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There has to be an explanation Part 2   Leave a comment

Christmas Cactus in September
Over 10 decades ago I got a Christmas cactus in December that bloomed every year a week or two before Christmas. Then in 2008 it all of sudden bloomed for my Leap Year in February!! After that it seemed to bloom for all and any holidays from Christmas to Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and, yes, in February!!
For a year or two it only bloomed once or twice a year and then in 2016 it once again bloomed two weeks before February 29th!
Since then there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason but it blooms at least 6 months out of the year. Last week when I was watering the plants and got to the ‘Christmas’ cactus I noticed buds and now there is a bloom with many more to come as there are buds all over the plant!

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There has to be an explanation! Part 1   1 comment

Geraniums September 2019
I don’t care when you come into my apartment–it can be any day, week, month or the past 10-11 years the same 6 plants have buds and/or blooms on them and not always the same colors. They can be pink, white, red, burgundy, orange or fuchsia and not always in the same pot!!
I love watching them go from a bud to a full bloom.

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I plant the seeds…..   Leave a comment

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Over the years I have grown Romaine lettuce, peppers and all kinds of vegetables. In some instances, say like I was cutting a tomato, I would just take a few seeds and without thought would just push them into the earth in a flower pot and forget it. That’s what I did with some seeds at the beginning of January and today I have a full grown plant. I will just have to put them in their own pot, put a stake in, put it on the sill of my east window where they will get full sun and just wait for the flowers to come and then wait for the tomatoes!!

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Growing Pepper plants   1 comment

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Over the years I have had plants of all sorts having luck with some and not with others. I, also, tried planting various fruits and veggies from seeds, nuts and the vegetable itself.
I have had success with avocados, Romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, etc. I don’t know how many times I have planted seeds from peppers but most times nothing happened. This past summer I took some seeds from a few green and red peppers I was cooking with and though a few stems showed up here and there but it wasn’t until last month that flowers started to bloom. Nothing came of them and they were soon dropping off.
A week to ten days ago there were about 8 blossoms and I didn’t want to see them also die so I made a decision. I very seldom give any plants away but Luiz had just done new landscaping around his home so I decided to give them to him to plant in the ground and see if WE could get any peppers from them. (All I want is one!)
On to the next fruit or vegetable I buy!

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Flowers light my life up!   1 comment

I don’t know when I fell in love with flowers and plants but I do remember as a youngster going to Miami Beach with my family and being in awe of all the wild Bird of Paradise plants and multi-colored flowers. There was also our summer home in New Jersey and I can still smell the peonies in front of the house.
I think, though, that I really got involved with all of it when Johnny and I lived together in Memphis. We had hanging plants all over the townhouse and he was constantly working in the backyard patio garden. I found myself bringing home plants.
It was when I moved to Gateway, here in Fort Lauderdale, that I really went all out after seeing how many residents made their own gardens outside of their ground floor apartments.  I started buying all sorts of plants putting many outside on my walkway. Indoors I not only bought plants I would grow heads of lettuce, stalks of Romaine lettuce, green peppers or I would also break off a stick off the Hibiscus bush outside, stick it in a pot and watch it grow, put out buds and flower.
When we got new owners we also got new rules and no longer do you see any flowering bushes, trees, resident’s gardens or plants out on my walkway.
I do have 28 plants in my apartment from Geraniums to Begonias, Cuban plants, Aloe and Christmas cactus, a miniature pine tree and I just ‘buried’ some tomato seeds in a pot.
Nothing, yes nothing, makes me feel better than seeing flowers in bloom and if you ever want to get me to do something bring me flowers or a plant!

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Spring in Fort Lauderdale 2018   Leave a comment


I don’t care what the calendar says because as far as I am concerned it is SPRING!! This happens to me every year–I walk into the Dollar Tree in January and there are the displays of planters, bags of soil and hundreds and hundreds of seed packets selling 4 for a Dollar! I approach the rack telling myself I will only get 4 and I won‘t get vegetables because of the disaster the last year and the first thing I pick up are a packet of radish seeds BUT it does say ’good for container growing’! And then a few here and a few there and before I know it I have 16 packets of seeds!!

Between the last post and this I think you have a pretty good idea that I love to grow things!

In this slideshow–mainly because the pictures aren’t clear but wait until the flowers grow!–are, in the following order:

#1 Gladiolas, Bachelor Button, Petunias, Cosmos and California Poppy (to be planted this weekend.)

#2 Sweet William      #3 Forget Me Not        #4 Wildflower mix and Rose Queen

#5 Snapdragon          #6 Cosmos                    #7 Cosmos and Forget Me Not

#8 Radishes, Basil, Chives, Oregano, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Dill, etc.

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