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A rant with questions!! :O)   1 comment

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With the million dollar smile!

I went to my dentist yesterday to have my 1 of 2 ‘free’ insurance cleanings–the last time they charged me for a ‘deep’ cleaning and I questioned it and told them I saw no difference than a regular cleaning but I went ahead and paid it.
I had an appointment in June–got there on time–they were completely shut down but never called me to cancel the appointment.
Okay, it is a crazy time so I didn’t make a big deal of it and came for the new appointment, got my teeth cleaned, no big deal and as I was leaving, going out the door, I was told that I had to stop at the desk and I was told I owed $45 for the cleaning and I asked, “Why?” and the answer I got was “He irrigated and cleaned the teeth,” and I brought up that I don’t ever recall getting my teeth cleaned without getting some irrigation and I mentioned the previous ‘over-charge’.
She said she could discount the irrigation charge but she would have to charge me $15 for—didn’t get the words quite right–‘virus protection’! My receipt has nothing down about what the charge is for!! I have heard about restaurants adding some sort of virus charge but this was the first time I was hit with ‘it’–no signs around about the charge was not told about the charge, etc.
Is this some sort of scam? Are all dentists charging this? Adding insult to injury I received an email when I got home and they asked me to add any comments I had so I sent this to them–still waiting for a response! “Why aren’t there signs about the $15 “Virus Protection” charge? Why wasn’t I informed about the charge beforehand? Why isn’t the charge stated as such on my receipt? I get 2 ‘free’ cleanings a year under my insurance plan—so far I have had 2 cleaning appointments—both not ‘free’—and I was not informed of the extra charges when I went in for an appointment. Why do I leave the office with a ‘sour taste’ in my mouth, feeling as if I have been ripped off?”
Waiting for their reply, which I expect to be a non-answer!!

End of rant–ah, I feel better!!

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One never knows!   2 comments

We never know what is happening at Gateway and have to keep on guessing. The day finally came when they were breaking up the cement around the dumpster in front of building D and we thought finally they were going to fix the flood that happens every time it rains around the dumpster.As they were working on it we all started coming up with what it could be to glamorize the place. Could it be a kid’s sandbox? Okay, we don’t have kids here except visiting great-grandchildren–let’s face it most grandchildren of the folks who live here are already adults! Maybe a mini dog park? Hey, an aquarium? You think that is silly how about the suggestion of a Jacuzzi? When the trucks came in we could imagine a water slide for the old folks but that was not to be.For almost 2 weeks the residents watched the slow process of what it was to be until we finally decided maybe they were taking care of the problem since day one that was the original idea, not having a swimming pool around the dumpster when it rains. When it was finished (is it finished? Are they going to leave it open like that?) we wondered how that was going to solve the water problem as the dumpster has been raised up but the water will still run down around it and be stagnant making it difficult to get to the dumpster doors, having water up to our ankles and attracting mosquito. Now we are waiting for the next rainfall to see the results!
By the way between pictures 2 and 8 can you guess who is the mascot of Building D?

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Fashion Wear during Rainy/COVID-19 Seasons   1 comment

Rainy Epidemic Season Wear July 12 2020

What the modern Fort Lauderdale man wears in the rainy season with the added mask to add some chic during the COVID-19 epidemic.

And the whole outfit costs $1.36—-$1 for the Poncho at The Dollar Tree and .36 cents for the mask (bought a box of 50—I think the epidemic will be around for awhile or we will have another one–at CVS with a 40% off coupon).

Add the shorts and shirt—$6–from Out of the Closet Thrifty shop–plus the shoes (forgot where I got them–bought them from an online site) and you become a STAR! :O)

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Finally! (And a rant!)   1 comment

