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1) “Diana The Musical” film of Broadway show to open next month–Netflix–1 hour & 57 minutes–after not hearing ONE thing good about this musical I had to watch it–I may be the only one who enjoyed it!–the music, lyrics, the precision choreography, the cast, the magic of changing costumes on stage as show progresses–who cares if they ‘pick’ a little on Diana, a lot on Charles and even the queen and who really knows who said what to who–it’s fiction loosely based on fact–FORGET IT IS ABOUT HER & ENJOY IT–IT IS NOT A CLASSIC BUT ENTERTAINING AND THEATER MAGIC

2) “Ella Fitzgerald: Just One Of Those Things”–Netflix–a documentary–1 hour & 30 minutes–there is only one Ella Fitzgerald–she could work magic with lyrics whether it is jazz, blues, scat, bop–whether it is a ballad like “But Not For Me” or using her voice as an instrument singing “High High The Moon” she owns the songs–I was surprised to hear about Marilyn Monroe—MARILYN MONROE!!–gets credit for her becoming a success in nightclubs–A MUST SEE BY A MUST HEAR SINGER

3) “Dear White People”–Netflix-series–season 4 and end of series–10 episodes–5 hours & 46 minutes–the first 3 seasons really held my interest but the musical sequences that takes up so many of the episodes in season 4 takes away from what is happening and what may happen to them in the future–WATCH THE FIRST 3 SEASONS AND SKIP ALL THE MUSICAL NUMBERS IN SEASON 4

4) “The Guilty”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 31 minutes–Jake Gyllenhaal is a policeman being ‘punished’ and is assigned to the 911 station–I have always thought Gyllenhaal was/is underrated though his reviews are always get raves whether he is in a film or doing a play or musical on Broadway but he doesn’t seem to be a “STAR”–HE IS EXCELLENT IN THIS WHERE HE IS ALMOST ALONE ON SCREEN MOST OF THE TIME

5) “Birds of Paradise”–Prime Amazon—1 hour & 53 minutes–Kate, poor and on a scholarship, and Martine, wealthy and spoiled who has lost her brother and the scholarship is in his name, are competing for the only spot open for a dancer with the National de Paris opera company–they couldn’t be any more different (except I kept on getting confused who was who!) and for a world of male dancers who are stereotyped as being gay you would never know it from this film–BOTH THE 1977 FILM “THE TURNING POINT” AND EVEN THE 2010 “BLACK SWAN” WOULD BE WORTH SEEING AGAIN INSTEAD OF SEEING THIS ‘DRAMA’

6) “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami”–Netflix–documentary–limited series–6 episodes–4 hours & 30 minutes–Augusto Falcon and Sal Magluta are larger than life and made billions of dollars running drugs in the USA–they are smart high school dropouts and almost command the story but Marilyn Bonachea, Sal’s girlfriend, steals the documentary–THE GUYS MAKE “SCARFACE” LOOK LIKE AN AMATEUR AND MARILYN HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!

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1) “Closer”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 44 minutes–somehow or another I missed this Julia Roberts 2004 movie and I was glad I got caught up with it if only for that Roberts smile scene–based on a play it really only has the 4 stars as the players with one minor role–it looks at the love lives of 4 people intertwined with odd ideas of ‘love’–the 4 stars are excellent–movie okay–ANY MOVIE WITH A JULIA ROBERTS RADIATING THAT SMILE IS WORTH SEEING

2) “Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father”–Netflix–season five–2 hours & 3 minutes–Michael, Jack’s father, has been the STAR of the series from its opening segment and he brings the series to a close with his effortless charm–MICHAEL’S REACTIONS TO HIS SON’S EFFORTS WILL HAVE YOU LAUGHING OUT LOUD

3) “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 54 minutes–a 2004 film is just a big cliche from beginning to end–DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

4) “Britney vs Spears”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 33 minutes–I wouldn’t know a Britney Spear’s song if I heard it and she sang it in front of me–haven’t been following this whole conservatorship deal until the last couple of months and while I write and watch this I think anyone who has worked as hard as she has the past 8 years putting shows together has to have it together–WORTH WATCHING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE WHOLE LEGAL FIGHT INVOLVES

