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Mold War Part 3 & 4   Leave a comment

Sunday 3B

Friday morning one of the guys came up to work on the bathroom. In short time the commode was in the hallway, the shower curtain rod and the medicine cabinet was down but the sink remained.

By 6 PM it was like a new bathroom but there was something wrong with the ‘donut’ the commode is on which he said he could fix temporarily and would come back tomorrow to set it right. Tomorrow? Saturday? Meanwhile, the shower rod hasn’t been put up again and he added he would do that also tomorrow. He did put up an attractive new light fixture and he said he called in for a brand new medicine cabinet that should be here by Monday.

Sunday Feb 11 2018 collage part 3A

He never showed, or called, on Saturday so now I was in limbo regarding both the kitchen and bathroom while the living room was just piled up with ‘stuff’ and waiting for Monday to come and see what happens.

Bathroon lights and showerhead collage

What I don’t understand, that though all this has to be done, why it was being done before the new roof was put on? Also, will the mold come back?


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Mold War Part 1   Leave a comment

Mold 2 bathroom collage part 1 (1)

Hurricane Irma hit land on September 10 blowing out 2 of my windows and taking off the outside of the roof on top of my building, mainly on my side. I didn’t give two thoughts about any of it as the windows were quickly replaced and I didn’t feel or see anything wrong with my ceilings except for a few bubbles in the larger room and that was always happening.

About a month later, in the middle of a rainy night, I got up to go to the bathroom and stepped into a puddle of water near the commode. I quickly took out a couple of old sheets and threw them on the floor to absorb the water and went back to sleep.

The next day, hanging the sheets up to dry, I thought something may be wrong with the commode and reported it to the office. Nothing came of it but I learned to put those sheets on the floor anytime it rained.

I, also, noted something strange but really didn’t think much of it. A few pictures I had hung up on the bathroom walls were getting a funny ‘design’ on them and taking one down noticed that the back of the frame was wet. Also, there were brownish spots appearing here and there while the walls and ceiling were getting a ‘bubble wrap’ effect.

It was obvious, even to me, that when it rained water was coming down between the walls. I didn’t notice anything in the kitchen and the new cabinets that had been put up in May were okay. I did become aware of some black spots near the baseboards in the bathroom and I thought it just might be due to the water that accumulated on the floor during rainstorms.

I spoke to the head of maintenance who told me they were getting permits to put up a new roof and that meanwhile he would get someone to clean the walls, which he did almost immediately.

By January the whole picture changed quickly!

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ONE look tells you all :O)   Leave a comment

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Anytime of the year it is beautiful here and so am I! :O)   Leave a comment

360 degrees on my walkway   (February)

For a change—me  (January +)

another 360 degrees on my walkway (September)

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Living near the water   Leave a comment

In my backyard



The Audacity  (sold shortly after I took this.)


The Point–this one is a little loud just before I learned how to shoot without the background noise!

I took these in January 2015 when it was cold–only 77 degrees I think!

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Neatniks need NOT look!   Leave a comment

5 years ago I got the camera I am still currently using. I knew nothing about taking/making videos–and still don’t know that much!

These are two videos I made–the first in 2012 and the second in 2017–even I am amazed at the increased number of pictures hanging on the walls, especially the Playbills.

I know 2 people who want to rush over and straighten out the pictures but don’t bother– I’ll only be hanging up more that will be crooked!

In 5 years a lot changed–more pictures–new TV–new plants–new cup–who knows what it will look like in 2022!

April 24 2012

April 11 2017

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PILLOW TALK   Leave a comment


Do you ever give second thoughts to the pillows you sleep on/with?

Due to having COPD, AFIB, etc., my doctor suggested I sleep with my head much higher than the rest of my body so I like firm or extra firm pillows, 2 on each headboard side, and I usually have to get new ones every year so having Allen’s car off I went.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to pillows? Soft? Firm? Medium? How many pillows do you sleep with? How often do you buy new pillows? What do you usually pay for them?

Granted I buy the inexpensive ones—okay, the cheap ones—and I wonder would it pay to buy the more expensive pillows and would they last longer?

Do you even give any second thoughts to pillows?

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