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In my next life….   1 comment

Don’t get excited as I haven’t finished with this life yet and I plan to be around for a long time!!

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Every time I look around me I am amazed by what Mother Nature does with light whether it be a sunrise, sunset or just having the sun bounce off windows and leave green bars on the black concrete in a parking lot. Walk a few steps to the right and the green bars are gone! A few more steps and, like magic, 3 new green lines appear
I can walk into the kitchen and there is a piece of artwork on the ceiling–the middle picture on the right–bringing the outdoor in.I have, literally, thousands of pictures and I am constantly taking more so I have made my decision. In my next life, I am going to school, study photography and travel around the world taking the pictures that Mother Nature makes to keep our eyes constantly looking and our minds in awe!
As I said I am not ready to leave this life yet—have a lot to do–but at least I won’t worry about what I’ll be doing when I come back!

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Holiday Cactus right on schedule!   Leave a comment

The ‘mother’ plant was all abloom for Hanukkah  and now it is all bare except for a few buds meaning it is getting ready for Christmas–never misses a holiday!

In the upper right is a branch I had cut off 2 years ago and it has been blooming all year!

On the lower left the photograph is of new ‘new’ plants I started in September and it is now showing buds for Santa!

In the bottom right are the buds starting to come in getting ready to be in bloom by the 20th.What was originally a “Christmas Cactus” has now become an all-holiday plant including every 4 years it blooms on February 29th!

Mother Nature always amazes me!!

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Getting ready for 2021! :O)   Leave a comment

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One has to plan for the future and though I do it all year round I started last year by snapping a few clippings off the mother plant which I had for a couple of decades now. What was usually (and so-called when I bought it) referred to as a Christmas Cactus now seems to bloom all year round but especially at holidays.

And about 12 years ago Leap Year became officially a holiday for the plant as it started to have buds the first week of February and was in full bloom by February 29th!The original plant only had pink blossoms but the past few years there have been white blooms mixed in with them!

I am adding ‘instructions’ as to how to propagate the cactus but I must admit I just snap them off, stick in the dirt in the pot and everything works out fine. Let’s see how the twins do by November 2021!!How to Propagate Christmas Cactus

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Storm and health update!   1 comment

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The picture was taken this morning and it was like this until about 4 PM and we got a light rain but now the sky is darkening with clouds so who knows what the evening will bring. We fared pretty well but a lot of areas near us were flooded. As usual, the entrance and exit to Gateway were swimming pools but never had that stairway waterfall that I thought we were getting–the water stopped right at the edge of the first step. The water on the property dried up pretty quickly and now those dark clouds are leaving! Bette Davis, our weather person, says showers for the rest of the evening but drier days ahead–and Bette wouldn’t lie!

I went for a chest/lung X-Ray on Monday and took the disk to my primary. He said he couldn’t be 100% sure until he gets the report but my lungs look clear. Now I have to wait until the 30th and see what is causing the blood in the phlegm.

He looked at my foot and says it looked better–less red and not as swollen. If he says so! I am taking a new antibiotic, bathing the foot in Epsom Salts and, in the evening, keep it raised while I watch TV though the later the day gets the more swollen and redness appears. The doctor did say it would take a total of 10 days to really show major improvement—not that I am keeping count but today is day 7!

All in all no complaints–well one–the schedule of the new antibiotic. I take it every 12 hours and it has to be either 1 hour before eating anything or 2 hours after eating. I don’t have any problem with the latter but waiting to have coffee, orange juice and an apple for an hour after waking up can drive me crazy! I can’t even go back to sleep as I am not supposed to lay down for 10 minutes(!) after I take the med. Then I have another med that I have to take before I take any other meds in the morning and I have 12 other meds I have to fit in during the day! Got my chart made! :O)

As I said, all in all, no complaints as all these meds are keeping me alive, in good health and none are debilitating!

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Boats, Birds, Burgers and more!   Leave a comment

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Top row starting from left:  It being Pirate Week of course we have to have a sloop docked at the entrance of Karen Canal! And then we have the usual and various floating vessels.

Second Row: don’t know why I go to Burger-Fi as they have the worst burgers in town and the prices are ridiculous! Maybe because I had a ‘$5 off $10’ coupon but the check still came to $11.03 Only plus is looking out the windows! The fourth picture is hard to see but the water is filled with minnows.

The third row we start off with Izzy the Iguana–beautiful but we have too many wild ones running around. The next picture is an example of ‘King Tide’ season–the water covers the walk! The third picture is the orchid growing beautifully in the tree and last, but not least, 2 snowy egrets that either have come in advance of their flock or were left behind not forget they could be a warning of heavy rains coming.

