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It looks like Hurricane Ian has just left us some flooding (mainly due to King Tides) and today a lot of wind!

We have been very lucky with hurricanes–and I am sure that is due to climate change!We had a little rain and some heavy winds–also the birds were out which is a sign that there no danger!Yesterday (Wednesday) the sky had a few puffs of clouds, a lot of sun and a puddle here and there!

We had the King Tides which is what caused OUR flooding which we have hurricane or not!

WARNING: There is a Hurricane Martin on the list!!

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I’m laughing as I look at these pictures because, as the subject matter says, the pictures don’t show the whole story!
First, 2 weeks ago I went to a new dermatologist and she made some ‘cuts’ wanting to take biopsies for possible melanoma because of my living in the sun for so many years and the fact that my previous 5 dermatologists never tested me. I have an appointment to see her tomorrow (Wednesday) while this past weekend I got an email from here that all tested benign.

Last night (Monday) around 9 PM I was answering some email when I felt a strange something on my chest and when I looked down there was blood dripping from one of the biopsies cuts on my right check. I wasn’t too freaked out because after 22 years of taking 2-3 blood thinners a day I was used to never ending cuts bleeding ‘forever’.

Over the next 3 hours and after using 30 different size bandages, using elastic bandages around the chin, cheeks not to mention using pillow cases, towels, handkerchiefs plus blood all over me, my clothes, the floor, etc., even more than the night I ‘fell’ out of the recliner!Finally decided, at Midnight, to call 911 figuring they would come over and just tape it up but when they got here they said they couldn’t do that because it was at a ‘bad’ angle on the check and they would have to take me into the ER. Long story short–I got to the ER at 12:30 AM, they put 3 stitches in my cheek (which you really can’t see in the pictures!) got a cab and was home by 2:30 AM!

I went to my cardiologist today and he didn’t say anything about the stitches after I told him what happened and we discussed the pain I am feeling in my legs! He suggested I get another vascular surgeon’s opinion but I told him I would wait until I see the one have now in September.

Now I have to see what the new dermatologist says about the stitches plus a new ‘experimental’ drug—Dupixent–which is a self-injection every 2 weeks for psoriasis which I have all over–only if the government (my insurance) pays the cost.By the way–don’t get old–yes I know the alternative but when all you do is talk about the weather, doctor visits and medicines you talk about all the time maybe the alternative isn’t bad! I’m just kidding!! I am having too much fun as an old man!!

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My window to the world!   1 comment

I can just sit in my apartment and watch the world whether it is seeing 4th of July fireworks (see the first picture and the one under it–my camera doesn’t show it but the fireworks were up closer and huge!) and then a week later the full moon (second picture) stopped by to great me.

I don’t have to go out to see the world as I have it in my apartment with peppers growing, (picture 4) geraniums blooming (pictures 3, 7, 8) and the bright yellow flowers of the Cuban plant (6,7,8,10, 12) surrounding me. All the blinds, except in the bedroom, are up 24 hours a day and I can see the moon trying to come up as the sun goes down or the rare shooting star. I see huge yachts coming and going or people riding in their canoes and kyacks and I love grabbing my camera and taking pictures of them laughing, enjoying themselves and life.

which overlooks Karen Bay and on the north end you can see busy Sunrise Boulevard but in the evening nothing distracts from the sky reflected in the water or being able to see the stars so clearly as if you were in the country. Sitting in a chair, whether during the day or evening, and hearing the quiet of the waves every once in awhile disturbed by the motor of a boat speeding, looking up and seeing the sun or moon brings a peace, a smile, a joy of life that I feel no matter what is happening around me or the world!

Come on down!

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2 Songs I never heard sung by men before!   Leave a comment

Every once in awhile I have to remind people I am still here! ) (Or I have too much time on my hands!!

And to add to that:

First time I ever heard it sung by a man and he is as powerful as Jennifer Hudson (in the movie) and Jennifer Holiday (on Broadway)

If the shoe fits wear it!!! Me sarcastic???

Pisces horoscope


You could find yourself in a socially awkward position today. Any unkind or critical remarks that you have made lately could come back to haunt you. Your sarcastic wit can be very amusing, but sometimes you need to watch how you express those sharp Pisces edges. You might need to make peace today and express some sympathy and apologies towards someone. Don’t be afraid to act a little humble!

