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I plant the seeds…..   Leave a comment

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Over the years I have grown Romaine lettuce, peppers and all kinds of vegetables. In some instances, say like I was cutting a tomato, I would just take a few seeds and without thought would just push them into the earth in a flower pot and forget it. That’s what I did with some seeds at the beginning of January and today I have a full grown plant. I will just have to put them in their own pot, put a stake in, put it on the sill of my east window where they will get full sun and just wait for the flowers to come and then wait for the tomatoes!!

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The New Year started with…   Leave a comment

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with great news! Went to my doctor’s office last Thursday to get blood drawn and today went back to meet with my doctor for the results.

“You’re cholesterol count is that of a 21 year old! I wish mine was as good. What’s your secret?”

“It must be the 4 pound carrot cake John gave me and the big gift of assorted chocolate treats that Chuck and Terry sent!”, I answered with a 21 year’s old smile!

The only thing he wasn’t too happy about, but questioned the lab’s results, was my thyroid number and said he would test it again in April.

I came with a list of questions and/or problems which he dismissed most of with ‘old age’ but still he wants me to see 3 specialists on some of the items I asked about.

Then I was off to have some carrot cake for lunch–told you it was healthy!!

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On the street where I live   1 comment

Inline imageOn the street where I live November 3 2018

Yes, we do have a Fall season in Fort Lauderdale! Look at picture #4 with the sun and clouds–that is NOT a summer sky. Then take a walk down to The Point–pictures 6, 7 and 8–look at the water, not as still or smooth as it was just a month away. The Point, aka Karen Bay, which borders the east of our property harbingers our seasons almost as much as the weather does.

Among other things the docks around the Gateway Terrace apartments fill up with new boats, photo 5, coming from all over the world to spend the next 6-7 months in Fort Lauderdale. Oh, yes, the crows also come our way for the warmth too.

Talking about the warmth, that is the biggest sign that we have left summer and came into autumn as the temperatures have been out of the 90s for two weeks and we even got below 75 one evening!

The new owners are constantly making improvements such as putting an LED light at the top of our building, photos 1 & 2, lighting the whole area up in the front and also lighting up the staircase inside-outside my kitchen door.

Last, but certainly not least, depending upon how you look at it, with cooler weather coming they are blocking up the entries, photo 3, that the many lizards use to hide, make as their homes, and we do have thousands of all kinds of lizards. They do no harm and keep the insect population down but many people are afraid of them for some reason but no one has ever been bitten by a lizard.

Last winter, because of some cold weather, many Iguanas ‘froze’ only to come back to life when it warmed up. Without a place to hide, to keep warm, I hate to see what will happen this winter to the many lizards. Humans can be cruel.

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Blue Apron–2nd week   2 comments

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On Saturday I got my second shipment of food consisting of 3 different complete recipes:

1) Sesame-Orange Beef & Wonton Noodles 2) Tuscan-Spiced Pork Roast 3) Seared Chicken & Tangy BBQ Sauce

All ingredients from protein to vegetables to condiments and spices are included plus precise cooking instructions.

Regarding I improvised first by cooking all the individual vegetables on Sunday, separated them, added the correct spices and condiments so all I had to do was add the protein.

I am going to wait until I am all finished with the Blue Apron orders and then going on to HelloFresh orders and will, eventually, write one post with my negative and positive opinions.

By the way both do offer several different ‘diet’ meals.

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Blue Apron Food Test 2   1 comment

Blue Apron Seared Steaks


Seared Steaks & Cheesy Mashed Sweet Potatoes:


Ingredients: 2 steaks, 2 sweet potatoes, garlic, light brown sugar, cremini mushrooms, 1 sweet onion, 2 oz. white cheddar cheese and 1 tbsp sherry vinegar


I made a few changes with the first eliminating the brown sugar. I, also, didn’t use the cheddar cheese instead using 2 measured pats of butter (setting the cheese aside to use for lunch). I did put the rest of the ingredients, except for the steaks and sweet potato, also adding a chopped green pepper and some cherry tomatoes, in a microwave pan, microwaving it for 4 minutes.


