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(Including one of the best comedy series in years!)

1) “The Weekend Away”–Netflix–thriller movie–1 hour & 31 minutes–synopsis: Two best friends, Beth & Kate, who have overcome personal setbacks and no matter what life throws at them they always look forward to their annual weekend away. This year they are on a trip to Croatia and everything is perfect until Beth wakes up to find Kate missing–a fast moving mystery with simple but good twists and one ‘red’ herring which everyone will fall for–a lot of suspects and the one you don’t think did it didn’t nor the other one!
2)’Handsome Devil”–Netflix–English/Irish movie–1 hour & 34 minutes–synopsis:Ned & Conor are forced to share a bedroom at their boarding school. The loner and the star athlete at this ruby mad school form an unlikely friendship until it is tested by the authorities–no matter how many times I may see this genre and no matter how many times I will know the ending I will still be moved and cry for the generations after me–what sets this film apart from many of the others is the power of the two leads Fionn O’Shea and Nicholas Galitzine as odd couple pals and Andrew Scott as one of their teachers.3) “Sinatra: All or Nothing At All”–Netflix–documentary–2 parts–total 4 hours and 5 minutes–synopsis: Sinatra, the bad, the good, is an up-close and personal examination of the life, career and music of the legendary entertainer told in his own words and examined by many close to him–no one sings like Sinatra and no one ever will–we follow him from his birth to his death, his ups and downs, his marriages and affairs–the man who had it all, lost it all and got most of it back–just to listen to him sing the 11 songs throughout the documentary at what he thought would be his last concert is worth your time!
4) “Chloe”–Prime–series–6 episodes–5 hours & 34 minutes–synopsis: Chloe is a woman whose social media obsession with a childhood friend intensifies after the friend dies–I watched all 5 hours & 34 minutes and don’t know why I did–interesting, predictable, stalking mystery  yes but ??????????
5) “The Lake”–Prime–Canadian series–season 1–8 episodes–4 hours & 27 minutes–synopsis: Justin returns from living abroad in the hope of reconnecting with the biological daughter that he gave up for adoption. His plans go awry when he finds out his father left the family cottage to his stepsister–smart, clever, funny, different (and except for 10 minutes in the 6th episode) and perfect–outlandish, sarcastic, with the exchanges between Julia Styles and Jordan Gavaris pure gold–I don’t want to oversell it BUT I can’t wait for season 2 as this is one of the best series I have seen in years!

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1) “Other People”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 37 minutes–a gay comic writer (Jesse Plemons) living in New York returns home to Sacramento to deal with mother (Molly Shannon) dying of cancer–adding to that is his breakup with his lover of 5 years, his career not going well, his father Bradley Whitford) never accepting him plus having to give emotional support to his 2 sisters (Maude Apatow and Madisen Beaty)–though funny, in spurts, and sad it just misses with Plemons a bit too blank and a negative note played by child actor Justin (JJ Toah) playing an effeminate drag loving kid who has played this sort of role before.

2) “Pride”–Peacock–documentary–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 16 minutes–each episode deals with a city starting with New York and got off on the wrong foot with me as it seems there was no ‘gay’ Gay life before “Stonewall”, erasing 21 years of my life–other cities are, in order presented, Salt Lake, Hong Kong, Palm Springs, Calgary and Berlin. Some discussions are obvious like religion in Salt Lake, Nazism and their effect on homosexuality including the reality of a man beings sentenced to life in a concentration camp/prison until laws were changed in the 1990s while others might be new to many people such as gay life in Palm Springs and acceptance of various groups in Calgary–all topics and aspects of Gay life are touched on from elderly gay people to immigrants and gay marriage and what’s ahead made up for the New York episode.

3) “Queer As Folk”–Peacock–series–season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 33 minutes–this the the second reboot of the original British series which was followed by a new take shown on Showtime–this one takes place in New Orleans and deals with a mass killing at a gay bar, such as took place in Orlando at the Pulse, and the aftermath–while what brought that about and what happened is dealt with after, many different identifies and personalities are included in this cast from self hating men to trans people to drag queens, married couples, confident and/or aggressive gay men and women, etc., this seems to have more sex scenes–and all the variations–than the other series which will bring some people and turn some people away this is NOT what the series is about!

