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The ‘old’ computer chair was peeling and there were black pieces all over the floor of the living room so I decided it was time to get a new chair! I looked at a few web sites and prices have gone sky high. At my age—no longer older but old–I am not looking for something to last years so I didn’t look at the higher price ones.

When Allen came over for us to do the Thursday food shopping I asked if he would mind stopping at Office Depot so I could see what they had and we did. All the chairs were of the ‘peeling’ kind, none made out of leather which meant I would go through the peeling again and then I spotted a web chair but they only had it in blue but like most kids—hey, I won’t be 22 until Thursday, February 29, 2024!–since I wanted it NOW I took the last one they had. (I asked about the floor sample because it was already assembled but they said they weren’t allowed to sell it. (HA!)

They wanted too much money to deliver and/or assembly it–that’s like the Fire stick remote I bought for Allen for $29.99 and the ‘geek squad’ wanted over $100 to help set up the remote and ‘old’ TV but that’s a story for another day–so I asked Allen if we could pick it up on Friday and said that would be okay. Let’s get to Friday.I picked the worn looking box, got it upstairs and called John to ask him to help me assembly it—don’t laugh as I still have my NYU vocational test where I got a 0 in mechanical ability! In this case I was able to take out all the pieces of the chair but I was stumped at the beginning trying to figure how to put the wheels! (Hey, I didn’t know you had to bang them in with a hammer!)

After he finished that he noticed the chair was cracked along the side but that didn’t bother me until we got to the next problem which was getting all the screws to put the arms on the chair plus the back piece and the seat–they had all the wrong size screws.

I called the Office Depot and after telling the manager the problem and that I didn’t have a car to run back and forth he said he bring the right screws over sort of dismissing the cracked chair. He was knocking on my door within a half hour and when he saw the carton (that was obviously previously opened) and the cracked seat he asked if I would want to get another style chair. I mentioned the floor model and he said he would exchange it at the same price and I agreed. Within an hour he was back with the new chair assembled!

It wasn’t until the next day that I realized it wasn’t working quite right and wouldn’t stay up at the  high point but would slowly lower itself over time—and no it wasn’t my weight! Even when the chair is lower it is still comfortably right for the computer desk. (Besides I really don’t want more of a hassle–and I gave John my ‘peeling’ chair! He just rolled it away!)

The color does brighten up the room plus I can wear all my blue shirts now!!

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Summer, Working Out, Park, Mother Nature & Home   1 comment

Better explain that ‘working out’ first! I watched the guy in photos #11 & 12 for about an hour. They lifted weights, jumped rope, ran around the soccer field, used the fountain edging for stepping–for an hour but I didn’t lose an ounce!!! Something is wrong there!

I say it often because I truly am constantly amazed by what I see.  Mother Nature comes up with things that just make me stop such as the iguana in the tree in picture # 10 who blended so well I didn’t see him until someone pointed him out! By the way she also provides us with the following spectacle!!

Photos #1 & #4 are plants in my house that I have ‘grown’ just by trimming their mother plantand sticking them in a pot!Between the flowering trees and the watering of the fields you forget the heat and humidity that equals summer in Fort Lauderdale! (Those guys were sweating so much I should have lost a few pounds!!)

After being closed for a year and 4 months we got the notice about the pool reopening!

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Martin the Farmer!   1 comment

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I know it sounds silly but I feel like a kid playing in the fields of a large farm. Okay, so it is a one-bedroom apartment and all I have are potted plants but I have 7 potted pepper plants and I have 7 peppers from a bud to a grown pepper.I usually pick the peppers after a week but this time I want to see how large they will grow and/or if they will naturally fall off the stem. Will take another picture before I add them to salads, soups and meat dishes!!Want a pepper? Come on and stop by and pick your own! :O)

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Welcome to my life–again!   1 comment

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(Okay, I messed up the numbers but it is too much work to redo the whole collage all over–bear with me! LOL) EVERY Thursday come rain or hurricane or whatever Allen stops by, picks me up and takes me shopping. We, usually start off, at the Dollar Tree on 17th street but they opened a new (1 & 9) about the same distance in the opposite direction and we gave it a try last Thursday. It is huge with a lot more aisle room and a larger refrigerator/freezer area and selection. The next stop is (8) Winn-Dixie which has just remodeled the whole store and either first or last it is (4) CVS to pick up prescriptions which taking  12 meds a day there is usually 1 to pick up each week. I have tried to get them all at once but it just doesn’t seem to work!
In ‘the old days’ we used to go for lunch sometime between the shopping but since the virus rules we did only once but we are talking about hitting The Cheesecake Factory this Thursday as I have gift cards. (Wonder if I will ever get to use the movie gift cards I got for my birthday!)(2,3,6 and 7) are just some shots of around my living-room which reminds me I have to check for peppers!(8) is one of the aristocratic-looking birds we get after a storm while (11) is a shot of Karen Bay off The Point which is always beautiful looking.Then there are (10 & 12) which are my dogs!! The first is on my desk calendar and the last on my wall calendar and I don’t have to walk or feed them!!
At this point, I really should stop taking so many pictures but then I ask myself “Why?”

