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Starting a photo album celebrating my birthday!   1 comment

I started working on a Leap Year Memory Photo Book for my birthday– this was my first and I made the front page of a newspaper—have no idea of what paper or who the other people are in the picture–maybe this way I’ll find out!

First Leap Year Birthday  February 29, 1940 1 year old


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102 Days to go!   1 comment

Putting together a ‘photo album’ of my 20 Leap Years and thought I would share a few pages–right now I am aiming for 21 pages plus 4 to grow on!

The Second 5 Leap Years 1956 to 1976

New York, Miami Beach & Memphis

1956 to 1967 The Fat Years


My first restaurant job 1957-63 Picciolo’s Miami Beach  The Brass Rail 1965-1969 NYC  Marchi’s My favorite NYC restaurant in the 1960s


Flo & Me World’s Fair 1964

Where I was a waiter in the

Gas Pavilion–table side service

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116 Days to go!   2 comments

Before I turn 21 on Saturday February 29, 2020!

It all started Saturday February 29, 1936 at 5:35 AM

The First 5 Leap Years  1936 to 1956 The Bronx & South Fallsburg


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108 days to go!!   Leave a comment

Everybody laughed when on March 1, 2016, I said I had to get started on my 21st Leap Year birthday but now we are only 3+ months til THE big day. I have a lot ready but still a lot to do–heck I haven’t even started working on my gift list!!

Martin Donald Goodkin

Leap Year Baby’s 21st Birthday

Saturday February 29, 2020


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My new title: A Octogenarian Leap Year Baby!   1 comment

Autumn 3 Oct 2019
We all have many titles during I life and I have reached the pinnacle, for me, an octogenarian Leap Year Baby–bet you don’t know many of those, if any!
Though at 80/20 years old I began feeling the getting old pains I really can’t/won’t complain as most occur getting up and out of bed while the rest of the day isn’t that bad. The only impediment that interferes with my life is the Peripheral Artery Disease I have which makes walking any distance more than 2 blocks more than a chore.
That 20—soon to be 21—year old still gets excited about everything in life from eating to movie and theatre going and, yes, Mother Nature!
Peyton, the young girl in the picture above, is Gateway’s great, great granddaughter (okay, she belongs to Becky’s granddaughter) and there isn’t a person here she doesn’t get a smile from. It is little–no pun intended–things like that which makes this Octogenarian Leap Year Baby feel young(er).

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Old Age: Fight it, give in to it, adapt to it and/or enjoy it!   Leave a comment

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I don’t exactly remember when I faced the fact that I was old but it was probably around the New Year’s weekend 1999-2000 when I woke up in the hospital after having a congestive heart failure attack. Oh I fought it a bit by saying that I was old(er) but, eventually, I had to drop the (er)!It was at that time that I was introduced to Warfarin, a blood thinner, which lead to my arms (see the first 2 pictures) turning all kinds of colors if I even brushed against something, being lucky if it didn’t bleed and take weeks to heal!
I bought arm guards and wore them for awhile but for some reason I stopped wearing them and all of a sudden last week walking on the walkway from the elevator to my apartment, not paying attention, my swinging right arm hit the corner of the railing and got a gash that was a mess.

I decided to go back to wearing arm guards. I got the white ones first and decided to cut off the finger/palm/hand part–see the left and right corner bottom pictures–which was a mistake as they started to unravel. Now I have the black arm guards and I am wearing them as is!Only problem with the guards are they exert so much pressure on the arms they are now a solid red!! At least they match my legs which because of the  peripheral artery disease and the lack of the veins having too much plaque doesn’t allow the blood in my legs to flow regularly as they should.  These are the extra large guards whereas the white were large. I think my next step is to put bubble wrap around the arms!

One of the, many, great things about old age is that you aren’t to blame for anything–it is all the age!! I have lost 2 pairs of glasses this year–well, not actually me but that old man in me–so I decided to go the way of old people I remember from my childhood–you know, those who always had glasses hanging down the front of them like I do in the bottom left picture and the middle pictures. Now I go crazy looking for my glasses before I remember they are hanging around my neck!

