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Peppers & Lizards!!   3 comments

Peppers and Lizards

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.
My 6 pepper plants have loads of blossoms and yet I usually only get 1 pepper per plant! And even then I never know where they will show up or if I will spot them. Look at the top right photo–can you see the pepper right away or did you have to look again? I looked at that plant a few times before I saw the large pepper growing and, yet, I spotted the one in the photo on the top left immediately. Now I am checking the other 4 plants every day!
Then there are the lizards! It is impossible to walk anywhere around the acres of Gateway Terrace without seeing lizards in front or back or on either side of you. They will let you get just close enough for them to scatter away from you. Is it because they can’t see you until you are close or are they playing a game with you?
At first I couldn’t tell one from another but now I see they have different markings whether it be their tale or the color of their bodies. I have even named a few but they ignore me!

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Green Peppers and Cactus   Leave a comment

Peppers and Christmas cactus in June 2020

Mother Nature pulled a quick one on me!! I’ve been boasting about my crazy “Christmas” cactus for some time now as it blooms every month besides Christmas and I thought it was letting me down this month when I spotted the single bloom in the picture!! It is the only bloom and there isn’t a single bud on any of the other ‘branches’–are they called branches?
Now, for the last time for awhile unless Mother Nature pulls another trick, I am talking about my pepper plants! I have 5 plants and each one gave me a single pepper!! I was going to take the seeds from these peppers and start a few more plants but aside from the 5 plants I already have I think either The Dollar Tree or Mother Nature is playing games with me as some of the seeds I planted from the packages I bought a couple of months ago don’t look like the Daisies and Coneflowers blooms they are supposed to be!! They look like more pepper blooms!
Aside from too many pepper plants because I take Warfarin as a blood thinner I have to watch my intake of green color veggies and I already eat a lot of salad greens so if you want pepper seeds–or plants–just tell em and they are yours!

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Dollar Tree, pepper plants or me????   Leave a comment

Plants June 17 2020

A couple of months ago I bought some seed envelopes from Dollar Tree as I do every year. 3 didn’t deliver so I had to get rid of them and now I have 4 growing but I don’t know what is happening! They are supposed to be either daisies or coneflowers and yet all I am getting are small blooms that look like the pepper plant blooms!! Only 1 plant (first picture on top left) seems to have a different leaf and no blooms!
Adding to that my pepper plants are now giving more than one pepper per plant!! Are the peppers taking over my apartment? Will I be turning green? (HERMIT!!! HELP!!!)
I am waiting to see what happens with all the plants by the end of this month. Meanwhile, I can still rely on my 15-year-old Cuban plant to give me a few blossoms every day!

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It’s a new phenomenon!   1 comment

Birds after the rain Nov 14 2019
It was very rare to see a flock of these birds but now it seems every rain they gather around and go ‘hunting’ for worms, seeds and whatever else the waters bring them.
Also in every group there is usually a black/brown feathered bird. I don’t know if it is a male and this is his ‘harem’ or a baby of one of them. Males are usually the more colorful one when it comes to birds but then again many chicks change colors as they grow.
I can never understand anyone that says they are bored! All I have to do is look out my window and Mother Nature is always putting on a show and a different one every day!

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I really don’t understand it!!!   Leave a comment

Pick any month, week or day of the year and my Geraniums, Begonias and/or misnamed Christmas Cactus are in bloom! I look for the reasons and I really don’t have an answer. It is not the sun and the window they are in because some are in the east, a few in the north and a load in the south.
I thought it might be the temperature in the apartment which would explain, maybe, the Christmas Cactus blooming all year round as I do keep it cool–though some may call it cold! Still that doesn’t explain the blooming Geraniums and Begonias or the yellow blooms of the Cuban plant. It might explain the green peppers growing as they need temperatures between 60 & 90 greens, though it is never 90 degrees inside my apartment yet it could be the sun shining through.
The only problem I have are getting Poinsettias to bloom after they lose their red leaves (‘blossoms’). Every December I buy two of them and though they last all year they never get red bracts again but I will try again this year.
Meanwhile I will just enjoy the blooms I see every day inside my apartment! (If you look you will see a new pepper forming on the plant in the first picture.)
Plants blossoming 1 November 2019