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A Good Day   1 comment

Building D June 2020

It is 5 PM and we had a brief shower but now it is sunny, about 83 degrees and everything has that new look about it.
I took these pictures 2 days ago when it was more cloudy but someone wanted to know if the only way to my apartment was walking upstairs and I explained that I had 3 choices with 1 being walking up the stairs on the north side from the parking lot or on the south side, the canal-side (#s 1,3,4), with the 3rd being using the elevator.
Picture # 6 is from the elevator exit and to get to my apartment I use the walkway with the entrance to my building right under where the #6 is and then the door is to the right.
#2 looking at the 3 story building behind “Wilma:—I named the tree Wilma after it had been stripped bare from the hurricane of the same name and grew back as if nothing happened though the garden crew thin it out every hurricane season which starts June 1–my apartment is on the third floor on the right.
Picture #5 is the view from the walkway directly in front of the entrance door.
Now you aren’t going to ask me if I take one of the stair entrances or the elevator are you? LOL

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Where I live!   Leave a comment

After the rain 2 (2)

(I took this last night after the heavy rains from right outside my 3rd-floor apartment!)

Gateway Terrace Apartments is where I live and I love it!

The first URL is a drone film of the apartments–scroll down for the video–my building is just on the left across from the yacht in the opening shot and about at the minute mark where you see the 2 red cars is the other side of my building

The second URL gives a lot more information about the buildings, apartments, surroundings, etc., but be sure to scroll all the way down and you will see why a car is almost necessary to live here but I’ve managed the last 16 years without a car!
Sadly the waiting list is long and depends on how many old people can’t live on their own anymore and have to move in with family or to a nursing home or assisted living or rehab or hospice or die.
I ain’t going folks so forget getting my apartment!

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Trying new foods and that second steak!   1 comment

new food and second steak September 2019 2

 Two weeks ago I wrote about discovering Rancher’s Home steaks and how great the one I had was. At less than $5 a pound it was a great deal in more than just taste! I had grilled it in my George Foreman grill and it melted in my mouth, s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good. I knew I would have to try it again.
Last week I bought one home and tried the ultimate taste–putting it in the microwave oven. I have a ‘grilling pan’ to use in the microwave and decided to make the steak that way. I chopped up some garlic and put it on both sides of the steak, put it into the microwave, cooked it 2 minutes on each side and when it was finished it didn’t look like a grilled steak but I wasn’t expecting it to. I will say it tasted even better than the first one. I knew this was going to be my once a week treat.
I couldn’t wait to get one this week and when I went to the beef section in Winn-Dixie I got my rude awakening! The previous two weeks the steak had been on sale and now they were $9+ a pound!! Oh well, maybe 1 every 2 months!!
By the way the ‘side dish’ on the plate by the steak is a mixture of red beans, rice and spices, a basic Jambalaya staple.
Every month I try new items that I get at the Pantry and as tempted as I was to spread some of the duck rillettes but it is definitely a no-no on my do not eat list. They also have 2-3 new marinades every month and though I am very limited on using marinades I always sneak a tablespoon or two into the crock pot when I am cooking chicken. Using one tablespoon of YO MAMA Honey Balsamic marinade over 8 chicken breasts really doesn’t go very far regarding taste but every now and then I will get a bite with a ‘bang’ that makes the other plain bites edible!
In all the years of tasting new foods the only one I can remember saying that I would never have again was oyster plant–and I haven’t!

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More changes!   1 comment

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From the first day I moved in here I was impressed by Mary Lou’s garden. Every holiday, whether it was a major one like Thanksgiving or a minor one like–well, is Halloween a minor holiday??–she would decorate the garden with different flowers and the same holiday, say like the 4th of July, she had different decorations and flowers every year.
And the orchids were all over her garden each prettier than the other.
Now? Look at the bottom picture–and the owners wonder why 200+ residents walk around with an attitude?

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Peppers are popping   1 comment

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I think Mother Nature does it just to drive ME crazy!!
About a year or so ago while cleaning a pepper to put in a salad I took the seeds and helter-skelter threw them in a plant pot I had on the window ledge. (Shhhh—it is against the rules here to have anything on the window sills!) The plant itself grew pretty quickly and then eventually had a few blossoms and last, but not least, I had one full pepper to put in a salad again.
Over the last few months there were plenty of blossoms that all died off and then last week I counted about 20 blooms. This past week, up to yesterday, there were 4-5 blossoms turning into peppers–they look like they will all survive and maybe I’ll get a few more.
How can anyone be bored??? There is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and I plan on finding new things, including seeds becoming peppers indoors!

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Before and After! ARGH!!   2 comments

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All the resident’s gardens are gone as are the fruit trees and 3 story white Birds of Paradise plants.
All in the name of uniformity!!

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