????? Was 32, had been invited to
Argentina to work with the theatre 4 years
previously and he loved his job, the city and the people so he decided to stay and was starting to begin an adult theatre importing plays from New York and London. As we talked we ate and we also drank 2 large bottles of beer though I wasn’t a beer drinker. We had a lettuce, tomato and onion salad, a huge cut of baby beef, a full dish of spaghetti and fried Provolone both for less than $10! (Remember this was 1973!)

When we left the restaurant we took a walk along Corrientes Avenue, referred to as Broadway of BA where there were theatres, cabarets and tango palaces. We stopped at one of the latter places and I couldn’t believe how noisy it was, mainly with the customers encouraging the dancers and musicians. Years later I would see “Tango Argentina” on Broadway and it was no where as nitty-gritty as it was in that club. Everyone from the dancers to the bartenders to the customers exuded sex!

I invited him back to the hotel and though it was around midnight the boulevard was jammed packed with thousands, not hundreds, of people coming and going. As we passed a bookstore he said “Wait a minute,” and in about 5 minutes he came out with what was obviously a book all wrapped up and he handed it to me, telling me to open it tomorrow. He had bought me a Spanish-English dictionary to use in Sao Paulo and Caracas.

Did I mention that he was 6’2” and weighed 138 pounds!!!! Talk about skinny! I just remembered–don’t ask me how–but his name was Germaine! Tomorrow was to be my last day in Buenos Aires so we agreed for him to pick me up and to go out to another special restaurant for lunch called “El Palacio de las Papa Fritas”. There is still a restaurant by that name in Buenos Aires but I don’t know if it is the same. (There are also 2 restaurants by that name in Miami today!) I had a T-Bone steak, a plate (I mean A PLATE!) of Papas Fritas–French fries–salad, tea, large bottle of beer and an apple pancake glazed with syrup for $3.50!!

We took a bus ride to “La Boca”, the Italian section, and then a train to La Palmero and returning to my hotel (don’t recall ever seeing his place–was he single or???) for a siesta and then a local gay bar and dinner. I told Germaine it would have to be an early night as my plane left early the next day. We had a nice evening and said goodbye ‘after’ LOL

Buenos Aires was my kind of city–it was a place for night life–fun–’night people’– good restaurants–tender beef–I wish I had more time here but I didn’t. When I left it was raining and the temperature was about 40 degrees. I was sad to go.

Little did I know what Hell I was going into!