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I went on a shopping spree last week which is a rarity for me—unless it has to do with food for the home and/or eating out–and will get to how and why shortly but first let me tell you what I got!

Ever since I ‘fell’ off my recliner December 19 I have been leery of sitting in it because I don’t know how it happened! I had been watching TV at 10 PM and then found myself on the floor bleeding. I have been thinking of getting a new recliner and one day Allen took me around to a few stores and I was really surprised at the prices, most around $6-700 and they weren’t the best!!! I came home and looked at a few web sites, like Target, which were a little less expensive but since recliners come in all widths and lengths I knew I would want to try it out first. When we went to Target they didn’t have any in the store and then we went to Walmart (hey, I was desperate) and where they had what seems like of hundreds of different ones in the store they had TWO!

On the way home we passed the humongous Salvation store and I suggested we stop there. Within minutes, and after trying about a dozen different ones, I settled on the one pictured above and it was delivered the next day! I have now been using it for a week and it is just what I needed/wanted!

Just as an aside: many times in my life I had bought items not worrying/thinking about what they would cost or how long they would last (Mmmm—can that be why I declared bankruptcy twice and I am poor now?) and it was the ‘lasting’ question that was in my mind. Okay, surprise! Surprise!, I don’t think I will live forever. I am 86 and have had a few health problems lately so did it make sense to spend $700 for a recliner when I may not be around too long and even if I was would ‘they’ let me take the recliner to a nursing home? I felt good about this purchase for the recliner, delivery and taking my old one all for under $140!

Now I really don’t know what made me make the next 3 purchases! I’ve been using mats/rugs for the bathroom that I have bought at The Dollar Tree, all colors and designs, but now I decided to buy WHITE mats/rugs. I got 3 sets and they aren’t a dollar each! And never gave a thought to keeping them clean or how to maintain them but are so-o-o–o-o soft and white looking!!! :O)

For the past couple of years I have been getting emails, snail mails, notices about getting a piece of equipment that I could carry on my person 24/7, indoors, outdoors, in the shower, etc., and it wasn’t until the recliner incident that I started to give thought to get one. I didn’t like another monthly charge that is cost to get most plus the equipment charge which could be high. Eventually that made me look over the Fasthelp which had one flat price and no monthly charge and, of course, it was on ‘special’—only $149 instead of $299. I read a few reviews, ordered it and though it is easy to get working it has one negative to me–you get 911 but you have to give your location and I immediately thought about laying on the floor, bleeding and not conscious–how would/could I give my address? In any case I am keeping it and give it the 30 day trial.

Last, but not least, though I hate phones, landline or cellular, I decided to get a new phone–it is larger and supposedly does more things than my old one did it is/was like relearning how to use a cellphone! Plus I have messed up a few icons regarding photos so now I have to work to get that right.

This is a little longer than I usually post but I do want to explain where the money for all the above came from. I wish someone had a camera when I opened the letter and a check fell out with a lovely letter. I really don’t expect to be named in people’s Wills–at least money wise—because most of my friends are not in the wealthy class and I know even if ‘comfortable’ they have to be careful with their money. In this case, a dear friend, decided that instead of waiting til later they would give the money NOW–I was flabbergasted for many reasons but mainly that even though we had become very close over the past decade I was so touched that they would think of me and their Will. And I will keep and read their letter because words and actions are—and will always be–more important than money

.It has taken me 80+ years to learn that!

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IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WOULD…..   3 comments

It is not a secret that I am not good at love relationships. I had 4 exes before I woke up and realized that I was better off living alone and concentrate on just having friends. I made that decision in 1984 and have never regretted it. Oh sure it would be great at my age having someone around to ‘take care of me’ but it isn’t worth the price to me. Also the longer I live alone the more I don’t want to share my space.

The bottom line is that I am too selfish, too unwilling to compromise, that make it very difficult for people to live with me. Yes I’ll ask you where you want to have dinner but I have already picked out the restaurant I want to go to and that’s where we’ll wind up! Oh I am generous and giving but still it is ‘my football and we play the game my way or I’ll take the ball and leave’ which, DUH!, doesn’t go over well when you are suppose to be partners.

It is said that I am willing to share everything I have but my food—mmmmm, I think I said that!–which is true but that’s not enough for some people. They want their partner to share everything!

Another problem is that I am not jealous. I know the person I am with is the best so I expect people to hit on him and that’s okay as I see it a compliment to me that I have someone so hot others want them. That leads to another problem as I don’t believe in physical fidelity. My partner having sex with someone else takes nothing away from our relationship. It is meaningless sex and just a fleeting satisfaction. Okay I know most won’t agree with me and you have the right to be faithful IF you want to be but don’t be selfish and expect me to be. As long, as partners, we don’t take time away from each other what’s the harm?

The last thing I want to hear is, “If you love me you would…..” If you love me you wouldn’t ask me to do anything I don’t want to do!

I would much rather have friend or two, maybe even ‘with benefits’, than be ‘married’ legally or otherwise.

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