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Dogs, a baby, weather & Mother nature October 2021   Leave a comment

1) Dark clouds are the warning we will be getting our daily rain–for 10 minutes or, maybe, longer!

2) My October Calendar dogs

3) Gateway’s latest charmer–Payton’s baby brother

4) Bette Davis changes her outfits as much as Mother nature changes the weather—and both are right!

5) Jeff, who is legally blind. is in the process of having his guide dog trained–she is a beauty but, I think, a little too big for a studio apartment–hopefully he will be able to move to  a larger bedroom though it might be easier for him to handle a smaller space–right now she is too friendly with all the neighbors so I guess that will be part of her training–it is an interesting process to observe.

6) The purple and white orchids are really a standout on the tree–hope no one picks!October is starting off beautifully and hope it continues that way but until ‘hurricane’ season is over we don’t know.

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End of September 2021   1 comment

There are many things I love about Mother Nature including the changes of seasons and we have now, subtly, gone from Summer to Autumn. How do I know? Easy, as the high temperatures are no longer in the 90s–only the high 80s! Also, the humidity has dropped to lower than 60%! Go ahead and laugh but WE know the difference!!

Regarding the first picture, top left; I have a planter at the end of my desk and in it are odds and ends which I throw in there and yesterday I noticed a green pepper dead center and I don’t even remember throwing seeds in there!!Then there are the birds!! You can see the 3 different pictures and they were all taken after a rainfall as that is the only time we see the birds. The first 2 on top are the grounds behind my building and the one on the bottom is in front of building C. I don’t know where they go when it doesn’t rain for many days/weeks/months but we only see them AFTER a rain!

On the other hand there are canoes going up and down the canal every day/week of the year!There are 5 Holiday cactus pictures of which the two on the second row on the right and the second on the left on the bottom row are the ‘mother’ plant already blooming while the ‘pups’—which I planted by breaking off a piece of the mother plant–are starting to get buds and will probably bloom next week, just in time to welcome October!

Last, but certainly not least, is the mysterious orchid in the tree outside my window. We have no idea who originally planted it or when but every year, like clockwork, it blooms. There is a white one and a purple one and in a week or two they will be huge and all in bloom!

Life is never boring with Mother Nature outside my window!! (And plants inside!)

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“We are going to FLOOD you Fort Lauderdale!!   1 comment

 It is the first day of Autumn and approaching 5 PM which is what time, usually, THE big black cloud takes over the blue sky and white puffy clouds and the first few raindrops fall BUT it has been like that the past 30 minutes so those raindrops may be all we will get! Meanwhile you can tell it is Autumn in South Florida–only 2 of the following 5 days will be 90 degrees or higher and our weather-caster, Bette Davis, says it will only be cooler!

Meanwhile the good old Holiday cactus (#1) keeps blooming both white and pink blooms while her ‘babies’ (#2), 3 of them, will probably bloom in 10 days to 2 weeks with different colored blooms. Never ceases to amaze me.

At the same time the tree orchid keeps on growing a deeper purple with larger blooms and now has a touch of white while (I’ll have to take another picture) on the hidden side the white orchid is doing its own thing!Okay, the dark cloud is breaking up and blue is sneaking through BUT that doesn’t mean it won’t pour later!!

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An every holiday Christmas Cactus!!   1 comment

You want a plant that celebrates every holiday?? I got it!! 15 years ago I bought a “Christmas Cactus” and it did bloom every Christmas but a little over a decade ago—2008 to be exact–the cactus was in bloom for my 18th Leap Year birthday and each succeeding year it seemed to bloom for another holiday!!

This year it bloomed for Rosh Hashanah and and on Yom Kippur (see lower right picture) one white bud started to bloom! I can show you pictures from Easter, Passover, New Year’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day,, etc., of my “Christmas Cactus” in bloom.

It obviously will be in bloom for the first day of Autumn and, certainly, Thanksgiving. Wonder if next year it will add Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day ‘it’ being the Christmas Cactus as it was introduced to me but I really mean Mother Nature–she is always amazing me!

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Summer, Working Out, Park, Mother Nature & Home   1 comment

Better explain that ‘working out’ first! I watched the guy in photos #11 & 12 for about an hour. They lifted weights, jumped rope, ran around the soccer field, used the fountain edging for stepping–for an hour but I didn’t lose an ounce!!! Something is wrong there!

I say it often because I truly am constantly amazed by what I see.  Mother Nature comes up with things that just make me stop such as the iguana in the tree in picture # 10 who blended so well I didn’t see him until someone pointed him out! By the way she also provides us with the following spectacle!!

Photos #1 & #4 are plants in my house that I have ‘grown’ just by trimming their mother plantand sticking them in a pot!Between the flowering trees and the watering of the fields you forget the heat and humidity that equals summer in Fort Lauderdale! (Those guys were sweating so much I should have lost a few pounds!!)

