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My July 2019 Diary!   Leave a comment


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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!   Leave a comment

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50 weeks of the year I have to depend on uber, lyft, cabs, TOPS (A county service) or insurance car rides to and from doctors! The other two weeks of the year Allen goes to visit his daughter, and twin grandchildren, so I have his car.
Oh yes! No way can I forget Jacque who lends me her car almost once a week so I can go to a movie and some med appointments.This week Allen went up north and on top of that my neighbor’s wife had to go to Argentina as her 97 year old mother isn’t well and that’s where her family lives. He said I could use the car as long as she is away (and when they go on vacation) and they just got her this new used car.So now I have to decide whether I use one car or alternate the cars but at least Jacque’s car gets a rest from me. And you think you have problems!!PS After Wednesday it is back to no car!

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The new ‘uniform’ Gateway Terrace Apartments   2 comments

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The ‘new’ Gateway is almost complete–just missing a few bushes!I give the owners credit for making the inside of the apartments really modern with new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new hurricane windows, new ceiling fan/light fixture in the ceiling of the bedroom and new lights in the kitchen and bathroom, new blinds though the new air conditioners/fans don’t do as good a job as the old system and they certainly fixed up the hallways.The big problems are on the outside where all individuality has been taken away. No more Christmas/Hanukah lights and contests for the best displays (or even the company putting up lights all around). The biggest downer are the beautiful individual gardens that many residents put their own time and money in to liven up the place with Hibiscus & Rose bushes, many colored orchids,  Banana plants, lemon, grapefruit trees with blossoms, sunflowers, etc., etc.  No plants on the window sills, no decorations of any kind on the doors and/or windows. Our avocado tree from which we got 75 avocados one season is gone.Now you can’t tell one building from another and I don’t know if one has to do with the other but all of a sudden we are ‘losing’ residents to death, rehab and nursing homes more than usual!Don’t get me wrong! I love my apartment and I can look out and see Karen Bay, green trees but from the outside all you can see are bland buildings, one after another and sometimes ‘uniform’ can be very dull!

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks—sometimes   1 comment

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For a guy who spent 3/4s of his life (so far) being impulsive, not planning, doing things on the spur of the moment I don’t know when it happened but all of a sudden I had my life, my days planned. I don’t care if Thursday is a holiday, it is my day to go to The Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie, sometimes CVS and then lunch afterwards and if anything interferes with my schedule I get teed off!
With that in mind I went to The Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie and then #1 to Big Louie’s for lunch. Friday? Friday is movie day and lunch after so went to the movies #2 and then lunch at Arby’s. Thursday evening sitting at my dining room table and looking out my window I watched the fireworks #12 going off at the Fort Lauderdale beach.
Saturday, long story short, I had lost my neck pillow that I especially bought for when I go to the Gateway Theatre and thinking I lost it I ordered a new one #4 through Amazon #3 and it arrived Saturday only to find out Friday when I went to the Gateway Movie I had left my other one there! (Another sign of getting old? NAH!)
#5  I have been throwing seeds into a planter and something is growing—tomatoes? peppers? pickles? all 3?–as I just throw seeds in there. And #6 my pepper plant blossoms continue to turn into peppers!
# 7 I must confess that I have become a couch potato (well, a recliner potato) and am addicted to netflix trying to catch up on 6 seasons of the “Orange is the New Black”  and #8 “Ozark” before both come back with their new seasons later this month.
Something I never get tired of–walking along the canal to Karen Bay. You can catch a bird #11 scanning the water for some fish, #10 a dog at Gateway going for his afternoon walk or #9, if you can see it between the yacht and shore patrol boat, a green speed boat getting a ticket for making too large a wake and speeding in a manatee area.
Now it is Sunday afternoon and after reading the Sunday paper, bringing it over to John, watched 3 minutes of golf—hey, it is my Sunday schedule!–at his place, came home, writing this and then into my recliner but no netflix tonight, strictly a CBS evening.
Ah, life is good with a routine but I admit leaving Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for some impulsive living is part of my routine!!
Have a great week!

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Immigrants get the work done   Leave a comment

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My June 2019 Video Diary   Leave a comment

(Still new at this so I posted both ways to see the video–one will work! LOL
Movie Maker: June 2019 Diary My Life In Fort Lauderdale

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Peppers are popping   1 comment

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I think Mother Nature does it just to drive ME crazy!!
About a year or so ago while cleaning a pepper to put in a salad I took the seeds and helter-skelter threw them in a plant pot I had on the window ledge. (Shhhh—it is against the rules here to have anything on the window sills!) The plant itself grew pretty quickly and then eventually had a few blossoms and last, but not least, I had one full pepper to put in a salad again.
Over the last few months there were plenty of blossoms that all died off and then last week I counted about 20 blooms. This past week, up to yesterday, there were 4-5 blossoms turning into peppers–they look like they will all survive and maybe I’ll get a few more.
How can anyone be bored??? There is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and I plan on finding new things, including seeds becoming peppers indoors!

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