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1A) “VITO”–Prime–documentary–1 hour & 33 minutes–Vito Russo was known for his book “the Celluloid Closet” but is one of the most important people as an activist in the fight for Gay Rights–this is a powerful and must see film who should be known by every Gay person, especially Gay Republicans to see how they helped destroy a whole generation of their friends and are doing it again today–yesterday by not fighting their leaders regarding AIDS and today regarding the laws they want to pass and, once again, take our Rights away–1B) I am very proud of this donation I made to make a film of “The Celluloid Closet”–“VITO” is a MUST SEE film who shows what Gay Pride is and can be done joining with others

2) “Gay U.S.A.”–Prime–restored documentary–1 hour & 18 minutes–shot on one day by 25 different camera crews of nation wide Gay Pride parades when the future looked hopeful–a lot of people, interviews, answers to “Are you Gay?”–people in all sorts of dress and undress–a wide look at who a ‘Gay person’ is and there is no one answer–this is a must see by all Gay people, especially now, when our future is in doubt again and we will have to fight to retain those Rights we won and continue to fight for other Rights

3) “Queen”–Netflix–Polish series–4 episodes–3 hours & 19 minutes–Silvestre is a star drag queen in Paris who is also a famous suit and costume designer–he left the small Polish mining town he was born in without seeing the daughter he had and now has heard from her daughter, his granddaughter, asking him to return to donate his kidney to her mother–the first meeting between him and his granddaughter goes fine but his daughter wants nothing to do with him including getting the kidney that can save her life–sounds ‘heavy’ and it is in parts but it also funny, campy and you’ll drop a tear or 2 but you know how it will end before the end comes–it is fast moving, entertaining, casual and there to watch whenever you want–I watched all in one evening and hope there is a second season

4) “City Of Queens”–Peacock–documentary filmed in London–1 hour & 22 minutes–can you define the difference between a cross dresser, a drag queen, a trans and/or a gay person? Back in the 1960s I had an ‘affair’ with a person I thought may be a drag queen or cross dresser but now, decades later, I realize he was transgender (that’s a whole other post)–sadly he committed suicide 3 years later as he just couldn’t deal with it or did he have anyone to talk to in the 1960s–a lot can be learned by watching this–if nothing else how strong these people can be not only doing what they are doing but surviving how badly they are treated, what they have to put up with–you may or not laugh, cry with/for them but you will feel the love in  community that shares many hardships within and outside of queer spaces–more important it is their way of life and they give hope to a new generation following in their footsteps

5) “Closet Monster”–Netflix–Canadian film–1 hour & 29 minutes–we meet Oscar when his parents are breaking up and he is 7 years old–next we see him as an 18 year old virgin–he had witnessed a gay bashing and it has stayed in his mind ever since–he has a girl friend, not a girlfriend–he meets a /’wild’ guy his age at a Home Depot like job and ‘something ‘ happens which is left to your imagination–he wants to go to makeup school hoping to go into the movies working on ‘monsters’–there is a horror scene that may make you lose sleep–I didn’t quite understand how he ended up where he did nor whether he is or isn’t gay–it is a complex movie but the cast is first rate and this is far from a ‘regular’ film on any of its various subjects

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1) “Toscana”–Netflix–Danish film–1 hour & 30 minutes–IF you are a food lover the first 10 minutes will get you hooked–it did me!! IF you love breathtaking scenery this is for you–IF you like to see a wise arse chef get his dues, or IF you don’t, this is for you. IF you would you like a fantastic sandwich for a snack? This is the chef for you! IF you would feel good about a woman showing that “I can cook anything better than you” chef doesn’t know everything this is for you! Oh, IF you would like a little romance and a love song sung in Italian this is for you! IF you love watching people fall in love with food this is for you! IF you can finish this sentence, “The most important ingredient when cooking is_______?” you’ll love this movie! IF not you will just enjoy it!

