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Kelly's Landing Collage

Every time I left the Quarterdeck Restaurant on Cordova road or drove north and south on that road going to and coming from the Office Depot shopping center I would see this little restaurant called Kelly’s Landing, give it a quick thought and then forget it. Finally, after 20 years or so, I finally got to go there.

I shouldn’t but I still get sticker shock when eating lunch out and spending $20-25 plus tax and tip per person is a bit much for my budget. It is a small, long narrow restaurant with some dining outside and 2 television sets inside.

Deborah, our server, greeted and brought our drinks right away. Anthony had an Arnold Palmer ($3) and I had coffee ($3). We both ordered the Shrimp Scampi appetizer which was $11 each and, surprising to me as I never saw it that way, served without any pasta.

For dessert he had the Key Lime pie ($5) not saying whether it was good or not while after asking Deborah, I had the Ghiradelli Brownie with ice cream ($5) which was a run of the mill version available in most restaurants these days.

Our check came to $39.22 plus a 20% tip coming to about $24 each for lunch so I don’t think it will be one of my seafood places to go.

“Roman J. Israel Esq.” and the Golden Corral   Leave a comment

It was a so-so movie and a pretty bad Thanksgiving buffet BUT I did wake up in the morning and I am thankful for that!

Denzel Washington never gives less than his best but sometimes even that isn’t enough to save a movie and Dan Gilroy, the director, who also wrote the screenplay, let’s the actor, as the title character, down in the second half of this 2 hour and 2 minutes film.

When we first meet Roman he is living in a studio apartment packed to the rafters with papers, books and more pictures on his wall than I have! He is ‘old school’ with his Afro, the way he dresses and, as we quickly learn, a veteran at fighting for civil rights along with being honest, ethical, principled and a savant of law.

He is a partner in a law office where he does all hebehind the scenes work and his partner handles all the court dates. Within a day his partner has a heart attack, is certain to die and the law firm has to be dissolved leaving Ramon without a partner, a job, alone and living in the past unable to be part of the present or future. George Pierce, played by Colin Farrell, is brought in by the dying partner’s niece to close the office. Unable to get a job he eventually takes a job at George’s firm. He is also invited to speak at the civil rights organization run by Maya, Carmen Ejogo, where he applied for a job, and she recognizes he is a man this generation owes a debt to for all his years of fighting.

All of a sudden Roman finds himself in front of judges fighting for clients which he shouldn’t be doing for many reasons. It is at this point that the screenplay loses its way and the theme of losing one’s moral center turns into an uninteresting thriller and even Denzel Washington who gives a fine odd-ball character performance loses the audience.

Though it is a given that Farrell is, like Washington, a fine actor the two just don’t seem to be working together in the same film. There definitely should have been more of Carmen Ejogo!

“Roman J. Israel, Esq.” goes downhill after the first hour and really can’t be recommended unless you are a diehard fan of Washington, and I am, but still it is a no.

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Golden Corral Nov 23 2017 collage



The last time I was here was over a year ago and I gave it a fairly good review. Being a few doors down from where I was getting new glasses, and Allen having a friend from out of town, we decided to give it a try. They are fixing the walks in front of the stores so be careful when walking

They have an ever changing day to day buffet and I hope the other days have a better, fresher hot meals section. Maybe it was the time we went in which was just after 2:30 PM and we were the only party in the place. The waitress was pleasant and checked back often, took away the dirty plates as soon as we were finished with them and made sure we had our drinks before we sat down with our first plates.

I didn’t have any of the fresh salad offered and went right for the hot food which was a big mistake on my part. The fried chicken had a very hard crust and the chicken inside was dried out. The spaghetti and meatballs was just passable so I finished by sticking with the black beans and rice.

The buffet was $9.99 a person with their cans of diet coke were $3 so plus tax our bill came to $41.77 and we left a $9 tip.

Since last year there is a new owner, the price has gone up and the food value has gone down. Will be curious if it is still there when I go for glasses next year!

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It has been almost two years since I was last to a Smashburger Restaurant and the one I went  to has closed. There are now at least a dozen more different burger franchises in the area and yet wanting to go for a good burger we couldn’t think of one we wanted to go to and after a process of elimination because of easy parking we decided to go to this one.

I ordered the Classic Big Smash ($5.99)–a cheeseburger–and wasn’t asked how I wanted it cooked but as soon as I got it I knew it wouldn’t have made a difference as it lived up to the name of being smashed. It was too thin to be cooked any way but well done. I prefer my burgers thick and medium rare. Do I need to add that it was way too flat to fit within the bun?

I am known for ’cleaning my plate’ but for the first time I can remember I left almost half of the sweet potato fries ($2.29) in the basket.

In addition I had a fountain diet coke ($1.99) for my drink.

By the way they had the worst muzak coming in over their speakers and when I said something to the  employee they agreed!

My check came to $10.89. The bottom line is that if I want a good burger the way I like it I have to go to a full service restaurant and expect to pay between $12-14 just for the burger.

To end on a positive note the place was clean and bright.


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