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I LOVE the summer!!

I don’t care if it is in the 90s and so is the humidity. I don’t care if my glasses fog up when I walk out the door and the sweat starts making the shirt cling to the body.

Why should I care when:

A friend gives me a carrot cake—even if he did sneak a slice! 

carrot cake

Allen goes on vacation and I get his car which I have until Wednesday. 

Allens car summer vacation I have it

And then there is the quiet and beauty of summer so what is there not to like about July in Fort Lauderdale?

Summer trees in Victoria Park July 9, 2017

Summertime with Ella

And then there is always the


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At the age of 81 my brain–yes, I do have one–is filled with so much information and so many irrelevant facts along with bits and pieces of memories not forget important information like names, faces, places, grammar, math and so on I forgive myself when I, occasionally forget something, especially to forgetting how to do something right!

Last week I posted a video that people said they couldn’t see and I went crazy(ier?) trying to see what I had done wrong and how I could fix it when just as I was about to delete the whole thing Maria left a comment that in one second cleared up the whole thing. I had forgotten to hit the icon that made the video public! DUH!

In any case here it is–enjoy.

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And another try at this one! :O)

You can always C & P the URL–worth it!! LOL

Anytime of the year it is beautiful here and so am I! :O)   Leave a comment

360 degrees on my walkway   (February)

For a change—me  (January +)

another 360 degrees on my walkway (September)

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June 2017 Sigh! Someone has to live my life!   Leave a comment

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In my backyard



The Audacity  (sold shortly after I took this.)


The Point–this one is a little loud just before I learned how to shoot without the background noise!

I took these in January 2015 when it was cold–only 77 degrees I think!

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Do you remember the first time you heard/used the term bucket list? It seems everywhere you turn someone is mentioning and/or talking about their bucket list. I decided to make up one for myself and after 3 hours looking at a blank sheet of paper and my mind racing all over the place I discovered I don’t have a bucket list, that I have done everything I wanted to and whatever I would put on a list would be more of a dream than a reality.

Sure I would love to win the lottery and I even buy tickets every week but does that go on a bucket list?

I would like to ride a horse but that isn’t something that is going to happen at my age and with my health.

I would like to visit New Zealand AGAIN but been there, done that!

I’ve written books, had many articles published and wrote a weekly news column, written a dining out column for a magazine.

Six years ago I became a professional theatre reviewer which I had dreamed about since I was 13.

I was very wealthy for a decade.

As I went along in life I did things I wanted to do as they came up for good or bad but all were experiences and many would be on my bucket list today if I had thought twice and didn’t do them back in the day.

I’ve seen the best of entertainers perform live, saw the famous of stage and met a movie star here and there.

Oh sure I would love to have a red convertible again but does that go on a bucket or wish list?

If I had my choice of doing anything I wanted to do tomorrow it would be the same as I did yesterday or last week or that I have done in the past decade.

Yes I hope to have more new experiences but none that I would consider part of a bucket list—hope when you are 81 you can say the same!

After I wrote this I wondered where ‘bucket list’ came from so I went to and came up with the following, surprised that it is a fairly new expression!

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