2) “Perfect Pairing”–Netflix–Australian film–1hour & 42 minutes–just by watching the first 5 minutes, along with the title, you know what this is all about–with wine! If it is in Australia you will see it here: sheep shearing, a kangaroo though I missed the koala–instead of cooking like in “Toscana” here we are dealing with wine making and selling and love–you have to see the last look of Max’s dog looking at Baaabra–if you like the movie above you will also like this one!

3) “Halftime”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 36 minutes–mostly revolving around Jennifer Lopez rehearsing and doing the halftime show at the super bowl it also looks at the lady ready to tackle the second 50 years of her life–she is Latin and wears that with pride–you feel her disappointment, her resigning to losing, the best supporting actor’s Oscar for “Hustlers” which everyone thought she would and deserved to win–while the documentary shows THAT green dress and doesn’t touch on the renewal of her and Afflick but this is an entertaining hour and a half though you won’t learn anything new about her but the hard work she does o be her best.

4) “I Love Dick”–Prime–series–season 1–8 episodes–3 hours & 32 minutes–of course the title is a double-entendre with co-star Kevin Bacon’s film name giving his co-star Kathryn Hahn the chance to say/do a lot of leering, on the edge of ‘dirty’ lines–sex, nudity, a lot of nudity, mainly woman showing full frontal nudity while men show a butt here and there–if I didn’t know better I would have sworn this was written and directed by a man but no, it is written and directed by a woman and shows that women can be as crude and crass as men!

5) “Dirty Lines”–Netflix–Dutch series–season 1–6 episodes–4 hours & 37 minutes–two brothers start a first time sex phone line in Amsterdam–a lot of sex tapes, sex talk–and, guess what? It was written and directed by a man and just shows how crass and crude men can be and women (see #4) can learn even more than them–it is being sold as a comedy–I didn’t laugh!

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DOCUMENTARY–1 HOUR& 15 MINUTES– if you ever hear OR WAS ASKED OR ASKED “Why do ‘they’ need gay pride? What do they have to be proud of? What if I wanted to start a straight pride movement?” have them see this! If you are GAY see this and see why it is so important for you to vote in EVERY election!

From 2 guys starting a swim team & water polo club a ‘family’, a safe place and a new movement were found!

The fight for equality in sports is still one that we deal with on a daily basis in the LGBTQ community, however we have made some incredible strides over the past 50 years that has brought us much acceptance across the boards. It wasn’t always that easy, and a new documentary from LOGO proves that in a time when being openly gay was a lot more difficult than it is today.

 The film reveals the untold story of a group of gay men and women who found one another through their love of competitive swimming, ultimately becoming a family and a force for the LGBTQ sports movement.

   “The West Hollywood Aquatics Team – who also go by “WH2O” – were pioneers in gay sports. With a current roster of more than 180 individuals, the organization initially grew out of a group of athletes training for the first Gay Games in 1982. During a time when being gay and being an athlete was considered an oxymoron and the AIDS crisis only increased homophobia across the U.S., WH2O prioritized inclusion and dignity and combated stigma.

As one of the original members states, “if you could swim, you could live…or at least you were alive for that moment.” And another: “swimming was about celebrating and rising above all the darkness that was around us…and striving to show the word that we are not being wiped out by an illness.”

Light in the Water reveals the inside story of a group of trailblazers who personified the change they wanted to see and created a legacy for equality in sports that lives on in the team today.”

It is produced by Patty Ivins Specht and Lis Bartlett and directed by Bartlett. Executive Producers from Logo Documentary Films are Pamela Post and Taj Paxton.


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1) “Other People”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 37 minutes–a gay comic writer (Jesse Plemons) living in New York returns home to Sacramento to deal with mother (Molly Shannon) dying of cancer–adding to that is his breakup with his lover of 5 years, his career not going well, his father Bradley Whitford) never accepting him plus having to give emotional support to his 2 sisters (Maude Apatow and Madisen Beaty)–though funny, in spurts, and sad it just misses with Plemons a bit too blank and a negative note played by child actor Justin (JJ Toah) playing an effeminate drag loving kid who has played this sort of role before.

