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Will they ever get it right??   2 comments

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Over a decade ago I bought a small plant and was told it was a Christmas/Passover cactus and for 2 years in a row it did blossom around Christmas/Passover and then, in the third year, it was my Leap Year birthday and I saw a couple of buds in mid-February and, yes, they bloomed on the 29th!
A couple of years went by and the plant grew huge so I decided to cut off a few branches and re-pot them and within a year I had 6 ‘Christmas/Passover Cacti’ and as each year passed they bloomed on another holiday until now and this week they really blew my mind! With 12 days to go until Memorial Day both the parent plant and one of the ‘pups’ started to show buds getting ready to bloom.
They now have only one holiday they haven’t bloomed on and that is July 4th!!
After they bloom I am going to have to explain to them that they are Christmas/Passover plants and shouldn’t be blooming whenever they want or they will get a bad reputation–let alone drive me crazy(ier)!

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Another one of my favorite things!   Leave a comment

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Don’t know when I became enamored with Mother Nature nor do I remember when I was told that it was a form of meditation but in any case, nothing impresses me more than what takes place in the world of nature. Yes, there is even beauty in hurricanes as destructive as they can be. I can spend hours watching what is happening in all aspects of nature which is constantly changing.
I have 3 huge windows in my living/dining room area and I never close the blinds. No matter what time of day I walk into the room I am overwhelmed by what I see outside my windows. From the green trees to the sky they are always different as is the canal waters.
Not only outside but inside I have 28 flower pots with 5 different colored geraniums, a few different species of cacti, poinsettias, a Cuban plant, pepper plants, just to name a few. No matter what is happening in a negative way in my life, not that much happens in that vein, they can always put a smile on my face.
Every day there is something new to see. For instance, in pictures #s 1 & 2 you will see the ‘Christmas’ cactus that I got years ago ready to be in bloom (see all the buds) in time for Easter. What was supposed to bloom just in December now blooms 7-8 months a year. Also if you look behind the cactus you will see the red leaves of the poinsettias that I brought home in early December.
In picture #3 is one of the many birds that visit ‘my’ backyard from egrets to bluejays to woodpeckers and, not to forget, the group of wild parrots that visit every afternoon making a lot of noise but their red and green colors standing out against the brown trunk and green leaves of what I call the ‘Wilma tree’ that was completely left bare, lost many branches but after 2 years was more beautiful than ever and has grown way over three stories high! Right now sitting at my desk I am looking out the 3 windows seeing it all.
I titled #4 ‘just another day’ because walking down to The Point, at the east end of our community, at the start of Karen Bay, we are surrounded by water, usually blue skies, million+ dollar homes, yachts with 350 days of bright sunshine. It is almost impossible to describe the evenings with stars and the moon shining over the water. We are 5 blocks from the very busy Sunrise Boulevard but you would never know we are in the middle of a big tourist city.
Excuse me while I go out and take a walk and just look around at the wonder where I live!

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I was working on part 3 of Restaurants and People–30 more restaurants!!!–and I started thinking between downloading, deleting and making a collage then posting it was going to be a long haul!

I already have in mind, after I finish the movies, I was going to 1) count how many restaurants I went to in a decade and 2) how many have closed! 

Since I eat out at least twice a week (theatre nights add about 16 more dinners) 52 weeks a year for over a decade that is a lot of restaurant dinners, over a thousand, but nowhere that many different restaurants! As an example on theatre nights we usually eat at the Quarterdeck.

While wondering about what all this entailed I looked out the window and knew I had to get down to The Point to take pictures of Mother Nature at work, consequently the new collage attached to this post!

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Cold or warm Mother Nature is here   2 comments

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It can be cold–60 degree high today!–but inside or outside we are always surrounded by nature–I love it!
Photos 1,2 and 12 is my Christmas, Hannakuh, Easter, Passover, Leap Year, Thanksgiving Cactus–never know when it will bloom plus never know what colors it will bloom in!
3, 7 and 10  My forever growing Geraniums that I have had for over 10 years
#4  My pepper plant that flowers but don’t produce peppers which I started from seeds from a pepper I bought for a salad
#9  One of the many “Cuban” plants that I have that I started with a twig from one that was outside the apartments. I am glad I did because the new owners took away all the Cuban plants we had around the properties. (I call them a Cuban plant but am not sure of their name.)
5 & 6  Penta plants
11  You can see the beach hotel and condos from my east window with the trees and clouds and sky provided by Mother Nature.
8  Even cold weather doesn’t keep Squeaky the squirrel from his daily rounds.
And now back to our normal weather starting tomorrow up to the 70s and 80s.

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Flowers light my life up!   1 comment

I don’t know when I fell in love with flowers and plants but I do remember as a youngster going to Miami Beach with my family and being in awe of all the wild Bird of Paradise plants and multi-colored flowers. There was also our summer home in New Jersey and I can still smell the peonies in front of the house.
I think, though, that I really got involved with all of it when Johnny and I lived together in Memphis. We had hanging plants all over the townhouse and he was constantly working in the backyard patio garden. I found myself bringing home plants.
It was when I moved to Gateway, here in Fort Lauderdale, that I really went all out after seeing how many residents made their own gardens outside of their ground floor apartments.  I started buying all sorts of plants putting many outside on my walkway. Indoors I not only bought plants I would grow heads of lettuce, stalks of Romaine lettuce, green peppers or I would also break off a stick off the Hibiscus bush outside, stick it in a pot and watch it grow, put out buds and flower.
When we got new owners we also got new rules and no longer do you see any flowering bushes, trees, resident’s gardens or plants out on my walkway.
I do have 28 plants in my apartment from Geraniums to Begonias, Cuban plants, Aloe and Christmas cactus, a miniature pine tree and I just ‘buried’ some tomato seeds in a pot.
Nothing, yes nothing, makes me feel better than seeing flowers in bloom and if you ever want to get me to do something bring me flowers or a plant!

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June is busting out all over!!   Leave a comment

Queen Crepe Myrtles June 2018


Queen Crepe Myrtles     1A

Queen Crepe Myrtles     1B

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“My” Tree   Leave a comment

WILMA TREE 4 Collage

In February 2004 the month and year of my 15th Leap Year birthday I moved into this apartment and immediately fell in love with this huge beautiful tree behind my building. That first year I watched seed pods grow, fill up, come apart and disperse. Every day, around 4-5 PM a flock of wild green and red parrots stopped by for about a half hour. That first year I saw a pair of bluebirds and a pair of woodpeckers build their nests, hatch their babies and one day they were all gone.

It was a beautiful sight seeing that tree every morning with my cup of coffee and newspaper helping me start off another day. Whether it was raining, sunny, dark, sunset, sunrise that tree was almost a part of my apartment.

And then Hurricane Wilma came in October 2005 and shredded the tree. I watched it for 4 years to grow back to its former beauty and even fuller than before and for the past 7 years this tree has watched me through a lot. Strange, as only Mother Nature would know, the parrots stopped coming to the tree and though I have seen other birds ‘visit’ I haven’t seen any build nests.

In the past year I have spoken about all the trees that have been taken down on the Gateway property but I was in complete shock when I saw what the hired lawn maintenance company did last week as they ‘trimmed’ the tree. It was a complete hack job and worse than what Hurricane Wilma did.

I hope they let it grow back to its former beauty!

Wilma Tree collage 2

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