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There is pure joy coming into an unexpected perfect day and this was one of them.

I slept in a little later than usual, got up, did my usual look in the mirror and saying out loud, “You’re okay Martin!” and getting that smile on my face.

Had orange juice and coffee then checked my emails and posted a couple of blogs plus making a few draft posts to get ahead.

Around one o’clock, looking outside, I decided to take two of the many magazines piled up on my table and go seat outside and do some reading.

I wish I could describe the feeling that engulfed me when I walked out of the building towards the water. The warmth of the sun seemed to wrap around me while a breeze kept it from being too hot. My legs didn’t hurt, I didn’t have a care in the world and life just seemed to be glorious.

I sat on the bench and started to read one of the magazines but I couldn’t concentrate as the combination of the sun, the breeze, the blue water and sky, the large green tree and just the feeling of peace seemed top ask me to relax and just look around.

In addition to relaxing and looking around I took my camera and did a short video so that I would remember this day. This is the video–this is the day.

No matter what may happen this day, the rest of this month, the rest of 2014, I know I will carry this perfect day, Sunday, October 19, 2014, with me until the next perfect day comes a long and I know it will!


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Travel to South America Caracas Part 11   Leave a comment

caracas-2  319558_150

Walking down the Sabana Grande Boulevard Stephen and I played the old cruising game that made me felt I was back on Times Square. We would stop at different shops and sort of look at each other through the reflections of the windows, walk a bit more, a couple of more looks until I just waited for him to reach ‘my’ window. He spoke very little English but seeing the Damon gay guide in my hand he took it and pointed to a bar listed in it and then pointed at himself. I figured he wanted me to follow him at the bar which I did to find out that he owned it. He introduced me to John who spoke fluent English and Raphael who was moving to Los Angeles on Saturday and Marco and Hector, 2 very wealthy effeminate guys. The six of us spent the late afternoon, early evening going from place to place. John, Ralph and Stephen agreed to pick me up at the Hilton and then we would go out for dinner and they would show me more of Caracas.

As I had a couple of hours before they would come to pick me up I went for a swim in the hotel pool and for a quick massage. The guy did a good job and when he, shyly, asked if he could come up to my room later to give me another massage I got the message and smiled shaking my head yes. I explained about my plans for the evening and I had no idea how they would and he said if I wasn’t back by midnight he would come to my room and wake me up with a massage in the morning.

I don’t remember the restaurant we went to but I did make note of what I ate and it was black bean soup and a Hallaca, which is a Venezuelan dish that is an important part of the Christmas holiday but served all year round. It is made of meat, pork, chicken, rice, olives, onions, raisins, etc., wrapped in a thick bean paste and then covered by banana leaves. It was huge, great and tasty. I wouldn’t taste it again until 30 years later in a Venezuelan restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and that brought back all the memories of the days and evenings I spent in Caracas.

I had an interesting night in more ways then one but we won’t go into that and I started the day off with that massage! I met Marco and Hector in the hotel Lobby and they were going to take me sightseeing. I don’t know if this is when it all started but I do know that I had to cancel most of the sightseeing as I was getting what I thought was a bad cold. My nose was continuously stuffed up, I was coughing and what was rare for me I had the start of a headache.

Until I left Caracas on August 4th I was more or less in a haze. I was doing way too much drinking being hung-over every morning and what I though t was a cold was getting worse. Along with everything else if I had been in better shape I would have enjoyed it but I was having way too much sex, if there is such a thing.

I did meet a guy who was having lunch alone in the hotel dining room and I asked him if he would like company and he nodded his head yes. Turned out he was a charter travel agent in Minneapolis and he had booked a tout in Spain for Jan who was the owner of the WW franchise there. After lunch we went to the bar where we met a guy from Washington, D. C. Let’s just say we all got smashed and leave it at that.

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I arrived back in Rio on Friday July 27th and picked up right where I left off as if I had never left. I was just getting to ‘swing’ in Rio, spent a great day and night at Ipanema beach where the speedos and bikinis were even smaller than on the Copacabana beach!

Back at Rio, staying in another hotel, the Nacional, I met Denny and Claudio and the 3 of us went out to eat and I had 6 huge linguias which were smoked sausages with garlic and were finger licking good! After dinner we went to 2 gay dancing bars and I got smashed. We spent the night at Claudio’s place and I finally got back to the hotel at Noon two days later!

