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The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 Part 1   1 comment

On December 19, 2021, at 10 PM I was sitting in my recliner watching television and the next thing I knew it was 11:30 PM or so and I was laying on the floor, bleeding. I don’t know how I got there (it’s not that I drink anymore–I don’t!) but I remember saying to myself I should call 911 but I didn’t! Instead, somehow or  other, I crawled to my bedroom, as the trail of blood would show.

I climbed on top of my bed—fell off—climbed up again–fell off again and after the third time falling off I decided to just stay and sleep there.
There are so many big details I have forgotten and and small ones that still stick in my head. I had a cardiologist appointment at 12 Noon, my HMO transportation was going to pick me up at 11 AM and so when I woke about 10 AM and with all the blood around I finally thought maybe I should call 911or why not call the cardiologist’s office and see what he would want me to do. His office was on the back side of the hospital so he could always get me to their ER if needed.
I called the office, told them the circumstances and the receptionist said they couldn’t tell me what to do, that I would have to make up my own mind! What would be your reaction? In any case I FINALLY called 911 and was on my way to the hospital—I think! I really don’t remember the ride there though I did pack a bag to take with me including my cellphone including the charger, a few magazines and whether before, during or after the ride I texted a note to Julie, who cleans my place, if she would mind coming in when she has the time to clean up the blood and get all the bloody clothes and things in a pile and I would pay her when I saw here.
I did put a lot of bandages all over me as it seemed I was bleeding from my toes, ankles, knees, legs everywhere except from my neck up!
I haven’t even begun!

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December 4, 2021 week   Leave a comment

We have had perfect weather in Fort Lauderdale this week from cool–50s and 60s overnight with high 70s and low 80s during the day–daytime provides a bird overlooking The Point as if he owns it and the sunsets every night are really breathtaking and leave an orange glow over the city as it gets dark.In the center of the collage you will see the Rainbow Bridge which is a symbol of Wilton Manors–next time I will get closer and get a better picture but meanwhile these two web sights will show you pictures and tell you more about the area:

You may have noticed the the 4 food pictures—hey, I’ve been sick and I need substance to get strong! (Mmm–that’s a new excuse for getting fatter!

Cabo Blanco is one of my favorite restaurants and they have a shrimp dish over linguini that I could eat 7 days a week! Talking about shrimp and linguini we went to Divalle’s and after looking over their menu I asked the server if their chef could make me a shrimp scampi as I was really looking for a good one and had been disappointed in the last 3 restaurant’s versions. This chef made a great one!
Yesterday we went to J Mark’s and I wanted something different than steak which I usually have there and I ordered a New Orleans seafood dish thinking it would be along a jambalaya–WRONG! Besides it wasn’t good–back to steak next time I go there! Last, but not least, we discovered a little gem of a place called Ferdo’s specializing in kabobs which we have been going to often for lunch and last week I had the steak kabob which was very good.

Good food, good weather, coconuts on palm trees and lets not forget my 2 December dogs plus rainbow bridges–who wouldn’t want to live here?!?!? Oh yes, my holiday cactus is getting ready for Christmas!

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QUARTERLY HAIRCUT!!   Leave a comment

Inline image
I went to see my primary doc yesterday and we had a fairly long talk as he patiently listened to my moaning and groaning about the previous week with the cardiologists and hospital. He changed the bandages and said the incisions were healing nicely. Then he asked me for my ‘list’ as he knows I always bring a list of questions when I come to see him and this time was no different!

I seemed to be growing double nails at the tips of each nail plus they are cracking, splitting and are not only very brittle but are turning red! He explained that can happen when someone has heart trouble which was also the reason for my skin being very dry.

I, also, told him that I wanted to change my cardiologist(s) plus I didn’t want to deal with any doctors working out of Broward hospital unless they also had access to Holy Cross—the much better hospital in my opinion!  (In my old age I am becoming an expert on hospitals, doctors, treatments, etc.!)

When I asked him what hospital he was working out of he threw me a shocker by telling me that the Senior Medical Associates were recently bought out and that they did not want their primary doctors to be associated with any one hospital!!

Seems like I have to start doing a lot of research, starting with talking to my insurance company.Oh yes, at the same time my insurance company has changed the dental network they are providing which means I have 6 weeks to get everything done with my current dentist and he has been adjusting my new partial  bridge since April!!

PS My barber wanted to know what happened to my hair, what I was using, as it has turned a white white–ah, some more research. How can anyone say they are ‘bored’ being retired?!?!??

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This, that and other things   1 comment

It may say 75 degrees on the thermometer but with the bright sun out and the cloudless sky it feels like a typical South Florida beach day!

Got the November dogs out which reminds me that I have to get a 2022 calendar out as it is just around the corner.