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Peppers, Geraniums, Cuban Yellow plants and a Full Moon!   1 comment

We start off with:

7 PM


RealFeel® 92°

Hot Yes, I know it is hot all over–Memphis hit 100 degrees today!–but we have been living with this heat since March so it is nothing new but, yes, IT IS HOT! And as Bette Davis, our weather expert told us, that it will be that way all week and with the Sahara dust that has helped keep the rain going away we won’t have it this week so the rains will be back!

We all had a full moon this week and Mother Nature, with a sense of humor or I was seeing things (see the last photo, top line, right) but she had to be playing with my camera making the full moon a heart!
On the line of photos are just a few of my pepper plants and they are all colors and sizes plus showing from the blossoms to the forming of the peppers! In the fifth picture, far right, are my Cuban plants with their yellow flowers ‘looking’ at the pink Geraniums!

The bottom line starts with another pepper growing but I love the last 3 pictures! When I get up in the morning–well, not too early–I swing my feet to the left and I look directly through the wall fan between the bedroom and living room and I see the same Cuban plants and pink Geraniums that I talk about in the previous paragraph. Though you can’t tell I see/have a clear view and I almost don’t mind getting up in the morning!

As I get old—passed the “I am getting older” stage–I find 1) My body can’t take the heat like it used to though I still love both–the heat and my body! and 2) I love what appears to be the simple thing like a pepper growing or a flower blooming–welcome to MY world!

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DOCUMENTARY–1 HOUR& 15 MINUTES– if you ever hear OR WAS ASKED OR ASKED “Why do ‘they’ need gay pride? What do they have to be proud of? What if I wanted to start a straight pride movement?” have them see this! If you are GAY see this and see why it is so important for you to vote in EVERY election!

From 2 guys starting a swim team & water polo club a ‘family’, a safe place and a new movement were found!

The fight for equality in sports is still one that we deal with on a daily basis in the LGBTQ community, however we have made some incredible strides over the past 50 years that has brought us much acceptance across the boards. It wasn’t always that easy, and a new documentary from LOGO proves that in a time when being openly gay was a lot more difficult than it is today.

 The film reveals the untold story of a group of gay men and women who found one another through their love of competitive swimming, ultimately becoming a family and a force for the LGBTQ sports movement.

   “The West Hollywood Aquatics Team – who also go by “WH2O” – were pioneers in gay sports. With a current roster of more than 180 individuals, the organization initially grew out of a group of athletes training for the first Gay Games in 1982. During a time when being gay and being an athlete was considered an oxymoron and the AIDS crisis only increased homophobia across the U.S., WH2O prioritized inclusion and dignity and combated stigma.

As one of the original members states, “if you could swim, you could live…or at least you were alive for that moment.” And another: “swimming was about celebrating and rising above all the darkness that was around us…and striving to show the word that we are not being wiped out by an illness.”

Light in the Water reveals the inside story of a group of trailblazers who personified the change they wanted to see and created a legacy for equality in sports that lives on in the team today.”

It is produced by Patty Ivins Specht and Lis Bartlett and directed by Bartlett. Executive Producers from Logo Documentary Films are Pamela Post and Taj Paxton.


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A WALK TO THE POINT JUNE 12, 2022   1 comment

I was about to take a walk down to The Point when the skies opened up and I couldn’t see out the window (1) so I decided it was a sign for me to stay in.  I put on the TV and there was Bette Davis (2) saying the rain would be out of the area in a couple of minutes and that the rest of the week we would have the usual 20-30% chance of rain every day.

She doesn’t lie and 15 minutes later the sun was out and in 30 minutes you couldn’t tell it even rained!

I went outside and the first thing I saw was one of the beautiful Jacaranda trees in bloom-the same one (3) I take a picture of every year–and so I continued walking only to have a bird (4) land a few feet from me as if to say ‘take MY picture’ so I did!

Since I was there I decided to take a picture of me in front of my yacht (5)—someday Allen will have to take a look at it and tell me how big it is–and then before the help took off for a ride (6) to Karen Bay–I let them have it every Sunday nice employer that I am  I took a picture of it just in case they had an accident! At night the top has an ongoing show of neon colors that really is beautiful.