Virus test finally

In order to live in the Gateway Terrace apartments, you have to be 62 plus (though there are a couple of exceptions). I believe there are 260 apartments mostly 1 person per apartment except for the 2 bedroom apartments for married couples. (Now that I have never understood–are they so sick of each other by the time they have been married 30+ years they need separate apartments?!! LOL)  The total of people living here is about 300 with 99% over 60 with a lot in their 70s, 80s, a few in their 90s so when the CORVID-19 virus came along the immediate thought was how long before someone here gets it.
2 weeks ago we got a notice that ‘someone’ had the virus and they—whoever ‘they’ may be–was in quarantine in their apartment by doctor’s orders. Needless to say the rumors started on who and where the virus was! Supposedly it is against the law to tell anyone who is not a family member if someone is sick, has the virus.  Whether it is or isn’t we weren’t being told.
Last week we got another notice that ‘several more persons’ in Gateway tested positive. My immediate thought was for management to arrange people who live at Gateway tested. Though there are places to be tested most are drive-through and many don’t have cars plus those places you can walk to are out of reach as public transportation is not readily available.  Most had the requirement that you had to have symptoms of the virus so our thought was “Sure, get the virus first, go to the hospital and die” so many here were unhappy.
Finally today we got the notice that on Friday testing will be done between 8:30 AM to 11 AM (which you know doesn’t thrill me but……). That’s a small-time frame for 300 people if all show but who cares as long as we get tested! Or will we??? Okay, okay, no negativism here—I’ll get up at 8:30 AM.  Of course, it seems many people who have had the test say it takes 2-3 weeks to get the results (coincidence? The problem is being talked about right now on the TV news with the laboratories not having the capacity for all the people being tested) while others say it only says you don’t have the virus that day.
Bottom line? I am getting up early (so if I am grumpy you know why) getting tested and will wait for results to know if I have the virus, had the virus or maybe, am symptomatic. Whatever the results I will be happier getting it.
40 years ago I wasn’t concerned about having AIDS because I had a lot more control of whether I had and/or would get it. COVID-19 is another story as a lot is still not known about it and a mask is not a condom but why a man won’t wear a condom is as puzzling as to why a person won’t wear a mask if it will help someone else! We don’t have a vaccine for AIDS nor one for cancer so why does anyone think a vaccine is around the corner for COVID-19???

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A quiet July 4th   1 comment

July 4 2020 collage

Maybe because we had a downpour at 4:30 PM and then again around 9 PM that things were fairly quiet. During the day people were out sailing, swimming, canoeing, doing things one would do on a usual weekend day in Fort Lauderdale. The storms, while heavy, were brief and though the beaches were closed there was no stopping the evening fireworks.
I saw the fireworks in Oakland Park and Pompano and downtown by looking out my window but all in all very little noise. What was even more amazing was that after 10 PM not a firework to be seen or heard and for the first time, as far as I know now, not a single person was shot by a stray bullet fired to ‘celebrate’ the 4th of July! WOW! In south Florida that is unbelievable!

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And it all happens in one day!   1 comment

Gateway June 29 2020

Sad, glad, mad and funny all in one day at Gateway!
1) Sad–Biscuit was an old dog and one of the sweetest you will ever see/meet. She was an unofficial mascot to everyone but she had a good life and was a longtime companion to Richard.
2) Funny–Don’t know if you can read it but due to the epidemic there won’t be the usual 4th of July celebration in/at the Community Room and the BBQ burgers and hot dogs so they are taking your order now to have 1 or the other with ‘accompanying sides’ delivered to ‘your door’!
3) Mad/sad–It finally happened though it was expected way before this and may have happened but now it was announced.  “Someone at the property (Gateway) has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus…” but we aren’t being told who, which seems to me to be the wrong thing to do. We should know who the person is so we can be aware if we had contact with them or not.
4) Glad–just look at that scene and it says it all.
By the way, I haven’t seen any sign of the Sahara Dust we are supposed to be getting–the sun is clear as is the air.

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Life Week of June 20 2020 Good and Bad so far   1 comment

