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Mold 2 bathroom collage part 1 (2)

The kitchen was stripped down, and in the living room and with the plastic zippered door getting in and out of the kitchen was almost impossible but then there wasn’t any reason to go into the kitchen!

My immediate problems are 1) my meds are in the kitchen wrapped up in the old cabinets 2) I have nothing to cook meals in 3) without a sink where the heck would I wash plates, pots, utensils, etc? The bathroom sink is not large and the water will probably be cut off. 4) The only appliance that I could think of for cooking was the microwave but it is wrapped up in the kitchen and there was no way that I could get it through that plastic door even if I could unwrap the plastic around the microwave!

I went out the back door and came up the front to get into the kitchen, unwrapped some of the plastic and was able to get my 14 meds! Went out the front door, down the 3 flights of steps, went around the back and walked up the 3 flights of steps and turned my thoughts to food. I don’t know why I ever kept it but when Maria sent me a new microwave which fit on the kitchen shelf I had put the old one in the bottom of the linen closet. It was still there and I didn’t know if it would work so I plugged it in and it was ready to go.

Okay, problems solved.

I’ve lived in worse I suppose!


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January 2018 Memories   Leave a comment

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Another tree——-GONE! :O(   Leave a comment

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Copters 2 Manatee
(those are 2 helicopters, not birds!)

For a guy who goes to sleep around 3 AM and gets up at 11 AM today was NOT my day.

It started with 2 lawn mowers cutting grass near my building followed by the leaf blowers. Somewhere along the way one of those loud machines that turn tree limbs into mulch joined the crowd!

While this was going on another machine made its appearance and before I knew it I heard a sidewalk being smashed to pieces. I wasn’t too far off as they were doing something in front of the office adding to the mosaic of din!

Just when I thought that was all the noise that would batter our ears suddenly two helicopters were flying overhead and coast guard boats were roaring up and down the canal! It seems a Manatee with a Life Jacket tied around him. (They don’t think it was done by someone purposely but that had somehow or other ‘dived’ into it and it expanded while on him.) It seems it took them 2-3 hours to rescue him, take off the Life Jacket and let him get on with his business. (It is mating time folks!)

To top it all off, another helicopter, having nothing to do with the Manatee helicopters, crashed in downtown Fort Lauderdale near the Broward Performing Arts Center and Discovery Museum, after taking off from a helipad a block away. Unbelievably no one was hurt, including the pilot!

By now it was 6 PM and I was ready to move to downtown Manhattan in New York City for some quiet!!

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Four times a year on, Thursdays, I have to go on a fast for 12 hours and then the following Wednesday I meet with the doctor for the results of my blood test. I don’t know how he figures out the quarters, whether he starts with or ends in December. I know the next appointment is for February!

He always gives me the printout and we talk about any problems that may appear. It was a very short talk as the results were good for this old guy. The total cholesterol was 148 while my INR (blood thinner count) was 2.7 while all the hemoglobin, microalb, urinalysis reports were all in the good range. Had a few that were out of range but nothing to worry about like my sodium-serum count was 146 and should be between 134-144 and the potassium should be between 3.5-5.2 and is 5.6 but that is easy to adjust.

There are a bunch of categories like BUN, RDW or WBC that I have no idea what they mean and the doctor has explained them to me but he says not to worry so I don’t.

My blood pressure is excellent, sugar level is fine, still have a problem with the P.A.D. but the C.O.P.D. isn’t any worse and he did cut out one of the meds.  We did discuss the vascular surgeon’s report which emphasized that though the plaque surrounding the leg arteries hasn’t gotten worse he advises against another stent which means the ongoing pain but I have learned to live with.

As usual, we left with the doctor asking where I was going to eat to celebrate the good report—he knows me!—and then told me that “As of now you are in good health and have nothing to worry about but once you walk out of here I don’t know!” Look he’s a good doctor and 4 times a year I have to put up with that joke so I laugh—well, maybe more of a smile—and go off to eat!

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Go ahead—laugh   Leave a comment

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A picture is worth a 1,000 words!   Leave a comment

It did hit the 30s Friday morning!

It will be 70 degrees today and back into the high 70s by Wednesday!

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