2) “Pride”–Peacock–documentary–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 16 minutes–each episode deals with a city starting with New York and got off on the wrong foot with me as it seems there was no ‘gay’ Gay life before “Stonewall”, erasing 21 years of my life–other cities are, in order presented, Salt Lake, Hong Kong, Palm Springs, Calgary and Berlin. Some discussions are obvious like religion in Salt Lake, Nazism and their effect on homosexuality including the reality of a man beings sentenced to life in a concentration camp/prison until laws were changed in the 1990s while others might be new to many people such as gay life in Palm Springs and acceptance of various groups in Calgary–all topics and aspects of Gay life are touched on from elderly gay people to immigrants and gay marriage and what’s ahead made up for the New York episode.

3) “Queer As Folk”–Peacock–series–season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 33 minutes–this the the second reboot of the original British series which was followed by a new take shown on Showtime–this one takes place in New Orleans and deals with a mass killing at a gay bar, such as took place in Orlando at the Pulse, and the aftermath–while what brought that about and what happened is dealt with after, many different identifies and personalities are included in this cast from self hating men to trans people to drag queens, married couples, confident and/or aggressive gay men and women, etc., this seems to have more sex scenes–and all the variations–than the other series which will bring some people and turn some people away this is NOT what the series is about!

4) “Keep The Lights On”–Prime–movie–1 hour & 41 minutes–10 years in the life of a couple with both addictive personalities Erik (Thure Lindhardt), a documentary filmmaker, to sex, both phone and casual hookups, and Paul (Zachary Booth) a closeted lawyer addicted to crack–it’s gay life in New York as it was in the1980s including the sex life of many–at the beginning the attraction both physically and emotionally between the men seem to override their addictions but that changes–we watch their reconciliations and partings knowing how it will end–as with Jesse Plemons in “Other People”–Thure Lindhardt doesn’t have ‘it’ to get our sympathy so we gravitate towards Booth taking away the emotional pull so the ending is right and as it would/should be it is still a downer!

5) “Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration”–Netflix–Gay Pride Special–1 hour & 36 minutes–I counted about 24 names with some like Lily Tomlin and Rosie O’Donnell introducing other comics, like Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho, who did 2-3 minutes each–I laughed, maybe 3 times, at some of Margaret Cho’s thoughts and I was really surprised seeing Eddie Izzard in his/her/they new public figurebut though I don’t like Sandra Bernhardt and didn’t laugh at her ‘jokes’ she gave a really needed emotional ‘speech’ when she went ‘off book’ and talked about gun control, abortion and the attacks on Gay people taking place and how we must march and yell and not keep quiet now and/or at election time.

PS  I cut the cable a couple of years ago–I have an indoor antenna plus a smart TV–subscribe to Netflix and Prime so with a senior citizen’s discount I pay about $17 for all the TV I could possibly want to watch!  As far as Peacock goes I took their $4.99 monthly trial to see the Gay Pride specials but will cancel it at the end of the month.

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1) “The Perfect Mother”–Netflix–French mystery series–season 1–4 episodes–3 hours & 16 minutes–mothers get a bad rap in this series (but don’t they always?)–but mothers will go to any lengths to protect their children even if they really don’t know them–Helene is their for her daughter Anya when the latter is accused of, or at least implicated as an accessory, since she is found to be lying–from there she is asked questions, answers them to not be believed–I did have one major question that wasn’t really answered but it didn’t distract from a good mystery which isn’t stretched out as most murder series are even if 4 episodes could have just been made in 3!

2) “Z: The Beginning of Everything”–Prime–season 1–10 episodes–4 hours & 50 minutes–was F. Scott Fitzgerald really this petty of a man? Did Zelda really do most of his writing? This is not a very flattering picture of the man and yet, Zelda, with all her negative actions is made top look like4 an angel–I love Christina Ricci and have been a huge fan of hers since day 1 and she does a fine job as the flapper with a reputation of being a bit ‘wild’ though the series is wholly on her side–if there is a second season will it turn against her? Just had a thought–she and Laura Linney would be great in a movie playing sisters? Mother and daughter? Guess I’ll have to become a producer!