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Birds, Sunrises and a dog!   1 comment

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Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. The only times we see flocks of snow egrets is when it is about to storm or after the storm as happened these past 3 days otherwise we never see them! Looking out my front window, rear window or walking out the building door there they were, completely ignoring whoever came their way!

She also amazed me the other morning, when almost sleepwalking to the kitchen to get a glass of water, my eyes glanced outside and there was a beautiful sunrise. I don’t think I have seen a sunrise since I gave up drinking the morning of January 21, 1981!!

I forgot to post the September dog last week so here is Butch!

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Geraniums, orchids, a lost pepper and lizards!!   Leave a comment

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1) Don’t know how I missed this pepper when I was picking my ‘crop’ the other day!!
2 & 3) I forgot to fix picture 2 which has Lori on the top and her kid Leonard on the bottom while in #3 is Larry the father/husband! They are their every time I go over to John’s apartment!#4) There is a tree right outside my window that every once in awhile pops up with a mysterious orchid no rhyme or reason. Mother Nature at work.And then there are my Geraniums all in full bloom with more blooms ready to open in 4 different colors.
We had a ‘feel like’ temperature yesterday and then the rains came and it dropped down to a ‘low’ of 79 and right now the storm clouds are gathering and the wind is increasing so it should get a little ‘cooler’ shortly! 
Summer in Fort Laudedale!

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Blueberries, Peppers and Nature   2 comments

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Let’s discuss the Blueberry muffins first-(#2)! I have a friend(I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) in Maine who wrote this post about all the blueberries she has picked from the bushes on her place. She also had pictures of blueberry pie and cobbler that she baked and then talked about having so many blueberries she didn’t know what to do with all of them–even mentioned giving them away to people. Now, this is a friend! Do you think she would send me any blueberries? Do you think she (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) would make me a blueberry pie or cake or cobbler and send it to me? NO! I had to go into Winn-Dixie and buy blueberry muffins! Mini ones at that! I may have to rethink who my friends (I AM NOT MENTIONING NAMES!) are!

On the other hand, I picked my crop of peppers today (#5) and the first thing I did was give most of them to my neighbors! (Not that it is a bribe for them to continue cooking homemade dinners for me, plus ‘goodies’ every now and then!) I am amazed by how all these peppers, for months now, all started with a few seeds from ONE green pepper! I don’t understand why they are different shapes and colors and still taste like the original bell pepper! (Granted a picked a few before they fully developed but I use those in meals I make after chopping them up.)

We have been having a lot of HOT weather even for South Florida with a week of ‘feel like’ temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity up in the 90% range. Also, this is rainy and hurricane season but we just dodged 2 tropical storms and have had very little rain IN Fort Lauderdale. Seems the surrounding cities, towns and counties are getting rain but not us. We have lizards sunbathing (#1), birds picking for food after lawns have been sprinkled (#4) and when I look out my window (#3) I see green trees and sparkling water!

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Plethora of picking peppers!   1 comment

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As usual, on a Sunday afternoon, I get the watering pot out and water the plants starting with the ones in the kitchen. As I water the pepper plants I sort of look through them to see if the ONE monthly pepper has started to sprout. I never know where I will find it as they could be anywhere in, outside of the plant. Imagine when I saw 2 peppers in that kitchen plant, which is the first pepper plant I started a few years ago and it never produced more than one pepper at a time let alone in one month.
From that point on I started investigating all the plants and I don’t think there was a single one that didn’t have a pepper growing on it! There were all kinds, shapes and colors!! Some are hard to see/find as they seem to be just another green leaf. Where did that orange pepper come from? Right now I have 26 peppers growing so who knows what is ahead for me. A pepper pizza? Salsa? Stuffed peppers? Peppers and sausages pasta? I might even try a pepper cake instead of a carrot cake!! (I don’t think so!)
And it all started with some seeds from a pepper I bought and now when I use these peppers I’ll throw the seeds in pots.

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Peppers & Lizards!!   3 comments

Peppers and Lizards

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.
My 6 pepper plants have loads of blossoms and yet I usually only get 1 pepper per plant! And even then I never know where they will show up or if I will spot them. Look at the top right photo–can you see the pepper right away or did you have to look again? I looked at that plant a few times before I saw the large pepper growing and, yet, I spotted the one in the photo on the top left immediately. Now I am checking the other 4 plants every day!
Then there are the lizards! It is impossible to walk anywhere around the acres of Gateway Terrace without seeing lizards in front or back or on either side of you. They will let you get just close enough for them to scatter away from you. Is it because they can’t see you until you are close or are they playing a game with you?
At first I couldn’t tell one from another but now I see they have different markings whether it be their tale or the color of their bodies. I have even named a few but they ignore me!

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