I continued walking to the Bay and had to stop when I saw the tree (9) on the top of the house!! I looked again and took a closeup picture of the tree and house and it is directly behind the house! (They better chop it down before a hurricane comes!)

After that I went into the pool area (8) and sat for about a half hour feeling as if I owned the world–it was so quiet (guess all the old folks were taking their afternoon nap) and peaceful!

Before I knew it I had to get back upstairs to get dinner ready because the Tony Award show is 4 hours with the first hour on Paramount+ and then on CBS for the next 3 so taking a quick look at the Queen Crepe Myrtle tree in full bloom at the end of my walkway (7) I walked into my place and just felt great!

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WELCOME TO MAY 2022   Leave a comment

April went out and May came in with   but I have a feeling it was cut back because a) I didn’t hear the continuous barrage of noise over our buildings and b) there was on and off rain though none really that heavy.

#2 pictures–I walked around Gateway along the canals and down to The Point and even though it was Spring since we had mainly temperatures in the 80s since February it was like a summer day–the grounds were wet but not a drop of rain all afternoon and the sunny was out and bright!

#3 pictures–Spring or not the plant on my kitchen ledge consisting of the yellow Cuban flowers and the pink Geraniums were blooming! All from little snips of older plants and just stuck in a pot of dirt and left alone to do their thing!

#4 pictures–talking of blooming and Spring my 5 pots of pepper plants started showing flowers towards the end of April and on the first of May I had a few peppers to use in my dinner tonight. I don’t know why out of 15-20 blooms I only get about 6-7 peppers and they are very small (but enough to flavor a recipe!) I suppose I should cut them back, have less branches and the results would be better and bigger but I love seeing the blossoms and since each plant seems to rotate in producing peppers I am not really complaining!

Do I really have to explain the two unnumbered pictures? I didn’t think so!Here’s to May 2022 on the way to summer.


1, 2 & 3    We have had Spring in Fort Lauderdale since February–all in all great weather for the Spring-breakers, tourists and birds but it was the blooming of the Queen Myrtle Crepe trees that made it official!

4  All my pepper plants in the apartment are blooming–all have a lot of blooms but it seems only each plant will produce only 2-3 peppers

5  No, I am not a drug dealer–those are just some of the meds I take each day and a few, very few, ‘as needed’!

6  The lab I go to for c-scans, sonograms, etc., which will soon change—more about that in May!

7   You probably can’t read it but just above the  NO DIVING is rule #7 “DO NOT USE POOL IF YOU ARE ILL WITH DIARRHEA”  Welcome to Senior Citizen World!

8  Oh, just a little snack I threw in!

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I LOVE #6–don’t remember where I first saw it or who originally posted it and where but I have never forgotten it!

#2 I have been going to the Gateway Theatre for so many years I have forgotten how many! We used to drive up from Miami Beach for a day in the ‘country’ also known as Fort Lauderdale. We did come up to see the opening of the movie “Where The Boys Are” and that was in 1960—OMG! 62 years ago–and I have been coming at least once a week since I moved back to South Florida in 1979 (43 years ago doesn’t sound any better!)

In any case new owners took over recently and I donated to their GOFUNDME campaign plus got a membership. They are a nonprofit organization and I was taken aback when I saw they raised their prices, even for matinees, including for seniors. I know COVID has really hurt the movie-going business but raising prices in not the answer nor is only showing Marvel movies as they are made for the BIG screen showings not for an intimate theatre like The Gateway. On the other hand the movies they are showing don’t attract people to matinees so why raise prices for those shows?

I will NEVER stop going to movie theatres to see movies but why should I pay over $9 for one movie when I can pay $8.99 for Netflix and see 100 movies? Theatres charged higher prices for the new Batman so why not charge lower prices for ‘art’ movies? I’m afraid—and hope I am very wrong—The Gateway won’t be in business too much longer.

#s 4, 7, 11, 12 are just a few pictures I have taken of The Point on Karen Bay. I think I have taken more pictures of The Point than I have taken selfies!! Really! It is just an ever changing great sight to see any time of night and day!

#s 1, 8, 9, 10 Ah yes, my indoor Cuban and Geranium plants are always a joy to see and how can you not smile when you are walking around and see a bird #3 just standing around and looking at the same view you are?

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