3) “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”–Netflix–Israeli TV series–10 episodes–7 hours & 23 minutes–this is a story about a bond between a father and his oldest daughter–his mother rules everyone and her late husband’s business which their son now runs–she doesn’t care about her daughter-in-law at all and doesn’t feel she should have it any better than she did which wasn’t good to begin with–I never did understand the strong bond between the father and daughter and not the husband and wife, though she was brought into the marriage to give him a son and instead ‘give’ him 3 daughters–it takes place from Israel being under the rule of the British to going independent and prosperity going back and forth between the decades–it would have been much better if it had been done in a linear manner plus it leaves a lot of unanswered questions but not about the mother-in-law as it is obvious she is very bitter and why–if there is a second season there are a lot of questions that have to be answered!

4) “Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story”–limited series documentary of a true story–2 parts–2 hours & 51 minutes–if you are dumb or just never taught or only assumed all pedophiles were homosexual it is a fact that more heterosexual fathers, stepfathers (and mothers) abuse children more than any other group–Jimmy Saville was a very popular entertainer on British television, also known for his charity work, knighted by the Queen including raising $20 million for Stoke Mandeville hospital where, among other places, he abused over 400 children and adults with mental problems or unable to fight back–the second part is hard to watch because for over 40 years he was loved by the public and as some of his victims speak you wonder how the public didn’t know or didn’t want to know and, sadly, there are still monsters like that everywhere!

5) “Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy”–Prime–documentary–1 hour & 24 minutes–with the exception of Cole Porter most of the original music makers of Broadway were men—yes men–that’s another film!–such as Lorenz Hart, Richard Rogers, George & Ira Gershwin, Jerry Bock, Jule Styne, Jerome Kern, Kurt Well, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Schwartz, Jerry Herman, Irving Berlin, etc., gave Broadway such shows as “The King & I”,  “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Show Boat”, “West Side Story”, “Funny Girl”, “Cabaret”, “La Cage Aux Folles”, Porgy & Bess”, etc., most showing how the people in these shows were also seen as ‘outsiders’ with , basically, only ‘Fiddler’ and ‘Funny Girl’ were ‘Jewish’–the documentary shows and proves their hypothesis which leads up to making room for Stephen Sondheim, Adam  Guettel and a different kind of music, songwriters and ‘Broadway’–it is worth watching  to see the progression of what has become the world famous Broadway, with many examples and clips from the shows.

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(This is my edited review from August 13, 2021, when I saw it in a theatre at a time not many people were going out to see movies. I was very disappointed that the movie did so poorly and that Hudson wasn’t Oscar nominated for this dynamite performance. Here is a chance for to see it for the first–or 3rd time like I will!!)

In 2004 I was cheering (and voting) for Jennifer Hudson to win that season of American Idol. She didn’t but do you remember who did??  In 2006 I walked out of the Gateway Movie Theatre after seeing “Dreamgirls” and said that if she didn’t win an Oscar I would never go to the movies again—whew! She did and I am still going to the movies! (In fact I haven’t understood why her movies haven’t done much better including a great performance as Winnie Mandela in the picture of the same name.)

It is easy to see why Aretha Franklin wanted Hudson to play her in the movie because Hudson is perfection in the role, not imitating her but being her. I was never a fan of Franklin’s but Hudson makes me want to listen to Franklin’s records again and see if I have changed my mind.

In 2008 Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were killed by her brother-in-law knowing tragedy at at a time when she should have known none but then Aretha Franklin’s tragedies started earlier at the age of 12 being raped by a friend of her father and giving birth to her first son. She, like her mother, was abused by her father, not physically but mentally, who also raped a 12 year old girl and got her pregnant but was never accused due to the laws at that time.

Franklin was attracted to abusive men and didn’t make it big until she took charge of her career and sang what she wanted to sing, not what and how the men in her life wanted her to sing.

Aretha Franklin’s career is what make legends and Jennifer Hudson puts across the pain and joy the woman felt as going through the phases of her personal life and career while she also uses her powerful voice to show how the star became a legend.

