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September 1-7, 2020 COVID 19   1 comment

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1–4 top row  The ‘snow’ white Egrets usually come out after a heavy rainstorm and hunt for food but they must know something we don’t because it hasn’t rained this morning or afternoon. It did rain heavy last night so maybe they were waiting for the sun to come out and the bugs coming up from underground but they sure were out hunting this afternoon and I don’t think that worm was safe but I didn’t wait to see!

5-8 center row  There are 3 things–well more but—I miss and, not in any particular order, going to the theatre, going out to the movies and the only thing I have done since March is eaten out but only 3 times!! Allen still takes me shopping on Thursdays and eating lunch out was a big part of it. I have been leerier of eating out than he is but we have, at least, been to 3 of my favorite restaurants as they are all large and I knew they would follow the rules and they did. First was Cafe Vico, then The Cheesecake Factory and this past Thursday we went to the Quarterdeck. All 3 were a success!
(An aside: without doing my 3 things the past 6 I have been able to put some money in the bank. Look at the Quarterdeck lunch check–without a tip–and times it by 21 weeks!!!)

9-11  bottom row  Every Thursday for at least 40 years I have been going to Winn-Dixie to fo my weekly food shopping and the first things you are hit–2nd picture– with are sweets from pies to cakes to cookies and then when you go to pay right on the cashier’s lines are the candies and carriable snack packages.  The only other place(s) I have been out to all these months are doctor visits, usually, my primary doctor–picture 11 is his office–as I went last week to give the lab my blood for my quarterly physical which takes place on September 23. I do get an extra day out as I have to go to my eye doctor on September 14 for new glasses.

The last picture was a birthday present that Chuck and Terry gave me on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at my 21st Leap Year Party at Nabu and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it except to make sure that everyone who came into my place would see it. I didn’t want to use it as a bed or couch cover because it would get ruined. After 6 months I finally decided–should be ready to be shown by next week (with a little help from a friend)!!

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PAD = Peripheral Artery Disease   3 comments

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The New Year’s weekend from December 29, 2000 to January 2, 2001  was one of my most memorable though I only remember half of it! Somehow I had called 911 and was taken to Broward Hospital (or was it Holy Cross?) where it seems I had congestive heart failure and, as one of the nurses told me a day or 2 later I kept complaining that I couldn’t find my flip-flops!  

From my diary: “December 20, 2000, diagnosed with atrial fibrillation–whatever that was—Doc said I could have a stroke–should, but probably won’t, stop smoking (that would happen 8 and a half years later!), change eating habits (I did lose 16 pounds in January), was given Coumadin and Toprol XL  to take. My calves are killing me, can’t walk without pain–what if I can’t work? On December 26 I had an echocardiogram and on the 27th I was given a holster heart monitor. In hospital all New Year’s Weekend!”

By the way, I suppose I should add that early December 29 I had eaten a 5-pound ham, 2 liters of diet cola and half a carrot cake— mmmm–wonder why I had congestive heart failure?

Up until that New Year’s weekend, I wasn’t really that doctor or hospital oriented. Oh sure I had the childhood diseases but as an adult, I didn’t go to doctors regularly and I think the only major operation I had was when I had my appendix taken out sometime in the late 1980s, early 1990s. I do know it was a Thanksgiving week because I was working at the Fisherman’s Wharf and I was concerned I wouldn’t recover enough to work Thanksgiving Day and weekend and make the money I needed. I did.

From January 1, 2001, to this past Monday, I have been seeing all kinds of doctors on a regular basis and on January 1, 2001 I would meet a vascular surgeon Ron Arison and it was him I saw on Monday and the reason for this ‘report’ and PAD!(To be continued)

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Why wear a mask? Why do social distance? HERE’S WHY!!   1 comment

Please read this or if you know someone who thinks COVID-19 is a hoax give it to them to read!

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Nixon resigned 46 years ago today!   1 comment

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I was 38 years old–living in Memphis, Tennessee–Director of Operations for Weight Watchers–Johnny and I were living together–I had a townhouse, was driving a white Cadillac Convertible, traveling around the world and except for a minor problem I had a great life!
We were eating in the revolving restaurant on top of the UP building on Poplar Avenue when the announcement came.Funny the things you remember when you see a picture and I saw the attached picture when I turned on the Internet today!

