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GAY PRIDE MONTH JUNE 2021 PART 2   Leave a comment

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1) “Gay Like Me” by Richie Jackson–one of the best books–if not THE best–about gay life for Gay & non-Gay people–he is open, honest and even though it says, “A Father Writes to His Son” it is if he is writing directly to you whether father, mother, a relative of any kind, man, woman, knowledgable of Gay life and People or know nothing of them or only know what politicians and religious ‘leaders’ preach! Over the years I have donated to many Gay causes and these are just 3 of them!

2) The Hetrick-Martin Institute “The Hetrick-Martin Institute is a New York City-based non-profit organization devoted to serving the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning youth between the ages of 13 and 24, and their families.”Ilearned very early that instead of giving a lot of money to one organization–which is nice–all organizations need/can use funds small or large. I never failed to send this Institute something over the years!

3) Gay Games IV “The Gay Games is a worldwide sport and cultural event that promotes acceptance of sexual diversity, featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender athletes, artists and other individuals.” The athletes need a venue wherever they may travel and donations of all sizes help pay for that, obviously very much needed. In 2022 they will take place in Hong Kong and I am curious as to how they will handle the transgender athletes, hopefully doing the right thing!

4) The Celluloid Closet  “The Celluloid Closet is a 1996 American documentary film directed and written by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. The film is based on the 1981 (revised 1987) book of the same name written by Vito Russo.” From the first time I read the book I thought it was the perfect gift to give to anyone interested in movies and/or Gay life. As soon as I read they were making a movie of the book I had to help them get it made. All involved did an excellent job and the movie should be seen! (By the way, the ‘Dr.’ Goodkin was misinterpreted by someone seeing Martin D. on the donation!!!)

The first 2 quotes #2 & #3 are from wikipedia and #4 from bing.

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From my apartment & along the walkway   Leave a comment

After getting the notice about the Heart Catheterization and Ventriculography test being changed from Monday to Tuesday I had to call to change the transportation and, not that I was rattled, but when asked for my address I told the schedular to wait a minute at which I point I had to look at my address card for my address!! Of course, at my age, the immediate thoughts of dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., quickly pass through the brain and so I did my ‘cure’!

I sat at my dining room table looking out the window for an hour and then took a walk down to The Point and all was well with me!No matter what time of the day–or night–Mother Nature calms me down! The full moon disappearing behind the leaves of ‘my Wilma Tree’ was the best meditation! Also, if you look at and count the people in the canoe in the next to last picture you will see 8 people without an orange floating device around their neck, or on them, you realize we live in a crazy world of crazy people!  By the way in the picture before that, you see a motorboat tugging another canoe back to the landing they came from—at least the last guy in the crowd is wearing a floating device around his neck.

Heck, a test where ‘a tube is placed in your heart to look at the blood flow to your heart and how well your heart is pumping’ is nothing compared to how people put their lives in danger every day! LOL

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GAY PRIDE JUNE 21 2021 PART 1   Leave a comment

President Joe Biden issues a proclamation to start Pride Month

Pride Month is celebrated every June 2021–PART 1

HISTORY–June 28 1969  Stonewall Bar Pride Month is set aside to celebrate LGBTQ+ people, their daily contributions to our world, and to pay respects to the struggles that have yet to be overcome. Pride is all about honor and celebration. Pride events are geared toward anyone who feels like their sexual identity falls outside the mainstream — although many straight people join in, too.

LGBT is an acronym meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The term sometimes is extended to LGBTQ, or even LGBTQIA, to include queer, intersex and asexual groups. Queer is an umbrella term for non-straight people; intersex refers to those whose sex is not clearly defined because of genetic, hormonal or biological differences; and asexual describes those who don’t experience sexual attraction. These terms may also include gender fluid people, or those whose gender identity shifts over time or depending on the situation.

Brenda Howard, a bisexual New York activist nicknamed the “Mother of Pride,” organized the first Pride parade to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. She believed Gay Pride was needed:

 1. Because Unity Is Strength

2. Because It’s Important To Show You Are Proud To Be You

3. Because It’s Important To Make Yourself Heard

4. Because We Are Done Hiding

5. Because Support Is Everything

6. Celebration And Unity

7.Pride Brings Comfort and Safety

8.Pride Raises Awareness

9. LGBTQ Awareness, Bullying and Taking a Stand

10. Pride shows LGBTQ youth that there is a community for them

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15 months later finall 2 NORMAL Days!!   1 comment

As a creature of habit, for 20 years of Thursdays, I would go to The Dollar Tree, CVS, Winn-Dixie,  and, sometimes if I needed things, also Office Depot and Home Depot topping it all off with a late lunch at Big Louie’s, Quarterdeck or Cafe Vico!On Fridays, it was an early movie, usually at The Gateway Theatre, and then Subways or Arbys for a ‘snack’.

Also about 16 times a year we went to either the Adrienne Arsht Theatre in Miami or the Broward Performing Arts Center on Tuesdays to see touring Broadway shows which abruptly stopped in March 2020 as did dinners at many different places before the shows!