Life Good and Bad week of June 20 2020
It is not really easy to keep your cool when everything is a mess but getting angry isn’t the answer!
I had a dentist’s appointment for Monday at 12:10 PM  and I arranged transportation which arrived on time and I got to the office at 12:05 PM only to find it shut. I thought that maybe they were late getting back from lunch but when I called their number I was just told to leave a message. I decided to call their main office and after listening to “We appreciate your call” every 10 SECONDS for 20 MINUTES I decided to call it quits!
Luckily I had asked the driver to wait when we first drove up so he was there when I wanted to go home. I sent emails to the main office and the secondary office never getting an answer. Today I decided to call the office again and I was told the office was closed until the end of July. Now was the time to explode if I ever was going to but I know that’s a waste of time and the lady who was talking to me was very nice and apologizing all over the place. She said I should have been notified wither by email or a call or even a text to tell me the office was closed and did ask me if I wanted to make an appointment for another office but I said no that I would make another one for this one and will call before I go next time!
Previous to that, I had to go to LabCorp to have my blood drawn for my quarterly physical which was to take place today. LabCorp is a nightmare and you wind up having to stand in the hot sun if you don’t have a car until they are ready to unlock the door to let you in!! Due to the COVID-19 virus instead of my doctor’s nurse taking the blood and sending it out they were doing this. When I got there today Michelle said I was not the first to complain and hopefully when I am ready for the next quarter they will have been back to the old way.
In any case, I sat with my doctor this afternoon and he said everything looked excellent that I should keep on doing what I have been doing to get such good numbers! I told him that he is prescribing  I have at least 1 carrot cake a month and he that if that was doing it fine but not to forget it wasn’t helping the numbers on the scale! Spoilsport!
The two pictures taken at The Point is just to show you the rough life I have and the picture of me is just because I had an empty square! Lenny, Lori and Karl say hello!

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Where I live!   Leave a comment

After the rain 2 (2)

(I took this last night after the heavy rains from right outside my 3rd-floor apartment!)

Gateway Terrace Apartments is where I live and I love it!

The first URL is a drone film of the apartments–scroll down for the video–my building is just on the left across from the yacht in the opening shot and about at the minute mark where you see the 2 red cars is the other side of my building

The second URL gives a lot more information about the buildings, apartments, surroundings, etc., but be sure to scroll all the way down and you will see why a car is almost necessary to live here but I’ve managed the last 16 years without a car!
Sadly the waiting list is long and depends on how many old people can’t live on their own anymore and have to move in with family or to a nursing home or assisted living or rehab or hospice or die.
I ain’t going folks so forget getting my apartment!

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One of those days!!   1 comment

Rain Heron Pool notice

Might as well start at the beginning! I got up in the morning to find that I couldn’t make or get calls!! Okay, I am not a phone person but still. I did have 3 voice mails and could only hear one and that’s when I discovered something else. I could make and get calls from the office but nowhere else, not even the phone company!
The main thing I was concerned about was tomorrow when I have to go to LabCorp and give blood for my quarterly review. The problems are a multitude since not having a car I had to arrange a ride with my HMO and they call the evening before to confirm and then an hour before they are due to tell me when they will get here and one more call to tell me they are here. If I don’t respond to these calls–NO RIDE!  Then when I get to the lab I have to call to be allowed in and if I don’t have MY phone they won’t let me in. If I don’t get my lab results I won’t be able to keep the doctor’s appointment to talk about the results plus get an EKG. The latter concerns me because the aorta valve replacement I had in 2008 usually is good for only 10 years!
Later on in the day, I was supposed to bring something over to John’s and as soon as I got in the driveway the rain that was forecasted for 4 days, and didn’t come, decided to come all at once just then.
Bette Davis, our weather forecaster just said we had 3/4 of an inch in 3 minutes–that’s a lot of water folks. At least Henry the Heron joined me!
After that Al, our mailman arrived and he said that he had the package I was concerned about, one I had mailed 3 weeks ago and was never received and I have been annoying him and the person it was mailed to, about–he handed it to me and yes, I had put an 8 instead of a 0 in the address!!  I quickly came up and repackaged the contents, put stamps on it and ran down to give to Al.
I came upstairs to write the person what I had down and in the middle of it EVERYTHING went black! Yes, a lightning strike did its work! So a minute later I was busy fixing clocks, repowering the computer and doing a little cursing.
Last but not least–the evening isn’t over yet!–I put the wrong picture in the collage!
Let me just leave you with the 3rd sentence in the pool letter, “…..given the nature of the population….”  now how would you interpret that?!

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That time of the year!!   Leave a comment

Just as I get a physical every 3rd or 4th month I get a crewcut 3-4 times a year–this should grow back just in time to look good in February!

Haircut collage Before & After November 20 2019

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