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IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WOULD…..   3 comments

It is not a secret that I am not good at love relationships. I had 4 exes before I woke up and realized that I was better off living alone and concentrate on just having friends. I made that decision in 1984 and have never regretted it. Oh sure it would be great at my age having someone around to ‘take care of me’ but it isn’t worth the price to me. Also the longer I live alone the more I don’t want to share my space.

The bottom line is that I am too selfish, too unwilling to compromise, that make it very difficult for people to live with me. Yes I’ll ask you where you want to have dinner but I have already picked out the restaurant I want to go to and that’s where we’ll wind up! Oh I am generous and giving but still it is ‘my football and we play the game my way or I’ll take the ball and leave’ which, DUH!, doesn’t go over well when you are suppose to be partners.

It is said that I am willing to share everything I have but my food—mmmmm, I think I said that!–which is true but that’s not enough for some people. They want their partner to share everything!

Another problem is that I am not jealous. I know the person I am with is the best so I expect people to hit on him and that’s okay as I see it a compliment to me that I have someone so hot others want them. That leads to another problem as I don’t believe in physical fidelity. My partner having sex with someone else takes nothing away from our relationship. It is meaningless sex and just a fleeting satisfaction. Okay I know most won’t agree with me and you have the right to be faithful IF you want to be but don’t be selfish and expect me to be. As long, as partners, we don’t take time away from each other what’s the harm?

The last thing I want to hear is, “If you love me you would…..” If you love me you wouldn’t ask me to do anything I don’t want to do!

I would much rather have friend or two, maybe even ‘with benefits’, than be ‘married’ legally or otherwise.

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