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Rest In Peace R.P.G.   Leave a comment

Born December 16, 1930–Died May 16, 2017

Without a doubt his greatest accomplishments included 63 years of marriage to his wife Carol and, with her help, raising David, Susan and Mitchell to be successful and have their own families.

He will be missed.

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Day 2 of the air show   Leave a comment

The Point Airshow Collage

There was a lot going on in South Florida this weekend from thousands attending an all star rap/hip-hop 3 day concert on Miami Beach, a 5 day musical and art festival starring the Dirty Heads on the IntercoastalWaterway in West Palm Beach and the Fort Lauderdale Air show headlining the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

All 3 events couldn’t have asked for better weather with a rarity of a cloudless sky. The high temperature was 82 degrees and a mild breeze.

I could watch most of the show–well at least see the planes flying overhead–while a group of Gateway residents went down to The Point to watch it from there. I went down around 4 PM and just watched the boats coming along with the paddlers and kayaks. Besides the pictures above–saw the birds on my walk back!–I made a short video.

What a perfect day!

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April (Springtime) 2017 Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

If a picture is worth a thousand words here are thousands!!

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Does ‘being uniform’ mean boring? Being bland?   Leave a comment

Uniform before



A little over a year ago a new company took over the Gateway Terrace Apartments property and almost immediately an axiom ‘uniform’ entered the lexicon of the community.

With new owners there were changes to be expected and they started, it seems, the first day. Rules are rules and in many ways are good to have and live by but the rules being instituted seemed a little strange.

For years we had a competition of who could make the best Christmas displays and the property looked like a winter wonderland, even if it was 80 degrees outside. I took many pictures of the different displays and still have them. The first rule that affected all us was “No Holiday Decorations outside of the resident’s apartments including the doors and windows”. All was okay inside the apartment. As a Jew, raised in a Catholic neighborhood, I always looked forward to the Christmas holidays. At Gateway every December there was a large Cross and a Menorah in front of the house that spread a good feeling.

I could go on about the rules that were being invoked but two really hit me with the first being no plants, flowers, allowed on the walkways. Having lived in South Florida for a total of more than 50 years I am aware of hurricanes and all the destruction that could be caused with flying objects so I knew to take the plants in when warnings and watches were announced. I, also, knew the importance of having a clear way for medics when they had to take a patient from their apartment on a gurney. In no way did any of my pots interfere with that if it needed to be done. Okay I didn’t like it but I could live with it and brought the plants into my apartment.

The past two weeks another rule was being enforced and it was as if a hurricane hit. Without rhyme or reason beautiful plants and bushes, like varied colored Hibiscus or Frangipani trees, the latter just starting to bloom and send out their beautiful fragrance, along with stunning white and purple Bougainvillea plants, Roses in bloom and others were being torn out of the ground and just thrown away.

Ironically this happened the week leading up to Earth Day.

UNIFORM After collage


Yes the new company is making many improvements in our apartments but it seems as if they want the outside to look ‘uniform’ with those apartments having screen doors being told they must come down, just one of the many changes to take place.

We have no idea when or what will replace the many plants being taken out whether it will be uniform bushes or concrete but these little gardens, plants that residents brightened up their life and corner of the world has also taken away from their individuality. Being an optimist I am thinking they will come up with something spectacular to replace the spectacle that Mother Nature provided us with.

I will start my 19th year living here on June 1st and it is one of the best breaks I ever had in my life. We don’t have much say as to what the owners do but I hope they won’t put up a wall blocking off Karen Bay or make us all wear uniforms! Okay so those are rumors but where does ‘being uniform’ stop?

Hey this is Florida and I will not give up my shorts and short sleeved shirts nor will I wear pants in temperatures of 95 degrees!


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April 16 2017 Welcome to my world   Leave a comment

In order for the property to look more ‘uniform’ sadly the owners are tearing out beautiful hibiscus plants, frangipani trees, flowers planted by residents, gardens, etc., but still Mother Nature offers a lot of beauty of her own.

Drizzling and quiet at The Point!

Looking North up at my apartment

Looking south from the walkway right outside my door

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The Point April 15 2017   Leave a comment

If I still had a bucket list I would probably have ‘go to film school’ on it as I have always been fascinated by movies but never having really studied how to take a good picture most of my life it has just been ‘point and shoot’.

And it has only been recently that I started ‘playing’ with making videos but I still haven’t figured out how to narrate without the sound being muffled by the wind!

This is just a beautiful place to be and live.

 This video was made with my digital camera.


First video using my camera phone (A lot quieter than the one above!)

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Question for author Ricardo G. Williams and other items   Leave a comment

Ricardo Williams Book received April 7 2017 (1)

I received a copy of the new book by Ricardo G. Williams titled “Unchained Mind: Powerful life changing thoughts on peace, love and success” and am faced with a dilemma. Do I read it as I would normally read a book or do I approach it from other angles such as section by section or page by page. I am sort of leaning to the latter as I think reading one thought a day and incorporating it into my day might just be the best way. Some of the thoughts are already ingrained within me but reviewing them might not be a bad thing.

So, do I read a page every morning with my coffee or do I take the book down to the pool and take the time to reflect on what he is saying surrounded by Mother Nature? (I was going to say the beach but for the next two weeks the beach is off limits–Spring Break in full swing!

Or should I read it at night, in bed, just before going to sleep so the brain can absorb what Author Williams want for me to hear?

For those of you who read it let me know what you think or if Mr. Williams can take the time to let me know what he would prefer that would be great!

In case you haven’t gotten it yet


On another note I was informed yesterday, after 7 months of going back and forth, that my insurance has denied the prosthetic finger for my right hand after having a mold taken of it. The reason given was that it was more cosmetic than medical which I and my  doctor(s) disagree with so it looks like I will dispute their findings which will probably take another 7 months.


Allen went into the hospital yesterday for a series of tests as he is in pretty bad shape and it seems they can’t find out the reason why.


Ending on a positive note it is a beautiful day here with clear skies, bright sun, temperatures in the high 70s–a perfect day to take a book down to the pool and read for awhile along with watching the boats come and go, paddlers, canoes, kayaks and speedboats enjoying the bay!

The Point 2 April 23 2016 (1)

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