Then the epidemic came!!!  ARGH!! No movie theatres, no touring Broadway shows for 15 months and no restaurants, old or new for about 13 months.

About 2 months ago, and a vaccine, we started to tiptoe back into restaurants for lunch, generally going to those we were familiar with, knew would be following the rules, such as the new 17th Street Quarterdeck, IHOP, Arbey’s, Big Louie’s and after our second vaccine started to try new ones like the Brazilian steakhouse Rio Minas.

Then the good news came–The AMC and Regal chains were reopening but the best news of all was The Gateway Theatre, under new owners, was opening up!NORMAL came back this week!! Did the old routine of shopping on Thursday and WENT FOR LUNCH at Big Louie’s and yesterday, Friday, WENT TO THE REOPENED GATEWAY THEATRE TO SEE A MOVIE ON THE BIG SCREEN AND THEN A SNACK AT SUBWAYS! Okay so it wasn’t a good movie but next week it will be official when “In The Heights” opens up–a show I loved when the Broadway touring company appeared here and the coming attraction trailers really have me excited!! (Ironically, I will be using the gift certificate I got on my 21st Leap Year birthday, Saturday, February 29, 2020, at the Nabu American Fusion Buffet restaurant–which didn’t survive the epidemic!)

Now just waiting for the touring Broadway shows to return to Miami and Broward and my life will be normal plus I can start looking for a new, good restaurant to plan my 22nd Leap Year birthday on Thursday, February 29, 2024!

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Doctors, appointments, Insurance, rides and more!   1 comment

I really thought things would start looking up today as I had an appointment with the ‘cardiovascular surgery team’ to set up the day I would go into the hospital for the aorta heart valve replacement of the 13-year-old pig valve I have that is really not working up to par which is why I was getting short of breath very quickly. They were to give me instructions of what to expect including an overnight stay, cutting out the blood thinner for a few days before, recovery time, etc. WRONG!!

It seems because of the delay in meeting with them—not MY fault!– the insurance referrals not only ran out of appointments with them but they would need to redo the CAT SCAN and another test as insurance would not approve this procedure based on the ‘old’ (March29!) tests! Yes, we have to now schedule the 2 tests before we can schedule the aorta operation because that will decide whether they will enter through the thigh, the chest or the heart with the balloon. They will call me with the appointments for the tests at the hospital–you know–the hospital that lost my bridge that I still haven’t had the new one fitted properly.

I was then handed a pamphlet and wouldn’t you know the first page I open to is page 20 which is entitled “What Are the Risks?” and the first listed is Death, followed by major stroke or major vascular complications, life-threatening bleeding event, heart attack and on and on and on. All that doesn’t bother me because the 14-15 meds I am taking already list the side effects that I can die, among other things, from taking them!

So far I have accomplished 0 and to add insult to injury I had arranged a free ride with my HMO. The driver picked me up at 10:30 AM for the 11:30 AM appointment and I was there by 10:45 AM.  I won’t get into having to be up in the middle of the night so I would be ready but the injury added to the insult was that I was finished with the ‘team’ at Noon and my ride didn’t come to pick me up until 1:30 PM and I finally got home at 1:50 PM!!

I know, as a rule, the drivers are great at picking you up early enough for the appointment but they are bad news as far as picking you up to get your home! Allen would have gladly taken me but I figured there was nothing major and their parking situation is horrendous but I didn’t want to bother him and knowing the driver might be late to take me back I had a book to read while I waited but, come on,  3 hours and 50 for a 30-minute appointment!??

I may be a patient but how patient is a patient supposed to be? (Okay, I thought that was funny.)

Now I wait, patiently, for one of the team members to call me with the test dates–I may be breathing regularly by my 22nd birthday!

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I HATE DOCTORS!!!! (Not really!)   1 comment

Too bad we need them to keep us alive!!

When I first met this cardiologist 2 months ago–he replaced my previous cardiologist–he changed a medicine that I have been taking for 20 that did its job (1 pill a day) for a new one 2 pills a day plus aspirin–without any explanations but I didn’t get into that as in his next breath he sort of berated me for not telling him that my aorta valve had been in my heart 13 years (though he had my charts right in front of him and the new medicine had to do with that!)–3 years past expiration date!

On top of that he said he couldn’t do anything about the valve until he found out if I had lung or brain cancer (I DON’T) based on a report from my lung doctor!!!  And I did not see him for the next 2 months though I was supposed to have an appointment with him next Wednesday which he cancelled and made for today–after 2 and 1/2 hours waiting in the small room I was ready to walk BUT I was more concerned about my lack of energy and tough breathing so I stayed BUT I did let him know I was pissed and he used the old “emergency’ excuses and people waiting too long before doing something–I (Bette Davis couldn’t have done better! LOL) said venomously “Well I am 85–how much longer did I have to wait?” and he responded his father was 95–I responded, “I hope you don’t aggravate him like you do your patients!” And then we got down to business.