After being closed for a year and 4 months we got the notice about the pool reopening!

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Week in June 2021   1 comment

No matter how much doctors and hospitals try to drive me crazy Mother Nature and life always keeps me sane! I may be put on hold for 39 minutes—see photo #3— but then I look at the canal and there is a swan float—#2–going up the canal without any visible strings pulling it!!

Of course at this time of the year and I can look out my window and, if I wanted to, could dive into a tree loaded with Queen Crepe Myrtle blooms–#4.

I didn’t know whether to laugh at the iguana who was afraid of me enough to scamper up a tree–see #7– or shake my head at the lack of a classic building–#5–that was built to honor the men and women who served in WW 1 & 2–being torn down to be made into a modern skating rink for the Panthers hockey team to train in and open to the public at other times. I am curious to see what they will come up with as they also ‘redoing’ the Parker Playhouse which is perfect as is and, so far, they haven’t changed much on the outside.

Though it is our rainy season we have been having a lot of sunny weather and there are always people in various vessels going up and down the canal–#6–but no, none were pulling the swan!

Last, but not least, there is always Bette Davis–#1–to look at (sometime I am going to have to take a week of pictures of her different outfits–sorry you really can’t see this one, matches the colors on the weatherboard!), tell us the weather and even downplaying the 30% chance of rain on Father’s Day!With the medical department against Mother Nature I would bet on the latter with a little good human nature thrown in!

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Tis the season for…..   1 comment

the Royal Poinciana and Queen Crepe Myrtle trees which last for a couple of weeks before the blossoms fall, get everywhere and turn the streets whatever color they are. The Poincianas are mostly orange but every once in awhile you will spot a different color from off orange to a deep purple. They are in the park, in front of houses, lining streets and every block your car drives down!

The Queen Crepe Myrtle trees, the 4 bottom pictures, are the very few blossoming plants of any kind we have on the Gateway driveway and whereas we used to have about 20 of them we now only have 7-8 and a few have been so butchered by the tree maintenance crew cutting them back for hurricane season I am sure they are doomed to be pulled out! To my knowledge I have never seen them anywhere else. They always remind me of Lilac trees but they have no aroma! Both trees love the heat and humidity of Florida and while the Myrtle blooms will last for months the Poinciana, as mentioned above usually has only a two-week span but both have leaves all year long.

When they blossom no matter what the calendar says it is summer!

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MAY 1, 2021 AT GATEWAY IN FORT LAUDERDALE!   Leave a comment

And, once again, Mother Nature puts on a show, indoors and outdoors, for the first day of a new month, May 2021!

1) Who else could provide red, yellow AND green peppers on the same plant?

!2) And except for flowers who else offers such a variety of dogs, including ‘mutts’??

3) No matter the month or the day or the time of the year my “Christmas” cactus has bloomed!

4) Let’s not forget looking out my window and seeing new people enjoying the water OR

5) A bird just strolling along looking for a worm or two

6) Last, but not least, a little May Day celebration by having Jambalaya at the Quarterdeck!OH YES–A HAPPY 91ST BIRTHDAY TO OUR BOY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE–ALFREDO ROSSI–ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY LUNCH & OUTING!!

In my next life….   1 comment

Don’t get excited as I haven’t finished with this life yet and I plan to be around for a long time!!

Inline image

Every time I look around me I am amazed by what Mother Nature does with light whether it be a sunrise, sunset or just having the sun bounce off windows and leave green bars on the black concrete in a parking lot. Walk a few steps to the right and the green bars are gone! A few more steps and, like magic, 3 new green lines appear
I can walk into the kitchen and there is a piece of artwork on the ceiling–the middle picture on the right–bringing the outdoor in.I have, literally, thousands of pictures and I am constantly taking more so I have made my decision. In my next life, I am going to school, study photography and travel around the world taking the pictures that Mother Nature makes to keep our eyes constantly looking and our minds in awe!
As I said I am not ready to leave this life yet—have a lot to do–but at least I won’t worry about what I’ll be doing when I come back!

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Holiday Cactus right on schedule!   Leave a comment

The ‘mother’ plant was all abloom for Hanukkah  and now it is all bare except for a few buds meaning it is getting ready for Christmas–never misses a holiday!

In the upper right is a branch I had cut off 2 years ago and it has been blooming all year!

On the lower left the photograph is of new ‘new’ plants I started in September and it is now showing buds for Santa!

In the bottom right are the buds starting to come in getting ready to be in bloom by the 20th.What was originally a “Christmas Cactus” has now become an all-holiday plant including every 4 years it blooms on February 29th!

Mother Nature always amazes me!!

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