5) “Attack of the Hollywood Cliches”–Netflix–documentary–58 minutes–the title says it all except for the fact that Rob Lowe, who narrates the film, really makes a fool of himself–WATCH IT ONLY IF YOU NEED BACKGROUND NOISE WHILE YOU DO SOMETHING ELSE

6) “Worth”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 58 minutes–based on real events of 9/11–Michael Keaton plays Kenneth Feinberg who is the mediator regarding financial settlements for the survivors including Charles Wolf (Stanley Tucci), who lost his wife, and Frank Donato (Chris Tardio), who’s brother, a fireman, raced back into the buildings to help save people and didn’t make it out alive–this is a hard film to watch as families tell specific stories of lost relatives–HOW MUCH MONEY IS A LIFE WORTH ? WATCH END CREDITS TO GET SOME IDEA–A NOT EASY TO WATCH BUT A MUST SEE FILM

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1) “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 56 minutes–I had heard a bit about it being sort of an off-Broadway musical that was opening in London but the synopsis, “Teenage boys wants to become a professional drag queen”, turned me off but I decided to watch it for a few minutes–1 hour & 56 minutes flew by and I had watched the whole movie–Max Harwood is excellent as the teenager and Richard E. Grant is dynamite as his ‘drag teacher’, his professional Godmother–some very good production numbers–BE SURE TO WATCH THE END CREDITS AND ‘MEET’ THE REAL MOTHER AND SON THIS IS BASED ON–A MUST SEE MOVIE!

2) “Lucifer”–Netflix–series–season 6–10 episodes–8 hours & 44 minutes–as good as the first season–first rate all the way-a lot of fun while the serious aspects of the devil and G-d are handled straight and with feeling–you get to know all the characters and believe in Adam and Eve along with the various angels and children of G-d–THIS HAS BEEN A FIRST RATE SERIES AND ENDS ON A HIGH NOTE AND TOM ELLIS AS LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR, THE DEVIL, LEADS AN OUTSTANDING CAST

3) “The River Runner”–Netflix–documentary–filmed in Tibet–1 hour & 25 minutes–paddling is not an easy sport and though we are following 4 men wanting to be the first to paddle across 4 great rivers the film is interested particularly in Scott Lindgren’s quest and it becomes obvious why–SHOWS WHAT MAKES A CHAMP A CHAMP–EXCELLENT

4) “The Social Dilemma”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 34 minutes–though most of us are aware of how the Internet knows so much about us not many know how they are using that information and how media companies are starting, if not already, are ruling the world–THIS DOCUMENTARY MAY MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE USE THE INTERNET LESS–I SUGGEST SEEING THIS WITH “CLICK BAIT” (SEE PART 4 REVIEW)–INTERESTING AND , POSSIBLY, FRIGHTENING DOUBLE BILL

5) “Open Your Eyes”–Netflix–Polish sci-fi series–season 1–6 episodes–4 hours & 41 minutes–absolutely crazy!–didn’t understand it or what was happening BUT I LOVED IT! I HAD NO IDEA WHO THE LEAD IS AND/OR WHERE SHE WAS NOR DOES SHE AND I WATCHED IT ALL IN ONE SEATING

6) “Sex Education”–Netflix–season 3–8 episodes–7 hours & 29 minutes–seems like a tired story about teenagers trying to find themselves–having or not having sex–trust issues–problems with adults–but it all feels fresh as WE GET TO KNOW ALL SIDES OF THE INDIVIDUAL TEENAGERS AND THOUGH SOME HAVE RUN OF THE MILL PROBLEMS THEY HANDLE THEM DIFFERENTLY AND IN INTERESTING WAYS


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1) “The Chair”–Netflix–series–season1–6 episodes–3 hours–breezy story–sharp cast–life in upper academia with gender and race problems along with loss of funding and enrollment–Sandra Oh, Holland Taylor and Jay Duplass are the major players–if there is a second season will they bring the other actors more into the forefront?–WILL THERE BE A SECOND SEASON?

