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Anytime of the year it is beautiful here and so am I! :O)   Leave a comment

360 degrees on my walkway   (February)

For a change—me  (January +)

another 360 degrees on my walkway (September)


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Living near the water   Leave a comment

In my backyard



The Audacity  (sold shortly after I took this.)


The Point–this one is a little loud just before I learned how to shoot without the background noise!

I took these in January 2015 when it was cold–only 77 degrees I think!

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Neatniks need NOT look!   Leave a comment

5 years ago I got the camera I am still currently using. I knew nothing about taking/making videos–and still don’t know that much!

These are two videos I made–the first in 2012 and the second in 2017–even I am amazed at the increased number of pictures hanging on the walls, especially the Playbills.

I know 2 people who want to rush over and straighten out the pictures but don’t bother– I’ll only be hanging up more that will be crooked!

In 5 years a lot changed–more pictures–new TV–new plants–new cup–who knows what it will look like in 2022!

April 24 2012

April 11 2017

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PILLOW TALK   Leave a comment


Do you ever give second thoughts to the pillows you sleep on/with?

Due to having COPD, AFIB, etc., my doctor suggested I sleep with my head much higher than the rest of my body so I like firm or extra firm pillows, 2 on each headboard side, and I usually have to get new ones every year so having Allen’s car off I went.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to pillows? Soft? Firm? Medium? How many pillows do you sleep with? How often do you buy new pillows? What do you usually pay for them?

Granted I buy the inexpensive ones—okay, the cheap ones—and I wonder would it pay to buy the more expensive pillows and would they last longer?

Do you even give any second thoughts to pillows?

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Home decorating is NOT my thing!   Leave a comment


Unlike the old cliché as a Gay man I am not good at decorating where I live. I just put things here and there more on convenience than color, setting, etc. I live in an apartment where in the living/dining room I have 6 large windows. I never put drapes/curtains on the windows and the blinds are always up. Due to the way my apartment is set up I don’t have to worry about privacy and if I wanted to I could be nude the whole time (but I don’t want to shock the birds, squirrels and/or the pilots in the helicopters).

In any case at one time I had birds and because of the  cages I had the room set up one way and after I had to give them away I set it up differently and started hanging pictures on the walls and putting plants all around. I did have some sort of theme with the pictures but I didn’t hang them in any particular order plus I know two people reading this who want to straighten out all the frames!!!

You may also notice the couch has been against almost every wall in the apartment! LOL

I moved into this apartment in 2004—after never living in a place more than 5-6 years—and these pictures represent the past 6 years. The first 3 (starting in the upper left hand corner and going clockwise) were taken in 2010, 4 in 2013, 5 & 6 2015 and the last 6 were taken this week.

As long as I get all the light available, can look out at Mother Nature and get sun for the 28 plants I now have in the place all is good—until I move things around again. 

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wall coverings july 2016 Collage

I posted about finishing and hanging the collage I had been working on since March. After it was up for a few days I noticed there was enough room for more pictures.

I don’t know when, where, how or why it started but at one time in my life my motto became “If there is space on the wall put up a framed picture!”

I do remember being in St. Louis, going to the home of a friend’s friend and that in a room, off their living room and kitchen, they had hung framed Playbills of shows they had seen on the ceiling! I thought it was a great idea and I started doing the same wherever I live(d).

As anyone who knows me I don’t know what moderation means so wherever you look in my current apartment—kitchen, living/dining room, hallway, bathroom, bedroom—there are framed photos. They consist of theatre I have seen, pictures of my life through the years, Leap Year birthdays, couples I know, exes, people I know/met, plaques I have received, decals, paintings I bought or were given, etc.

There isn’t a room in my apartment that I can’t look around and get a smile on my face.

I know some people (Hi Maria) go crazy when they see my pictures of my walls—they would love to straighten out all the crooked pictures BUT that is/was part of my theme—there is none!

Excuse me—I just saw a spot for a 5X7 frame!!!

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I LIKE IT IN THE DARK!   Leave a comment


I have slept through earthquakes in California and Japan. Through tornadoes in Tennessee, hurricanes in Florida and, not to forget, loud next door neighbor’s parties in New York City BUT I don’t/can’t/won’t fall asleep if there is any light in the room!!

I moved into this apartment in February 2004 and the first thing I did was pull up or take off the blinds in the kitchen, bathroom, living room south and east windows and they haven’t been down since! (Pictures 1-4)

By the way living on the top (third floor), and the way my apartment is situated, I can walk around nude and the only things people can see is my nude chest, nude top back and my face/head. (TMI?)

The second thing I did was buy black plastic shower liners and, using duct tape and clear tape, taped them up. Yes for 11 years I lived with tacky taped on ‘curtains’! For 11years I never saw the blinds and windows behind them–still haven‘t! (Pictures 5 and 6!)

For some reason I decided it was time to get blackout curtains though I had them on my gift wish list for my 20th Leap Year birthday party and I ordered them from Target. I spoke to John about the rods and he said he was going to Home Depot the next day and he would pick them up–also VOLUNTEERED to hang them up. (Hey I milked wearing the leg brace and my 0 mechanical ability for all I could!)

In any case after 11 years being a kid at heart I wanted them put up yesterday but he put them up the next day!! (Pictures 7 and 8)

Because of the way the rods would hang, slightly away from the wall, I decided to keep the original plastic ‘curtains’ up figuring the new curtains would hide them anyway and would keep the room dark.

Pictures 9 and 10 were taken at midnight–it is dark folks!!–while 11 and 12 were taken at Noon.

I love my DARK ROOM!  Thanks John!

(Some people have been having problems with seeing the slideshow though I do have it marked public so all I can suggest is copying and pasting the URL address.)


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