On the 30th I was going to take off to Caracas where I would spend 5 nights. I was by now familiar with the exchange rate of money in Rio, knew my way around on the beach, had made some ‘friends’ and it was time to leave. I did a lot of shopping before I left Rio getting everyone in Memphis gifts and decided unless I saw something very special I wouldn’t buy anything else. I did buy a boar’s tooth on a gold necklace for me.

I was doing a lot of charging and out of the $1200 I brought with me I still had $690 left with 12 days, or so I thought, to go before I returned home. I understood Caracas was the most expensive city in South America and the 3rd most expensive city in the world.

I arrived in Caracas at 5 AM after having been very sick on the plane which is very rare for me and may have been the beginning of the end for my trip. I was still a little shaky in the afternoon after I had taken a nap and sent my clothes to the cleaners. I was spending 5 nights here so I had time to get things done before the rest of the trip. I was staying away from the night life which was good and the hotel was situated in the financial and cultural center of the city. I planned to take it easy my first night just inspecting the hotel and the area around it. I watched TV for awhile–did you ever hear Van Heflin dubbed in Spanish? Heck do you kids even know who Van Heflin was?

The next day I took a walk to the “Broadway” of Caracas and was surprised the gay guide didn’t have anything listed for that area. I did come across their new Museum of Modern Art that had opened a few months before I go there and was not only a magnificent building but their art collection put the Museum of Modern Art in New York to shame. See my traveling wasn’t all about sex!!! LOL

Still feeling a little queasy I went to the hotel’s health club and after getting a massage and spending some time in the sauna I felt a little better. The masseuse had suggested I take a walk down to the Sabana Grande area which was THE boulevard of Caracas having all kinds of shops, artists doing their work on the streets, gallerias and sort of reminded me of Washington Square in Greenwich Village in New York. Walking along the Boulevard I got ’lucky’ and met Stephen.

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EGRETS 3 AUG 16 2014

From 8 PM until 1 AM it seems like I am doing a lot of things but I never feel rushed or pressured. Along with eating dinner, posting my blogs, responding to those who have commented on my blogs, checking out a few web sites like groupons for special dining out coupons or I am usually corresponding with Mary and/or Sharon or taking a quick look at face book or like this past week, Memphis Chuck is ‘hacking’ (with my permission LOL) into my computer to get rid of the many mistakes I make which in turn slows the machine down.

While doing all that I am watching TV shows such as “Suits”, “Graceland” which one of our resident has a role in, “The Bridge”, “True Blood” and /or “Taxi Brooklyn” not to forget “Big Brother” as I wait for Zach to be kicked off. At 11PM it is the late night news to see if I have won the lottery or power ball and having to hear about the latest killings, war, child abduction and animal abuse.

11:30 PM the TV goes off and I relax for an half hour playing Free Cell, Hearts and Bingo before walking outside for another half hour just to watch the stars and moon and taking a walk to The Point which at this time I have all to myself feeling as if I own the whole world. Then back home, get into bed and read books until the eyes won’t stay open anymore.

What makes this just another special day was that I woke up in the morning and had another day of life. Some days may be better or worse than others but as long as I wake up in the morning I am ready for anything and grateful to be faced by Mother Nature once again. She never stops giving and even in her furious days there is magic in seeing what she can and does accomplish. She can test us like no one else can and then all of a sudden knock us over with a rainbow or a sunset.

Give me that chance of waking up in the morning, walking out of my dark bedroom into the light from outside and I know it is just another special day.

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It was 1 PM, all the calls made, all the emails answered and time to face the world. I took the Hollywood Reporter, the Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, all devoted to the death of Robin Williams. I was going down to The Point where I would read them and in between talk to a few neighbors sitting there or passing by. If there was any one spot in Fort Lauderdale that Mother Nature shined it was here. Boats were docked all over Karen Bay while those on paddleboards or being towed by boats in rubber rafts would pass by. There would be the occasional fish jumping out of the water, a bird flying by or a plane leaving a jet stream as they passed by.

Because of medicine I was taking I wasn’t suppose to be out in the sun too long or go swimming in the pool but I would now and then even though in the summer in South Florida you don’t jump into the water, not even the Atlantic ocean, to cool off as the water temperature is usually higher than the air temperature but just floating on your back, looking up at the sky and get lost in my surroundings.