There is a strong supporting cast with 6 time Tony award winner Audra McDonald in an almost cameo role as Aretha’s mother though she does get to sing one song briefly and simply plus Mary J. Bilge plays Dinah Washington, also in a cameo, not singing but showing how a woman has to have strength to survive in show business.  Kimberly Scott as her grandmother, Haily Kilgore and Saycon Sengbloh as her sisters and back up singers while Skye Dakota Turner, who recently played Tina Turner as a child on Broadway plays Franklin as a the child ‘with a big voice’, all give effective performances while among the men Forest Whitaker as her father, Marlon Wayans as her abusive husband and Marc Maron as a record producer who believes in her all do standout jobs.

Leisl Tomm, making her first feature film, has a few missteps but, obviously, loves working with actors and certainly lets her star do her ‘thing’.”Respect” is 2 hours and 25 minutes long—and one must stay for the last song which is sung by Aretha Franklin–but it is the 2 hours of Jennifer Hudson that makes this movie whether it is her singing or acting or her just being Aretha.

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1) “Hello My Name Is Doris”–Netflix–movie–1 hour& 30 minutes–Doris (Sally Field) is a 60 year old spinster who develops a romantic obsession on a much younger co-worker John (Max Greenfield) but is too timid to do anything about it. Her mother has recently died and her home would easily qualify for the “Hoarders” program.After attending a lecture by a motivational speaker (played by Peter Gallagher) she decides as he suggests, to take a big risk and pursue John. Roz (Tyne Daly–excellent) is Doris’s best friend and is instrumental in setting up an ‘accidental’ meeting with John. The film hovers between comedy and drama–the latter a forceful scene as Doris explains to her brother, and his wife, what she has sacrificed taking care of their mother, and shows why Sally Field is an award winning actress! This is a winning film from beginning to end worth seeing if only for her scenes with Tyne Daly but offers so much more–it is funny, serious, crazy and real.

2) “Night Sky”–Prime Amazon–season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 13 minutes–up until episode 8 it is a compelling story of a long married couple, who lost a son, are still very much in love, with a secret chamber in their basement–we meet their granddaughter, their friends, strangers, next door neighbors with a sc-fi and religious strain going through the whole series dealing with the chamber and religion but don’t ask me what! Mainly due to the acting of Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons it is obvious that the rest of the cast is bringing their A game to the series making the first  episodes compelling and keeping the 8th episode interesting, even if incomprehensible only to me.

3) “Along For The Ride”–Netflix–1 hour & 47 minutes–Auden (Emma Pasarow) is a straight and narrow star student with divorced parents and instead of taking a summer job as her mother’s research assistant she chooses to stay with her father, his much younger wife and their new child at their Colby Beach, North Carolina, beach house working for her stepmother, keeping the books of her book shoppe. She eventually meets Eli (Belmont Cameli) who seems to be a little out of it—hey, this is a boy meets girl story-can’t all run smoothly! I liked it up to the HDP (sorry, if you want to know what that is see the movie) and then I loved it which surprised the hell out of me!

4) “Stay Close”–Netflix–limited British crime series–8 episodes—6 hours & 12 minutes–after 16 years and 3 daughters Megan (Cush Jumbo) and Dave (Daniel Francis) decide to get married–before Megan was Megan she was Cassie, a dancer/stripper and/or ???? at the Vixens Club–no one, including Dave, know about her past but now, suddenly, someone is going to expose her. At the same time Detective Michael Broome (James Nesbitt) and he ex-wife, also a detective, Erin Cartwright (Jo Joyner) are investigating the disappearance of a young man which may involve Megan/Cassie’s daughter. The 4 adults and the rest of the cast give top performances with the many twists and turns. There are very vivid violent scenes and the real villain surprised me as it really wasn’t the best solution but, if nothing else, Megan/Cassie’s story holds everything together and makes this a better than average crime story!

