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Streaming Reviews–August 2021–Part 7   Leave a comment

1) “The Chair”–Netflix–series–season1–6 episodes–3 hours–breezy story–sharp cast–life in upper academia with gender and race problems along with loss of funding and enrollment–Sandra Oh, Holland Taylor and Jay Duplass are the major players–if there is a second season will they bring the other actors more into the forefront?–WILL THERE BE A SECOND SEASON?

2) “The Show Must Go On”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 25 minutes–about Adam Lambert joining Queen–it is interesting hearing the band members of Queen talk about Lambert joining in, how he would fit and the ‘ghost’ of Freddie Mercury–THIS IS FOR FANS OF QUEEN AND/OR ADAM LAMBERT WHICH ARE MANY

3) “Coming Out”–Amazon Prime–Documentary–1 hour & 12 minutes–coming out stories are different for everyone and I wish all their stories could be like Alden Peters–sadly they aren’t–Peters hits on some important points regrading family and their reaction–THE BOTTOM LINE IS HOW THE ONE COMING OUT REACTS TO THEMSELVES

4) “Zero”–Netflix–Italian series–season 1–3 hours & 12 minutes–I am completely confused but loved every crazy minute–okay, I don’t like/care for the invisible man aspects but the basic story is just that–basic–is it an Italian series filmed in Milan and in the part of the city called the Barrio?–I DON’T KNOW BUT WATCH IT AND TELL ME AND I AM WAITING FOR THE SECOND SEASON

5) “Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes”–Netflix–Documentary–limited series–1 hour & 25 minutes–what makes this different from the murder documentaries being shown all over streaming companies are the tapes that the notorious Scottish killer made tapes telling his story–HOMOPHOBIA SENSATIONALIZED THE TRIAL AND THE TAPES DON’T ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS THEY RAISE

6) “Dogs”–Netflix–Documentaries–series–2 seasons–season 1–6 episodes–season 2–4 episodes–total 8 hours & 21 minutes–each episode follows a different true tale (no pun intended) regarding dogs from a dog trained to alert parents when their child is about to have an epilepsy fit to a priest in Italy who rescues dogs to a dog grooming competition among the 10 stories–DOGS & HUMAN BEINGS IN INTERESTING STORIES–HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT?–NOT FOR DOG LOVERS ONLY

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Streaming Reviews August 2021 Part 2   Leave a comment

1) “Knock Down The House”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 26 minutes–from her first appearance on the political scene I thought of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as just another loud New Yawker  particularly the way she is misrepresented by the media and by other politicians, including those in her own party, but after seeing this and listening to what she has to say then and recently I am very impressed–A MUST SEE FOR DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS

2) “Cousins”–Netflix–New Zealand movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–set among the indigenous Maori in New Zealand concentrating on 2 cousins and how each is affected by a third who has been lost and is homeless–AN EMOTIONAL STORY THAT IS A MUST SEE

3) “Hampstead”–Amazon Prime–British film–1 hour & 43 minutes–over 50 years Diane Keaton has been playing this role (& wearing these clothes) and could do it in her sleep but she doesn’t–she makes you believe in ‘Emily Walters’ and Brenden Gleeson is one of her better acting partner in years–his Donald is based on a real man–one you would want as a friend–A FUN, PLEASANT MOVIE WITH ACTORS YOU WILL GET INVOLVED WITH

4) “Heist”–Netflix–6 part documentary–3 heists (each 2 episodes)–total of 4 hours & 17 minutes–some with people who were involved, with one who evaded capture for 12 years, while many scenes are reenacted–WELL DONE & CERTAINLY INTERESTING

5) “The Last Letter From Your Lover”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 50 minutes–if you are a sucker for an old fashion love story (I am)–you will love this film (I did)–the major, to me, love story is the one that takes place in London’s 1960s while the one that takes place in present day London, while ‘cute’ doesn’t come close to the former in being moving and why did they have another actress play Shailene Woodley as the older woman?–IF YOU ARE A SUCKER FOR AN OLD FASHION LOVE STORY (I AM) YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM (I DID)

6) “Gunpowder Milkshake”–Netflix–1 hour & 54 minutes–a female mob assassination action picture–DOESN’T MEAN TO BE A COMEDY BUT IS VERY FUNNY IN A STUPID WAY–DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

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1) “It Runs In The Family”–Prime Amazon–movie–1 hour & 49 minutes–4 members of the Douglas family (Kirk, Michael, Cameron & Diana) star in the movie with Micheal producing and other family members in the credits–throw in Bernadette Peters & Audra McDonald–and the cast makes the movie worth watching–THE JOKING BETWEEN KIRK & MICHAEL PLUS A MOVING SCENE SHARED BY THEM MAKES THIS A WINNER.