After 2-3 hours of pure relaxation disturbed only by the negative news regarding the world situation and the sadness of the death of Robin Williams not to mention briefer recollections of Lauren Bacall who personified a special time in Hollywood history it was time to go back to the apartment. It was just another special afternoon in a special life treasured by me for each minute.

Between the hours of 5-7 have almost become a ritual for me. I would sit at my computer desk which overlooked the windows and I would watch the beginning of the sunset or, as was a given in the summer time, the rains coming down, watering all of the fauna that surrounded the buildings making the green sparkle as the lowering sun played its colors.

I would go downstairs for my mail around 5:30-6, talk to a few neighbors as we waited for Mark, the mailman, to distribute the eagerly awaited letters from friends and family, if they snail mailed anymore, and the not so eagerly waited bills and junk mail. I would go back upstairs to watch Diane Sawyer and the evening news followed by Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. If it was Wednesday evening I would have to get things ready for Thursday when Allen would take me shopping and take me to run my errands plus we would go out for lunch. I would also bring out my high blood pressure kit plus my INR home testing kit, both of which I would use Thursday morning and then call in the results.

Now just another special day was turning into another special evening.

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I came out of my pitch dark room into the brightness of the living room. I looked out the window and Mother Nature was providing us with another sunny, probably hot and humid day and for now not even a wisp of a breeze. I got the Sun-Sentinel and Wall Street Journal newspapers from right outside my door and took a quick glimpse out of the outer door looking over the walkway–it was quick because I was nude and didn’t want to excite my neighbors. (Yeah, like they would even notice a 78 year old nude man!)

I brought the papers, in quickly glancing over the headlines, and then took them apart section by section in the order I wanted to read them. Went into the kitchen to put the water on for coffee, poured my glass of orange juice and took an inhale of my Advair. Went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth washed my face, back into the kitchen, drank my juice, made my coffee and brought it over to the computer desk and sort of got my day mapped out though there wasn’t anything I HAD to do. I did have to call about a prescription, order a couple of token gifts to be sent out, one for a birthday and one for a wedding anniversary.

As always I sat at my desk for a few minutes and just looked out the window and the special effects Mother Nature made just for me. The sun was high against the pale blue of the sky with a wisp of a white cloud here and there. And wherever I look there were many shades of green trees and multicolored flowers all over with my eyes finally falling on the water, and boats on it, flowing in the canal from the bay.

I turned on the computer, read and responded to the email, looking for the one from Gateway Chuck with a compliment regarding something I had written. It had almost become an addiction and I looked forward to it every day. After that I checked out Broadway, talkinbroadway/, 2 blogging sites, a couple of face book pages, the New York Post, the New York Times and then looked over the drafts of posts and decided which ones I wanted to post and where.

By the time I got all the above done it was time to prepare what I was going to have for dinner. I made up the salad of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, a chopped onion and for tonight blue cheese. Then I made a hoagie shaped beef patty which I put on a bed of mixed vegetables and rice topped with sharp shredded cheddar cheese. With the evening meal all set it was time for lunch so I mad a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with an apple for dessert and a glass of cold water which I added some lemon juice and Sweet ‘N Low. Sat down at the dining room table with lunch and the papers getting ready for the rest of just another special day.

rainydayjuly92014CollageiT DOES RAIN ONCE IN AWHILE

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POOR, GAY, OLD, MAN PART 2   Leave a comment

me animated“Gay”–Yes I am gay in the sense that I am happy, positive, a winner in many ways and because I am Gay! Did I choose it? Was I born Gay? Who knows? Who cares? Being Gay has given me a life I would never had known otherwise. Yes being Gay has its downside but any life has that. I have met fantastic people, done great things, been to astonishing places all due to the fact that I was/am Gay. There is nothing negative about being Gay when I say I am Gay because I am one of the most positive, contented, happiest people you will ever meet and being Gay has contributed to that.

“Man”–Ah what can I say? I don’t have ‘that time of the month’. I don’t have to go through pregnancy. I don’t have to have a hysterectomy or go through menopause. I didn’t get less pay or have to do the ‘cooking, cleaning,’ or ‘take care of a man’. Even today when women have it better than their mothers and grandmothers had it how much better do women have it today than men do? And best of all I don’t have to put up with men!!!

So yes I am old, I am poor, I am Gay and I am a man and proud of being each. Yes I have had rough times being old, Gay, poor and a man but not as many great times I have had being who I am.

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