2) “The Show Must Go On”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 25 minutes–about Adam Lambert joining Queen–it is interesting hearing the band members of Queen talk about Lambert joining in, how he would fit and the ‘ghost’ of Freddie Mercury–THIS IS FOR FANS OF QUEEN AND/OR ADAM LAMBERT WHICH ARE MANY

3) “Coming Out”–Amazon Prime–Documentary–1 hour & 12 minutes–coming out stories are different for everyone and I wish all their stories could be like Alden Peters–sadly they aren’t–Peters hits on some important points regrading family and their reaction–THE BOTTOM LINE IS HOW THE ONE COMING OUT REACTS TO THEMSELVES

4) “Zero”–Netflix–Italian series–season 1–3 hours & 12 minutes–I am completely confused but loved every crazy minute–okay, I don’t like/care for the invisible man aspects but the basic story is just that–basic–is it an Italian series filmed in Milan and in the part of the city called the Barrio?–I DON’T KNOW BUT WATCH IT AND TELL ME AND I AM WAITING FOR THE SECOND SEASON

5) “Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes”–Netflix–Documentary–limited series–1 hour & 25 minutes–what makes this different from the murder documentaries being shown all over streaming companies are the tapes that the notorious Scottish killer made tapes telling his story–HOMOPHOBIA SENSATIONALIZED THE TRIAL AND THE TAPES DON’T ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS THEY RAISE

6) “Dogs”–Netflix–Documentaries–series–2 seasons–season 1–6 episodes–season 2–4 episodes–total 8 hours & 21 minutes–each episode follows a different true tale (no pun intended) regarding dogs from a dog trained to alert parents when their child is about to have an epilepsy fit to a priest in Italy who rescues dogs to a dog grooming competition among the 10 stories–DOGS & HUMAN BEINGS IN INTERESTING STORIES–HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT?–NOT FOR DOG LOVERS ONLY

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1) “Hal Sparks: Charmageddon”–Prime Amazon–one man standup comic show–1 hour & 3 minutes–very clever with words; definitions, how to use them, when misused, etc.,–done in 2010 so a bit, well a lot, outdated–HE IS SMART BUT NOT FUNNY AS A COMEDIAN
2) “Poms”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 31 minutes–everybody loves old folks–oh, you don’t?–oh you are not old!–we all laugh at old people who do foolish things, right?–oh, that’s right  you are not old–I forgot so you may not laugh–I AM OLD AND I DIDN’T LAUGH THOUGH I DID LIKE THE CAST
3) “Akron”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 27 minutes–very ‘straight’ (no pun intended) gay themed film told with many underlying factors–2 young collage boys fall in love and both families, friends, school mates accept this as if it wasn’t Akron, Ohio!–I WOULD RECOMMEND SEEING “HOLD THE MAN”–SEE REVIEW AUGUST 2021 PART 3–A MORE MEANINGFUL AND MOVING LOVE STORY
4) “Brash Boys Club”–Amazon Prime–one night stand of 3 gay comics–1 hour & 22 minutes–granted I am not a standup comic fan but with 3 completely different identifying gay men I would at least laugh once–3 COMICS–30 MINUTES EACH–0 LAUGHS
5) “Everything is Free”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 31 minutes–I have no idea why this movie was made, what it was/is about or why people put up money to make it–WATCH IT AND MAYBE YOU CAN ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS
6) “Consequences”–Amazon Prime–Slovenian movie–1 hour & 35 minutes–writer/director Darko Stante says the film is based on his work in detention centers and he spends more time on the ‘love story’ than the centers–THE MOVIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT THE SPINELESS ADULTS RUNNING THE CENTERS AND WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER

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1) “Knock Down The House”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 26 minutes–from her first appearance on the political scene I thought of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as just another loud New Yawker  particularly the way she is misrepresented by the media and by other politicians, including those in her own party, but after seeing this and listening to what she has to say then and recently I am very impressed–A MUST SEE FOR DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS

