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Before and After! ARGH!!   2 comments

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All the resident’s gardens are gone as are the fruit trees and 3 story white Birds of Paradise plants.
All in the name of uniformity!!

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I HAD to buy it!!!   Leave a comment

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Do you know the name of the 4 little rabbits in “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter? Do you know how Peter Rabbit’s father died? Do you know the name of the gardener where Peter Rabbit got into trouble?
What does all this have to do with anything? All the ‘experts’ tell you the best time to buy electronics, linens, cars, even gas but they never tell you the best time to buy chocolates! Well, I am here to correct that mistake!
It is no secret to those who know the best time to buy chocolates and candies is the day/week after Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc., whenever they are ‘pushed’ to buy as a present and where you ask? All supermarkets, drugstores and, yes, even the Dollar Tree stores where they go from a dollar each to 2 for a dollar!
I went into Winn-Dixie Thursday to buy my winning lotto tickets (HA!) and my weekly groceries. The service desk for the former was right near the entrance to the aisles for the latter and I had to pass a table loaded with boxes of chocolate/candy. (The manager, for whatever reason ordered way too much for the holiday!) Now I really wasn’t going to buy anything when ‘it’ all of a sudden called my name and said, “Please, please, take me home!”
How could I say “No” to a rabbit holding a carrot?? Plus it was  ‘only’ $1.99–come on, a Hershey bar costs more than that these days! And it had the story of Peter Rabbit and that’s how I found out the answers to the questions in the first paragraph, besides I didn’t know rabbits love blueberries, did you?
As I write this it is only 9 days until the Monday after Mother’s Day and I can make all mothers proud of me for not letting gifts intended for them to go to waste–and you thought I wasn’t a thoughtful guy!!

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I’m a movie-goer, not a movie maker!!   Leave a comment

I made a lot of mistakes that I usually pick on directors and editors for doing, like too many nature shops plus I really goofed with too many effects and music, a few that were inappropriate with bad cutting but most of long it is way too long.
At least you won’t have to watch another one until June!



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Good, bad and other news!   1 comment

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1)The first day of Spring has officially arrived at Gateway with the blooming of the first Queen Crepe Myrtle tree. (‘Lost’ a few with new owners and we were concerned we may lose them all but, so far, we haven’t!)
2) I was NOT included in Time’s list of ‘The Most Influential People’!
3) Nor was I included in People Magazine’s list of ‘The Most Beautiful’! Needless to say I am NOT renewing my subscription to either!
4) ABC in its documentary series “1969” has neglected to note that I went to visit Memphis, Tennessee, the  first time over the July 4th weekend that year OR
5) that I moved to Memphis, October 12, for the best decade of my life!
6) Had my quarterly physical last week and the doctor said that if he didn’t know better, from my bloodwork he would have thought that it was from a 65-year-old man
7) I told him how depressing that was considering I was going to only 21 next year!
8) Did I tell you that I got a complete refund for my sinemia subscription? Of course, I won’t believe it until I see the new bill with a credit on it!

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My March 2019 Diary   Leave a comment

Avatar April 2019
Still learning how to make videos but it does make me admire all filmmakers more!
I made a ‘few’ mistakes:  the music, accidentally put in some February pictures, not all the GIFs are right but I am learning!

The theatre, going to movies, eating out, trying new foods, the flowers on my window sill(s), nature, etc are all a part of my daily life–ain’t bad, kids!!

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Crying too much–and who is Nathan Gunn   Leave a comment

Someday I’ll have to dig into why I am such a crier!!! (but not today!!)
I bought the fire stick Tobisha  TV and with thousands of channels since there wasn’t anything on TV I wanted to watch tonight I decided to ask Alexa “Musicals” and she took me to so many I was in theatre and/or movie heaven!!!
It is no secret that “A Chorus Line” is in my top 5 musicals of all time but can you guess the other 4?? In any case I remember going to see “Carousel” in the 1940s and wanting to be John Raitt—of course, I couldn’t sing–couldn’t carry a tune–but he destroyed me in the “Soliloquy” and every time I have seen the show (and even the movie) I fall completely  apart.
As I was going over the list of musicals to watch I came across a PBS tape of “Carousel” with the  NY Philharmonic and starring Kelli O’Hara who I really only knew from a PBS taping of “South Pacific”, Jessie Mueller who I know starred in “Beautiful” but we saw her sister in the touring show and I didn’t catch the male lead’s name until I saw him in the opening number and he didn’t look familiar so I went back and replayed the opening credits. (Oh I might add, I thought this might be the Hugh Jackman version—nope, it wasn’t Hugh!) There was a name, Nathan Gunn, that I didn’t recognize and when I saw him I didn’t know who he was! In any case, he knocked “Soliloquy” out of the ballpark along with everything else he did.
All I know is that I haven’t seen a production of the show in decades and by the time they took their bows I was in a puddle of tears–guess I will be watching it again. Oh yes, it was good seeing John Cullum as the starkeeper.
And since I’m in a puddle of tears—because I can’t stand the movie version of “A Chorus Line”–I decided to watch “Every Little Step” and right now they are showing a clip of Sammy Williams doing the Paul monologue—more tears!—and the auditions of Paul for the revival. And there is the line that destroys me all 101+ times I have seen it on stage and the 4 times I have seen the guys auditioning for the role in “Every Little Step” and now there is Donna talking about Cassie—ARGH!!!  They are showing her dancing in the role at the Shubert!! And I’m holding my breath!
What makes me such an easy touch???
Ending on a ‘fun’ note–can you guess the other 3 shows in my top 5? Actually, there are 10 as there is a 5-6 way tie for number 5!
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 Nathan Gunn                Kelli O’Hara


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My bi-annual event!   1 comment

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In 1955 I read a book by Sloan Wilson called “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” and I remembered a line “A Gentleman always trims his hair every 10 days” and from that point on I did that—well, maybe every two weeks–because I wanted to be a gentleman!
I did that until about 1999 when I decided I was going to stop having my hair cut. It’s that ‘getting old–going bald” syndrome most men go through which is why you will see men with long braids going down the back of their neck! It got very long in the back until it reached the point it was a pain to take care of so I made the decision from that year on that I would get a crewcut twice a year and, more or less, I have stuck to that schedule.  I would usually get my hair cut every March or April and then every September or October and today was that day!
Now about the beard–I, also, decided when I retired I didn’t want to shave anymore and so I went through periods of a full beard, partial beard, Van Dyke beard or no beard. I am now at the point of no beard but am experimenting with a thin beard on the sides of my face but it’s not really coming in as I want it so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o I am thinking of off with the beard BUT the mustache stays!!

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