2) “The Jane Austen Book Club”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 43 minutes–interesting to see the screenplay give each couple a Jane Austen counterpart and tries to pull it all together–GOOD ‘LEARNER’ FOR THOSE NEW TO JA AND FUN FOR THOSE WHO KNOW HER BOOKS AND TAKE NOTES

3) “I Love You Phillip Morris”–HULU–movie–1 hour & 40 minutes–based on a true story–a con man and his lover–more ‘vivid’ sex action than any gay film and more cursing than any nongay film–11 years later Ewen McGregor is once again playing a gay man in “Halston”–I HAVE NEVER BEEN A FAN OF JIM CAREY AND THIS DOESN’T CHANGE THAT

4) “Where Hope Grows”–Prime Amazon or HULU–movie–1 hour & 35 minutes–a by the numbers movie but the ending took me completely by surprise–stay through the end credits–EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A ‘PRODUCE’ IN THEIR FAMILY

5) “Lupin”–Netflix–series–season 2–5 episodes–3 hours & 42 minutes–Omar Sy is a winner as he was in the first season–it is hard to tell which is more entertaining: him or the story–let’s make it both–HIGH ENERGY, SMART DIALOGUE, ACTION, FUN–A MUST SEE

6) “Lucifer”–Prime Amazon–series–season 6–10 episodes–9 hours & 21 minutes–considering that the novelty of Lucifer being on earth has worn off using the story of God retiring and one of his children taking his place, one possibly being Lucifer, keeps the fun going–KEEPS UP THE PACE OF THE FIRST 5 SEASONS

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Streaming reviews for week of April 25, 2021   Leave a comment

1) “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me”–Netflix–series–season 1–8 episodes–a 1950s sitcom for 2021?? Jamie Foxx is talented BUT NO THANKS & I HOPE NO SEASON 2!

2) “The Stand-In”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 41 minutes–Barrymore playing 2 characters does a good job in both roles BUT FILM DOESN’T KNOW WHETHER IT WANTS TO BE A COMEDY OR DRAMA AND FAILS AT BOTH!

3) “Genius : Aretha Franklin”–HULU–miniseries-8 episodes–6 hours & 29 minutes–ended too abruptly–goes back and forth too much in time–both Shaian Jordan (as a young Aretha) and Cynthia Erivo do star turns as Franklin–GOOD DOUBLE FEATURE WITH “AMAZING GRACE”

4) “Making a Murderer”–Netflix–documentary–10 episodes–10 hours & 13 minutes–a man is wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years or was he???–THOUGH TOO LONG AND A BIT CARELESS HERE AND THERE THE MAIN CHARACTER HOLDS YOUR INTEREST!

5) “Another Round”–HULU–movie–1 hour & 57 minutes–Oscar-nominated film that Leonardo DiCaprio has bought the rights to make an American version–IT IS A STAR TURN FOR THE LEAD BUT WHY WAS IT OSCAR

6) “Deux” (aka “Two of Us”)–HULU–movie–1 hour & 39 minutes–two women in love who keep it hidden from their families until they can’t anymore–A DRAMATIC LOVE STORY THAT IS TRULY ABOUT LOVE AND NOT SEX!