4) “Keep The Lights On”–Prime–movie–1 hour & 41 minutes–10 years in the life of a couple with both addictive personalities Erik (Thure Lindhardt), a documentary filmmaker, to sex, both phone and casual hookups, and Paul (Zachary Booth) a closeted lawyer addicted to crack–it’s gay life in New York as it was in the1980s including the sex life of many–at the beginning the attraction both physically and emotionally between the men seem to override their addictions but that changes–we watch their reconciliations and partings knowing how it will end–as with Jesse Plemons in “Other People”–Thure Lindhardt doesn’t have ‘it’ to get our sympathy so we gravitate towards Booth taking away the emotional pull so the ending is right and as it would/should be it is still a downer!

5) “Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration”–Netflix–Gay Pride Special–1 hour & 36 minutes–I counted about 24 names with some like Lily Tomlin and Rosie O’Donnell introducing other comics, like Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho, who did 2-3 minutes each–I laughed, maybe 3 times, at some of Margaret Cho’s thoughts and I was really surprised seeing Eddie Izzard in his/her/they new public figurebut though I don’t like Sandra Bernhardt and didn’t laugh at her ‘jokes’ she gave a really needed emotional ‘speech’ when she went ‘off book’ and talked about gun control, abortion and the attacks on Gay people taking place and how we must march and yell and not keep quiet now and/or at election time.

PS  I cut the cable a couple of years ago–I have an indoor antenna plus a smart TV–subscribe to Netflix and Prime so with a senior citizen’s discount I pay about $17 for all the TV I could possibly want to watch!  As far as Peacock goes I took their $4.99 monthly trial to see the Gay Pride specials but will cancel it at the end of the month.

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1) “The Perfect Mother”–Netflix–French mystery series–season 1–4 episodes–3 hours & 16 minutes–mothers get a bad rap in this series (but don’t they always?)–but mothers will go to any lengths to protect their children even if they really don’t know them–Helene is their for her daughter Anya when the latter is accused of, or at least implicated as an accessory, since she is found to be lying–from there she is asked questions, answers them to not be believed–I did have one major question that wasn’t really answered but it didn’t distract from a good mystery which isn’t stretched out as most murder series are even if 4 episodes could have just been made in 3!

2) “Z: The Beginning of Everything”–Prime–season 1–10 episodes–4 hours & 50 minutes–was F. Scott Fitzgerald really this petty of a man? Did Zelda really do most of his writing? This is not a very flattering picture of the man and yet, Zelda, with all her negative actions is made top look like4 an angel–I love Christina Ricci and have been a huge fan of hers since day 1 and she does a fine job as the flapper with a reputation of being a bit ‘wild’ though the series is wholly on her side–if there is a second season will it turn against her? Just had a thought–she and Laura Linney would be great in a movie playing sisters? Mother and daughter? Guess I’ll have to become a producer!

3) “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”–Netflix–Israeli TV series–10 episodes–7 hours & 23 minutes–this is a story about a bond between a father and his oldest daughter–his mother rules everyone and her late husband’s business which their son now runs–she doesn’t care about her daughter-in-law at all and doesn’t feel she should have it any better than she did which wasn’t good to begin with–I never did understand the strong bond between the father and daughter and not the husband and wife, though she was brought into the marriage to give him a son and instead ‘give’ him 3 daughters–it takes place from Israel being under the rule of the British to going independent and prosperity going back and forth between the decades–it would have been much better if it had been done in a linear manner plus it leaves a lot of unanswered questions but not about the mother-in-law as it is obvious she is very bitter and why–if there is a second season there are a lot of questions that have to be answered!

4) “Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story”–limited series documentary of a true story–2 parts–2 hours & 51 minutes–if you are dumb or just never taught or only assumed all pedophiles were homosexual it is a fact that more heterosexual fathers, stepfathers (and mothers) abuse children more than any other group–Jimmy Saville was a very popular entertainer on British television, also known for his charity work, knighted by the Queen including raising $20 million for Stoke Mandeville hospital where, among other places, he abused over 400 children and adults with mental problems or unable to fight back–the second part is hard to watch because for over 40 years he was loved by the public and as some of his victims speak you wonder how the public didn’t know or didn’t want to know and, sadly, there are still monsters like that everywhere!

