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February 2021–3 years to go til I am 22!!   1 comment

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Whether it is looking out at a full moon at night or birds looking for worms after a rainstorm life is good for this 21-year-old guy!

Though I am not thrilled about being an adult I’ll deal with it and maybe by the time I am 22 in 2024 I will have adjusted to all the responsibilities and annoyances that ‘maturity’ brings!!

If you look at the bottom left picture you can say hello to our latest resident! A bit young to live here but we will age him quickly!

I felt like I was ‘cheating’–doing something wrong–but did it anyway! Went to JMark’s for lunch and had a steak and baked potato plus I did NOT order their carrot cake (but I did take a bite out of the one Allen ordered! Picture of the cake in the lower right of the collage.) Then the following week went to Big Louie’s and we had a pizza! Amazing how little it takes to make you feel human with this epidemic.

I did get my first vaccine shot–no after-effects–and go for the second one next Friday, March 5 so though I won’t go wild I will feel a little more comfortable going out.

Had a few medical problems even though I felt fine–so far 4 doctors and 8 tests and no answers as to what is wrong except I do have to get my aorta valve replaced after 13 years but that can’t be done until they find out what is wrong so more tests coming up!All in all, February 2021 goes into the positive column, and now on to March!


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Bright/Good Day!   Leave a comment

Doctor Singer has been my pulmonary doc for 19 years now and he is a good guy!

Right now he is mad that the other two doctors aren’t ‘doing their job’ !! He told me if I get a run around regarding the Thoracic surgery to call him immediately. One less thing for me to worry/think about–I like doctors like that!!

By the way, how many of your doctors are a “Hot Doc”? He reminds me that was back in 1999 and it is a medical award, not a ‘body’ award!

In the first picture, we are driving by the beach on the way to the vaccine shot area while the one on the bottom left is from my apartment. I know we don’t have 4 seasons but our trees lose their leaves in February so can we say we have Autumn in winter? On the top right is the Cuban plant that is constantly in bloom all year round in my apartment.

I may feel a little guilty when I look at the weather map and we have the highest temperatures in the USA but I get over that quickly. Our high was 85 today–‘cold wave’ coming Saturday when our high temp will be 74!!

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Everything is good on Valentine’s Day!   1 comment

Everything is good on Valentine’s Day whether it be the calendar February dogs or a new shower curtain not to mention a new bed in a bag set!There is a promise of the Broadway touring shows coming back this Fall and even if I don’t have a birthday this year Baskin & Robins sent me a coupon for a free Sundae and, yes, I even got some Valentine’s Day cards!!Spent a few days in and out of hospitals and seeing doctor after doctor plus got my first vaccine shot and our local supermarket Winn-Dixie gave me a free quart of ice cream for my unbirthday.Today is Valentine’s Day and we are having a high temperature of 84 degrees with blue skies and great sun all over. There’s enough love in the air for everyone to give and get plus don’t forget, great sales on chocolates TOMORROW at all kinds of stores!!

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In my next life….   1 comment

Don’t get excited as I haven’t finished with this life yet and I plan to be around for a long time!!

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Every time I look around me I am amazed by what Mother Nature does with light whether it be a sunrise, sunset or just having the sun bounce off windows and leave green bars on the black concrete in a parking lot. Walk a few steps to the right and the green bars are gone! A few more steps and, like magic, 3 new green lines appear
I can walk into the kitchen and there is a piece of artwork on the ceiling–the middle picture on the right–bringing the outdoor in.I have, literally, thousands of pictures and I am constantly taking more so I have made my decision. In my next life, I am going to school, study photography and travel around the world taking the pictures that Mother Nature makes to keep our eyes constantly looking and our minds in awe!
As I said I am not ready to leave this life yet—have a lot to do–but at least I won’t worry about what I’ll be doing when I come back!

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December 25 & 26, 2020   Leave a comment

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The first 5 pictures tell the whole story–it was a cold Christmas Day and day after–remember this is SOUTH Florida–people come here in Winter to get away from the cold weather! At least we had a beautiful sunset Christmas Day.

ALL the naysayers owe me an apology!! Look at pictures in the middle and lower left–more important look at the dates!! I have had this in my possession 4 days and all I did was look under the wrap and, yes, it is CARROT CAKE and I haven’t touched it–didn’t even take off the wrapper and the cover to smell it!!

I remember many years ago I was told whatever you are doing on New Year’s Eve you will be doing the rest of the year–I plan to be eating this carrot cake at midnight on December 31, 2020 and not until then. (It is now in the freezer which wouldn’t stop me from eating it but it is safer!)

In the 11th picture is the last crop of homegrown peppers that I picked today.In the last picture is a ‘shield’ I was given as a present–I prefer a mask.

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Odds and Ends pictures 2020   Leave a comment

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An assortment of pictures on my desktop that I want to retire and most one, two or three liners so I decided to just put them all in a post!

Starting with the upper left photo, it was our weather last week–most highs in the 80s or upper 70 while the lows were mainly in the 60s with Friday going down to 56 degrees. We are expecting a ‘cold wave’ on Christmas Day with a high of ‘only’ 68.

The second picture is of how Big Louie’s is doing social distancing–we went for pizza.

The third, fourth and sixth picture is the Holiday Cacti getting ready to bloom on Christmas Eve after discarding all their blooms for Hanukkah.

The fifth and ninth pictures are a present from Santa’s elves Chuck and Terry in Memphis. The chocolate has ‘disappeared somehow but I still have the paper section of the Best of Memphis!