2) “Cousins”–Netflix–New Zealand movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–set among the indigenous Maori in New Zealand concentrating on 2 cousins and how each is affected by a third who has been lost and is homeless–AN EMOTIONAL STORY THAT IS A MUST SEE

3) “Hampstead”–Amazon Prime–British film–1 hour & 43 minutes–over 50 years Diane Keaton has been playing this role (& wearing these clothes) and could do it in her sleep but she doesn’t–she makes you believe in ‘Emily Walters’ and Brenden Gleeson is one of her better acting partner in years–his Donald is based on a real man–one you would want as a friend–A FUN, PLEASANT MOVIE WITH ACTORS YOU WILL GET INVOLVED WITH

4) “Heist”–Netflix–6 part documentary–3 heists (each 2 episodes)–total of 4 hours & 17 minutes–some with people who were involved, with one who evaded capture for 12 years, while many scenes are reenacted–WELL DONE & CERTAINLY INTERESTING

5) “The Last Letter From Your Lover”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 50 minutes–if you are a sucker for an old fashion love story (I am)–you will love this film (I did)–the major, to me, love story is the one that takes place in London’s 1960s while the one that takes place in present day London, while ‘cute’ doesn’t come close to the former in being moving and why did they have another actress play Shailene Woodley as the older woman?–IF YOU ARE A SUCKER FOR AN OLD FASHION LOVE STORY (I AM) YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM (I DID)

6) “Gunpowder Milkshake”–Netflix–1 hour & 54 minutes–a female mob assassination action picture–DOESN’T MEAN TO BE A COMEDY BUT IS VERY FUNNY IN A STUPID WAY–DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

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1) “Shared Rooms”–Hulu–American film–1 hour & 15 minutes–frontal nudity–3 gay couples–Christmas holiday–how they make families (or not)–WASTE OF TIME

2) “I Want Your Love”–Prime Amazon–American film–1 hour & 11 minutes–with nothing to say it throws in soft porn and MAKES MOVIE SEEM LIKE 71 HOURS

3) “Trade”–Prime Amazon–film–1 hour & 53 minutes–Coco Shawn (played by T. Ashanti Mozelle) is a hustler and Michael (Austin Miller) a lawyer–the former educates the latter– COCO’S STORY MORE INTERESTING AND MORE REALISTIC THAN MICHAEL’S

4) “Naz & Maalik”–Prime Amazon–American film–1 hour & 26 minutes–2 Black Brooklyn Muslim boys confront their sexuality–aspect of gay life with people not usually seen in a movie–RIDICULOUS FBI STORYLINE THAT GOES ASTRAY BUT MAKES IT MOVIE LENGTH

5) “BWOY”–Prime Amazon–1 hour & 27 minutes–a married man, has an affair with a young Jamaican man starting online–except for ‘soft porn’ this shows an aspect of gay life very rarely spoken about–anyone familiar with this storyline knows where it is going–YES THERE ARE GUYS LIKE BRAD WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER

6) “CIAO”–HERETV–American film–1 hour & 27 minutes–two guys have a friend who recently died–Andrea, a cyber friend of Mark, from Italy, is invited to visit Texas by Jeff who was Mark’s best friend–too many ‘fillers’, unnecessary scenes, makes IT SEEMS TOO LONG AND BY THE TIME YOU GET TO ‘CLIMAX’ IT IS ANTI-CLIMATIC–PUN INTENDED

7) “I Am Michael”–Netflix–American film–1 hour & 45 minutes–is he Gay? Straight? Bi?–who cares?!–BASED ON A TRUE STORY–JAMES FRANCO MORE BELIEVABLE AS GAY MAN THAN STRAIGHT PASTOR IN HIS TRANSFORMATION–TRUE (?) STORY

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1) “I Am All Girls”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 47 minutes–human trafficking is a huge problem but not much is being done about it–yes, it is a delicate topic but it has to be talked about and the trafficking stopped–AN INFURIATING AND ABSORBING MOVIE WITH A STARTLING PERFORMANCE BY HLUBI MBOYA!