He said he will speak to his partner and they will set up a day for me to go into the hospital which would be an overnight stay to have the aorta valve fixed going through my thigh instead of the chest as done previously and that I will need someone to stay with me that evening I come home–he was ready to set it up for Monday but I explained I need time to arrange a trip to and from the hospital plus get referrals from my primary doctor and arrange for someone to stay with me so that’s where it stands now while I don’t get back to my lung doctor and “Nocardiosis” (which even the heart doc said could last 6 months to a year and longer) until May 17—and I learn more about the do’s and don’ts with that—before ‘work’ can be done on my lungs!

On the bright side I got my smile back!!

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September 1-7, 2020 COVID 19   1 comment

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1–4 top row  The ‘snow’ white Egrets usually come out after a heavy rainstorm and hunt for food but they must know something we don’t because it hasn’t rained this morning or afternoon. It did rain heavy last night so maybe they were waiting for the sun to come out and the bugs coming up from underground but they sure were out hunting this afternoon and I don’t think that worm was safe but I didn’t wait to see!

5-8 center row  There are 3 things–well more but—I miss and, not in any particular order, going to the theatre, going out to the movies and the only thing I have done since March is eaten out but only 3 times!! Allen still takes me shopping on Thursdays and eating lunch out was a big part of it. I have been leerier of eating out than he is but we have, at least, been to 3 of my favorite restaurants as they are all large and I knew they would follow the rules and they did. First was Cafe Vico, then The Cheesecake Factory and this past Thursday we went to the Quarterdeck. All 3 were a success!
(An aside: without doing my 3 things the past 6 I have been able to put some money in the bank. Look at the Quarterdeck lunch check–without a tip–and times it by 21 weeks!!!)

9-11  bottom row  Every Thursday for at least 40 years I have been going to Winn-Dixie to fo my weekly food shopping and the first things you are hit–2nd picture– with are sweets from pies to cakes to cookies and then when you go to pay right on the cashier’s lines are the candies and carriable snack packages.  The only other place(s) I have been out to all these months are doctor visits, usually, my primary doctor–picture 11 is his office–as I went last week to give the lab my blood for my quarterly physical which takes place on September 23. I do get an extra day out as I have to go to my eye doctor on September 14 for new glasses.

The last picture was a birthday present that Chuck and Terry gave me on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at my 21st Leap Year Party at Nabu and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it except to make sure that everyone who came into my place would see it. I didn’t want to use it as a bed or couch cover because it would get ruined. After 6 months I finally decided–should be ready to be shown by next week (with a little help from a friend)!!

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PAD = Peripheral Artery Disease   3 comments

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The New Year’s weekend from December 29, 2000 to January 2, 2001  was one of my most memorable though I only remember half of it! Somehow I had called 911 and was taken to Broward Hospital (or was it Holy Cross?) where it seems I had congestive heart failure and, as one of the nurses told me a day or 2 later I kept complaining that I couldn’t find my flip-flops!  

From my diary: “December 20, 2000, diagnosed with atrial fibrillation–whatever that was—Doc said I could have a stroke–should, but probably won’t, stop smoking (that would happen 8 and a half years later!), change eating habits (I did lose 16 pounds in January), was given Coumadin and Toprol XL  to take. My calves are killing me, can’t walk without pain–what if I can’t work? On December 26 I had an echocardiogram and on the 27th I was given a holster heart monitor. In hospital all New Year’s Weekend!”

By the way, I suppose I should add that early December 29 I had eaten a 5-pound ham, 2 liters of diet cola and half a carrot cake— mmmm–wonder why I had congestive heart failure?

Up until that New Year’s weekend, I wasn’t really that doctor or hospital oriented. Oh sure I had the childhood diseases but as an adult, I didn’t go to doctors regularly and I think the only major operation I had was when I had my appendix taken out sometime in the late 1980s, early 1990s. I do know it was a Thanksgiving week because I was working at the Fisherman’s Wharf and I was concerned I wouldn’t recover enough to work Thanksgiving Day and weekend and make the money I needed. I did.

From January 1, 2001, to this past Monday, I have been seeing all kinds of doctors on a regular basis and on January 1, 2001 I would meet a vascular surgeon Ron Arison and it was him I saw on Monday and the reason for this ‘report’ and PAD!(To be continued)

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Why wear a mask? Why do social distance? HERE’S WHY!!   1 comment

Please read this or if you know someone who thinks COVID-19 is a hoax give it to them to read!

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Nixon resigned 46 years ago today!   1 comment

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I was 38 years old–living in Memphis, Tennessee–Director of Operations for Weight Watchers–Johnny and I were living together–I had a townhouse, was driving a white Cadillac Convertible, traveling around the world and except for a minor problem I had a great life!
We were eating in the revolving restaurant on top of the UP building on Poplar Avenue when the announcement came.Funny the things you remember when you see a picture and I saw the attached picture when I turned on the Internet today!

Do you remember where you were that day? Were you even born? :O)

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