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“Ingrid Goes West”–a movie review   Leave a comment

Just as I won’t stop reading a book no matter how bad it may be I find it almost impossible to walk out of a movie theatre until the end credits start.  I watched “Ingrid Goes West” for 90 boring, never-ending, slow dragging minutes wanting to walk out though I was sort of taken with Aubrey Plaza’s performance in the title role but the last 7 minutes made me glad I stayed as not only did her performance reach an even higher level but the whole picture crystallized into what the screenplay writers Matt Spicer, who also directed, and David Branson Smith wanted.

Up to that ninetieth minute, the film seemed to be aimed at the current generation and their total involvement with smartphones, Instagram, social media, mores, manners, and comments. We meet Ingrid, after time in a psychiatric hospital, whose mother just died leaving her $65,000. Ingrid is basically a cyber stalker and becomes intrigued with Taylor Sloane (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who is famous for having thousands of followers on her Instagram account and becomes even more famous shilling products.

Ingrid takes her bag of money, leaves Pennsylvania and takes off for Los Angeles, rents a house from Dan (O’Shea Jackson, Jr.) a screenwriter who is obsessed with Batman and is writing a film, so he believes the next Batman film. After concocting a plan to meet Taylor she becomes her BFF and insinuates herself with Taylor’s husband, Ezra (Wyatt Russell) who claims to be an artist of some sort. Then enters what is to become Ingrid’s nemesis, Taylor’s brother Nicky (Billy Magnussen) an amoral coke addict and alcoholic who is very aware he is a muscle gym guy without any inhibitions.

While we know Ingrid can be and has been violent in the past and we see her in all sorts of moods from feeling ecstatic to a deep sadness there is that sense of craziness about her that will come to the forefront, along with the violence.

The screenplay and the characters are all over the place and there are constant shots of smart-phones with Snapshots and Instagram lines but the focus is on Ingrid and her acts in the last 7 minutes show who she really is and makes up for a lot of scenes that don’t make sense or are just fillers for the film.

Aubrey Plaza makes the film what it is and though she has done TV and a few other movies this should be the one that makes her a star if the audience can sit through the first 90 minutes!

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“Good Time”–a movie review   Leave a comment

There are times when I wonder if the critics saw the same movie as I did such as the one I saw this afternoon, “Good Time”. This movie has an 83% (out of 100%) rating and there are many 4-5 star reviews and except for watching Robert Pattinson after the first 5 minutes of dying his hair bright blonde I couldn’t find any redeeming features. Yes it is interesting to see how far he has come, in the acting department, since the “Twilight” series but the screenplay by Ronald Bronsteing and Josh Safdie, the direction by Josh and Benny Safdie and the photography of Sean Price Williams are helter-skelter, with plenty of violence in most of the scenes.

There is some interesting acting by Pattinson, Benny Safdie and Buddy Duress but equally embarrassing ones by Peter Verby and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

As bad as the movie is, though Pattinson and Safdie do their best to make it good, the ‘music’ by Oneohtrix Point Never provides one of the most horrendous scores this year, if not decade.

In spite of the critic’s reviews I can’t/won’t recommend “Good Time”.

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“Logan Lucky”–a movie review   Leave a comment

Is it me? Have I seen too many movies, including all the classics, since I started going to the movies, at least once a week, for 75 years? Yes, I am old and I do use the closed caption hearing when watching television though my NET doctor says all is okay. I have no problem when talking with people but I have problems understanding movie talk, especially when they use accents.

Having had a rough 5 days with sick friend I wanted to go see something light, funny and, possibly, a no brainer. I really enjoy Channing Tatum in movies and I have also enjoyed Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s 11, 12, 13” and their collaboration with “Magic Mike” plus I was somewhat intrigued by “Introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang” so I decided to go see “Logan Lucky”.