2) “Machines”–Hulu–documentary–1 hour & 11 minutes–for a guy with 0 mechanical ability (see my NYU aptitude tests if you don’t believe me) I don’t know why I turned on a film with the title of “Machines” but I did and stayed to the end–kids and grown men work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for a pittance–most can’t afford to buy a cigarette and never talk about food–most are so skinny it is hard to believe they work so hard–YES THE MATERIALS THEY MAKE ARE STUNNING BUT WHERE IS THEIR BEAUTY–NOT EASY TO WATCH BUT YOU WON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE SCREEN

3) “Pink: All I Know So Far”–Prime Amazon–documentary–1 hour & 39 minutes–up until seeing this film all I knew about Pink was that she was a singer and that was that–as a mother she is very much admired but as a singer I don’t like and/or remember her big numbers–when she sings by herself I like her but not her songs–OBVIOUSLY ALL 80,000 PEOPLE IN THE STADIUM LOVER HER

4) “Solos”–Prime Amazon–series–season 1–7 episodes–3 hours & 5 minutes–people see themselves in the future looking back on their past–sci-fi–most are monologues hence the title–TOP ACTORS SUCH AS HELEN MIRREN AND MORGAN FREEMAN SHOWING A RANGE OF EMOTIONS BUT WILL THERE BE A SECOND SEASON?

5) “Framing John DeLorean”–Hulu & Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 49 minutes–with Alec Baldwin playing DeLorean in reenactments–he doesn’t come across as the villain he seems to be making for a ‘quiet’ documentary–IF A MAN’S DOWNFALL INTERESTS YOU SO WILL THIS FILM

6) “Blue Miracles”–Netflix–movie based on a true story–1 hour & 35 minutes–if you don’t know where this story is going and/or if you don’t get choked up by the 80-minute mark and/or if you don’t want to make a donation and/or if you can’t believe this is a true story I DON’T WANT TO KNOW YOU–THIS IS A MUST SEE FILM & WAIT FOR THE END CREDITS

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It is very hard to imagine the musical numbers in “In The Heights” being half as exciting or as effecting on a TV screen–no matter what size–as on a movie screen. The choreography by Christopher Scott outdoes anything Busby Berkeley (ask your grandparents or google him!) ever did in his heyday. The singing by all is very strong and the joy and professionalism of each and every cast member make each frame of the film stand out!

The main problems I had with the movie were the length, 2 hours and 23 minutes, and the story in between the musical numbers. On stage there is a 15-20 minute intermission so the length is easier to handle while the screenplay by Quiara Alegria Hudes and  Lin-Manual Miranda, based on the book they wrote for the stage version has been changed in many ways and not for the better.Today Miranda is mainly known for the stage musical “Hamilton” for which he wrote the book, lyrics and music but “In The Heights” was his first show and it introduced his use of lots of varied music from typical Broadway tunes to rap which he extended the use of the latter in the former show.I am a minority in this opinion but I find “In The Heights” more entertaining, more moving and with a much better score than “Hamilton”.

Many years ago in Hollywood movies at the end credits would show a picture along with their movie name and role they played and though there are many veteran performers is this film there are many new ones whose characters I knew by name but not the actor who played the role. Among the vets was a minor role played by Miranda who sells shaved ices with a cart, Marc Anthony as the father of the lead’s store helper, Jimmy Smits as the widowed father one of the female leads and Daphne Rubin-Vega, who, on stage, would stop the show with her “Carnival del Barrio”, just to name a few.

Among the new faces to me is Anthony Ramos, the lead, who plays the role that Miranda originated on Broadway, Cory Hawkins, who impressed me the most, Leslie Grace as his girlfriend, Melissa Barrera as Ramos’s girlfriend, George Diaz IV as the store helper who represents the  DACA group plus Olga Merediz, Stephanie Beatriz, Dascha Polanca, Patrick Page, Noah Catala and others showing the striving working-class of Latins who live in a special section of New York, called—you guessed it!–Washington Heights.