Do you remember where you were that day? Were you even born? :O)

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14th Leap Year Birthday   Leave a comment

Leap Year 1992 collage 2


14th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 1992 South Florida

I had a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment right off Sunrise Boulevard which made the location convenient for everyone and not having much money I decided to have my birthday party sort of an open house from 1PM to 9PM. I had sent out 80 invitations and I’ve tried to count how many people came but not quite sure as a lot of the invitations were to people out of town that I knew couldn’t/wouldn’t come. I do know that I received 4 cakes as presents!


The biggest surprise was that Mark Covington came in from Santa Fe. He stayed for a week and we went out every evening for dinner including one of my favorite restaurants, The Ark, which will be talked about for the next birthday.


One of my favorite gifts was a handmade “A Chorus Line” hat with a framed, in aluminum foil, “A Chorus Line” poster. I still have the latter but when I had birds a few years later they chewed the frame to tatters.

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91 days to go before I become an adult!   1 comment

12th  Birthday February 29, 1984 South Florida

Leap Year 12 Michaels house Leap year


In 1984 Leap Year fell on a Wednesday. Following are some of the notes from my diary: Party at Mike McCarroll’s house on Tuesday February 28–Bill G gave me a framed posted of “La Cage Aux Folles” the last show we saw together (which I still have in 2020!) John Connolly came in from St. Louis and Buddy Vest from NYC.  Buddy played Zach in the touring company and was responsible for me and Dr. K seeing the show in NYC on September 29, 1983 when it became the longest running show in Broadway’s history and became the most exciting performance I ever saw in a theatre! 


I don’t believe I wrote the following but it is my handwriting and I had been sober for  3 years by then: too much food–3 cakes!


The next evening Thursday February 29 I gave a party at Bobby Rubbino’s Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale for the crew at Wag’s where I was working–as a surprise Shirley, Mike’s mother, came into town and joined us–the next evening we took her to La Vielle Masson–an excellent French restaurant in Boca Raton.

Bob Schink, the ‘last’ Fuller Brush salesman’ in Broward county, was at all events and  took a load of pictures but I don’t seem to have any except at Mike’s house.


For the record: all the restaurants I mentioned have closed but more importantly Mike, Buddy, Dr. K, Bob and Shirley plus some in the picture have died.



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Only 92 days to go!   Leave a comment

11th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 1980 South Florida

I returned to South Florida in 1979 and got an apartment right off I-95 and Davie Boulevard. Two blocks west was the restaurant/bar called the Sandpiper. I quickly became friends with the bartender Bruce and some of the regular customers like ‘Teacher Mike’, ‘Movie Mike’, ‘Ice Skater Mike’ and Gino. The bar was unique in the sense that the whole top of a long u-shaped bar was the top of a fish tank! You try having a few scotch on the rocks on top of fish!

In any case I had my eleventh Leap Year birthday there and I still have the “Happy Birthday” round pin that I wore all night.

The three Mike’s have passed on but I have many pictures and memories of the 3 of them. Guess where I had my 12th Leap Year birthday party? Just keep reading!


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10th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 1976 Memphis Part 2   Leave a comment

 A jazz cocktail hour with finger foods then a complete sit down dinner with the main course Prime Ribs with baked potato, salad, fresh vegetable, open bar, soft drinks and coffee for 300 people.
A live band with a singer first presenting a show and dancing.
A 4 tier cake for dessert and an after dinner drink.
Hired Margie’s son to take pictures.
All this and I don’t remember a thing though I was told I did give a ‘speech’ welcoming everyone and the fact that I was drunk wasn’t obvious. I look at the pictures and it is all a blank! Was I singing with the singer or was I just talking to my guests using the microphone?
I would stop drinking 5 years later!

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Starting a photo album celebrating my birthday!   1 comment

I started working on a Leap Year Memory Photo Book for my birthday– this was my first and I made the front page of a newspaper—have no idea of what paper or who the other people are in the picture–maybe this way I’ll find out!

First Leap Year Birthday  February 29, 1940 1 year old


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102 Days to go!   1 comment

Putting together a ‘photo album’ of my 20 Leap Years and thought I would share a few pages–right now I am aiming for 21 pages plus 4 to grow on!

The Second 5 Leap Years 1956 to 1976

New York, Miami Beach & Memphis

1956 to 1967 The Fat Years


My first restaurant job 1957-63 Picciolo’s Miami Beach  The Brass Rail 1965-1969 NYC  Marchi’s My favorite NYC restaurant in the 1960s


Flo & Me World’s Fair 1964

Where I was a waiter in the

Gas Pavilion–table side service

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