“Logan Lucky” is a redneck, Southern heist film along the lines of the Ocean films. Along with Tatum and Craig other members of the cast are: Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston, Farrah MacKenzie, Hillary Swank to name a few. The screenplay was by Rebecca Blunt along with some excellent photography by Peter Andrews. Though it takes place in West Virginia most of it was photographed in Georgia.

“Logan Lucky” is the second picture I have seen this past week, the other being “Wind River”, which were pretty much given high marks and I don’t understand why. I read most of the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and still shrug my shoulders.

I don’t/won’t recommend “Logan Lucky”.

I still don’t get the “Introducing Daniel Craig” unless it is to introduce him as a very funny guy and the opposite of James Bond but that’s stretching  it.




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“Wind River”–movie review   Leave a comment

Choosing between “Wind River”, “Logan Lucky”, “Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “Landline” or “The Only Living Boy in New York” I chose “Wind River” which was a huge mistake!

“Wind River” opens with the death of a young Native American teenage girl running barefoot in the snow on a Wyoming Indian reservation. From that opening, it is as if the violence never ends with wolves being killed, lions killing animals, men killing men, the leading man’s (Jeremy Renner), daughter, a friend of the dead girl, having been murdered like that girl, a girl being gang-raped, everyone both good and bad being hunters and hunted with the members of the audience being put through a lot, too much, pain.

Ther screenplay by Taylor Sheridan who also directed the film is all over the place in both departments while the score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis adds tension and helps one feel the cold and snow in the excellent cinematography.

The cast starting with Jeremy Renner as a trapper and Elizabeth Olsen as an FBI rookie who realizes she can learn a lot from the trapper along with Gil Birmingham and Tantoo Cardinal as the dead girl’s parents with her being played by Kelsey Asbille in a flashback along with Jon Bernthal as her older boyfriend, Julia Jones as the trapper’s ex-wife, Tio Briones as their son all do fine jobs though, either through the soundtrack, mumbling or whispers many points of the story are lost.

As bad as the violence is the role played by James Jordan is so appalling bad one has to wonder if the director hoped the audience would laugh at it to get the bad taste of rapes, murders and bodily destruction out of their heads as they left the auditorium.

“Wind River” is based on a true story and at the end credits there are some comments that I felt had very little to do with the story we had seen.

Unless you are a lover of human and animal violence I do not recommend “Wind River”.


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“From the Land of the Moon”–movie review   Leave a comment

Sadly what can you do when an Oscar winning, deservedly, actress works with a screenplay, actors, a director and even a music score that works against her?

“From the Land of the Moon” as a title makes even less sense than the movie, which took 2 screenwriters to adapt from a novel.

Marion Cotillard can either be crazy or a nymphomaniac or a crazy nymphomaniac or neither but it really doesn’t make a difference. She marries a man she tells she won’t have sex with and either has an affair with a gravely ill or doesn’t with the bottom line meaning nothing when the ‘great’ reveal comes at the end.

Marion Cotillard is always a joy to watch and if the 2-hour film had just eliminated everything, every character and just showed her it would have been worth seeing but no way can I recommend this film!



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“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power”–movie review   Leave a comment

While there is a pre-sold audience of millions for this movie those who DON’T believe in global warming and/or climate change are the ones who should be seeing “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”.

Ten years ago Al Gore won an Oscar for “An Inconvenient Truth” showing what was happening in the world and, without pointing fingers; many said it wasn’t true, it was just natural changes in nature and he didn’t know what he was talking about and yes, “What do the scientists know?”

Seeing this sequel people can see the actual changes but even more important what other countries are doing to make life for their citizens better while recently the POTUS announced that the United States was leaving the Paris agreement made at the 2015 Climate Change Conference. The governor in Florida won’t even meet with scientists while fish swim in the as floods overtake Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Recently a study was presented by scientists to the POTUS reiterating what climate change studies have said, it does make the case that global warming is getting worse and that significant action must be taken. In the film the latter shows the hottest years on earth and they all have happened in the past decade.