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Streaming Reviews–week of February 1, 2021   Leave a comment

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1) “London Spy”–Netflix–British limited series–5 episodes—4 hours and 47 minutes– originally on BBC then PBS and now Netflix–as the first episode finished all I could think of was “WOW”! I was hooked and though I hoped it wouldn’t be disappointing I am so glad to report I wasn’t. The center relationship (one of many) captures you just as the spy aspect does. A DEFINITE MUST SEE–AS EXPECTED FIRST-RATE ACTING FROM COMPLETE BRITISH CAST–WHERE AND/OR WHEN IS SEASON 2?
2) “Black Rose”–Netflix–Nigerian movie–2 hours–First hour and 45 minutes is a good film, love story, comedy, look at how other people live and then it all falls apart, especially the last ‘explanation’–DISAPPOINTING
3) “The Highwaymen”–Netflix–Hollywood movie–2 hours & 12 minutes–a true story about 2 lawmen going after Bonnie & Clyde-I would suggest you watch the 1967 “Bonnie & Clyde” starring Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty, directed by Arthur Penn, which is much better in telling the story!
4) “Queen of the South”–originally on USA and now on Netflix–adapted from a Spanish novella–6 seasons (4 on Netflix as of now)–10 episodes each season–running approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes per season–underlying the violence involved in running a drug empire this series has a lot of heart, mainly provided by Alice Braga, who is dynamite, as Teresa, running from Mexico and setting up a narcotics organization in the USA–Alice Braga is a STAR, not to be missed and the series keeps up with her!
5) “The Dig”–Netflix–British movie–1 hour & 52 minutes–based on the true story of the excavation in 1939 on the estate of widow Edith Pretty lead by Basil Brown a self-taught archeologist–it is a typical British film which is a good thing!
6) “Triple Frontier”–Netflix–American film–2 hours & 5 minutes–if you like thrillers with chases and shootouts this might be for you–I don’t so I fast-forwarded through at least an hour–some of the heist scenes were fine but the character interactions aren’t.
7) “The Mess You Leave Behind”–Netflix–Spanish series–8 episodes–6 hours & 3 minutes- -I watched all 8 episodes thinking I have seen all 8 episodes before and I still don’t know if I have!! Looking to see if I reviewed it before!

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Streaming reviews week of January 10, 2021   Leave a comment

1) “LUPIN”–French Mystery Series–Season 1–5 episodes–2 hours & 51 minutes–first I was extremely impressed by the actor Omar Sy, including his acting, as the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin based on a series of French books written in 1905–I was ‘lost’ a few times by the story but I am definitely ready for season 2–A MUST SEE
2) “Pieces of a Woman”–American Movie–2 hours & 6 minutes–opens with a 28-minute harrowing segment watching a woman giving birth at home which ends in tragedy–the rest of the movie is about what happens to the woman–Vanessa Kirby is excellent and the movie has been getting rave reviews but after that opening, I kept waiting for something to happen–I am still waiting!
3) “Rich In Love”–Brazillian Movie–1 hour & 45 minutes–no difference between a Brazillian and Hollywood romantic comedy–losing a bet a rich kid plays poor–if you enjoy the latter you’ll enjoy this–nothing special but okay.4) “San Pa Sins of the Savoir”–Italian Documentary–season 1–5 episodes–5 hours–I tried, I really tried, but couldn’t get past the 3rd episode so just went to last 15 minutes–about heroin addicts and a man who tried to save them and became a controversial figure–boring.5) “Pretend It’s a City”–American documentary–limited series–7 episodes–3 hours & 23 minutes–Martin Scorsese interviews and follows Fran Lebowitz around New York–Lebowitz, in many ways, is the stereotypical New Yorker–it could have been an episode or two shorter but then it wouldn’t have been about New York or New Yorkers–I enjoyed seeing a lot of the places I used to hang out–this is for New Yorkers and/or those who don’t know any New Yorkers.
6) “Alice Junior”–Brazillian Movie–1 hour & 27 minutes–Alice, a transgender teenager, finds herself in a small, conservative town and in a co-ed Catholic school–a sweet, short movie that covers a lot of territories. 
7) “Equinox”–Danish series–season 1–6 episodes–4 hours & 30 minutes–a fantasy mystery thriller that was recommended to me–wish I could remember who recommended it because I won’t ever watch another show they recommend!