5) “Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy”–Prime–documentary–1 hour & 24 minutes–with the exception of Cole Porter most of the original music makers of Broadway were men—yes men–that’s another film!–such as Lorenz Hart, Richard Rogers, George & Ira Gershwin, Jerry Bock, Jule Styne, Jerome Kern, Kurt Well, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Schwartz, Jerry Herman, Irving Berlin, etc., gave Broadway such shows as “The King & I”,  “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Show Boat”, “West Side Story”, “Funny Girl”, “Cabaret”, “La Cage Aux Folles”, Porgy & Bess”, etc., most showing how the people in these shows were also seen as ‘outsiders’ with , basically, only ‘Fiddler’ and ‘Funny Girl’ were ‘Jewish’–the documentary shows and proves their hypothesis which leads up to making room for Stephen Sondheim, Adam  Guettel and a different kind of music, songwriters and ‘Broadway’–it is worth watching  to see the progression of what has become the world famous Broadway, with many examples and clips from the shows.

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1) “Book of Love”–Prime Amazon–romantic comedy movie–1 hour & 46 minutes–man meets woman–they are complete opposites–man falls in love with woman–woman falls in love with man–man loses woman–man and woman live happily ever after together–come on–that is NOT a spoiler–the movie is filled with every cliche you can think of  and yet we love it every time wherever it takes place–here it is in Mexico–Veronica Echegi reminds me of a younger Penelope Cruz (though the latter isn’t old by any means–a mini romantic getaway

2) “The Weekend Away”–Netflix–a whodunit thriller–1 hour & 31 minutes–it is an old-fashioned ‘who did it?’ and it really doesn’t matter because it is fun–a lot of twists without a lot making sense but makes you hang in there–trashy but watchable with Ziad Bakri playing a smaller role as a friendly taxi driver–of the 5 possible suspects I guessed the 4 wrong ones!

3) “Sense8”–Netflix–a Sci-fi series–season 1–12 episodes–10 hours & 46 minutes–in chapter 4 one person says to another, “You are now 7 people but if you don’t save Nomi you will only be 6!”–I saw him change into different people talking to each other (talking to himself?) except he is talking to her(? Or is it him?) in English and she is talking in Korean–I said that’s enough and in the middle of the 5th episode I completely gave up–Sci-fi is not for me

4) “A Very British Scandal”–Prime Amazon–season 2–3 episodes–3 hours–AND

5) “Anatomy of a Scandal”–Netflix–limited series–6 episodes–4 hours & 28 minutes

In 2018 Hugh Grant played a Liberal Party leader who murdered his gay ex lover in 1979 in a 3 part series called “A Very English Scandal” based on a true story. “A Very British Scandal” is also a true story which is based on the theory that because a woman gives a man oral sex she is a slut, a wanton woman. In this case she is a Duchess and the Duke takes her into public divorce proceedings giving her an out by staying with him which she refuses. “Anatomy of a Scandal” is the only one that is fiction but seems as real as the true stories with a British politician being accused of rape by a woman who works for him and they had an affair. We watch him on trial being faced by the woman while his wife seats in the gallery thinking of their past and their life of privilege. Oh yes, there is a twist to this whole story that is definitely British! (And sort of mild for David E. Kelley.)

You either like movies/series about British parliamentary members, their sexual peccadilloes,  all having underlying themes and if you do you will like both of these “Scandals” and don’t forget to watch “a Very English Scandal” that started this series!

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1) “Audible”–Netflix–documentary–38 minutes–a rare glimpse into the lives of 4-5 teens  who are still reeling from a suicide of one of their friends–as we meet them the boys of a deaf football team who have never lost a game to other deaf teams are not faring well in this game against a hearing team—-A MUST SEE—TELLS MORE IN 38 MINUTES THAN A 2 HOUR FILM WOULD TELL!

2) “Brad’s Status”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 41 minutes–a father and son are on tour of New England colleges which the son has applied for including one the father graduated from–the father is going through the change of his son leaving home and is feeling he is a failure, especially in comparison to his extremely wealthy college buddies of yesteryear–
why does a director and/or screenwriter feel their story needs to be told in mostly voice over by the main character? It also hinders the story (in this case Mike White is both director & screenwriter)– THE CAST DOES A GOOD JOB AND THE MOVIE IS NEITHER GOOD OR BAD–JUST A MOVIE.