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Mother Nature–again!   1 comment

Mother Nature Oct 2019

There isn’t a month in the year–just check my previous posts–that my geraniums and Cuban plant aren’t in bloom, let alone my ‘Christmas’ cactus!! (Can’t wait to see if it will bloom in December as it has the past 15 holidays!)
She even makes high King tide floods worthwhile because after we have all these beautiful Ibis walking around. And, come on, even the lizards afford entertainment.
By the way–just in case you care–only 123 days to go!

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Autumn in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Autumn 2 October 2019
In autumn in Fort Lauderdale the rainy season ends on October 15 but not the hurricane season!
In autumn in Fort Lauderdale the leaves fall one tree at a time!
In autumn in Fort Lauderdale my white geraniums take over!
In autumn the Ibis birds come out for a snack after a rainfall!
Welcome to autumn in Fort Lauderdale where the temperatures sometimes go below 80 degrees!
Leap 1

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Day birds and night blooms   1 comment

Birds after rain and blooms at night Oct 2019
It doesn’t happen all the time but after a very windy rain overnight the birds come out to have brunch! Maybe it is the wind that stirs up the worms and crabs but they come out in large numbers.
I have always been a night person as it is a whole different world than daytime and night people are a different breed of human being even when it comes to being old but that’s another discussion!
At night when I am sitting at my computer desk no matter where I look I see flowers blooming and they have a different look then when in daytime!
Someone asked–I don’t remember who–asked when I sleep and I answered, usually, 2 to 10 AM or 3-11AM but I don’t ‘wake’/ up until 1 PM when I consider my day starting! I am not a nice guy before then!!

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4 Seasons in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Autumn October 2019
The old joke goes that we have 4 seasons in South Florida: 1) early bird season (they go cheap, cheap) 2) snow bird season (the Yankees and French Canadians invade us)  3)hurricane/rainy season and 4) hot, humid summer!  The last one is true and lasts 6 months while we have 1-2 weeks of winter usually in January and/or February when temperatures can drop into the 60s and even, a night or two, into the 50s and Spring, with high temperatures in the upper 70s, generally from late March to early May and, last but not least, is Autumn, as you can see in the pictures above, when all the Queen Crepe Myrtle trees lose their leaves, lasting through October and early November!
No, I don’t miss the snow, ice, freezing temperatures of November to March nor the summers in New York city where the temps are usually higher than down here or the times I have to tell Chuck and Terry to come down here when we are cooler (lower 80s) than they are in Memphis (in the 90s)!
By the way I will take the ‘wet’ heat of the southeast versus the ‘dry’ heat of the southwest where you will burn your hand faster and deeper reaching the car door handle to open it!
Excuse me as I have to go out and help them rake the leaves—in the rain!

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Mother Nature Welcome to October Part 3   1 comment

Mother Nature in October redone
I could write forever about Mother Nature and never run out of material! If you look at the dates on the pictures they have all been taken in the past few days.
1) is the mother plant and keeps on blooming at least 10 out of 12 months while in 4) is one of the branches I just snapped off and threw it in my ‘whatever’ pot and it has a bud ready to open. Guess it is too young to realize it is a “Christmas Cactus”!
The middle row are my Geraniums which bloom every month all year round! Just look at the dates on the photos and if you look at past photos you will find every month they burst forward with blossoms. There are 4 different colors and I never know what color will show up in which of the 6 pots. How can you explain different colors in the pots?
9) An orchid attached to the tree and hasn’t been cut down by the resident owners—yet!
12) This is another ‘whatever’ pot but in the kitchen.  On the left side is a green pepper while on the right is a yellow Cuban blossom. Strange but the pepper plant seems to be only able to sprout 1 pepper at a time.
10) Obviously the squirrel never learned that the shortest distance is between the points of a straight line! He/she takes the long way by going around the whole tree until he/she gets to the top branches.
How can anyone say they are bored when there is so much to see??

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