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Holiday Park


This is but a small part of Holiday Park which also has a gym, a children’s playground, a stable for police horses, a baseball field in addition to a soccer and a separate football field, a dog’s park, the Parker Playhouse, the Memorial Auditorium, Chris Evert Tennis courts, etc.


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Beautiful Day to a Full Moon   Leave a comment

A Day in Fort Lauderdale  Part 1


A Day in Fort Lauderdale  Part 2

An hour later almost sunset

9 PM  A full moon—see last shot

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October 2017 Part 2   Leave a comment

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Never too old to learn!   Leave a comment

Full of—- (Your laugh for the day)

Learning about ileus the hard way!



Ileus is a disruption of the normal propulsive ability of the gastrointestinal tract. Although ileus originally referred to any lack of digestive propulsion, including bowel obstruction, up-to-date medical usage restricts its meaning to those disruptions caused by the failure of peristalsis, rather than by mechanical obstruction. Although certain older terms such as meconium ileus persist in usage, they are now misnomers (which does not mean that they are incorrect or obsolete, but rather that they are known to not sound like what they really are).

Ileus means “intestinal obstruction”.


For about 10 days, and up to going into the hospital, the only symptom I had was the first but with a history of heart problems I held off for as long as I could play it safe before I went to the hospital.


In any case as I emailed some people after getting to the hospital:


As many of you will say “I knew that”–in the terms my doctor (female) said to me, “I could use feces but instead I will say shit (I blushing being a guy who doesn’t use 4 letter words)–and you are full of it! Your 13 foot intestine is blocked up which is why your chest is hurting and your stomach is bloated up like a balloon!!”

After explaining that I have a bowel movement daily she said I will give you a quick lessons about the intestine which she proceeded to do followed by handing me 2 prescriptions: one for laxatives and the other for magnesium citrate and added, no you will not lose 20 pounds but the bloat will go away!

And for all that I was in pain for 10 days!! (and still am the next day after taking the laxatives!)

Ah the joy of waking up every morning!


Go ahead and laugh!!!`

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Apartment improvements–more to come   Leave a comment

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Hard hat? NO! Hard head!   Leave a comment

Head injury Image

Long story short, because I will be posting about the new changes in other posts.

Management is putting in a fan vent between my bedroom and living room wall so I had to remove all pictures and furniture from both walls.

I have the original tall standing Detecto weight scale, which I had in Weight Watchers in Memphis 48 years ago, in my bedroom and moved it away, back by the closet. Got up in the middle of the night for what old men get up for in the middle of the night—which is a completely different reason young men get up for in the middle of the night, but that’s another post.

Getting back to that long story short—I hit my head on the edge of the scale and taking blood thinners blood spurted all over—what to do, what to do? (Think about that for a minute and get back to me.)

The wound wasn’t that bad and had stopped bleeding by the next day!

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Mother Nature aids MAN in destruction   Leave a comment

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