3) “SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN”–Prime Video–East Indian/Filipino movie–1 hour & 57 minutes–funny, crazy, a farce covering a lot of gay issues with parents, relatives, in-laws, straight and gay marriages, couples, arranged marriages–IT IS ZANY, WILD, EMOTIONAL SHOWING HOW MORE ALIKE PEOPLE ARE THAN NOT!

4) “All The Old Knives”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 42 minutes–a thriller–8 years after the fact a hijacking of a plane is being revisited by the CIA team investigating it again never solving what happened at the time–2 agents, who were on the case, Henry (Chris Pine) and Celia (Thandiwe Newton) are ex-lovers who are still, strongly, attracted to each other even though she is now married (to someone else) and has kids–director Janus Metz and screenwriter Olen Steinhauer (based on the latter’s book) have 2 stories to tell and the one of the investigation is given more importance for the movie’s good but leaves the audience wanting more of what ignited the couple’s love and many sex scenes that, if eliminated, would have cut the movie to a lot less time–A SLOW MOVING INVOLVED THRILLER WITH A LOT OF ‘R’  SEX SCENES BETWEEN 2 ACTORS WITH A LOT OF CHEMISTRY!

5) “The Protege”–Prime Video–movie–1 hour & 49 minutes– a violent thriller–I lost the count of those killed in the first 10 minutes–yes, that type of movie–there is a lot of violence, mainly by the lead actress, Maggie Q, and then there is a lot of violence against her–oh, let’s not forget Michael Keaton giving and getting a lot of violence–ANYONE FOR VIOLENCE THIS IS YOUR MOVIE–IT IS A QUICK MOVING FILM AND I ONLY COVERED MY EYES A DOZEN TIMES!

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1) “Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days”–Netflix–Standup–Finally a ‘clean’ comic–I have not seen and/or heard him in awhile–I loved his ‘You might be a redneck if……’ routines–what a pleasure to see him again—not a single time did he use THE ‘f’ word though he did say fart once–sure, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and he likes the words pee and peeing, especially in his last bit, but he is very funny using it—yes he refers to his ‘junk’ but 95% of his act is funny and clean–HE GOT ME TO LAUGH OUT LOUD A FEW TIMES WHICH ISN’T EASY FOR A STANDUP COMIC–A MUST SEE!

2) “Bridgerton”–Netflix–series–season 2–8 episodes–7 hours & 14 minutes–you know what to expect for ‘Shondaland’ productions and she delivers–a classic costume drama that takes place in the Regency era, early 1800 s–we have mothers wanting to marry their daughters off for monetary reasons–we have wives addressing their husbands as ‘My Lord’ in the privacy of their bedrooms–and we have Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte who wigs alone make this series worth seeing–the series hits all the right buttons and though you know where it is going you don’t want it to go there yet are happy when it does–you must see Golda!!!

3) “Standing Up”–Netflix–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 38 minutes–French with subtitles–we follow 4 comics from a beginner to one at it for awhile–none are funny–they are actors acting and do fine in the personal scenes but so many parts are of them doing stand up routines they don’t–a comedy about standup comics that is not funny nor are the actors.

4) “In Good Hands”–Netflix–Turkish movie filmed in Istanbul–1 hour & 45 minutes–the first half is a funny romantic comedy and second half a sad romantic drama–both are held together by a 6 year old (Mert Ege Ak)–there is only one thing I didn’t believe (nor do I believe what takes place between mother and son)–Asli Enver and Ezgi Senier are the leads but Ak is the STAR–“My heart hurts enough” is the story–if you are not crying and smiling at the ending I don’t want to know you!

5) “Windfall”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 32 minutes–Nobody (played by Jason Segal) holds CEO (played by Jesse Plemons) and Wife (played by Lily Collins) captive and Nobody isn’t good at this job–just as the people aren’t given names a lot of things aren’t revealed until—-it is rich versus poor–it is comedy versus drama–there’s a gun but…..there is a kidnapping but….there is a ransom but….there is a surprise ending that I didn’t see coming which makes for a good thriller

6) “The Woods”–Netflix–series—season 1–6 episodes–3 hours & 6 minutes–a novel set in New Jersey turns into a film set in Poland–a thriller that is too complex–too much going back and forth in time–interesting enough to keep you watching but by the 5th episode I wanted it to be over–the 5th episode seemed to never end–a teenage girl is missing and her brother is telling the story of what happened—or did it? Other teenagers  are missing–and people, giving their versions of what happened, help and hinder–by the end of episode 6 I didn’t care if the kids were missing, dead or ??? I won’t be seeing season 2 if the mystery wasn’t solved–I really don’t know or care