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Streaming reviews–week of September 7-11, 2020–Netflix   Leave a comment

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1) “Borgen”–Danish series–3 seasons–fiction–10 episodes each season with each episode running about 58 minutes–it is a look behind the scenes of the Denmark politics when the first woman is elected Prime Minister–with a first-rate production and cast headed by Sidse Babette Knudsen as the Prime Minister “Borgen” keeps on moving whether dealing with the 3 branches of government, the various political parties, what goes on behind the scenes and people who run it plus showing how it affects the Prime Minister’s home life you get involved with what is being presented as a political drama along with their personal lives. A 4th season has just been announced coming in 2022–EXCELLENT!

2) “Away”–American series–10 episodes each between 47 to 75 minutes–8 hours and 19 minutes–I am not a sci-fi fan but I am a Hillary Swank fan and almost gave up after the first tear-jerker episode but I hung in there and by the third episode I was hooked on the stories of the 5 astronauts making the first trip to Mars that will take 3 years–the effect of space on their bodies, minds and relationships while also dealing with keeping the space ship in mechanical perfection got to me as did the acting of the cast. VERY GOOD!

3) “Loaded”–British series–8 episodes each running 41 or 42 minutes–5 hours and 31 minutes–about 4 nerds who become multi-millionaires and their need to come up with another game–I did get 1 0r 2 laughs from each segment but the only one who held my interest was Jonny Sweet as the nerdiest of the nerds whose story arc is the most interesting–if you watch it you will enjoy it and if you don’t you won’t be missing it–just OKAY.

4) “Love, Guaranteed”–American film–1 hour and 31 minutes–if you start watching it and are too lazy to change the movie the courtroom scene will get you if you are a romantic–the plot is contrived and is about a guy who signs up with a dating app that, yes, guarantees you love and after 986 dates doesn’t he sues them–the best part of the movie is the disclaimer at the end–NAPPING MATERIAL.

5) “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”–American film–2 hours and 14 minutes–couldn’t give you a spoiler even if I wanted to–have no idea what it was trying to say–I am not a fan of writer-director Charlie Kaufman and I wish he hadn’t started they film–BORING!

Still loving “Rake” and “My Mother’s Killer”!

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“Eastsiders”–series–A MUST SEE for all adults   Leave a comment

Netflix–4 seasons–total 10 hours and 21 minutes—yes, many episodes are 15 minutes or less.I don’t recall what season I started watching this show but it certainly wasn’t the first. In any case, after a few minutes, I was ready to turn it off as I thought it was one of those tacky, stereotypical badly made soft porn gay movies but before I knew it I was caught up and watching it, going back to the first season and first episode.“Eastsiders” started out as a web series on Youtube funded by a Kickstarter campaign then was picked up by for distribution through Logo TV’s website, went on Vimeo’s demand service and then was sold to Netflix and also was made available on DVDs by Wolfe.It is a show about relationships, all kinds, though the main focus is on Thom and Cal who, when we meet them, have been together for 6 years. We quickly get to met Cal’s mother who is divorced from his father, doesn’t really like Thom but acknowledges their relationship. We also meet Kathy, who goes on a “Cats” tour though she can sing but not dance and has been going with Cal’s best friend non-gay Ian for 6 months, her longest relationship. Cal’s sister has broken up with her boyfriend and is now ‘seeing’ a woman. Yes, it is about all kinds of relationships from a drag queen and his manager both defining what ‘versatile’ means and couples who have an ‘open’ relationship and those who don’t but cheat on each other and a black doctor and his desire to have a family and who’s white lover is a house husband and doesn’t want children until they foster a young Latina.  There is the leather crowd, the asexual woman, the old couple staying together because they would be alone otherwise. There are people who drink too much causing problems not only for themselves but for those around them.Yes, there is soft porn and a lot of stereotyping but there isn’t a gay person who won’t learn something not only about themselves and other gay people but also non-gay people just as non-gays will find out that in many ways they are no different than gay people, especially when it comes to relationships. There are implied orgies along with all sorts of combinations just as there all kinds of friendships between men and women, men and men, women and women along with a lot of new terms to viewers.It has, to me, the annoying going back and forth in time and too many of the guys are look-alikes but there was no way I was going to not watch it and I am going to give it a little time before I watch it again. There is nudity, not frontal, and the ‘f’ word along with other ‘4 letter words’ but they are used as people use them in real life. You can see the difference as to when the producers didn’t have much money and when they started getting a ‘bankroll’.
Anyone who watches this will learn some things they never knew and might even see themselves reflected.