2) All the ‘baby’ holiday cactus plants are blooming

3) Went to Jalisco’s restaurant on Thursday and I had their Cuban platter: chicken, pork, beef, rice, black beans, onions and plantains–plus they serve a cup of chicken soup along with their chips and salsa as you wait–even I leave filled up

!5) Right across the street from the restaurant are just 6 of the new buildings that are going up all over Fort Lauderdale–the city claims they now have 80, 000 new apartments–who they are going to rent them to plus who could afford them (!) is another story!!!  but then homes are scarce and most people can’t afford the down payment!!

4) Many people have told me not to bother with an air fryer and I should have listened to them! There is basically nothing wrong with them, (the fryer–not my friends!) except learning how to get the ‘fried’ taste plus if you have a indoor grill, a microwave oven and a crock-pot, as I have, the fryer just takes up space. Granted the 2 quart fryer I got takes up very little space and is convenient for 1 person but it is still a waste of money and time as most items will cook faster in the microwave or on the grill.Macy’s has it on “Black Friday” sale for $24.99 which is really a good price if you have time and patience—I have time but not patience when waiting to eat!

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About 2 weeks ago I decided to take on a project I had been thinking about for about a decade. I have over a thousand pictures in photo albums and I wanted to copy and put them on USBs—-even out and bought a dozen of them—hey I’m not an IT, I don’t have any idea how many pictures one holds–but they were sitting next to the desk top computer until two ago.

It is taking a lot longer than I expected because so many pictures brought back so many memories.

An example is the first set of pictures. They were taken at the Melody Diane Bakery in Sunrise, Florida, and was owned by my aunt Flo and her husband Richie. He did the baking, she took the money and they both said about me, “He is the official taster!” The first picture is Flo and me outside the door, Richie checking the rolls and, Flo at the cash register. I could and did spend many hours thinking of Flo and how important she had been in my life. She was the first person who taught, showed and expressed unconditional love to me.

Then there was the card I came across. It took a little investigation but I was finally able to trace it back to my 10th Leap Year birthday which I held in the Memphis Hilton Hotel inviting my closest 300 (!!!!) friends but I still haven’t figured which of the 300 sent that card!

It is fun going over the past with so many good memories–I have a feeling I may never get all the photos transferred to the Internet as I have only done about 20 pictures in two weeks—I think!

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Fall AKA Autumn in Fort Lauderdale in October   1 comment

All you have to do is look at the first picture and you know what the news is all about! IT RAINED! If you are like me you can sleep through anything so a rain storm, no matter how heavy, doesn’t wake me up. All I have to do is walk from my dark, no light allowed in, bedroom to my living room and can’t but help look out the windows and there they are! The egrets who show up after a storm to get their easy pickings meal!

It is Fall in Fort Lauderdale which means the rainy season is over, we have 2 more months and hurricane season will be over so, of course, having beautiful weather for 2 weeks with little or no rain when the rainy season is over the rain falls.

We had 1 inch of rain in an hour yesterday and today it is raining off and on but the sun is battling to come out!

Talk about the sun–13 more days and we lose that extra light I love at night as Daylight Savings Time kicks in.Meanwhile I have my inside plants blooming and telling me it really is still summertime! The Begonias, the Holiday cactus and the babies, along with Geraniums in their reds, whites, pinks and variations on those colors are all in bloom.Not to be outdone the peppers—see last photo–are blooming and turning into green peppers!

Things might change next week because it seems we may go down into the 60s one night next week! I may have to go up North to warm up!

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“I’m Still Here” “Being Alive” Part 1   1 comment

I’ve always said I was born at the right time—on a special day! I was born on February 29, 1936, just as the USA was coming out of the Depression–I was too young in the 1940s to fight in WW2–just the right age to enjoy the prosperity of the 1950s and definitely the right age for the sexual revolution.

I was born at a time when kids got polio vaccines, chicken pox vaccines, shots for measles and never questioned them or saw theories about the government putting ‘something’ in the shots you get!  It was safe going into hospitals and coming out alive!

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve, 1999-2000, that I became very acquainted with medical insurance, hospitals, doctors and, oh yes, meds! That weekend 60 years of smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes and having blackouts from drinking too much lead to congestive heart failure!  Now at 85–soon to be 86–I take 15 pills a day plus a blast from an inhaler not to mention a few
‘when needed’ pills. Plus I average 5-6 visits to doctors, dentists and ophthalmologists a month.

Luckily, except for my new cardiologists, and their competence will be tested soon, I get along with all my doctors, in particular my primary doctor. A delayed and much discussed operation to replace an aorta valve that was originally replaced in 2008 and a question of inserting a pacemaker came up—all this with 2 new cardiologists–is now set for November 16 and that is all I know.

I’m thankful for the meds and the docs who have kept me alive so far! I look and feel good for an ‘old guy’, have slowed down a little bit but nothing major to stop me from enjoying what I enjoy though really not as much energy as I had yesterday! LOL

Right now I am hanging in for my 25th Leap Year birthday!