Now I am practicing for either a walker and/or a motorized wheelchair–the latter is the ‘in’ thing with senior citizens here at Gateway!Oh, also, have to learn to quickly ditch the hanging glasses and arm guards–have you ever seen an old person celebrating their 100th birthday or any birthday over 90 years wearing those things?? Except on the news have you seen pictures of old people using walkers?? Heck we may be old but we are still smart and know how to hide things!!

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My July 2019 Diary!   Leave a comment

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The new ‘uniform’ Gateway Terrace Apartments   2 comments

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The ‘new’ Gateway is almost complete–just missing a few bushes!I give the owners credit for making the inside of the apartments really modern with new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new hurricane windows, new ceiling fan/light fixture in the ceiling of the bedroom and new lights in the kitchen and bathroom, new blinds though the new air conditioners/fans don’t do as good a job as the old system and they certainly fixed up the hallways.The big problems are on the outside where all individuality has been taken away. No more Christmas/Hanukah lights and contests for the best displays (or even the company putting up lights all around). The biggest downer are the beautiful individual gardens that many residents put their own time and money in to liven up the place with Hibiscus & Rose bushes, many colored orchids,  Banana plants, lemon, grapefruit trees with blossoms, sunflowers, etc., etc.  No plants on the window sills, no decorations of any kind on the doors and/or windows. Our avocado tree from which we got 75 avocados one season is gone.Now you can’t tell one building from another and I don’t know if one has to do with the other but all of a sudden we are ‘losing’ residents to death, rehab and nursing homes more than usual!Don’t get me wrong! I love my apartment and I can look out and see Karen Bay, green trees but from the outside all you can see are bland buildings, one after another and sometimes ‘uniform’ can be very dull!

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Don’t drink the water—in Fort Lauderdale!   1 comment

Water, water everywhere without a drop to drink!
Thursday morningI received an alert message,not only on my phone but also on my Internet email, stating that Fort Lauderdaleand a few surrounding cities had contaminated water due to a company busting an old 42″ water pipe and due to old safety valves the water was not transmitted to safe water pipes and so:
Tap water should not be used for drinking, making ice, preparing foods, washing dishes, brushing teeth, taking showers, etc. Before using be sure to boil water for a minute to eliminate bacteria or other organisms.
“They”said this should be fixed within 36-48 hours and here is it 88 hours later and the warning is still in effect. At least the water is still running!
It being hurricane season most many people had bottled water in their homes just in case but it seems the majority didn’t as stories below talk about.
On Thursday Allen and I went on to do our regular Thursday chores only this time we had his daughter who was here on vacation joined us and we decided to eat lunch in a ‘nice’ placebut many restaurants weren’t open because they didn’t have water to cook, clean or to serve to customers. Just think about all the businesses that depend on water–clean, germ free water–and imagine the loss businesses will take not to forget employees! We finally found a restaurant that was open but I still think they used the tap water to make that awful lemonade I had and all the dirty tables! (See my post about Vale Food Co.) It took a couple of days for restaurants, hotels, etc., were able to reopen.

Needless to say that any place selling water was immediately cleaned out by panicked customers!

I lucked out that I had bottled water supplies in case of a hurricane but I got a bonus in that my neighbor orders bottled water and last week they sent him double the amount he usually gets so he gave me a case of 24 bottles, each bottle holding 18 ounces and he has 12 more cases if I need some!
“They are testing the water again today and we are waiting to hear the results meanwhile having a heat wave like the rest of the country (but not as bad and at this time of the year we expect it and know how to deal with it).
Meanwhile I have Allen’s car to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Fort Lauderdale with water all around—only not to drink!!

220,000 In Fort Lauderdale Urged To Boil Water Through Sunday

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Immigrants get the work done   Leave a comment

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