5) “New Heights”–Netflix–Swiss series–season 1–8 episodes–6 hours & 20 minutes–the crazier a family is the better the drama is and this Swiss family is a mess! The grandmother/mother-in-law to the mother and the three kids was the mother to the husband/father who committed suicide and that’s just the beginning! All 3 kids were born on the father’s farm–the oldest son is a Zurich business consultant coke head–another son is a farmer’s farmer while their sister wants the farm sold for her share of the money and the new age athletic business she runs–the various stories are about the farm and what to do with it and the 3 adult children while the mother wants to keep it and have the younger son run it. By the way the older son is gay and involved with 2 different guys–one from his past who is married and one at his business who  can help him become a partner and that’s all just in the first episode!! It’s just a good old fashioned soap opera–the Swiss version!

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1) “Blood Sisters”–Netflix–Nigerian limited series–4 episodes–3 hours & 44 minutes–Uduak, (played by Kate Henshaw-Nuttal) is like no other mother you have ever seen–including Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest”!! She is evil, nasty, bitchy–name it–and she excels at the drama–her clothes are WOW as many of the costumes and accessories are but HER outfits, attitude, jewelry and the looks she gives, as mother of the groom who doesn’t approve of the bride, are none you have never seen before–the themes are relatable to families everywhere if not as melodramatic–and the series is full of melodrama–there are a couple of good twists in the series but the whole show belongs to Kate Henshan-Nuttal–a must see to believe!

2) “Bordertown”–Netflix–Finnish series–3 seasons–season 1–11 episodes–10 hours & 27 minutes– the leading man is on of the most boring characters I have seen in years–as he is in charge of the murder investigation of young girls, which is not new to the first story called the “Doll House”–whether he is boring or written that way I don’t know but I gave up by the 6th episode–it is good if you want to be put to sleep!

3) “The Kids in the Hall”–Amazon Prime–8 episodes–3 hours & 23 minutes–maybe the ‘kids’ gave their all when they first came on the scene but it seems they have nothing more to give–anyone, like me, who aren’t familiar with them won’t understand why this was made and those who did see them when they were young will wonder why this has been made!

4) “Our Father”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 37 minutes–Doctor Cline inseminated at least 94 women with his sperm who have had a child by him and not their consent–he truly believes he did it in the name of God–he told the women the sperm was donated by a pool of medical students–we hear from many of the siblings not knowing each other about their health problems, mental problems among other things all this has caused by this one doctor (and, eventually, at least 44 others who did the same thing). We only hear from the women and except for his belief that God made him do it we learn nothing about the man–there were no laws against what he did and he received a one-year suspended sentence, a $500 fine and ultimately, served no prison time–this is a horror story with the monster walking away.

5) “Operation Mincemeat”–Netflix–British film–2 hours & 7 minutes–based on the true story of an elaborate subterfuge during WW 2–the title was based on a beginning author who served in the outfit–Ian Flemming–it is a high class production with, as expected, excellent acting–the last shot after the ‘what happened to…?’ is as fitting an ending to a true story as you can get–as much as I love American movies only the English can make a movie like this and make it so good!

6) “David Spade; Nothing Personal”–Netflix–standup special–1 hour & 6 minutes–he is a professional who has been around over 30 years–yet I felt I was watching a guy trying standup comedy for the first time–yes the “F” word, penis jokes, crass stories–nothing funny–nothing memorable–all forgotten 2 minutes after whatever he says–even the crudeness regarding Sly Stallone and others–a complete waste of time!

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1) “Sex Education”–Netflix—Season 3–8 episodes—7 hours & 24 minutes–at the end of season 3 everything and nothing is solved so they are open to another season which is said to start in Fall 2022–season 3 is a repeat of the first season with all kinds of sex couplings (or not) are presented–everyone from the kids to the adults have problems–what can season 4 do? Repeat the first 3 seasons with some new ‘faces’? Why not? People love the series as it is!

2) “One Child Nation”–Prime Amazon–documentary–1 hour & 28 minutes–a hard movie to watch and leave a lot of questions open about thousand of kids who don’t know they have birth parents and/or siblings living in the US–restricting a family to only having one child causes many problems–same, worse or better than not allowing abortions? Watch and decide!

