar of NY Carnegie Deli Dusseldorf Mustard
              d)  loaf of NY rye bread
Step 4   Put it away quickly

I have to fast for the next 20 hours due to going for quarterly blood work on Thursday and Friday at sundown Passover begins which mean I can’t/won’t eat any after Sundown as a pastrami sandwich on Matzah is NOT a pastrami sandwich having to wait until Saturday, April 27 sundown for that.
Either I eat between sunset on this Thursday and sunset on this Friday or spend 8 days hearing the pastrami, pickles, mustard and rye bread calling/torturing me   ARGH!!!
Then, adding injury to insult, the following Thursday when I go back to my doctor I will get weighed!!
Mmmmm—I wonder if that friend who sent me this gift is really a ‘friend’!? (Oh, I know she is. LOL)

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He came!!!   1 comment

The old man in the red suit and the white beard came by last night! From a bottle of Zinfandel in a hand knitted sweater to 8 jars of Penzey’s spices from around the world to a 4 pound carrot cake, not to forget a tin basket filled with Almond Roca, Peppermint Bark, Cupcake cookies, Lindt Milk Chocolates, French Truffles among other goodies, a new camera plus a watch with a snowflake dial, 4 Poinsettia plants with additional ‘goodies’ looks like being a good boy paid off. I may try it for another year!

I was, pleasantly, surprised by how many snail mail cards I got this year as I thought they were a thing of the past but, obviously, some people still hold on to the old traditions which always bring a smile.

I hope he stopped by and said hello to you!

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As I sit here….   1 comment

waiting for Santa I was thinking of this year and realized I didn’t have a negative thing happen to me physically, mentally and/or financially and what can a human being ask for more than that? I did meet some new people, had a lot of improvements made to my apartment and, possibly, met someone ‘special’. Don’t know what Santa is going to bring me but in any case, so far I am a winner.

Hope you can say the same! Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas 2018


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