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Streaming Reviews—April 2022 Part 1

1) “To Be of Service”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 20 minutes–about U.S. veterans , PSTD & dogs–emotions  of the vets are raw, sometimes hard to hear and/or see–the dogs take up little space in this documentary but their worth to these men and women are as valuable as their vets service was to the USA–Listen to the words of the song at the end

2) “King of Thieves”–Amazon Prime–film–1 hour & 48 minutes–based on a true story–take a good group, not of ‘old men’, but of veteran actors who know what they are doing and you egt a thumbs up and salute to good old fashioned heist movies–while not quite as good  it is entertaining hearing /seeing them excel at throw away lines and have fun at their job as actors while in their 80s

3) “Bad Vegan”–Netflix–documentary of true crime–6 episodes–3 hours & 28 minutes–a scam & toxic relationship along with true crime stories all all over TV whether broadcast, streaming, cable , etc. & this is one more but as attractive as the  victim is she seems to be too cold to elicit any sympathy, empathy or caring for her–Sarma Melnqailis, sorry, bored me and I didn’t feel anything for her after listening to her talk to her dog and/or her coworkers talking for her.

4) “Black Mirror”–Netflix–5 seasons–22 episodes–season 1–3 episodes-2 hours & 35 minutes–all stories contained in each episode–sort of  a”Twilight Zone” for the 21st century but not as finely written–many varied themes and good cast of actors in each.

5) “Rescued By Ruby”–Netflix–film–based on a true story–1 hour & 33 minutes–yes, there are awes, tears and smiles & yes, you know from the beginning how it is going to end but all of that doesn’t mean thing —both dog Ruby and the State Trouper get an 8th chance at a life they want–the ‘Hollywood’ ending seems contrived, not quite believable, but stay for the credits and you will see it is true.

6) “the Adam Project”–Netflix–movie–1 hour &46 minutes–I liked Ryan Reynolds in this though I haven’t always been a fan of his–I can see how he became a STAR and all the cast here are of the best–I bet Mark Ruffalo can make anyone cry–I am and always have been a big fan of his–doesn’t disappoint in this film–nothing earth shattering (pardon the pun–you will understand that after you see the movie–see it and enjoy yourself and always read the critics AFTER you have seen a movie!

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1) “Goodbye Seventies”–Prime Amazon–movie– 1 hour & 30 minutes–For such a film to look and feel so amateurish and the acting so bad when made in 2020 even though about the 1970s is really disconcerting–yes, the old film news clip look from that era but if that was the director, screenplay and story, all the same man aim it didn’t work–oh yes, Todd Verow also wrote the music–it is my experience that a director shouldn’t do more than 2 jobs at the most–the last 10 of the 15 minutes is what this film should have been

2) “Worst Roommate Ever”–Netflix–documentary–limited series–5 episodes–3 hours & 56 minutes–if nothing else it may make a person think of having a roommate whether the former or latter is male or female to do a lot more investigating of them than if they can afford the rent–also the one renting should be very aware of the law, especially squatting–while I didn’t find it entertaining I did find the documentary interesting & a horror film in one

3) “The Thing about Pam”–NBC–limited series on Dateline–6 episodes (including commercials)–strictly not a streaming show with each episode being shown each succeeding week–upfront I am not a Renee Zellweger fan and this certainly doesn’t change my mind–in one of the very few times I have done this I am not masochistic and have no plans to see anymore episodes

4) “Chasing Payment”–Amazon Prime–film–1 hour & 21 minutes–this sort of short film, which seems anything but, adds many seconds in addition to minutes as fillers o make it a ‘feature’ film–why it is divided into 6 ‘chapters’ I have no idea– the most interesting character is sort of dismissed when you want to learn more about him than the lead–this is another case of the director also producing and writing the film when he should, maybe, just have concentrated on directing

5)  “Pieces Of Her”–Netflix–series–season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 49 minutes–having many similarities to “In From The Cold” (see ‘steaming reviews of March 1, 2022’)–a mother and daughter with the former having a hidden past the daughter knows nothing about and slowly finds out–this is definitely the most violent of the two not to mention not as well acted–as I am a huge fan of Toni Collette it was very disappointing to see her very flat acting in this–can you handle/like seeing a woman slit a man’s throat, a man put a knife through a woman’s hand, people shot, a woman sitting on a commode, a woman vomiting—and they show it all in the first episode–than this is for you–if you have a choice please choose “In From The Cold”

