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Hurericane Irma after photos part 1   Leave a comment

86 degrees at 8:40 PM and no air conditioning–trees uprooted–car totaled–swimming pool room flooded–windows blown out–windows replaced–mmmm–how did that assorted cake picture from the Fresh Market get in there?–flooded parking lot–and read rule number 7 on the pool list and you will know why living here is dangerous everyday!!


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“I’m Still Here!”   Leave a comment

(Parts of my roof waiting to be picked up!)

Unashamedly I can say out loud that From Sunday September 10, 2017, at 12 Noon until Monday 6:30 PM September 18, 2017 certainly rate as some of the worst days of my life for many reasons which I won’t get into now or possibly ever.

I do know that at the age of 81 and 1/2 I have come to see people, and myself, in a different light after thinking for quite awhile that no one, including myself, would ever surprise me again–and I will leave it at that for now.

Right now I am busy catching up with 1,796 emails I have to go through, answering some and deleting many plus there is something such as catching up with sleep if one can. As much as I love heat it wasn’t very easy sleeping in an apartment without air conditioning, not a breeze available to even move a leaf and temperatures in the 80s at 9 PM!

The first 24 hours of the storm I lost 2 panes of window glass, part of my roof while half of my large room was flooded due to the heavy rains and the empty windows and the other half flooded due to the a/c unit not being sealed properly. Add to that a refrigerator/freezer that didn’t defrost right and flooded the kitchen I had a few wet, hot, sleepless nights and days

From that point things deteriorated!! BUT——

I took pictures and made a few videos that I will share over the next few days (weeks?) that in all probability won’t even come close to showing you how it was and, yet, and yet, mainly because I didn’t show how human nature of people can change by the effects of Mother Nature. (I purposely did not take ‘record’ people under “Irma” circumstances including not even one selfie of myself! Does that tell you something?)

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Report of coming Hurricane Irma–weather   Leave a comment

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and PMs so what I think I will do is take a picture every day at 6 PM to show you what’s going on and then bring you up to date. (Might even try a video IF it hits!)
So far today has been a beautiful day with plenty of sun, no rain.
Was able to get gas without a problem, did my usual Thursday going to Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie–all were not a problem–not crowded–had what I needed.
Anthony and I had lunch at Gilbert’s then Allen wanted his car out by his place as he is afraid it will get flooded if parked here so we drove it out there.
No movie tomorrow as all theatres in my area are closed due to evacuation.
No I won’t be evacuating–this has been my 6th hurricane–I know how furious and dangerous they can be but I will be pretty safe as far I can be.
IF Irma hits we will lose power which means no computer, Internet, phone (can’t charge a cell phone) television, etc. I may have to read a book–first by sunlight then by candlelight (though we aren’t allowed to light candles in our apartments.
I have plenty of food (naturally) plus I bought myself a hurricane treat–see the picture–a Kitchen Sink Cookie which I will eat if/when Hurricane Irma lands.

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“August 2017–My Life in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment





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Day or Night I love living here!   Leave a comment

3/4 moon August 6 2017



A full moon August 7 2017



The last garden at Gateway  August 13, 2017



A walk along my backyard August 13, 2017

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July 2017 Diary Part 2 Mother Nature, Gateway changes, carrot cake cookies & me!   Leave a comment

Selfie kid 1 collage
(July 2017 Selfie ‘kid’)

July went by too fast. I had Allen’s car for 10 days, discovered a new type of carrot cake in the form of cookies, a friend gave me a carrot cake (and he sneakeda piece of it first!) and trees are in bloom everywhere.

July 2017 was also the hottest on record for Fort Lauderdale and I love it.

The new owners of Gateway are continuing with their changes but I am waiting to see what they are going to fill all the spots they removed the beautiful Hibiscus, Cuban Butterfly plants, etc., with and when!

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July 2017 Diary Part 1 Movies, restaurants and me.   Leave a comment

It’s been a busy and good July for me including an excellent health report. Discovered a new great restaurant that I have been back to already called Nabu. It is an American Fusion Buffet and Sushi restaurant. I also returned to a couple of favorites of mine: The Cheesecake Factory and Padrino’s.

And, yes, I did some home cooking and eating which is what I do mostly—eat at home.

Saw 7 movies with one, “The Big Sick” so far the best film of the year and “Girls Trip” which was very funny.

This was just a little part of July!

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