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July 2017 Diary Part 2 Mother Nature, Gateway changes, carrot cake cookies & me!   Leave a comment

Selfie kid 1 collage
(July 2017 Selfie ‘kid’)

July went by too fast. I had Allen’s car for 10 days, discovered a new type of carrot cake in the form of cookies, a friend gave me a carrot cake (and he sneakeda piece of it first!) and trees are in bloom everywhere.

July 2017 was also the hottest on record for Fort Lauderdale and I love it.

The new owners of Gateway are continuing with their changes but I am waiting to see what they are going to fill all the spots they removed the beautiful Hibiscus, Cuban Butterfly plants, etc., with and when!


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The “Wilma” tree   Leave a comment

Wilma Tree Collage

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Blooming cactus

I have the craziest Christmas/Easter/ Leap Year cactus!! I don’t remember when I first bought the Christmas cactus plant but probably 7-8 years ago. It was already in bloom when I bought it that Christmas but stopped blooming after the buds dropped. It didn’t bloom the following Christmas and then all of a sudden there were blooms around Easter. Once again it didn’t bloom at Christmas time but all of a sudden 2012 it started to bloom around my Leap Year birthday!

The last 6 years it seems to bloom around Christmas, the end of February and the week before Easter, whatever date it might be.

At first the blooms were all pink and then all a sudden they were a mixture of pink and white. I did cut off a few branches and before I knew it I had 5 pots of cacti plus the big mother plant, which is in the collage above.

For the first time last year the mother plant started to bloom 2 weeks before Christmas, both white and pink blooms, and one by one each of the other 5 potted plants started to bloom, some white and some pink. Since then all the plants have remained in bloom and now a week before my 20th Leap Year birthday February 29 there were buds on all the plants!

Now during the period of November-February 2016-2017 they have been blooming constantly

The blooms are very pretty but I don’t detect any aroma.   January 27 2016   Part 2

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WELL AT LEAST IT ISN’T SNOW!   Leave a comment

It started with a few sprinkles on Friday and then all day Saturday it rained while today it has been pouring on and off! Adding insult to injury the temperatures went down into the 60s in the early morning and it has only gone up to the mid 70s today!!

It is not always sunny, hot and humid in South Florida but I must admit today is one the the worst days, weather-wise, in Fort Lauderdale this year but then we have 20 days to go!

Looking out the window I can almost imagine living up north and,instead of rain,snow is coming down.

By the way how do you like my chic pancho from The Dollar Tree store?? LOL

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Summertime in Fort Lauderdale Part 4   Leave a comment


The calendar may say autumn but the weather hasn’t gotten the message yet though we did go all the way down to a high of 91 degrees yesterday!!

We are now past the hottest part of the year in South Florida. Aside from the heat, humidity and sun feeling like it is cooking you we get very heavy rains at least once a day either early morning or late evening which makes you feel like you are in a sauna! Have I convinced you to NOT come to Florida in August or September? GOOD!!!

Those two months are a delight for people who live here as we don’t fight crazy drivers from the North or tourists causing lines at favorite restaurants. Traffic flows freely, why some of us even walk—in the shade of trees, of course.

To me one of the amazing things about the hot summertime in Fort Lauderdale is what Mother Nature gives to human beings to make life so much better.

We get smooth waters for people to go canoeing (3) or skim the boat over the bay leaving white tails of foam (5). At night she gives us a full moon and sometimes throws in a startling lightening show (8). And then there are flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes not to mention some I have never seen before or even know the name of them (9).

It will cool off later in September—okay, okay. The temperature will be in the high 80s, low 90s and we will keep our fingers crossed that November will bring the end of hurricane season and we will have made it through a 12 year of not seeing Mother Nature’s wrath.

Complain of the heat if you must but know that one person at least is loving it!

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I know most people complain about the heat and humidity in South Florida during the summer months but the only complaint I have is that you can’t dive into the ocean to cool off as the ocean water temperature along the shore is sometimes higher than the land temperature and that is hot enough to burn your feet walking barefoot on the sand.

With all that you will very seldom see the thermometer hit 100 degrees as it does everywhere else in the USA!  And don’t give me that ‘dry’ versus ‘wet’ heat. You don’t hear about someone burning their fingers opening a car door as they do in Arizona.

Yes we have rain showers in the morning/evening that raise the humidity enough to fog up your glasses when you walk out the door but most people who live here go from an a/c home to an a/c car to a a/c  job and very seldom go out into the heat. In fact you will see a lot of people carrying sweaters or light jackets wherever they go due to enclosed places having their a/c on.

Due to our summer weather we have beautiful blooms and boats not forget beautiful bodies—male and female—paddle boarding! Of the 80 years of my life I have lived more than half in South Florida starting at the age of 12 when we went on vacation in Miami Beach and I knew I wanted to live in South Florida!!

 And, yes, summer is coming to an end–weonly had a high of 87 degrees one day last week and it went all the way down to 77 degrees teh other night!!

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It is at times like last night that I wish I had a good camera but my point and shoot $70 Sony digital camera did as good as it could. AS you can see from the first picture during the day it takes pretty good shots but you have to look closely in the other snaps (like the third and last) to see the tree in the forefront though the clouds in the 4th and 7th shots show the clouds.

Oh well since I am already startng my 21st birthday wish list I’ll put a first rate camera on it!

One of my favorite singers vocalizing a ‘classic’–for those who recognize the music that word is a pun!

Okay so Miami is 40 miles away but it is the same moon!

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