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I’m a movie-goer, not a movie maker!!   Leave a comment

I made a lot of mistakes that I usually pick on directors and editors for doing, like too many nature shops plus I really goofed with too many effects and music, a few that were inappropriate with bad cutting but most of long it is way too long.
At least you won’t have to watch another one until June!




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My March 2019 Diary   Leave a comment

Avatar April 2019
Still learning how to make videos but it does make me admire all filmmakers more!
I made a ‘few’ mistakes:  the music, accidentally put in some February pictures, not all the GIFs are right but I am learning!

The theatre, going to movies, eating out, trying new foods, the flowers on my window sill(s), nature, etc are all a part of my daily life–ain’t bad, kids!!

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February 2019 My Diary   Leave a comment

7 PM 79 degrees Quarterdeck

Since I was 10 I have kept diaries and I have a closet full of them and then the Internet came along and videos take up a lot less room than a lined book!


Whether it is relaxing at The Point overlooking Karen Bay or tending to my plants or going to the theatre or catching a movie, eating out at fast food or full service restaurants, getting a new TV, experimenting with cutting cable and using a firestick or just taking selfies I haven’t a complaint in the world!

 C&P or go to


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I DON’T have a birthday this year!!   2 comments

No birthday collage!


Don’t believe everything you read/see on the web!
I was born February 29th–there is no February 29th this year so I don’t have a birthday!
Now next year there is a February 29th on a Saturday–and I will be 21 years old!

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Yes, I’m pointing the finger at Chuck–AGAIN!   1 comment

Told you before about Chuck who got me started on this road of the Internet that lead to a technical hell and a never ending of google. The next craziness was a cell phone which I had to get to use the lyft, uber and moviepass apps only to have my phone stolen and someone using the lyft & uber apps to take $43 worth of rides.

Sooner or later it leads further down the road to hell and I stepped into it today! Last week I decided (well it was sort of decided for me–Chuck had nothing to do with that!) to ‘cut the cord/cable’ and I bought an antenna and then decided to get a “smart fire edition” and get into ‘streaming’!! I have googled and binged more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years!

In any case the TV came today and John came over to help me get it in working order and start seeing what I could see, what I couldn’t see, what kind of streaming package(s) I might have to get, etc.

All I know is I spent Saturday night watching the first season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”! And, oh yes, look at the pictures–I am now surrounded by monitors, TVs or whatever the technical term is.

What’s next Chuck??? LOL

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HappyValentine’s Day   1 comment

Happy Valentines Day 2019

There is a young lady of 75 who said she had never received a Valentine’s Day card. She was very happily married to a guy who, as she says, “……was not a candy and flowers type of guy,” He recently passed away and she is doing the best she can which appears to be pretty good.


After reading her post I thought of the many people who, for whatever reason, don’t get a Valentine’s Day card and in my own way I don’t want that happening today.


To all people, single, married, partnered, male, female, gay or nongay, religious or not, who believe or don’t believe in Valentine’s Day and Charlie Brown who has been waiting for one for 50 years, who won’t be getting a Valentine’s Day card or chocolates or flowers or a phone call these guys in the slideshow below got together and want to wish you a VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.


PS Just want to throw out there that one of the best days of the year to get chocolate cheap, well comparatively, is on February 15 when all the drugstores, supermarkets, wholesale stores, sell their packages and boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolate for 50-75 percent off!


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Patricia Nell Warren R.I.P.   Leave a comment

I was/am a big fan of Patricia Nell Warren having read all her books.

In the 1980s I met her at a Gay Pride festival and after an interesting talk she agreed to meet me for dinner later on and it was really a fascinating evening talking (believe it or not I listened more than I talked!) and to my surprise I received the photo above about a week later.

Sadly she died but her great books will be read forever!


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