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Day birds and night blooms   1 comment

Birds after rain and blooms at night Oct 2019
It doesn’t happen all the time but after a very windy rain overnight the birds come out to have brunch! Maybe it is the wind that stirs up the worms and crabs but they come out in large numbers.
I have always been a night person as it is a whole different world than daytime and night people are a different breed of human being even when it comes to being old but that’s another discussion!
At night when I am sitting at my computer desk no matter where I look I see flowers blooming and they have a different look then when in daytime!
Someone asked–I don’t remember who–asked when I sleep and I answered, usually, 2 to 10 AM or 3-11AM but I don’t ‘wake’/ up until 1 PM when I consider my day starting! I am not a nice guy before then!!

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4 Seasons in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Autumn October 2019
The old joke goes that we have 4 seasons in South Florida: 1) early bird season (they go cheap, cheap) 2) snow bird season (the Yankees and French Canadians invade us)  3)hurricane/rainy season and 4) hot, humid summer!  The last one is true and lasts 6 months while we have 1-2 weeks of winter usually in January and/or February when temperatures can drop into the 60s and even, a night or two, into the 50s and Spring, with high temperatures in the upper 70s, generally from late March to early May and, last but not least, is Autumn, as you can see in the pictures above, when all the Queen Crepe Myrtle trees lose their leaves, lasting through October and early November!
No, I don’t miss the snow, ice, freezing temperatures of November to March nor the summers in New York city where the temps are usually higher than down here or the times I have to tell Chuck and Terry to come down here when we are cooler (lower 80s) than they are in Memphis (in the 90s)!
By the way I will take the ‘wet’ heat of the southeast versus the ‘dry’ heat of the southwest where you will burn your hand faster and deeper reaching the car door handle to open it!
Excuse me as I have to go out and help them rake the leaves—in the rain!

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Mother Nature Welcome to October Part 3   1 comment

Mother Nature in October redone
I could write forever about Mother Nature and never run out of material! If you look at the dates on the pictures they have all been taken in the past few days.
1) is the mother plant and keeps on blooming at least 10 out of 12 months while in 4) is one of the branches I just snapped off and threw it in my ‘whatever’ pot and it has a bud ready to open. Guess it is too young to realize it is a “Christmas Cactus”!
The middle row are my Geraniums which bloom every month all year round! Just look at the dates on the photos and if you look at past photos you will find every month they burst forward with blossoms. There are 4 different colors and I never know what color will show up in which of the 6 pots. How can you explain different colors in the pots?
9) An orchid attached to the tree and hasn’t been cut down by the resident owners—yet!
12) This is another ‘whatever’ pot but in the kitchen.  On the left side is a green pepper while on the right is a yellow Cuban blossom. Strange but the pepper plant seems to be only able to sprout 1 pepper at a time.
10) Obviously the squirrel never learned that the shortest distance is between the points of a straight line! He/she takes the long way by going around the whole tree until he/she gets to the top branches.
How can anyone say they are bored when there is so much to see??

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Welcome to October Part 2   Leave a comment

Geraniums Oct 1 2019

Nothing like starting off October with King Tides followed by Geraniums, white, red and pink not only blooming but all having buds to keep on going. Then there is the misnamed (1) Christmas Cactus  and the (2) ‘baby’ planting getting ready to bloom. What a way to start the day!
I don’t know when it was I first fell in love with Mother Nature but I do have a few memories from when I was a kid such as the roses and a ‘Christmas’ tree in the garden in front of our–which was never decorated being Jewish in a Jewish neighborhood. Nope, not even as a Channakuh bush!!!
I, also, remember the beautiful aroma of Peonies in our front yard at our summer home in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Along with other memories are a couple of nights when I was in my twenties and have moved back to New York. There is nothing as magical as walking along Central Park West, or in the park, at midnight with snow falling down, the street lamps having halos of light, the traffic muted if not nonexistent and a rare quiet you ever get in Manhattan.
Now and then I get flashes of the mountains in Camp Pendleton in California or the waves coming up on Malibu Beach, walking around the countryside in Kyoto, Japan and sunsets along the coast outside of Tokyo, also walking in the hills of Seoul, Korea.
With all the above my love affair with Mother Nature really started in 1969 with my move to Memphis but became a fact on a trip from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.
(To be continued)

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Welcome to October!   1 comment

King Tides Oct 1 2019
I always wanted to live ON the water not IN it but with what is known as King Tides come in I sometimes get the feeling my third floor apartment will soon be a waterfront one!
With the 20-25 MPH winds we have been having these tides are 2 feet above normal high tides and they come in at 10 PM, 5 AM and 11 AM. This afternoon walking from the church parking lot—that’s another story–to my apartment building, at the entrance to Gateway, the water was up to my calves. Slowly the water went down but very shortly it will ‘invade’ again.
Luckily, though it is rainy season, we haven’t been having that much rain this week but, horror of horrors, the temperature went down into the 80s this first day of October!!
What’s coming?????

Fighting the tide

By the way these two were fighting the waves and the tide and just kept spinning around until they got near the railing and used that to get back to the place where they rented the canoes–ending September with a laugh!

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Christmas on September 25th   Leave a comment

InkedChristmas in September_LI
I write a lot about my ‘Christmas’ cactus and it blooming all year round. If you look at the dates you’ll see the buds (1) started coming out on the 22nd and came to bloom (4) on the 25th. Even the ‘puppy’ (2) plant I made with leaves from the mother plant has buds.
Along with the cactus the begonias, geraniums and Cuban plant are blossoming.
Is it possible I confuse the plants be keeping the temperatures in the apartment low: in the 60s at night and 70s during the day? I don’t know but I am not complaining at all by having blooms all year round!

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Welcome to lizard land!   1 comment

Lizards everywhere
I don’t know how many lizards we have roaming just around Gateway but I do know I haven’t seen a mosquito, fly or most common bugs because of them. No matter where you walk you will see them running away from you as they aren’t too friendly with humans.
Due to all the encroachment on the Everglades by humans many of the creatures are coming into the city. Also people who buy pets and either don’t know how to take care of them or find they are not as entertaining as thought many will ‘dump’ them anywhere. Most are not native to Florida which causes problems not only for other creatures but for humans.
Each year there is a Boa Constrictor hunt in the Everglades not to mention crocodiles and alligators showing up in gardens, swimming pools and, once in awhile, at the front door.
A favorite ‘pet’ that people usually turn loose are chameleons and they can be pretty large.
We use to have 200-300 beautiful wild parrots that would ‘visit’ every day around 4 PM to a tree outside my kitchen window but the owners cut that tree down and haven’t seen them since. Coincidentally there was an article in the paper and on TV: ” Nearly one-third of the wild birds in the United States and Canada have vanished since 1970, a staggering loss that suggests the very fabric of North America’s ecosystem is unraveling.” NYTimes Sept. 19, 2019 So that might be the answer.
At this point I have only seen lizards and chameleons at Gateway and I hope it stays that way!

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