Seven and eight are pictures of the new 27″ computer monitor I bought myself. Having problems with it that I haven’t been able to fix—yet!

The tenth picture is of Ruby–Alfredo and Mike’s dog–last I heard Alfredo is doing okay!I caught a sunset from my window in the eleventh picture.And in the last picture, I was making a record of growing a Van Dyke beard since I wear a mask outside so why bother shaving!?!?

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Don’t ‘file’ it in the garbage!!   Leave a comment

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Most people who receive this book usually just take a quick glance or throw it directly into the garbage and, yet, it is full of information for anyone eligible, or becoming eligible, for Medicare and/or Medicaid.By reading pages 57-90 I have learned how to cut my co-pays for doctors, including specialists, to 0 plus of the 12 drugs I am prescribed to take I only pay for 2 inhalers and I get a 3 month supply and pay for only 1 month.
You can be on a 5-star insurance plan and still do better with their Medicare Advantage plan. Should you be retired and living on Social Security reading this book is a must.
Comparing the plans in the back of the book over the years I found out a few ‘secrets’ such as getting $80 free over the counter items every month plus Florida has special plans for people who have a lower income–just have to check out your own State.Medical expenses are getting higher and higher every year and this “Medicare & You  2021” will help you make them lower and, in most cases, a lot lower.Spend an hour or two going through it–you’ll be ‘richer’ for it!

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Broadway cloth mural   1 comment

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On Saturday, February 29, 2020, when I reached maturity–well, at least I finally became 21–Chuck and Terry, who came in from Memphis to help me celebrate, gave me a cloth ‘blanket’ with pictures representing many Broadway shows I have seen plus a border of my favorite show “A Chorus Line”.

At first I was thinking of using it on my bed but I thought that might ‘tear’ it up so until I could think of where I wanted to put it permanently I used it as a couch cover (see the first picture) but no one was allowed to sit on it!!  I knew I wanted to hang it on a wall but exactly which wall I wasn’t sure because they were all covered with framed pictures. It only took 7 months and 2 weeks before I made a decision and then the ‘work’ began!

I knew there was no way I could do it without ruining the whole thing let alone get it up straight and, last but not least, have the whole wall crumble and the building falling down! (Trust me, you don’t want me doing anything around your place–all you have to do is look behind the framed pictures that I have hung up!) I spoke to John about doing it for me as he is a genius at things like that and he said ‘yes’!! (I don’t think he knows how to say ‘no’ when you ask him to do something for you!)

Now I had to decide what to do with all the pictures I would have to take down (see picture 2), including the special “ACL” ones. I started to take them down and dropped 3 in the process winding up with slivers of glass all over the floor! In any case, I had the wall ready for John–he told me about using toothpaste to fill up the holes I had made hanging the pictures–and he came up the next day and had it done like in 10 minutes!! (And all it cost me was a package of Pepperidge Farm chocolate cookies!)

On my own–HURRAY—I made another “A Chorus Line” wall by the entranceway (see the last picture)–only dropping 2 pictures and now have wall to wall slivers of glass on the floor that I am constantly picking up!! I still have a few ACL pictures to hang above the mural where there is space that you can’t see in the 4th, 5th and 6th pictures.And this is what I see when I am sitting at the computer!! (I have to get the 3 remaining pictures up– eventually!)

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September 1-7, 2020 COVID 19   1 comment

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1–4 top row  The ‘snow’ white Egrets usually come out after a heavy rainstorm and hunt for food but they must know something we don’t because it hasn’t rained this morning or afternoon. It did rain heavy last night so maybe they were waiting for the sun to come out and the bugs coming up from underground but they sure were out hunting this afternoon and I don’t think that worm was safe but I didn’t wait to see!

5-8 center row  There are 3 things–well more but—I miss and, not in any particular order, going to the theatre, going out to the movies and the only thing I have done since March is eaten out but only 3 times!! Allen still takes me shopping on Thursdays and eating lunch out was a big part of it. I have been leerier of eating out than he is but we have, at least, been to 3 of my favorite restaurants as they are all large and I knew they would follow the rules and they did. First was Cafe Vico, then The Cheesecake Factory and this past Thursday we went to the Quarterdeck. All 3 were a success!
(An aside: without doing my 3 things the past 6 I have been able to put some money in the bank. Look at the Quarterdeck lunch check–without a tip–and times it by 21 weeks!!!)

9-11  bottom row  Every Thursday for at least 40 years I have been going to Winn-Dixie to fo my weekly food shopping and the first things you are hit–2nd picture– with are sweets from pies to cakes to cookies and then when you go to pay right on the cashier’s lines are the candies and carriable snack packages.  The only other place(s) I have been out to all these months are doctor visits, usually, my primary doctor–picture 11 is his office–as I went last week to give the lab my blood for my quarterly physical which takes place on September 23. I do get an extra day out as I have to go to my eye doctor on September 14 for new glasses.

The last picture was a birthday present that Chuck and Terry gave me on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at my 21st Leap Year Party at Nabu and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it except to make sure that everyone who came into my place would see it. I didn’t want to use it as a bed or couch cover because it would get ruined. After 6 months I finally decided–should be ready to be shown by next week (with a little help from a friend)!!

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Why wear a mask? Why do social distance? HERE’S WHY!!   1 comment

Please read this or if you know someone who thinks COVID-19 is a hoax give it to them to read!

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