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June 2018 Photo Diary Part 4   Leave a comment

June dairy part 4


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Rules, rules and more rules!! ARGH!!   Leave a comment

New houseplant shelf

If I bang a nail in the wall the whole place falls down so I depend on others and John is one of them! He is amazing but don’t tell I said so–I will deny it!! Old rule or new rule I am not sure but they are now enforcing NOTHING on the window sill and regarding curtains, all facing out must be white–uniformity you know!! I have 14 plants on my window sill(s) plus 12 facing east while not on the sill certainly visible. I am waiting for the blinds before I move the rest of the plants. In any case, I mentioned it to John Saturday and today he brought this to my place making it Tuesday!! Measurements are perfect in height and length. I’ve shown you pictures of his art pieces and the work he does for the 1st Baptist Christmas Pageant–in his spare time he is ‘making’/’doing’ things for his neighbor including, I remember, his making a bed frame for a resident! ************************************************************************************* I read or heard this recently and can’t remember where but I love it: “In youth we learn, in old age we understand.” (I can’t wait to be old!)

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Being honest with yourself!   Leave a comment

I’m not into taking magazine ‘tests’ but I was reading this article about one of the most highly rated courses in the USA universities and decided to go to the website and did some additional reading and thought it would be interesting to take 2 of the tests offered. Both are fairly quick to take and you get the results immediately with definite scores.

Of course, the main thing is to be honest with your answers and there is no reason not to as no one will see them but then again if you don’t/won’t face the truth about yourself you’ll lie to get a higher score so why bother taking it?

I must admit–no pun intended–I was very happy with my scores to the 2 tests I took. One was the Authentic Happiness exam and the second was General Happiness scale. The first one took about 5-7 minutes and the second less than 5 minutes. Again, if you are honest and respond with the immediate answer that comes to mind you will get an honest score.

Go for it!

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May 2018 Photo Diary Part 5 Miscellaneous   Leave a comment

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It’s a conspiracy but I don’t care!   Leave a comment

No, it’s not your eyes or your age!! Here is what is says below:

At 8:15 AM I heard the scraping which is okay as I could sleep through that but 5 minutes later it was the hammering and the drilling. All I could picture was my ceiling or the ceiling fan right above me falling on top of me so I immediately got out of bed!

It took 8 months to get the roof repaired and we are less than a month away from hurricane season again so I am not complaining about getting up so early.

They didn’t finish and I did ask if they work Sunday–they said NO!

Oh, did I mention we also are having the air show this weekend and those planes are LOUD so I wouldn’t be sleeping anyway!

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April 2018 Diary Part 3 Window Saga continues   Leave a comment

It all started March 28 and still continues. In spite of the noise, inconvenience, being woken up in the middle of the hight (hey, 8 AM is the middle of the night to me!) I have a feeling when it is all done it will have been worth it. We are still waiting on the blinds and the doors will be changed to open out instead of in, all the buildings will be painted (I believe gray with blue doors) but the one thing I am looking forward to is the landscaping that will take the place of all the flowering bushes and trees we had not to mention the individual gardens some residents planted that added beauty to Gateway.

Oh, by the way, I still am waiting on a new roof with the hope that it is done before Hurricane season starts in 5 weeks!!

(For those having a problem seeing the videos just copy and paste them into the URL)

And in the beginning:

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April Diary Pictures and notes Part 2   Leave a comment

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