The resilience of this group of Latins shines through the many musical numbers whether the joyous upbeat numbers or the quieter numbers mainly sung by the women.

I cannot comprehend the musical numbers and/or the reaction of those watching this film on a TV screen with, maybe, 2-3 other people, can be as meaningful and entertaining as I experienced watching it on a movie screen with a movie audience and, someday, I might give it a look at the former way.

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1) “Breaking Fast”–Prime video–DVD can be also rented ($2.99) or bought ($4.99)–movie–1 hour & 32 minutes–I love a good love story and from their first meeting you know where this film is going and how it will end but the trip to get there is really a good one! (The towel scene, lasting less than a minute is worth seeing the movie!)

Mo (Haaz Sleiman) is a Moslem doctor whose family accepts and supports him as a gay man–he lives in West Hollywood where he meets an American actor, Kal, (Michael Cassidy) who is also an excellent cook and the complete opposite of Mo in that what little family he had was extremely dysfunctional–Mo does have the standard Hollywood rom-com very effeminate friend, Sam (Aminel Gamal)–oh yes any Superman fan already knows one of the jokes–when was the last time you heard “The Trolley Song” sung in a movie or “Climb Every Mountain”? Where else will you hear references to Maria of both “West Side Story” and “The Sound of Music” plus “Into The Woods”?Yes, this is a Gay love story but before that, it is a love story! The laughs come, the tears come and when it is over you will want to see it again!   A MUST SEE FOR GAY & NON-GAY PEOPLE!

2) “Hating Peter”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 31 minutes–Do you know who Peter Tatcher is? I didn’t and I was taken completely by surprise. There is so much history people don’t know about and I am talking about gay people who owe so much to this man and non-gay people could learn a lot about being an activist from this man.There is so much I learned from this documentary about a man born in Australia to a very religious family and though his mother could not accept his sexuality she was by her son’s side from day one and still is! He made/makes his home in England and became a man who stood up to world leaders, was beaten, didn’t take anything from the Archbishop or Margaret Thatcher and at the age of 54 is still facing up and fighting for rights for those who can’t and those who don’t. ABSOLUTELY A WINNER!

3) “Pride”–on FX and FX ON HULU–6 episodes–the best documentary I have seen about gay people—there are 6 episodes—first starts with the 1950s (and gets it right–especially about all the fun that was had!!! In spite of the harassments!)Each decade has a different narrator–generally someone who was involved with that decade–it is also a good reminder of how the 1950s-1970s prepared the gay world for AIDS and how the 1980s-2000 changed the world and is still changing it. WITH #2 A HISTORY OF A MOVEMENT THAT IS FAR FROM OVER AND AFFECTS EVERYONE!

4) “Special”–Netflix–Season 2–8 episodes–3 hours and 50 minutes–easy show to binge in 1 or 2 evenings–story is written by and based on Ryan O’Connell’s life–he is a gay guy with Cerebral Palsy and how people, gay and straight, interact with him and his strained relationship with his mother–SHORT, TOUCHING, SWEET AND FUNNY

5) “Freak Show”–HULU and Prime Video–1 hour & 30 minutes–Adults already know that teenagers are freaks–DUH! Nothing really new but small things like using Bette Miller in a small role being hammy and funny–Laverne Fox, who if you don’t know who she is, you won’t know how funny her lines really are–and shame on you for not knowing who she is! ALEX LAWTHER IS ONLY ALLOWED TO SHOW ONE SIDE OF BEING A ‘FREAK’ BUT HE DOES IT WITH STYLE & BRAVELY!

6) “Port Authority”–movie theatre–1 hour & 34 minutes–first movie I went to see since The Gateway has reopened–the nicest thing I can say about it is that the dialogue and camera work makes my videos look professional–DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY–SEE #1 INSTEAD!

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