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Netflix & Amazon Pride movie and series reviews week of July 13, 2020   Leave a comment

1) “The Old Guard”–movie–2 hours–action Sci Fi thriller–Took me a few minutes to recognize Charlize with the black hair–she is excellent–breakout turn by Kiki Layne–a good movie–definitely looks like a set up for a series NETFLIX
2) “Stateless” –series–6 episodes–total 5 hours 16 minutes–true story–revolves around 4 people–very involving and interesting–the main location is an Australian detention center NETFLIX
3) #AnneFrank–documentary–1 hour 32 minutes–I’ve read Anne Frank’s diary, seen a play based on the diary, saw the movie based on the diary–she is a part of my growing up–don’t believe I am saying this but Helen Mirren shouldn’t have read the diary as she is distracting. We follow a young girl who tries to recreate Anne’s journey and how she identifies with her today. The horror of the camps, the burying of hundreds of bodies in one grave, are too real to ever forget. “When you destroy children you destroy possibilities.” NETFLIX
4) “Disclosure”–documentary–1 hour 40 minutes–it is about transgender representation in TV and movies and the lack of same in the past–an interesting look at a subject not too many people know about or understand. NETFLIX
5) “ZERO-ZERO-ZERO”–series–8 episodes–7 hours 28 minutes–a film about the drug trade revolving around the cocaine made by a Mexican Cartel, the transportation from America to Italy by an American family and then the Italian crime syndicate will distribute throughout the world. Starts slowly and somewhat confusing but gets to you.  AMAZON PRIDE6) “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”–film–2 hours 3 minutes–I have never liked Will Ferrell and this didn’t help. The only redeeming feature was the appearance of Pierce Bronson. NETFLIX7) “Fatal Affair”–movie–1 hour 29 minutes–watch only the last 15 minutes and you will see a good movie and know what proceeded it without having to watch it. Where is Glenn Close when you need her?  NETFLIXA complete separate review of “Eastsiders” tomorrow because it deserves one–a MUST SEE SERIES!

Movies, Series, Documentaries on Netflix–Reviews   3 comments

movies and series Netflix week of June 8 2020

1) “13 Reasons Why”–I tried, I really tried, but I had to quit after the 4th episode. I could not get interested in the story or any character. 4 seasons–49 episodes–average time per episode is 57 minutes.
2) “Atlantics”–movie–1 hour and 44 minutes–forget it unless you really LOVE ghosts!
3) “Lenox Hill”–Documentary–8 episodes–about 7 hours–I watched 4 episodes and that was enough! Interesting but not enough to involve me for 4 more episodes.
4) “Queen of the South”–series–4 seasons–each episode about 41 minutes. I saw this series when it started on the USA channel and I ‘fell in love’ with Alice Braga who kept me glued to the TV set. Then I cut the cable and figured that was it but it is now on Netflix starting where I had left it. She is mesmerizing as a lowly money changer in Mexico and then becoming the head of a drug cartel. There is a bit too much violence for me but I can’t/won’t take my eyes off Braga.  Yes, some of it is silly but there is a lot of suspense and a first-rate cast.
5) “Cargo”–movie–1 hour 43 minutes–Forget it even if you are into zombies. A double bill of “Atlantics” and “Cargo” could make you give up TV forever!!
6) “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich”–Documentary–4 episodes–3 hours and 44 minutes in total. The women/girls most under 21, get a chance to tell their side of the story. The men all deny whatever the women say. Alan Dershowitz is ‘lower’ than Epstein which is saying a lot! You can skip the middle 2 episodes and watch the 4th which gives their women their day in court!
A Bonus: Only if you have watched all of “Money Heist” see “Money Heist: The Phenomenon”–a 57 minute documentary with a lot of spoilers. It tells how the series became such a big hit plus how and what happened to the actors! The series alone was worth cutting the cable and getting Netflix!
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