3) “I Am Not Your Negro”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 33 minutes–after years of being an admirer of James Baldwin, the writer,  I met him at a YMCA talk he gave in the  mid 1970s–while I didn’t agree with all that he said I wasn’t smart enough, at that time, to challenge and after gaining wisdom I’m glad I didn’t–you may not get to know Baldwin, the writer, you will get to know the Black, Gay, Baldwin who still speaks more for the Black man than the Gay man–he is a part of American history

4) “Hard Cell”–Netflix–series–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours & 30 minutes–I am not familiar with Catherine Tate but reading her credits, including “The Office” she has a following but she has taken on too much here from writing the story to playing 6 different roles, directing and creating the series–most of the comedy falls flat and trying to make the story about a women’s prison putting on a production of “West Side Story” does not help!

5) “A Hero”–Prime Amazon–Iranian drama–2 hours & 8 minutes–an interesting story–the director/screenwriter in real life is being sued for plagiarism for stealing her story from a  thesis she wrote–the movie, not her thesis, does move a bit too slow but, at the same time, shows a lot about Iran’s way of life and dealing with prisoners and their possibly getting out of their sentence by paying their monetary debt.

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1) “Grace & Frankie”–Netflix–Season 7–Part 2–12 episodes–5 hours & 34 minutes–end of series–this series reminds you of early television when a show ‘invaded’ your house and brought pleasure with each episode but except for a small attempt allowing for age and how it changes you they want to, and do, entertain you–it opened with the husbands (Sam Waterson & Martin Sheen) of the 2 women leaving them to live with each other and the women asking “What now?”–the 4 leads are dynamite as are the rest of the cast but the spotlight is on the 2 women and they deliver–Tomlin gets a laugh just with a look and with Fonda they work together like the pros they are but, obviously, enjoying their friendship–a great, fun show to stream!

2) “Ozark”–Netflix–Season 4–part 2–7 episodes–7 hours & 8 minutes–another series coming to an end–while each season had its ups and downs Laura Linney & Ruth Langmore–the former never giving a bad performance and the latter equaling her, basically, making her a new star–there is a lot of gambling, drug dealing, double crossing, not as much sex but dealing with families relationships–I wasn’t happy with the ending with certain cast members but unlike movies/shows from years ago this, in most cases, shows that crime does pay! Richard Thomas and Veronica Falcon give strong support.

3) “Oprah And Viola”–Netflix–Special Event–48 minutes–when you hear Viola Davis talk about hearing rats eating her porcelain doll you can feel how it means to be poor if you never were –she is talking with Oprah about her book, “Finding Me–A Memoir” and while I like Oprah I LOVE Viola Davis–a few quotes from her/her book: “My dreams had to be bigger than my fears,” “When faced with empathy and compassion you know you are being seen” but it is her talk with God about the type of man she wants is laughable, heartening, romantic and you can hear her waiting for His answer–Viola Davis is a force of nature and Oprah, one herself, knows just what to ask so we get to know the woman behind the actress–definitely a MUST SEE!

4) “Russian Doll”–Netflix–season 2–7 episodes—3 hours & 27 minutes–like season 1 season 2 doesn’t make much sense but Natasha Lyonne who stars in it and co-wrote it holds your attention just like she did in the previous season–instead of living the same day over and over this time she has gone back in time to 1982 and not only is she herself she is her mother too–it doesn’t have to make sense, just listen to the wisecracks–she sometimes plays her mother while other times Chloe Sevigny does, sometimes she is on a subway in NYC and sometimes it is 1962 and in Germany or Russia or who knows–and a plus is having Elizabeth Ashley as a tie between mother and daughter.

5) “Elite”–Netflix–Spanish series–season 5–8 episodes–6 hours & 12 minutes–it is a repeat of the first 4 seasons–the couplings, uncoupling, the crying, the changes, the gay or straight, the is he or she or isn’t, he did what! There are mostly old characters with a few new ones thrown in and possibly one shocker regarding who is having sex with who but all in all if you watched the first four seasons you’ll like this season and the way it ends–somewhat logical!

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