6) “Say Yes”–Amazon Prime–movie–1 hour & 34 minutes–funny, touching, chemistry between the 3 leads–death, life, love but something is/was ‘off’ yet if you asked what it was I couldn’t answer–this is a different, interesting film looking at humans whose sexuality is questionable

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1) “Inventing Anna”–Netflix–limited series–9 episodes–10 hours & 3 minutes–I am a fan of Shonda Rhimes series but there is a very big misstep here and that is she takes 9 episodes to tell what could have been a very interesting, somewhat true, story by wasting a lot of time on a secondary story–that of the pregnant reporter–of the many relationships Anna Delvey, a scammer who ‘took’ many wealthy, smart people the one with the reporter was the most uninteresting–she should have spent more time on the 3 women who thought she was their friend–we never do get to know who Anna is!

2) “Holding The Man”–Netflix–Australian movie–2 hours & 5 minutes–Second time I’ve watched this–about a male couple who meet, fall in love, are together 20 years–taking place at a specific time–a true story written by one of the men who died a year after his book was published–a good feeling tear-jerker that will move you

3) “Loev”–Netflix–film from India–1 hour & 32 minutes–another film I have seen a second time–2 childhood friends who have taken different paths reunite–they are in love with each other but love can be shown and mean in many ways–sometimes in violence that the violator knows is wrong–this movie still leaves me very puzzled at the end

4) “My Best Friend”–Amazon Prime–Film from Argentina–1 hour & 30 minutes–2 teenagers discover themselves as they become friends–nothing new here but still very moving

5) “Just Friends”–Amazon Prime–Dutch film–1 hour & 24 minutes– a sweet story about falling in love–a romantic gay movie–mothers know best and in this case their mothers and one grandmother know that they belong together–“You don’t control love–love controls you”

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1) “Harlem”–Prime Amazon–series–season 1–10 episodes–5 hours–it seems 4 is the magic number now for situation comedies–in Harlem we have 4 women with all their woes–after the first 2 episodes you know who will say and do what–after these 10 episodes they will be showing a new episode every Friday–MOST EPISODES ARE INTERESTING AND FUNNY EXCEPT FOR THE CONSTANT ‘I’M A HO’ LINE

2) “Closer”–Netfix–movie–1 hour & 44 minutes–a 2004 movie starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman in a play adapted to film–cast is strong–sharp direction and dialogue–a lot of loving that could be called sex/love affairs/relationships/marriage with changing partners happening quite often–TIME PERIODS ALL OVER THE PLACE CAUSING CONFUSION BUT EVERYTHING EVENTUALLY ALL FALLS IN PLACE–CAST A JOY TO WATCH

3) “Surviving Christmas”–Netflix–British Christmas film–1 hour & 44 minutes–the family gets together for the holidays–NO SURPRISES BUT BRITISH WIT AND FIRST RATE ACTORS

4) “High on the Hog”–Netflix–documentary–season 1–4 episodes–3 hours & 28 minutes–how many foods from Africa became part of the American every day menu–many surprises–INTERESTING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEASON 2

5) “Gypsy”–Tubi (free streaming)–filmed live performance at London’s Savoy–the role of Momma Rose is often seen as an actresses equivalent of an actor’s Hamlet–I have seen Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daley, Bette Midler, Patti Lupone and Ethel Merman (who originated the role) all play Rose with each bringing something different but Imelda Staunton is the strongest actress with the powerful voice used when needed–WITH A STRONG LEAD, A STRONG SUPPORTING CAST, MEMORABLE SONGS THIS IS A SHOULD SEE

6) “Voir”–Netflix–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 2 minutes–6 visual essays of movies and movie going–opens with the violence of “Jaws” and closing with the violence of “48 Hours” and looks at Eddie Murphy becoming a star–movies also include “Lawrence of Arabia”,  clips of James Cagney movies and scenes from movies over the past 100 years–THOUGH NOT SPECIFICALLY ABOUT VIOLENCE IN MOVIES IT SHOWS A LOT OF MEMORABLE VIOLENT SCENES

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