The major change I made was making it all, using only 1 sweet potato, like one meal instead of two. Raw the steaks came as 12 ounces and after making them on the Foreman’s grill, medium rare, they weighed in at a little over 8 ounces.


Adding a salad and a package of defrosted Mango cubes for dessert it was a good and satisfying meal but the price per meal was doubled.


Next, probably Saturday, when I will also be getting my second shipment, I will make the third recipe from the first: Miso Chicken Ramen.


This was definitely a good, tasty filling meal, but remember it was 2 portions combined to make 1.

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A new food experience for me   1 comment

Have any of you tried this? If so what was your reactions?


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For two weeks I am testing a food plan where the food is delivered and you cook the meals at home. Initially, as a special, it will cost $34 a week for 6 meals which come to a little less than $6 a meal but there are the extras I will have to buy to make it a complete meal like salad makings, dessert, etc.

I will be making/tasting 12 meals to see how easy/hard/long it takes to make each meal—will also test for portion size, nutritional value, costs, what will have to be added to make a complete meal, satisfaction, plus and negatives if any, etc., and then will see if I will continue or cancel the plan.

This is the first meal:

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Time: 25-35 minutes    Ingredients (all included in the package): boneless/skinless chicken thighs, a small baguette, 1/2 lb cocktail tomatoes, 2 cloves garlic, 1/4 grated Parmesan cheese,2 Persian cucumbers, 1 oz Kalamata olives, 2 tbs. red wine vinegar, 2 tbs. mayonnaise and 1 tbsp Italian dressing


(C&P–should work!)

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I can sleep again!!   2 comments

bedroom dark 3 PM



I can sleep through anything and have: a tornado in Memphis, an earthquake in Santa Monica: a few hurricanes in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Only 2 things can keep me awake or wake me up and that is 1) light and/or 2) heat–even during winter. I have to have the air conditioner on low but it is light that is my sleep enemy!


Since March 28th when they put new hurricane windows in my apartment, especially the bedroom, I would wake up at the crack of dawn light no matter what time I went to sleep.


Finally last week they put up the blinds.


This week I taped up my old blackout drapes under the new wine colored blackout drapes I got! The 2 pictures attached were taken after I got the double drapes up–the first is with a night light and the last, if you look you will see a red glow from the outlet, is completely dark at 3 PM in the afternoon!!


I can sleep again!!!


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July Photo Diary Part 3 Home cooking   1 comment

As much as I love to eat out the economy and my income don’t allow for it too much so I make most of my meals at home.
I was/am an excellent cook–I make a Caesar salad from scratch–the best Shrimp Scampi you will ever eat–but cooking for one I don’t get that fancy BUT I still make dinner an ‘event’ for me.
Even if I have a frozen dinner I will put it on a plate and add some ‘color’ plus I do have a homemade salad every evening plus a plate of fruit after for dessert.
Each month I use a different base for my dinner meals as, for instance, this month I made a base of Jambalaya to serve main courses on plus I will add either Avocado or Salsa as a topper.

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July 2018 Photo Diary Part 1 Changes   1 comment


Livingroom new windows and blinds

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Rules, rules and more rules!! ARGH!!   Leave a comment

New houseplant shelf

If I bang a nail in the wall the whole place falls down so I depend on others and John is one of them! He is amazing but don’t tell I said so–I will deny it!! Old rule or new rule I am not sure but they are now enforcing NOTHING on the window sill and regarding curtains, all facing out must be white–uniformity you know!! I have 14 plants on my window sill(s) plus 12 facing east while not on the sill certainly visible. I am waiting for the blinds before I move the rest of the plants. In any case, I mentioned it to John Saturday and today he brought this to my place making it Tuesday!! Measurements are perfect in height and length. I’ve shown you pictures of his art pieces and the work he does for the 1st Baptist Christmas Pageant–in his spare time he is ‘making’/’doing’ things for his neighbor including, I remember, his making a bed frame for a resident! ************************************************************************************* I read or heard this recently and can’t remember where but I love it: “In youth we learn, in old age we understand.” (I can’t wait to be old!)

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