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Another Friday and no movie in a theatre I really want to see—except maybe the new “West Side Story” for the third time! I can see where streaming can spoil it for movie going people!

) “Sweet Magnolias”–Netflix–Season 2–10 episodes–8 hours & 24 minutes–picks up where season 1 ended as we follow 3 women in the south who have been friends since childhood and are there for each other whether involving drama, families, love affairs, divorce, humor, working, etc.,–yes, it is ‘cheesy’ but you will love it and/or follow it to the end.

2) “Reacher”–Amazon–Series–Season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 32 minutes–starts off very, interesting especially with Alan Ritchson as Reacher, but after an hour it goes into familiar territory, as we leave getting to know Reacher better and instead goes into the old chases, shoot-outs, nothing you haven’t seen before many times–there is the diversion of his interaction with police officer Roscoe Conklin who will become his ally but is her own woman and won’t take guff from anyone whether a criminal or Reacher–their give and take add sparkle to the series.

3) “My Father’s Violin”–Netflix–Turkish film–1 hour & 52 minutes–a tearjerker–an uncle ‘inherits’ a niece he didn’t even know he had–some excellent music–many ‘cute’ scenes–you’ve seen this story in many a Hollywood movieand the Turkish have learned well–moving but a little too cold to really hit the heart.

4) “Murderville”–Netflix–season 1–6 episodes–3 hours & 17 minutes–UNBELIEVABLE! Even more unbelievable is that actors would get involved with this, even if they needed the money to pay their rent–how this ever got approved to be shown to the public boggles the mind–it must be seen to see how bad, how desperate(?) streaming companies are to fill time!

5) “Tinder Swindler”–Netflix–1 hour & 54 minutes–documentary–One never thinks they can be so stupid as to be swindled out of thousands of dollars, in one case a half of a million dollars, but this shows they are–if not stupid than lonely and willing to do anything for ‘love’–the 3 women who were swindled by this guy still believe they can find ‘love’ as they dream it to be are realthough you will shake your head through this whole documentary it will keep you watching.

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1) “The Unforgivable”–Netflix–film–1 hour & 53 minutes–not the pretty, fun, life living actress you know–we meet Ruth (Sandra Bullock) as she is being released for good behavior after 20 years being in prison for murder of a sheriff–little by little we learn her story and what happened that day but meanwhile she is being stalked by the sons of the sheriff, the older son (Tom Guiry) a hothead, the younger (Will Pullen) more reasonable–she becomes involved with lawyers (Vincent D’Onofrio and Viola Davis) and their two mixed race sons–he responds to Ruth’s bewilderness while his wife turns her back on her–Davis is almost wasted in her small role but delivers when she has to–WHILE NOT A MUST SEE FILM WATCHING SANDRA BULLOCK DELIVER IN A SERIOUS ROLE MAKES THE PICTURE IS WORTH SEEING

2) “Hattie”–Prime Amazon–British film–based on a true story–1 hour & 25 minutes–Hattie (Ruth Jones) and her husband John (Robert Bathurst)) are actors, with Hattie, a bit more successful–she is very lively and the first to make fun of her being overweight–at a charity event Hattie attends alone while John stays home with the kids–she is driven home by a much younger man (Aiden Turner) also named John, who scolds her when she makes fun of her weight–the two shortly fall in love and have a very physical affair–due to circumstances the younger man is thrown out of his home when his wife learns of the affair and Hattie and her husband invite him to stay with them before the husband realizes what is going on–A GEM OF A FILM WITH RUTH JONES A JOY TO WATCH

3) “Still Out of My League”–Netflix–Italian film–1 hour & 40 minutes–this blew my mind in many ways–it is a sequel (I never saw the first)–starts off as a funny rom/com and without any warning turns into a heavy drama and ends with ‘to be continued’–Ludovica Francesconi, as Marta, in spite of a lethal lung illness and waiting for a lung transplant, is lively and goes though life with a positive attitude enjoying her friends and falling in love–there is a running joke about her gay friend going on a sex app and also a serious look at work sexual harassment but the film revolves around Marta and her new boyfriend Gabriele (Giancario Commare) who is transferred for 10 months to Paris–anything else I saw will be a spoiler–I HOPE THE 3RD PART—THE ‘TO BE CONTINUED’—COMES SOON—I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS

4) “God’s Own Country”–Revry TV (A Gay streaming service)–British film–1 hour & 40 minutes–Martin Saxby (Ian Hart) has had a stroke and his son, Johnny (Josh O’Connor) and Martin’s mother, Deirdre (Gemma Jones)  are running the farm owned by the family–the father insists that Johnny hire extra help during lambing season which is how a Romanian migrant comes to the farm–Johnny sneers at the ‘gypsy’ Gheorghe Ionescu (Alec Secareanu) one time too many and they fight which ends in angry sex–Gheorghe is excellent at his job and Johnny learns to respect him watching the man resuscitate a lamb when the ewe delivers a unconscious runt–when Martin has a second stroke it is clear that Johnny will have to take over the farm but he is overwhelmed and acts out in a destructive way–there is so much to see in this movie from a tender scene between father and son without any talk to the beautiful moors and rugged country adding to the movie’s drama and the use of music being only used when needed–the 4 leads are excellent but it is O’Conner and Secareanu that mesmerize the viewer as they change who they were–A MUST SEE FILM ESPECIALLY FOR THE LAST HOUR5)

5) “Nicole Byer: BBW Big, Beautiful Weirdo”–Netflix–standup comic–1 hour & 5 minutes–I keep trying–it is just me who doesn’t find comics funny anymore?–LOUD, VULGAR, NOT FUNNY–COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

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April 1, 2017
12p.m. to 1p.m. VIP Kickoff
1p.m. to 6p.m. General Admission

The Fort Lauderdale Pizza Festival is thrilled to announce the inaugural celebration of all things cheesy, set for April 1, 2017. Thousands of South Florida pizza lovers will unite to savor some of the area’s most delectable pizzas, refresh their palettes with crisp craft beers and wines, enjoy live music, lawn games, and cooking demos, bring the children to enjoy the kid zone, and sample all things cheesy from numerous vendors showcasing their best at this can’t-miss event. A portion of the proceeds from the Fort Lauderdale Pizza Festival will be donated to Feeding South Florida, 2017’s official nonprofit beneficiary. For every $1 per ticket sale that is donated, 6 meals will be provided to the men, women and children in need of food assistance throughout South Florida.


My mother always told me if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything (I didn’t always follow her advice LOL) so I will not say anything about the First Annual Pizza Festival. Granted it is the first but I can’t see any of the companies serving the 3/4″ slices of cold pizza getting any business from this.


One never knows what Mother Nature has up her sleeve!

The other day coming home I decided to take the elevator and saw a chick on the floor near the plants. Looking up I saw the head of a pigeon on a small shelf between the door and right above it. I was going to put the chick up there but I know better than to fool around with a baby bird, especially when the parents are around!

Yesterday I came home and saw that maintenance had put up spikes to close the area off but either they didn’t care or didn’t know that one of the adult pigeons was still there. I, also, saw some blood on the side wall which probably meant dad(?) got out to look for food as that is their job. Today the ’nest’ was empty though there were twigs and papers all over that area. In any case I took a section of the spikes off so if they are still nesting there they won’t get hurt coming and going.

I know pigeons are a problem here but that is no way to solve it! The following day the mother was sitting on 3 eggs. Also a little further west another pair of birds had set up a nest. There is also a nest, bluebirds I think, in the tree in the back of my building.

Yes, it is THAT time of the year!

3rd picture of hatchling

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