Many examples of how storms are getting worse every year are shown with cities being wiped out while it is shown how the many years of drought played a part of the civil war that happened in Syria opening the way for ISIS.

In the United States there are 8 cities that are getting 100% of its energy from solar and wind with the mayor of Georgetown, Texas, saying “It is the reddest city in the reddest county” and gets 100% of its power from that energy.  Countries, like Norway, are talking about having an all electric car country by 2025.

Though it is pointed out that climate change will affect our lives in many ways from making the southern part of the USA becoming breeding grounds for the Zieka virus along with super storms, the main message the film imparts that much is being done to cause cheers and hope.

There is a 10-15 minute segment devoted to the DISCOVR space satellite was put on hold by politics and when it was finally launched in 2015 opened a whole new world of science.

The visit to the first movie when Gore spoke about the 9/11 Memorial would be flooded he was laughed at by the ‘know-it-alls’ and we now see how it happened in October, 2012, when hurricane Sandy hit.

“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” should be seen by all: believers and non-believers.

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“Detroit”–a movie review   Leave a comment

Ricardo G. Williams, author of “Unchained Mind”, writes a blog at blogster and this particular post stayed in my mind for a long time and as I watched “Detroit” it came back to me and the comments made by a group of people: BrotherDocs, MsPurrrrfect, AmalaTSering, AkunaKumara, Jayyyohhh, Concervative and a couple of others who, obviously, have no idea what Black men go through in everyday life in our cities and THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD SEE THIS STORY! Plus those who think they have any idea of Black life in the USA!

To read the post and the comments go here:


“Detroit” is a very violent movie and should be seen more by white people than black people. As a gay activist I’ve been involved with some police actions such as tear gas, being hit by police batons, being thrown in ‘wagons’ and taken to jail but what this film shows is the sheer brutality of police let loose.

I was not really aware of this Detroit story as I was moving my life to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1967, where Martin Luther King had been recently assassinated and I was told when I had to drive to Mississippi “We you have 3 strikes against you: being a Yankee, being a Jew, Being Gay—at least you aren’t a N—–!”

This is a rough movie on the audience and I have no idea how a Black person could sit through it but every White person should before they ever blame any Black person for doing what they have to do to survive. The story, based mostly on facts, written by Mark Boal and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, brings you into the world as it was played out that July 23rd. It is physically powerful, provoking, grim and no ‘happily after’.

Three white policemen are put on trial for what happened, with an all white jury so the outcome is a given. Facts show that the policemen were the bad guys and at the end the credits tell what happened to them plus Larry Reed, played by Algee Smith, who was about to hit the big time with a group of his friends and called The Dramatics. Their appearance is cut short by a riot taking place outside and moves to the Algiers Hotel, a seedy place catering to drugs, hookers and other mayhem. While there is violence going on outside the film concentrates on seven Black men and two young white girls who came from Ohio, though it is not quite clear how or why they became to be where they were.

Scene after scene is a powder keg, sometimes exploding, always part of the riot that is going on further away. Interspersed are real video clips from those days.

Will Poulter, as the cop in charge is despicable from his first appearance while it takes some time for his two partners Ben O’Toole and Jack Reynor to join him in his vicious ‘games’.  John Boyega as a well meaning Black security guard, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell, Anthony Mackie as a completely disrespected Vietnam war vet are exceptional while Kaitlyn Dever and Hannah Murray as the two girls from Ohio are believable and make it hard to believe one of them would go on to have 4 children and be a hairdresser in real life.

“Detroit” is a too long film that could have easily been cut by 20 minutes and the violence can at times be almost sickening especially when showing the interrogation sequences but Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal and, director of photographer, Barry Ackroyd bring you into the scenes of outrageous enforcement methods and catches you emotionally.

“Detroit” is a film that white people who think they know, or even don’t know, black people, should be filling the auditoriums of theatres.


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