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October 2021 Surprises   1 comment

October 2021 started off with a surprise when Chuck called to say he and Terry would be in on Monday October 4 around 4 PM to spend the week. I hadn’t seen them since Leap Year 2020 and since then they had moved from Memphis, Tennessee, to Port Richey, Florida, about 280 to 300 miles from Fort Lauderdale so I was hoping I would see them more than once every 4 years

The main things we did was talk, eat and drive around. We ate at Peter Pan’s Diner, Ferdo’s, Osha’s and stopped at Kilwin’s for some ice cream. Between Tuesday and Wednesday we went for a drive down to Hollywood and up to Boca Raton. Seems construction is going on all over this State! Unfortunately they got a call from a neighbor of theirs that water was leaking out of their new home so they had to cut their trip short and left early Thursday. I was disappointed but was really glad to see them!I had another really unexpected, very pleasant surprise at about the same time that Chuck told me they were coming here.

Long story short–In 1979, shortly after I arrived in Fort Lauderdale I met Emir, we became friends and he ‘disappeared’ in the late 1990’s–a couple of weeks ago he ‘found’ me on facebook and since he was coming to South Florida to visit his mother we arranged to get together for dinner. When I opened my door I saw the Emir I knew 42 years ago. My mind knew that wasn’t possible but it is the same with Chuck who I met when he was in his 20s and now in his 60s that is the Chuck I see.

I haven’t been out on a Saturday night in a long time but I was surprised at how hard it would be to have dinner and talk leisurely as most places take reservations and, in addition, stopped serving at 9 PM! We finally went to IHOP where we had the place to ourselves! Since he comes to see his mother every month I hope our getting together will be a regular thing.

By the way you are never too old to learn as I learned! The second picture in the top row on the left there is a blue reflector which I didn’t realize are all over the roads in the city and didn’t know what they are for until Chuck/Terry told me they were as a signal to fire trucks that a fire hydrant is nearby.  “While you might not notice them while you are driving around, they are useful for vehicles attending a fire because they can quickly locate a source of water.”  Now I see them wherever I go! Does your city/state have them?

And on another note–I have never seen Matt Amadio, the contestant, who won 38 nights in a row and $1, 519, 601 on Jeopardy as I stopped watching after Alex Trebek died and they started having all those different hosts. Last night I decided to watch him and called Allen and told him that if the guy loses he can blame me. Guess what? YES!!! He lost!

All in all the start of October has been great–well, maybe not for Matt–and I am looking forward to seeing Emir again and more trips from Chuck and Terry!

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It is Still Summer!!!   1 comment

Inline image

#1 I got up this morning to find my Christmas cactus loaded with buds and a few blooms but it is only September!! Okay people are already talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and wishing their life away but not me. I don’t celebrate the end of summer until it is the end of summer! So we only had a high of 91–that doesn’t mean it is winter!!

#2 Can’t pick on the Cuban flower because that blooms all year round–this plant is on the edge of my desk–all I have to do is break off a piece from the original plant and I have a bloom in a few days.

#3 Allen has had a pizza ‘thing’ so we go to Big Louie’s a few times a month–best in town!

#4 The first one is an reflection of me in the water at The Point while the others are what I am surrounded by—love it!

#5 The orchid in the tree outside my window–getting a darker purple every week

#6 Don’t tell me summer is over!! :O)

#7 Back to where we were summer 2020

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Last Week of August 2021   Leave a comment

We have been lucky so far as far as storms go as we have had 11 around or near by but except at late nights/early mornings we have escaped all storms, have light rain showers, which right now is not good for us.
Looking at the first picture the second half shows that we normally have 5.66 inches of rain in August but have had only 2.84 inches. We are going to need rain soon but I hope it doesn’t come in the form of a tropical storm or hurricane! As the other pictures with number 1 they show we are having hot, hazy and dusty (from Africa) days, temperatures in the  90s which usually ‘feel like’ is around 100 degrees though without rain the humidity does stay down—a bit!

\#2 pictures–Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have a ‘thing’ for history–if something is old that just means tear it down and/or remodel it! Right now they are putting the finishing touches on the Parker Playhouse, one of my favorite theatres anywhere and I am hoping they aren’t ruining it. The Parker (as it is now being called—playhouse being old-fashioned!) is in Holiday Park and was built in 1967. Also at Holiday Park the War Memorial,  erected in 1950 as a tribute to members of the military, the city is now redoing it as a skating rink for the Panthers hockey team and also to be made available to the public. I am hoping they will leave the Memorial Wall honoring members of the Coast Guard.

#3 In the past few years the city has been painting the many water and electric power tanks around the city reflecting the areas of the city they are in such as this one is near the performing arts center.

#4 And, as always, Mother Nature has her job to do. In our backyard, a few years ago, Irene who lives on the ground floor planted an orchid in the tree outside my window and every year it blooms! The picture next to it had me a little concerned because these egrets usually only show when it has rained but, of course, by the time I get up in the morning the rain is gone and they are looking for their worms and crabs!  In the last picture we have a bluebird (I didn’t get close enough to show its color) keeping an eye on the parking lot–hey, everyone has  a job here, including birds!August 2021 has been a good month!

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